Buy Continental Sport Contact 6 SSR Tyres | Reviews and Prices | Blackcircles (2024)

Continental Sport Contact 6 SSR product description & features

  • The Continental Sport Contact 6 SSR are High Performance Tyres that come in 5 different variants.
  • The Sport Contact 6 SSR model comes in a variety of rim sizes ranging from 18 to 20 inch.
  • The Sport Contact 6 SSR model range has been officially tested and has a wet grip rating of A.

The Continental Sport Contact 6 SSR are High Performance Tyres that are available to order online today. This model has variants that are manufacturerd to contain run flat technology. This Continental model includes variants that are classified as reinforced (XL). This means that Continental has designed these tyres to be capable of supporting heavier loads. The Sport Contact 6 SSR model comes in a variety of rim sizes ranging from 18 to 20 inch. The Sport Contact 6 SSR model range has been officially tested and has a wet grip rating of A. The Continental Sport Contact 6 SSR model has a fuel rating of E. This Continental model has noise ratings that range from a 71 to a 73. One in four cars made in Europe is originally equipped with Continental tyres - thanks to their reputation for consistently delivering high quality products. Buy these tyres today with Blackcircles.

Buy Continental Sport Contact 6 SSR Tyres | Reviews and Prices | Blackcircles (2024)


What does SSR mean on a Continental tire? ›

The SSR principle is based on a self-supporting reinforced sidewall. In case of a puncture, this prevents the sidewall from being crushed between the rim and the road, and the tire from slipping off the rim, which makes a spare tire obsolete.

Is a Continental Sport Contact 6 a run flat tire? ›

SSR. The SSR system is a runflat technology developed by Continental especially for low section tires, which still keeps the tires compatible with all standard rims. The SSR principle is based on a self-supporting reinforced sidewall.

What is the difference between Continental Sport Contact 5 and 6? ›

“While the ContiSportContact 5P was already an award-winning product, the SportContact 6 raises the bar to new heights through the use of several innovative new technologies. It's our sportiest and most dynamic road tyre yet, delivering exceptional performance and maximum safety at speeds of up to 350 km/h.”

Can Continental SSR tires be repaired? ›

Continental does not recommend any repair to or reuse of Continental SSR tires. A consumer should never repair a damaged tire.

How much is an SSR worth? ›

Q: What is the average sale price of a Chevrolet SSR? A: The average price of a Chevrolet SSR is $27,300. Q: When was the Chevrolet SSR produced?

Are Continental true contact tires noisy? ›

Noise. Like I said, the Continental TrueContact tires were eerily silent at both high and low speeds. This also happens to be one of the top tires I tested that rolled silently over any type of road, be it harsh concrete or smooth tarmac.

Is Continental Premium Contact 6 all-season? ›

The Continental PremiumContact 6 tyres are premium tyres suited for the summer tyre season.

Can a Continental run flat tire be patched? ›

The structural integrity of the tire has been compromised or there is run flat damage. Due to safety reasons Continental would never recommend to repair a tire but exchange it.

Is Continental as good as Michelin? ›

In general, Continental tires mastered providing excellent wet braking performance, while Michelin tires managed to hold its ground in dry handling, aquaplaning, noise, and comfort with a higher cost.

Is Continental MC6 noisy? ›

High speed stability is good too, no issues there. The best aspect is the noise level, significantly less compared to the Dunlop SP Sport Max 050+ that I had before and almost as good as the Continental Ultra Contact 6 on my other car.

Are Continental tires Chinese? ›

1892. Continental becomes the first German company to manufacture pneumatic tires for bicycles.

How many years do Continental tires last? ›

Tire manufacturers such as Continental and Michelin say a tire can last up to 10 years provided you get annual tire inspections after the fifth year.

How long can you drive on a Continental spare tire? ›

You shouldn't drive on a spare tire for more than 70 miles.

What type of tires should not be repaired? ›

Large tread punctures, irregular gashes or cuts exceeding 1/4 inch cannot be repaired. If a cut slices through the tire's steel belts, it reduces the strength and durability of the tire, making it unreliable and unsafe. Don't worry if we can't repair your tire.

Is SSR a Chinese company? ›

In 2002, SSR Motorsports was founded in China by brothers William and Dennis Li. While the company began by manufacturing pit bikes in particular, they have since expanded their product lines to include a wide array of different motorsports vehicles, including motorcycles.

When did they stop making SSR? ›

When was the SSR Made? The Chevrolet SSR (which stands for Super Sport Roadster) was in production from 2003 to 2006 and made a splash everywhere it went.

Is SSR Motorsports a Chinese brand? ›

While Chinese dirt bike manufacturers have not yet really begun to make full-blown motocross-specific models, SSR Motorsports is one Chinese dirt bike brand that has breached the 250cc and 450cc off-road market with some interesting models that retail for thousands less than other machines in their class (as Harris ...

Is Continental made in China? ›

Continental, one of the world's largest car parts maker, has production facilities in Lithuania, making electronic parts such as controllers for vehicle doors and seats, and exports to clients globally including China.

Which Continental tire is the quietest? ›

Last but not least, the Continental PureContact LS boasts one of the quietest touring tires available today. In particular, as some owners of luxury sedans say, the PureContact LS offers a wonderfully smooth driving experience even when driving at 70 km/h.

Why are my Continental tires so loud? ›

Excessive tire noise can be caused by a number of different factors: the sound of your car tire tread contacting the road surface. air being compressed inside the grooves of the tread- the larger the tread, the more air volume, the noisier the tire. the malfunction of the front wheel bearings.

Which is better UC6 or MC6? ›

Summary. Overall, both tires are really good in wet braking while the MC6 is a class better than UC6. Things were slightly flipped when it comes to rolling resistance as UC6 is one class level better than MC6. While MC6 has a higher UTQG wear rating, it is a more expensive compare to UC6.

Why does adidas use Continental? ›

adidas shoes with Continental soles provide runners with the grip they need to make every mile count in training and competition. They meet the toughest conditions of the great outdoors and see hikers and mountaineers through any adventure.

How many miles are Continental Pro Contact tires good for? ›

The ProContact TX from Continental is an all-season tire that offers drivers powerful braking and an up to 65,000 mile limited tread life warranty. Today's driver often wants a tire that perform year-round.

Can punctures be repaired on run flat Tyres? ›

Unfortunately, due to the way in which a run flat tyre is reinforced to be useable when punctured, it's not possible to repair them following a puncture or any other sort of damage. Once a damaged run flat tyre is driven on, the structure that supports the weight of the car is compromised.

Can a nail in a run-flat tire be repaired? ›

When asked if there are any instances where a run-flat tire can be repaired, a Pirelli Tire LLC spokesperson said no, a run-flat should never be repaired.

How many times can a run-flat tire be patched? ›

In case of any doubt, it is recommended that the tyre should not be fixed. Tyres may only have one repair in their lifetime, all repair work is the responsibility of the tyre professional.

Is Continental a premium tyre? ›

Continental is a leading premium tyre manufacturer with more than 100 years history providing innovative tyre and driver safety technology.

Is Continental a premium tire? ›

Today, Continental tires are associated with premium brands and are the factory-installed (though not exclusive) tire for brands such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Maserati. If you drive something fast and upscale, there's likely a Continental tire for it.

Which is better Kumho or Continental? ›

Generally, Continental summer tyres are slightly better rated (85%) than Kumho (65%). In this particular case, the Continental PremiumContact 6 has a better rating of 90% compared to 79% of the Kumho Ecsta PS71.

Which tyres are quieter? ›

Michelin, Pirelli, Continental and Bridgestone are known for their quiet tyre options, providing special technologies to produce a more comfortable and quiet driving experience. Using Bridgestone's B-Silent technology for example, motorists are promised a quiet drive every time.

Where are Continental MC6 made? ›

The MC6 is made in Alor Setar, Malaysia, and by early next year should be available in the full range of planned sizes of between 16 inch and 20 inch (the latter is imported from Europe).

Is Continental good brand? ›

Continental is an exceptional all-season tire manufacturer for drivers interested in performance, touring, or standard all-season models. While Continental tires are not cheap, they are generally more affordable than Michelin or Goodyear models.

How can you tell if a Continental tire is real? ›

Continental offers an extensive range of original equipment tires. OE keys on the sidewalls show which brand and model an OE tires has been made for.

Are Continental tires made in Germany? ›

For generations nearly all of our radial tires have been produced with great passion, skill and expertise in Korbach on the beautiful lake Eder – watch out for this sign!

Is Goodyear now Continental? ›

Veyance Technologies, which produced many Goodyear Engineered Products over the years, has been purchased by Continental AG, a German firm that bought the company for $1.9 billion. As a result, all Goodyear Engineered Products are now branded Continental ContiTech.

What does SRS mean on Continental tires? ›

Continental self supporting runflat tires | Continental tires.

What does SSR mean in cars? ›

The Chevrolet SSR (which stands for Super Sport Roadster) was in production from 2003 to 2006 and made a splash everywhere it went.

What does load rating SL mean? ›

Standard Load (SL)

How do I turn off SRS? ›

Wireless SpeakerSRS-XB13

Press the (power) button. The (power) indicator and the (BLUETOOTH) indicator turn off.

Is Continental a good brand of tire? ›

In our 2021 best tires review, we ranked Continental tires seventh overall and gave it a 4.0 out of 5.0-star rating. Continental tires are an excellent option for all-season drivers and are notably safe in wet and dry conditions.

What are the 3 numbers on tires? ›

B: TIRE WIDTH The three-digit number following the letter is the tire's width (from side to side, looking at the tire head on) in millimeters. This may also be referred to as the section width. C: ASPECT RATIO The forward slash separates the tire width number from the two-digit aspect ratio.

How do I find my tire code? ›

Look at the sidewall of your tire – there will be a code following the letters “DOT” – for Department of Transportation. There will be up to 13 characters that give you the information you need to identify your tire and also identify the date of manufacture of your tires.

How many years are tires good for? ›

It may be tentative, but tires do have an expiration date. There is a general consensus that most tires should be inspected, if not replaced, at about six years and should be absolutely be swapped out after 10 years, regardless of how much tread they have left.

How much is a 2003 SSR worth? ›

2003 Chevrolet SSR Value - $7,312-$13,642 | Edmunds.

What engine is in the SSR? ›

With the SSR 6.0 V8 has a naturally-aspirated V 8 cylinder engine, Petrol motor, with the engine code LS2. This engine produces a maximum power of 395 PS (390 bhp - 291 kW) at 5400 rpm and a maximum torque of 549.0 Nm (404 lb. ft) at 5400 rpm.

How many SSR were made by year? ›

Just 1664 were sold in calendar year 2003, 9648 in 2004, 8107 in 2005, 3803 in 2006, 244 in 2007, and the final 13 in 2008. That adds up to 23,479, though some sources contend that total production was 24,150, of which 24,112 were available to the public.

What's better load range D or E? ›

What's Better: Load Range D or E? Load range D and E tires have different weight capacities. For example, a load range D tire can handle 1,220 lbs at 65 PSI, while an E tires carry loads at 80 PSI. If looking at their load durability, load range E tires are better, but that is the only difference between them.

Do I need 10 ply tires? ›

If you drive a ¾ ton, one ton or even larger pickup or SUV (or haul a trailer) then you require 10-ply tires. You might have heard about Load Range E tires, which are a 10-ply equivalent.

Are XL tires better? ›

Are there other advantages to XL tyres? When an XL tyre is run at the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, it will last longer. These tyres are considered to have greater grip and better traction. Because they are more rigid, they will corner better and maintain stability.

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