B-5 Doggone Key Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (2024)

A walkthrough for B-5 Doggone Key in Luigi's Mansion 2 HD (Dark Moon) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for a detailed guide for B-5 Doggone Key, including how to get 3 stars, locations of gems, and location of boo.

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B-4 Pool Party Tree Topping

List of Contents

  • How to Get 3-Stars
  • Objectives
  • Walkthrough
  • Gem Locations
  • Boo Locations
  • Enemies
  • Related Guides

B-5 Doggone Key How to Get 3-Stars

Clear Time Ghosts Captured Health Lost Treasure
12:20 15 20 or Less 1000

These numbers are only suggested values based on our runs. If you got 3-Stars with better scores, take pride in it and share a picture in the comments below!

B-5 Doggone Key Objectives

Goal Use the Dark-Light Device to find the trail of paw prints that the ghostly dog left behind. Once you find the dog, recover the special key.
Description A very frisky spectral pooch took the special key that we need! Track the dog down and get that key!

B-5 Doggone Key Walkthrough

  1. Find the Ghostly Dog
  2. Recover the Special Key

Find the Ghostly Dog


After getting to the entrance, you can hit the tree to the right for a Gold Frog. You can also use your Dark-light to reveal a missing flower for some Bills and Coins. Head inside the gate to proceed.
We land in the Entrance and we can see the Polterpup just beyond the gate. The tree on the left has a gold frog.


A cutscene will play where the Polterpup eats the key and scurries off into the Hydro Generator room, follow suit.

You can also step on the right pressure plate to reveal nothing, so use your Darklight and a cardboard flytrap should appear. Grab a spike fruit from the left and you can shoot it down for a ton of coins.

Hydro Generator, East Hall, and Tool Shed

Use your Dark-Light to find paw prints left the the Poulterpup. Follow them to find where the Polterpup went through the wall, leading north.

Pass through the East Hall, head east into the Tool Shed. Interact with one of the Desks and the Polterpup will be there, but it will run off to the Garden.

Recover the Special Key


The Polterpup will turn on the lawnmower and leaves you to deal with the mess. You can go ahead to watering and strobing the flowers for some Cash and the Rectangle Emerald if you haven't gotten it yet. But going back to the Toolshed, three Sneakers will appear, so defeat them first.

Tool Shed

Coming back from the Garden, you'll notice almost all of the furniture is gone. use your Dark-light to get them all back, and make French Boodle appear. Interact with the fountain to go to the Toolshed Stairs and proceed after nabbing the Boo.

Toolshed Stairs

The Polterpup will move upstairs, but there's a Creeper at the bottom of the stairs. The Polterpup will disappear on the third floor.

Botany Lab and Seedling Laboratory

Head inside the Botany Lab and use the plant to get to Seedling Laboratory. The Polterpup will run off to the fourth floor. Check the nightstand in front of the door of the Seedling Laboratory for a Gold Greenie. Head upstairs to the Conservatory.


When you enter the room, there will be a Creeper at the northwest corner of the room behind a toppled sofa, so take care of that first before using your Black-light to restore the organ.

Play the organ to make the Polterpup appear, and it will run behind the organ. Go and follow it, but the Polterpup will escape to the room to your left. If you try to leave, the doors will be blocked and a Gobber and three Greenies will appear. Go to the West Bathroom once you're done.

Crow's Nest, West Hall, and West Bathroom

From the Conservatory, head west into the Crow's Nest and keep going until you get to the West Hall. Enter the West Bathroom at the north and the Polterpup will hide immediately when you arrive.

Use your Dark-light to reveal the toilet for money. The Polterpup is hiding in the bidet and will run into the West Bedroom. Take care of the small Creepers in the West Hall and head inside the West Bedroom.

West Bedroom

Once here, look up the ceiling and there's a Creeper there so take care of that first. The Polterpup is in one of the beds, so use your Dark-light to reveal the paw prints. Once you find it, suck up the sheets and you can finally vacuum the Polterpup. It has 50 HP. The key will appear when you defeat it. The stage ends once you catch it.

B-5 Doggone Key Gem Locations

Gem Locations: How to Find All Gems

B-5 Doggone Key Boo Location

French Boodle Location

B-5 Doggone Key Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (1)

Boo Where to Find
French Boodle Tool Shed

Enter the tool shed and use the Dark-Light Device on the drawer on the north side, and a ghost pup will appear. Chase the pup in the garden, reenter the tool shed, use the Dark-Light Device all around the room to reveal all the furniture, and suck up all the spirit balls to reveal the Boo.

All Boo Locations: Where to Find All Boos

B-5 Doggone Key Enemies

Enemies Encountered in B-5 Doggone Key

Coming Soon!

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B-5 Doggone Key Walkthrough | Luigi's Mansion 2 HD|Game8 (2024)
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