Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Remake - Major_Nomad (2024)

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Chapter 1: Disclaimer

Chapter Text

Fan fiction world, this is Major Nomad. This content is not meant to bash Treyarch. This is just to show what a remaster could be when the creators are not afraid to break the lore to make a more accurate and content-filled remake of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. If made into another form of media, I recommend making it a well-made 3D animation series.

In this installment, I will only cover the future (2025) missions because the past (1986-1989) missions don't need to be improved, in my opinion. And I will be giving some new side missions and a new ending. As well as, not to get ahead of myself here, explain some new mechanics that could be implemented if Black Ops 2 ever gets remastered later down the line. Wishful thinking I know, but I sort of believe that if I put this in the universe, maybe the universe will find some way to respond.

Just a heads-up, this is connected to the other remakes I've made. I'll try to keep this remake's story as contained as possible so that it can be enjoyed on its own. But for the slightly massive and minute details, and sudden recurring characters, I recommend reading the other remakes to get them.

To properly read my remakes, follow this order:

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remake

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remake

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remake Expansion

This time, since half of the guns in Black Ops 2 are fictional and real, and the attachments in the game are self-explanatory, I'll be tapping into my gun nerd self a lot less. With all that said, I hope y'all would enjoy. Nomad, out.

Chapter 2: The Vault Raid Prep Work

Chapter Text




Section Civilian Clothes - Sandstone Cargo Jacket, Black Under T-Shirt, Brown Cargo Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes





2025 DEVGRU Multicam Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear


MP7 - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor


Five Seven



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


M60E6 (2025 variant of the M60) - Dual Band Scope, Laser Sight, Grip





2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


MK48 - Target Finder, Laser Sight, Rapid Fire


Five Seven



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear


Daniel Defense M4V9 (New) - Hybrid Optic, Laser Sight, M203 Grenade Launcher, Magpul PMAG 30 Gen M3 MOE


FN X-45 Tactical (New and Improved Counterpart of the Tac-45) (Sandstone) - Reflex Sight (Trijicon RMR Dual-Illuminated Green Dot Sight), Laser Sight (SureFire X400 Ultra MasterFire), Suppressor (SilencerCo Osprey 45), 20-Round Extended Magazine



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Sniper Uniform and Gear


Barrett M82A3 (2025 variant of the Barrett M82A1) (Black) - Variable Zoom, Ballistics CPU, Laser Sight


M27 - EOTech Sight, Laser Sight, Grip



Chapter 3: Prologue Intro Cutscene

Chapter Text

April 19th, 2025 - 07:02:40, as 95-year old Sergeant Frank Woods (James C. Burns) gets his morning coffee, he gets a surprise visit. A ghost from the past has come back to haunt him with a reminder of what he took all those years ago.

Woods: Raul Menendez.

Menendez: From me and mi hermana. *gives gold heart-shaped pendant* Now it begins...

Woods: *nods*

As the VA-ULT, a.k.a. The Vault's security cameras pick up Raul Menendez (Kamar de los Reyes), security notifies law enforcement and the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation), and locks the place down. But the man has already left the premises and disappeared.

Regardless, the whole nine yards of the police and F.B.I. are on their way. 07:16:49, the Bureau plans to get some help with the hunt: Lieutenant Commander David 'Section' Mason (Rich McDonald), straight from his home in Virginia Beach, while reconnecting with his wife and daughters.

Jessica: Are you sure you don't want to talk about your dad, daddy?

Section: Yes, sweetie.

Savannah: Was he a good man?

Section: Well... uh... he was...

Catriona: Alright, girls. Time to prepare for school. Come on.

Jessica: *sighs* Whatever. Probably won't even talk about it anyway.

Savannah: Yeah, you're right.

Section: Sav, Jess, wait—

Catriona: David, you know you can't keep hiding this. You gotta find a way to make it right with you, your dad and Woods.

Section: Jesus, Catriona. You're starting to sound like my team.

Catriona: Well, if that's the case, then you really need someone to keep you in check. Your CO wasn't kidding when he said you were unusually fixated when this Menendez character popped up on the Teams' radar. I mean, you stopped being around, you pushed yourself in the range and mat so hard that—

Section: I'll be fine, Cat.

Catriona: Yet, somehow I doubt that.

sirens blaring*

F.B.I. Spook: Lieutenant Commander David Mason?

Section: Yeah?

F.B.I. Spook: Come with us. You're being deployed early.

Section: Do we have him?

F.B.I. Spook: I'll tell you all about it. Come on.

Catriona: I got the kids. Come back, and let's talk about what happened. I can see that this is very touchy for you. But you'll owe me that when you return.

Section: Yes ma'am.

Upon meeting up with the rest of the F.B.I. strike force, Section sees the rest of Trident Team, now a six-man unit. With his CO (commissioned officer) team leader Commander 'King' (voiced and played by Max Martini), the NCO (non-commissioned officer) team leader Master Chief Petty Officer 'Shade' (voiced and played by Max Thieriot), Lieutenant Mike Harper (Michael Rooker), Petty Officer First Class Javier Salazar (Celestin Cornielle) and Petty Officer First Class Luke Crosby (Michael Rodrick).

It seems the Bureau assembled the DEVGRU Team just in time as they were about to be deployed. After getting the mission briefing, which is just a kill/capture order on Menendez, the entire raiding party moves out to the VA-ULT.

07:50:33, the hunt begins as F.B.I. Suburbans, Humvees, MRAPs and VTOLs arrive and deploy dozens of men in blue. With Trident Team following behind.

F.B.I. Team Leader: Let's move out!

Knowing the history Section has with the HVT, Harper, King, Shade, Salazar and Crosby take point to form a perimeter and coordinate with the agents as he steps out.

King: *nods*

Harper: Secure the building.

F.B.I. Team Leader: Secure the perimeter!

Section: *sighs*

King: Section, you still sharp?

Section: I am, sir.

King: Okay. Let's go!

F.B.I. Team Leader: Move in!

F.B.I. Operator: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

After less than three minutes of breaching and clearing, Trident Team and the F.B.I. Team Leader reach Woods' room.

F.B.I. Team Leader: We've scoured every inch of "The Vault" sirs, except this room.

With the go-ahead, Harper takes point and sees Woods all by his lonesome, completely unfazed. Then Trident Team starts talking, basically commencing an unofficial SSE.

Woods: Safety's on, dipsh*t.

Section: Hey, old man. Was Raul Menendez here today?

Harper: Sergeant Woods. Raul Menendez is the leader of Cordis Die, and the most dangerous terrorist since Osama Bin Laden.

While Section receives the pendant from Woods and starts remembering his traumatic childhood, Harper gets impatient. So King steps in to control the situation.

Harper: f*cking waste of time. Guy's a vegetable.

Section: Back off!

King: Easy, Lieutenant. Let 'em process.

Woods: All he said was... "Mi hermana...". That's Spanish for sister, Dipsh*t.

Then the Sergeant stops dragging and gets to the point.

Woods: You boys better get your sh*t together... he's gonna attack.

Harper: If you have information about a threat to national security, you got to tell us.

Woods: Turn the camera on. Your old man, he was doing okay in Alaska... f*cking Hudson showed up...

As Woods tells what happened in Pyrrhic Victory, King orders the F.B.I. Team Leader to secure the building in case Menendez or someone linked to him comes in to assassinate the Sergeant.

Woods: They found where I was being held prisoner with a spy satellite... one of them KH-09s. This baby, it sh*ts out a film cannister 12 miles up, then a C-130 comes by and... pffft... snags it at about 30,000 ft. This was not the digital age. This film had to be processed, analyzed and delivered... all by hand. Our dog in the fight was a guy named Jonas Savimbi. *laughs* You think I'm f*cking nuts? This guy...

As Woods recounts what his old friend Special Agent Alex Mason (Sam Worthington) told him after getting rescued, King, after getting the HVI's file from the C.I.A., gets curious about something.

King: Wait. I just got your file. Well, only the parts that weren't redacted. It said you were MIA back in 1968. Then you came back in '72. And you weren't active until the Angolan Civil War. What happened back then?

Woods: Ah. I was MIA in 'Nam. But your old man *points at Section* thought I was dead. After all that sh*t Dragovich, Kravchenko and Steiner did to him... the numbers... Reznov being stuck in his head. He had no idea what was real. How the f*ck could he? Kravchenko. When I sliced that bastard open, it saved everyone's ass. He comes to first, BOOM! Welcome to the Hanoi Hilton. Six months later, they shipped me over to Da Nang. And this f*cking place made the Hilton look good. We lost 17 in my group. By '72, it was just me. I was not gonna die in a f*cking swamp!

King: Damn. Thanks for clearing that up.

Woods: Anytime.

Then Woods continued with his rescue mission in the middle of the Angolan Civil War. And mentions how Mason met and tried to kill Menendez for the first time.

At the end of that chapter, he boils it down to:

Woods: You can't kill me... thanks to your old man. He put it all on the line for me... for honor and friendship. Yeah. He's just like you, kid.

Then he elaborates further.

Woods: And that's how it started. Your old man tries to kill Menendez. Menendez, wants payback... even if it takes decades. Menendez, back then... he was a uh... a big fish in a small pond. He made his cake by running a drug cartel out of Nicaragua. It was a hand-me-down.

Harper: Mm-hmm.

Woods: The C.I.A. smoked his old man. Old Cyclops is pretty pissed at America. While we were f*cking around in the Middle East before World War 3, the Russians and the Chinese got real cozy. Now the politicians, they want you to think this is about ideology. That's a lot of horsesh*t.

Shade: How so, Sergeant?

Woods: Give me your phone.

Shade gives Woods his phone.

Shade: Go ahead.

Woods: Rare Earth Elements. The whole f*cking world runs on this sh*t. Who controls all of it? China.

Then Shade, with his tactical pad, refers to the news report of China leading the Rare Earth Element production back in 2014.

Shade: From here? Them leading the REE production. I guess it was so simple, we were too sophisticated to see it, huh?

Woods: Truth tends to hide in plain sight and most people overlook it, but it's there. So while Corporate America's kissing China's ass...

Woods then borrows Shade's pad, goes to YouTube and shows CNN's recent documentary about Cordis Die. As the news network's Kate Bolduan dates the terror group's origins back to the same year of China's REE production takeover.

Kate Bolduan: Now the mysterious "Cordis Die" social network has crowdsourced simultaneous protests in both Iran and North Korea. Never seen in public, who really is the leader of Cordis Die? He's known only as Odysseus.

Woods scoffs at the notion of Menendez thinking of himself as Odysseus.

Woods: Odysseus?! My ass! Raul f*cking Menendez! Asshole.

He then turns to the news report about "The Drone Race" and the email he sent to JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) back in 2021 about the Cordis Die threat that is rising in the midst of this phenomenon. With that, King and Shade start getting suspicions about the winner of that race: The Tacitus Corporation.

A multinational technology-centered laboratory which says that it acts on the world's best interests, but refuses to reveal its origin. Though they said they came from small, independent, struggling tech labs all over the globe.

Woods: I told JSOC, but they were too busy. "You see, The Drone Race has started.".

King: That would have been real useful to know back then. Thanks military intelligence. Now you got me doing your f*cking homework for ya. Starting with Tacitus.

Woods: Finally, someone's getting it. I mean. Really guys? You're gonna build an entire military based on a mineral element that is wholly controlled by China?

Shade: Sad, but true. And I hate that fact more than I can tell you. f*ck you very much, Corporate America. You too, puss*-dent of the United States. You both deserve to be in a strip club, not an office.

Woods laughs*

Section: *shakes head* Who knew these three would become best friends, huh?

Woods: I need a drink. Dipsh*t!

Harper: Oh, God...

Woods: Go get me a soda. Get it from the nurse's stash, none of that diet crap.

After getting his co*ke, Woods goes to the news report about "The Cyber Attack on the Chinese Stock Markets" that happened back in June 19th, 2021. Which is the loss and/or theft of one trillion dollars from the Chinese economy that caused basically the country's exclusive version of The Great Recession.

The moment the headline says that Cordis Die shared a leaked memo that shows the United States as the perpetrator, Woods calls bullsh*t. And said that this is what Menendez wanted as a billion people, including the United Nations, start to look at America with more disdain and distrust than back then in the Russo-American War.

Thus starting the Second Cold War.

Kate Bolduan: China's Premier Chen is outraged by Cordis Die's leaked memo, alleging the Cyber Attack was covertly ordered by the White House.

Woods: After all the dirty sh*t the U.S. government has gotten away with, this time they're innocent. And no one f*cking believes them.

Shade: Hmm, as much as I wanna see Bosworth burn for making us corporate slaves to China, we'll be next in the graveyard of empires if we let Menendez and his fanatics win.

Woods: Exactly and unfortunately. They take out Cordis Die's network. Two days later, the director of the F.B.I., burned alive. Right now, a billion people believe that Raul Menendez is their savior. Well, guess what boys? He's not. You'd better take him out pretty f*cking quick. Bad sh*t's gonna happen.

Chapter 4: PMC Wars Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Hostile Competition

Myanmar 2025


Help the Worldwide Civil Order PMC

Name: Novikov, Maxim


Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 210 LBS


Novikov Black Ops Uniform - Black Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Black Crye Precision Combat Pants, Black 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Black 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Black Molle Battle Belt, Black Boonie Bucket Hat, Black-Rimmed Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses, Black Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


AK-74 UUK (2025 variant of the AK-47) - Reflex Sight, Grip, Laser Sight


QBB LSW - Extended Clip


Makarov (2025 variant) - Laser Sight, Tactical Knife

Grenades and Equipment:


EMP Grenade


Access Kit

Chapter 5: Hostile Competition

Chapter Text

Welcome to the Full Picture Missions, the road map to getting the new ending, the "Complete Ending". This is where a lot of backstory is given to support characters, certain locations and events.

Playing these missions along with the Strike Force Missions will also give you special rewards and the option to change most of the original 1980s weapons into 2025 Variants of them. Which do not change the original stats but give the old weapon models newer ones and/or just slight enhancements which allow access to the 2025 attachments.


Colt M16A1 or Colt M16A5

AKS-74U or PP-19 Vityaz

M1911 or Springfield 1911 - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Tactical Knife

SPAS-12 or SPAS-12 - Millimeter Scanner, Laser Sight, Long Barrel

M60 or M60E6

Dragunov or Dragunov - Dual Band, Ballistics CPU, Laser Sight

Skipping the Full Picture Missions and/or failing certain objectives will result in the loss of information and importance to characters, and the incomplete collection of the special rewards and 2025 Variants until you restart the game the complete them. And will result in simply taking the route to the original four endings (Bad, Alternate, Canon, Good), depending on the player's actions.

If players choose to pursue this special conclusion, then this is the first mission.

Hostile Competition [2025]

Mission Details:

Rogue Russian GRU Agent Lieutenant Colonel Maxim Novikov joins forces with the Worldwide Civil Order Private Military Contractors to take out a corporate rival and long-time personal enemy for his cause and the company's best paying customer.

09:01:19, after getting all the needed information in the meantime, Trident Team leaves The Vault and returns to base to receive their combat tour's mission and get shipped off to the USS Barack Obama, a Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier which has become a mobile command and control center for U.S. Navy and Marine special operations at sea. Seeing the F.B.I. leave as well, Crosby asks Section a harmless question.

Crosby: Section, sir, have you advised the F.B.I. in providing covert surveillance for Woods?

Section: No. Why should I?

Crosby: Well, because he's a POI (Person of Interest) with links and intel toward Menendez. You think we should give him additional security before Menendez or his followers show up to shut him up?

Section: No. Just leave it at that.

Crosby: But, sir—

Harper: Crosby, that's enough.

Crosby: Roger, LT. *quietly* For now.

Section: Besides, nothing chaotic really happens with him. When was the last time Cordis Die went active?

King: Nine days ago.

Section: What?

Shade: You did— Oh, right. You weren't there for the debrief. Well, since we got time, let us share what we got from following them.

April 10th, 2025 - 04:00:05, in the Menendez Hacienda sitting on the outskirts of Managua, Nicaragua, Novikov and his handler meet up with Raul Menendez before getting to work. As the Latino terrorist hires the highly trained, heavily armed Worldwide Civil Order Private Military Contractors, a mercenary corporation consisting of former members of outlawed, dissolved Cuban militias and former South African police and military.

Novikov: (Russian) It's been a long time coming. How do you feel, ma'am?

Mother Wolf: (Russian) I'm good, Lieutenant Colonel. Thanks for the support.

Novikov: (Russian) Hey, that's what I'm here for, boss.

Mother Wolf: (Russian) *smiles* Okay, this is it. (English) Menendez, nearly four years of hiding after stealing that one trillion and the Chinese already think us "outside forces" never existed. We should be ready to go by now.

Menendez: Agreed. I want Novikov to lead them in Myanmar.

Mother Wolf: Are you saying you do not trust the WCO or your U.N. mole?

Menendez: Their trust has to be earned. And right now, I trust the two of you. Which makes Novikov insurance.

Mother Wolf: I see. Alright, no problem. I suppose you want to wire their five billion the moment they fulfill their end of the deal.

Menendez: Yes, my friend. *clears throat* If you please, go on now and have your revenge. Make it satisfying.

08:30:50, Novikov and the WCO PMC are ten seconds out from arriving at their AO in their VTOLs. Which is a weapons research facility sitting on top of the Hkakabo Razi mountains.





JUNE 10TH, 2025 - 08:30:50

Upon landing, the joint Inner Circle WCO PMC assault force punches through its enemies with ease as they are backed by a couple of VTOL Warships. In the midst of the chaos, Novikov takes the most pleasure in the killing as he has been waiting for this moment for a very long time.

A closer look at the insignias on the fallen insurgents' uniforms and equipment reveal that the enemy is the Russian Loyalist Private Military Corporation. The mercenary firm led by Codename: Nikolai which is the first to receive the good graces of The Tacitus Corporation.

As they invested in them well before their victory in The Drone Race, and in return were given the latest in drone and mil spec (military specification) technology. It seems little did the good Russians know that their efforts to develop with Western innovations have painted a target on their backs for one aggressive competitor, with discreet links to their worst enemy.

Despite the technological enhancements, Novikov successfully counters the RL PMC forces as his "equalizers" to the machines such as the A.G.R.s (Automated Ground Robot) and C.L.A.W.s (Cognitive Land Assault Weapon) are EMP Grenades and C4. After clearing the ancient ruins, which acts as an RL PMC installation and front on the surface, the joint terrorist force hacks the door to the weapons research facility itself.

WCO Team Leader: Hope you still have some of your equalizers, friend.

Novikov: Do not worry, I still do. Just keep fighting like that and you will make it home rich.

WCO Team Leader: Ha ha! I like the sound of that! You hear that, amigos?

WCO Operators: Whooooo!

With the security protocols of the place being breached, Nikolai plans to hide his associate from Tacitus and prepare for war. As the walls close in, the RL PMC leader chooses an A.G.R. crate to protect his VIP.

Nikolai: Get in here.

Erik: What's going on, Nik?

Nikolai: Something I feared. I knew I should have hunted them before they hunted most of us.

Erik: Wait, most of us?!

Nikolai: Shh. *sighs* Listen to me, my friend. Whatever happens, you CANNOT let them in that safe. You know what will happen if you do. So just sit there and stay quiet. I've already sent a distress signal to some trusted Americans. When they get here, comply with them. So that they will know who you are, what is going on, and not shoot you on sight. If non-Americans found you and they ask about the safe, you might not want to be taken alive. Do you understand?

Erik: *stammering* Yes, I understand.

Nikolai: Are you going to give the men outside what they want?

Erik: No, of course not.

Nikolai: Good. And thank you. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, Erik Breighner. God Bless.

After sealing away Erik Breighner, one of Tacitus' experts in magnetometry and a special envoy to the RL PMC, he readies his SCAR-H (Fast Mags, M203 Launcher, Millimeter Scanner) and heads out to his last stand. Upon moving to the safe, Novikov orders WCO PMC to secure the rest of the facility while he and his 15-man Inner Circle team move up to subdue Nikolai.

Once engaged, Nikolai kills all of Novikov's men with a combination of medium range combat and CQB with his rifle, B23R, and combat knife. The moment the last Inner Circle operator fell, Novikov shoots Nikolai in the limbs and captures him.

As the last Russian Loyalist is being dragged outside, he is forced by the WCO mercs to watch his life's work, men and equipment, being taken away from him. Now laying hurt on the base's helipad, a VTOL lands and Mother Wolf and Menendez, accompanied by more of her Inner Circle operators, come out of it.

Nikolai: So you two are the ones who were killing my men and destroying my company.

Menendez: We gave you a chance to join us. One company to another.

Nikolai: After all the chaos you brought onto me? You really are crazy. Besides, we don't work with PMCs paid off by terrorists and corrupt leaders.

Menendez: Hmm. WCO's chief executive officer was wrong to have high hopes for you. Oh, well. He is all yours.

Nikolai: Da? What about you? Who are you supposed to be?

Mother Wolf: Nice try, American slave.

But judging from what Mother Wolf and her men looked like, Nikolai took an insulting guess.

Nikolai: Ah. So, is this the future of the Ultranationalist Party? Puppets and whor*s to Latin narco terrorists?

Mother Wolf: Oh, you're about to find out.


Mother Wolf pulls out her Glock 19 and executes Nikolai straight in the forehead.

Mother Wolf: (Russian) A new era is coming. And you, the United States and the United Kingdom are not in it. *spits* (English) I'm done here. Novikov?

Novikov: WCO are trustworthy. Never had a doubt back there. Unlike some... of our own. No one will be questioning your authority now, General.

Mother Wolf: Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel. See you in Pakistan, Menendez. (Russian) Come on.

Before Menendez takes a tour of the base with his mercenaries, he texts the CEO of WCO PMC. Who only goes by "U.N." on his phone.

Menendez: (Spanish) It is done. Your soldiers have proven to be loyal. Well done.

U.N.: See, when will you realise I'm acting on Cordis Die's utmost behalf?

Menendez: (Spanish) I already have. See you soon, my friend. And treat your men well. They have earned it.

U.N.: Thank you for letting me know. See you soon.

As Menendez leaves, it turns out King and Shade saw the whole thing from the peaks overlooking the base. But even though they received Nikolai's distress signal and got to Myanmar in time, the U.S. State Department scrapped the rescue mission in the last second and turned it into a reconnaissance mission.

09:15:57, back in the present day, Trident Team then asked why they were called off.

King: Some clueless Jezebel from the State Department said the Bosworth Administration didn't trust RL PMC because they haven't talked to the U.S. government in a while. But we, as in the U.S. Military, kept in touch with them while the admin was busy with their own dinners and parties and sh*t. Didn't bother to know about the allies we made after World War 3. Is this dumb bitch gonna keep making us do her and her cronies' jobs?

Crosby: Oh, that's bullsh*t. I'm so sorry, Nikolai. We'll get 'em for you.

Shade: Hope so, man. Especially after reading about Task Force 141's history with them. f*cking had the two of us jet wing into the target area while the Marines were sitting around with their dicks in their hands. Bosworth Admin clowns.

Crosby: So what kept you from disobeying orders and taking out Menendez?

King: Good question. I contemplated on ordering Shade to open fire. But something nagged at me... of course, I just remembered. Years of literature and media have taught me that with the influence of our countrymen, let alone the world, on his side and pointed against us, killing him then and there will only turn him into a martyr. It won't undo all of his work and his death will be all the ammo his followers need to go after our country in violent outbursts. And soon, our families. Everyone we know and love will be 20 times more f*cked than we already are.

Section: Capturing him is a bad idea too. Who knows if the prison guards holding aren't some of his followers? He'll start killing again.

King: I know, we're in a rock and a hard place, thanks to complacency. Let me think. There's got to be a way to work in our needs to our options.

Career Record:

Novikov succeeds in seizing RL PMC's weapons research facility.



Makarov (2025 Variant)

Novikov Black Ops Uniform

Hostile Competition Intel

As Section, with the press of a button in the main menu, you can disable the main menu HUD (heads-up display) and roam around the USS Barack Obama's Team Room. There, you can do things like view and browse the outfits of your recently played characters and take them in every story mission, which will carry over to Section and whatever character you are going to control next until you change to another outfit or pick the Set Default option (which will change back to the characters' default outfits depending on the mission).

As well as go through a holographic computer and see the intel collected from the story missions and Full Picture Missions. The Full Picture intel is earned after completing those missions, as there is no intel that can be collected during gameplay, and some of them are more like cutscenes.

The Hostile Competition intel shows information about RL PMC and Nikolai after all these years, and their installation and underground weapons research facility in Hkakabo Razi, Myanmar. As well as the activity of Menendez, Mother Wolf, Novikov, WCO PMC and the Inner Circle before the events of the game.

Chapter 6: Suburban CTR Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Future Homefront

U.S.A. 2025


Investigate Possible Cordis Die Activity

Name: Crosby, Luke

I.D. # 87751914

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 200 LBS


Crosby Civilian Clothes - Dodger Blue Full Zip Hoodie, Blue Jeans, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Black Condor Tactical Cap w/ U.S. Flag Patch, Black Half Balaclava, Black-Rimmed Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses, Black Wireless Cellphone Earpiece, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


PDW-57 - EOTech Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor


X-45 Tactical - Standard 15-Round Magazine (No Extended Clip)

Grenades and Equipment:

EMP Grenade

Chapter 7: Future Homefront


Warning: The following Full Picture mission, like Hostile Competition, is only available before Celerium. Failure to complete these before the second Story mission will abort the Complete Ending walkthrough.

This functions similarly to the Black Ops 1 mission U.S.D.D., where it is more of a cutscene than a playable mission. Which is why the recommended loadout and outfit cannot be changed.

Chapter Text

Future Homefront [2025]

Mission Details:

Before returning to base for his next combat tour, Petty Officer First Class Luke Crosby notices a large amount of activity at a known Cordis Die seminar hall in the middle of the neighborhood he and his SEAL family live in.

13:04:11, while King and Shade prepare to deploy early, and Section, Harper and Salazar train non-stop ever since they got back to base, Crosby prepares his house and gathers his bags. But just as he is about to leave home to practice shooting and mixed-martial arts before deployment, he spots more Cordis Die supporters gathering at their seminar hall than usual.

Crosby: Readying up for the combat tour. Doodle lee doo. You're all gonna die— Cordis Die...

beep phone ringing*

King: Hey, Luke.

Crosby: Hey, King. What did local law enforcement tell you yesterday when you reported Cordis Die again?

King: They said it was just a peaceful gathering. Nothing worth checking out.

Crosby: Was there a lot back then?

King: No, but even if there were, I don't think they'd care. Why?

Crosby: I'm seeing a whole lot right now. Vans pulling up dropping off serious numbers at their assembly hall. What else did they tell you?

King: "Don't spy on them."

Crosby: Yeah, I'm spying on them.

King: Alright, standard ROE (Rules of Engagement). Engage as necessary but don't raise any alarms. Call me if you need me.

Crosby: Roger that.

hangs up*

Crosby: Still four hours away from deployment. So, why not?

With his gut telling him that something that cannot be ignored is going on, Crosby readies himself, his PDW-57 and X-45 Tactical, and goes to the auditorium. It may be walking distance from there to his house, but he takes his car in case he needs a quick getaway.





APRIL 19TH, 2025 - 13:04:51

The moment all Cordis Die members started going inside to have their meeting, Crosby steals an armband with their insignia on it, blends in with the people who look like him, and sneaks into the Light and Sound Control Room overlooking the hall. Inside, he locks the door, keeps the room pitch-black by leaving the light off and prepares his tactical pad for recording.

At first, they start off with opening remarks, greetings and questions on how everyone is doing. Then they deliver news that is shocking for them and concerning for the undercover DEVGRU operator.

Cordis Die Influencer: Keep fighting the good fight, friends! If the United States marks us as terrorists and starts making plans in going after us, don't worry! Because we can knock them out before the fight begins! For our smartest, bravest, most devout insiders have given us the files of the U.S. Military's finest!

Cordis Die Crowd: *cheering*

Crosby: What the f*ck?

Cordis Die Influencer: With these valuable pieces of information, we can stop their "counter terrorist" plans by holding their families and friends hostage! And if they surrender and start coming for their kin, they'll be known as the biggest fools on Earth! As we'll ambush them and hunt them like the dogs they are! We will own their wives and daughters! And their sons will be the next generation for our cause! We will be filthy f*cking rich baby!

Cordis Die Crowd: Yeah!

Cordis Die Influencer: We will be worshipped by our deepest desires!

Cordis Die Crowd: Yeah!

Cordis Die Influencer: And no one will be able to stop us, as when we take D.C., we will be the law! The American people's will!

Cordis Die Crowd: Yeah! f*ck the U.S. government! f*ck the U.S. Military! And f*ck their families into submission! They deserve it! Whooo!

Cordis Die Influencer: For Odysseus! For vengeance! For Cordis Die!

Cordis Die Crowd: Cordis Die! Cordis Die! Cordis Die! Cordis Die! Cordis Die!

Crosby: We better play our cards right before we can flush out these traitors. God, help us.

Once the meeting ends, Crosby gets the surveillance tape of the place, heads back into the sea of "American" Cordis Die members and tails the influencer to his office backstage. Inside, he slams the group leader's head against his desk, knocking him unconscious.

Immediately, he spots the personnel files of almost everyone in DEVGRU and the U.S. Military in Virginia. As well as a map of the entire state with markings that indicate the locations of military families.

Crosby: Man, I thought seeing the women's underwear and cocaine in here was disturbing enough. These guys are seriously crazy.

With limited time to gather evidence before the influencer wakes up, he pictures the map, gathers three files and puts the body on a couch nearby. Then he heads for his car and leaves for the police department, all without firing a shot or raising an alarm.

14:10:57, he manages to get the police's intelligence unit's attention with what he found. But for all the wrong reasons as they start investigating him instead of Cordis Die.

Intelligence Sergeant: So, Crosby, when and where did you serve exactly? Syria, Afghanistan, Germany? War on Terror, War in Afghanistan, World War 3?

Crosby: Are you investigating me or the possible suspects?

Intelligence Sergeant: Oh, I thought you conservatives believed in innocent 'til proven guilty.

Crosby: Well, this should prove them guilty. Look at 'em. This is disturbing intel. And they got mountains of them behind their seminar hall. I thought any unauthorized use or possession of these military and government files are illegal.

Intelligence Sergeant: Well, they must have gotten some pretty good security clearance to get them. Cordis Die is a lot more influential than you think. And all we're seeing and hearing right now is a mere exercise of the right to free speech. Look, I know you think you're doing the right thing, being "right-wing" and all. But this isn't Syria, or Afghanistan, or Germany. And World War 3 is over. I'm sure they're not being serious and you're just being paranoid.

Crosby: *sighs* Fine, I'll take your word for it. Let me ask you something. What's the price of an entire police intelligence unit these days? Child and motherly strippers? *quietly* Stogie choking f*ck.

At first the unit's team leader feels insulted, but immediately remembers who Crosby is. So he subtly shudders and orders his fellow officers to stand down as the masked DEVGRU operator leaves.

And it turns out Crosby only showed them the recording and pictures in his pad, as the files he seized are still in his car. Because they are the military records of Section, Harper and Salazar themselves.

Even though he trusted King about his claim that Virginia's police force is not being completely honest, he felt compelled to try anyway. At least he now knows personally that they cannot be trusted.

14:35:17, after returning the folders to the archives in Dam Neck Annex, which is next to Naval Air Station Oceana, he heads for the team room to prepare. Thus getting greeted by Salazar, who has just been promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

Crosby: No way! Really?

Salazar: Yeah! Section needed an official NCO team leader while Shade is gone.

Crosby: Whoa, congratulations man.

Salazar: Ah, thank you. You know, I actually vouched for you when he mentioned the possibility of someone becoming a Chief. But he and Harper trusted me more than you, apparently.

Crosby: Huh, interesting.

Salazar: Don't worry, they're probably testing you for the next one. Come on, I got some good food and drinks to celebrate.

Crosby: After you, Chief.

Career Record:

Cordis Die cell in Virginia Beach thoroughly investigated.

Learned of potential terrorist attack on the U.S. upon direct action against Menendez.


X-45 Tactical

Crosby Civilian Clothes

Future Homefront Intel

The Future Homefront intel shows the declassified military files of Section, Harper and Salazar. As well as Crosby's report of Cordis Die's growing influence all around the U.S. to the point that key institutions in every corner of every state may have been compromised.

Chapter 8: Myanmar Investigation Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:


Myanmar 2025


Obtain Celerium

Name: Mason, David

I.D. # 86900711

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 LBS


2025 DEVGRU Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear w/ Unfolded Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet, Blue-Tinted Shooter Goggles, Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses


M27 - Millimeter Scanner



Grenades and Equipment:

XM31 Grenade

EMP Grenade


Access Kit



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear w/ Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet, Blue-Tinted Shooter Goggles


MP7 - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor




Five Seven


Climbing Nano Gloves

Built-in Wing Suit

Stealth Parachute



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear w/ Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet, Blue-Tinted Shooter Goggles


MK48 - Target Finder, Laser Sight, Rapid Fire




Five Seven


Climbing Nano Gloves

Built-in Wing Suit

Stealth Parachute



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear


M4V9 - Hybrid Optic, Laser Sight, Grenade Launcher




X-45 Tactical - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Extended Clip


Climbing Nano Gloves

Built-in Wing Suit

Stealth Parachute

Chapter 9: Celerium

Chapter Text

April 20th, 2025 - 00:03:59, on board the USS Barack Obama, Trident Team has received the intel JSOC has requested from the C.I.A. regarding Alex Mason's rescue mission in Angola. As they review it, they recount what Woods told them about this op back in The Vault.

The Pyrrhic Victory intel (if all are collected by the player) shows how Mason, Hudson and Woods have been and what they have been up to after Black Ops 1 and before Black Ops 2. As well as some history on Jonas Savimbi and the Angolan Civil War.

After getting the green light from the State Department to assault and investigate the weapons research facility in Myanmar now that the RL PMC is gone, Trident Team flies out to Hkakabo Razi. 04:18:06, Section and Harper, while connected by a rappelling rope, climb to the side of the mountain the team is on to get the best view of the former RL PMC installation.

From there, Section observes the WCO PMC getting to work on the base with his glasses' built-in binoculars and transmits his POV (Point of View) to his teammates' HUD.

Harper: Well look at that. Menendez got a whole private f*cking army hidden out there.

Section: Cubans. South Africans. Elite rank. State of the art tech.

Harper: How many followers does Cordis Die have right now? What, a billion people?

Crosby: (on comms) Try two billion, who'll never believe their leader's a terrorist.

Section: They think Menendez is their savior.

Harper: They've got a hell of a disappointment coming. That's all I can say.

Section: Time to go see what Menendez has got hidden down there.





APRIL 20TH, 2025 - 04:20:39

With the observation phase done, Section and Harper rendezvous with Salazar and Crosby by swinging and climbing their way to the team's ledge. Upon arrival, a lightning strike hits a tree, which causes it to fall on top of the rappelling rope.

As the tree drags Section and Harper along with it, Salazar and Crosby delay it until the officers cut themselves free.

Salazar: You okay?

Section: Yeah. We're okay... thanks to you.

Harper: Wide open. Little more than a skeleton crew. Walk in the park, baby.

Salazar: (Spanish) Do not be an idiot. (English) Do not underestimate Raul Menendez.

Crosby: His followers sure did both. And what does Cordis Die mean, exactly?

Harper: It's Latin. 'Heart Day'... some sh*t like that.

Crosby: Sounds like something noble.

Section: That's what Menendez wants his followers to believe. Trust me... it isn't.

Crosby: Believe me. I've spied on one of their meetings ba—

Section: Crosby, you're up.

Crosby: Roger... that. Kraken, this is Trident 6. We've passed Night Owl. How copy, over?

Admiral Briggs (Kraken): Good copy, Trident 6. Your window of opportunity is closing fast. Get to the target area before the storm hits, over.

With approximately 90 seconds left before a thunderstorm lands and makes the airspace dangerous for flight suit gliding, Trident Team puts on their flight headgear, activates their wing suits, jumps off and gets moving. A minute of falling with style later, the DEVGRU operators spot their LZ, which is 20 to 30 yards from the RL PMC base's Elevator Lookout.

Crosby: Deploying chute!

Harper: Deploying chute!

Section: Deploying chute!

Salazar: Deploying chute!


Crosby: Okay, we're all good. 30 seconds to gather the chutes, disable the suits and get your game faces on.

After putting away his flight gear and putting his sunglasses on, Section signals the team to get into position.

Harper: You good?

Section: I'm good. Let's move out. Salazar. Crosby. You got the left side?

Salazar: Covered. Ready on your go.

Crosby: Trident 6 in position.

Harper: Kraken, this is Harper. Come in. We've passed Lightning Eagle. Enemy is preparing to leave location. Advise.

Admiral Briggs: Roger, Trident 3. We need firm intel on their capabilities. You are cleared to engage.

thunder rumbling*


Crosby: Just in time.

An Optical Camouflage suited merc passes by.

Salazar: Section, you seeing this?

Section: Yeah. Be ready to move on my kill. An EMP Grenade will fry their cloaking systems.

With the momentary element of surprise, Section orders Harper to kill a lone invisible guard with his suppressed MP7.

Section: All alone, Harper. Take him.

Harper: Mm-hmm.

suppressed SMG fire*

Then the SEAL commander pushes another lone invisible guard off a cliff. And rushes to quietly kill one more with his knife, who was alerted by his friend's screaming.



stab stab*

Salazar: Well done, Section. Elevator descending. Hostiles inside.

With stealth no longer seen as an option, Section starts it off with a double kill from his XM31 wrist-mounted Grenade Launcher. Then Crosby spots and kills invisible snipers along the High Ground Trail.

thump boom*

Harper: Good kill.

Crosby: Snipers with Optical Camo along the walkway and elevator bay. Moving to flank them along that route.

After clearing the Elevator Lookout, Section and Harper take the Elevator up while Salazar and Crosby take the High Ground Trail. Now on the Helipad, the team spots a Stealth Chopper attack drone taking off.

If the player destroys the bird before Salazar does, this happens.

three-round burst thump*

boom boom boom*

Section: That's how to be fast, Chief! Let's keep moving!

Salazar: Noted, sir!

Section: Eyes on a grounded drone! Hacking its weapons systems, cover me!

With access to the downed Stealth Chopper's 40mm cannon, Section singlehandedly clears the entire Delivery Bay. After the connection times out, it becomes a straight route to the Temple Complex.

Even though its paths are guarded by automated 30mm Hardened Sentry guns, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force punches through the last line of defense before reaching the wooden door which leads to the Underground Path. While Harper breaches, Section updates JSOC CTF's CO and captain of the USS Barack Obama: Admiral Thomas Briggs.

Crosby: Recon intel says this is the way to Underground Weapons Research.

Section: Kraken, this is Section. Surface installation is neutralized. Moving to investigate secondary structure.

Admiral Briggs: Roger noted, Trident 2. Passed Mountain Wolf. You're cleared for Mole Rat, over.

Harper: Let's blow it. Stand back.

three-round burst thump*

boom boom boom*

Section: Watch your step. Flood waters may have weakened the structure.

After blowing the door open with the Titus-6, Trident Team treads carefully inside. Now at the heavily reinforced entrance to the Underground Weapons Research Facility, Salazar scans the walls and sees that they are thick enough to block all radio transmissions.

So Harper lets Briggs know, and in reply, the Admiral sends in a Clean Up and Containment Unit to the AO. Before getting into the hypocenter of the lab, Section finds, wears and activates a well-fitted, flexible, hooded Optical Camouflage Suit.

But as Trident Team ft. Invisible Section gets past Decontamination, they get ambushed by two A.G.R.s which can blow grenades thrown right in front of it out of the air. So they counter attack by using EMP Grenades and flanking the drones.

After destroying them and clearing the Testing and Production Laboratory's two floors, they reach the Glass Elevator to the Storage and Maintenance Area. Before they get ambushed again by another enemy squad backed with an A.G.R., Crosby shoots through the glass and detonates a pair of nitrogen tanks next to the mercs and robot, killing/destroying all in its blast radius with fast-acting, lethal hypothermia and frozen, shattering components.

automatic rifle fire*

glass shattering*

icy explosions*

Crosby: Yeah, I knew they were nitrogen tanks! Ha ha!

Salazar: Target the nitrogen tanks!

Harper: Smart thinking, Salazar! That sh*t blows up real good!

A minute of CQB against ceiling automated LMG Turrets and a 15-man team later, Trident Team reaches the Storage and Maintenance Area. During the investigation, Section secures the area by hacking an A.G.R. marked 'J-5' in storage.

Section: Alright, you little bastard. You work for Uncle Sam now.

Crosby: Nice.

Harper: This is 3D fabrication tech... Weapons components, armor... Menendez is arming himself for war.

Section: Woods told us how much wealth Menendez built over the years. He's been investing it in weapons tech.

Crosby: Investing and just old-fashioned stealing. Poor Russian Loyalists.


Harper: Somebody's here. Clear left.

Salazar: Clear right.

After hearing a person's noise from an A.G.R. crate next to the Safe, Section disables his Optical Camo Suit and hacks the lock.

Erik: Please! Don't hurt me!

Harper: Okay! Come on out! This lab is linked to a known terrorist. You start talking, or I WILL hurt you.

Erik: My name is Erik Breighner. I'm a Tacitus magnetometrist.

Harper: Yeah? And what is, uh... Menendez' interest in you, buddy?

Erik: Not him. Nikolai. The Russian Loyalist PMC. They brought me here to process the Celerium. It's a new rare earth element that will render all existing microchip technologies obsolete.


Erik: WCO is coming again! Get me out of here alive! I'll give you everything!

Harper: Get the f*ck down. Get down!

As an enemy QRF makes its way to the Storage and Maintenance Area with A.G.R.s of its own and hacked LMG Turrets, Trident Team grabs a couple of recently finished deployable Assault Shields. Then they dig in and eliminate all hostile elements.

Once the area is clear with thanks to J-5, who survived the gunfight, the DEVGRU operators get back to Erik. And he takes them to the Safe.

Salazar: We're clear!

Crosby: Good work, J-5.

Harper: Now, where is the Celerium?

Erik: This way. The Safe's locking mechanism requires two operators.

Section: Okay, you scan, I hack.

Erik: On your go.

After opening the Safe, Erik gets to work in unlocking the case which holds the Celerium. Simultaneously, he shares its capabilities and what he heard from Menendez and his men while in hiding.

Erik: Quantum entanglement. This single device has more processing power than your entire military infrastructure. Conversations I heard while hiding were that Menendez and WCO have stolen the instructions on how to make it, and are planning to produce another one to use as a basis for a massive cyber attack. I heard talk of something called 'Karma'... It may be the name for the cyber weapon. If Menendez uses a Celerium worm to initiate an attack, there will be nothing anyone can do to stop it... I couldn't stop it.


But just before JSOC moves to secure Erik, he is shot in the neck by a WCO mercenary while Harper, Salazar, Crosby and J-5 were being blinded and disabled by an EMP Grenade. In response, they kill the attacking insurgents as their vision and tech returns.

Crosby: sh*t, HVI is down!

Salazar: Nothing we can do for him now, Crosby. We're under fire, come on!

Crosby: *sighs sharply* Rest now, Erik. You did the right thing.

Even while knowing that the walls of the place are blocking comms, Harper tries to get a SITREP on the Clean Up and Containment Unit anyway. With no luck, the team pushes on to get back outside and exfiltrate.

But as they get back to the Testing and Production Laboratory, they hear a familiar voice from there.

Admiral Briggs: Section, your team can stand down!

Section: It's Briggs. Stand down! It's the extraction team! Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes.

As the large squad gets to work on the SSE, Trident Team meets their CO and gives him what they found.

Admiral Briggs: I guess we can call this mission accomplished.

Section: Admiral Briggs. Good to see you.

Admiral Briggs: You too, Section.

Section: Whatever Menendez is planning, Celerium is the key to it.

Admiral Briggs: Well, we finally got one over on this co*cksucker.

The Admiral gives the Celerium to Crosby.

Harper: He's just a man, Admiral. He'd like you to think he's something more... but he ain't nothin' but a sad, old, pitiful excuse of a man.

Admiral Briggs: *nods*

Career Record:

Celerium device recovered.

The Celerium intel (if all are collected by the player) shows the Tacitus file of Erik Breighner. As well as the specifications of the Celerium, Stealth Chopper, A.G.R., Hardened Sentry and LMG Turret.

Chapter 10: Full Angola-Afghanistan Investigation

Chapter Text

08:08:11, upon arriving at the Obama, Section starts to get laser focused on Menendez.

Section: I can't figure out Menendez without getting inside his f*cking head. Salazar, you grew up in Nicaragua during his rise to power. You know his Legends better than anyone.

Crosby: No offense, but that sounds real convenient if you think about it.

Section: Nobody asked you.

Salazar: *tilts head* Ah, you know I get that a lot, guys.

Crosby: *puts his hands up* Just sayin'. And I didn't ask.

Section: *shakes head* Tell me, why does he hate us so much.

Salazar: (Spanish) The First Cold War. (English) As a boy, he witnessed the Contras rape and murder his people. In 1972, there was a colossal earthquake. His family lost everything. A year later, the only thing he ever loved, his sister, Josefina, was crippled in a fire. Raul and his father started over, sold drugs for easy money. They became rich, powerful legends of Managua. The Menendez Cartel was all but untouchable. So the C.I.A. took out Raul's father in a U.S. sanctioned assassination.

Section: Right, so now Menendez f*cking hated America and started running guns in Afghanistan for his own private army. C.I.A. got wind of it and went on the hunt for him in Kabul.

08:58:46, after having breakfast, Trident Team takes the conversation/investigation to the Team Room. There, Section references the picture Woods showed him and his team, which is about his and Mason's time in the Afghanistan during the Afghan-Soviet War.

He and his team also receive the other pieces of intel from Angola, Afghanistan and then Nicaragua, which will be reviewed later.

Mission Briefing:

Pyrrhic Victory

Angola 1986


Rescue Woods

Name: Mason, Alex

I.D. # 5814700

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 190 LBS


Mason C.I.A. Black Ops Uniform (Brown, Sleeveless)


FAL - ACOG Sight



Grenades and Equipment:

Frag Grenade



Access Kit

Career Record:

Mason rescues Woods.

While putting the Afghanistan mission together, they remember what Woods told them about it.

Section: That was the photo Woods showed us in The Vault, remember?

Woods: (flashback) See that handsome bastard? That's me. The ugly one's your father. After 'Nam, the numbers and all that, he was one dangerous son of a bitch.

Mission Briefing:

Old Wounds

Afghanistan 1986


Gather Intel on Menendez Cartel

Name: Mason, Alex

I.D. # 5814700

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 190 LBS


Mason C.I.A. Black Ops Uniform (Undercover Mujahideen)


AK-47 - Extended Clip



Grenades and Equipment:

Frag Grenade



Access Kit

After Woods explained the first crucial part of the story, he gets to disorienting territory by mentioning Mason's Soviet MK-Ultra brainwashing.

Harper: (flashback) Your old man was one tough son of a bitch.

Woods: (flashback) Bet your ass he was. Dragovich, Kravchenko, Steiner, basically carved a hole in his head, and they shoved those f*cking numbers in there, and he survived that. Now, Mason said he didn't see those numbers anymore, but... I don't know. Not so sure about that.

Then as he finishes telling the second crucial part involving him, Mason and the Mujahideen capturing Kravchenko, he reveals that he may have seen his best friend tripping balls back then.

Woods: (flashback) Couple times, I saw the tick... he'd get that look in his eye, and he'd start scanning the room. Next thing you know, he's talking to the Russian. f*cking Reznov... good old tricky Vik.

Then in the third crucial part, Woods says that he and Mason had learned about potential moles in the C.I.A. from Kravchenko. And after executing the Soviet colonel, he, Mason, Hudson and Tian Zhao, China's M.S.S. (Ministry of State Security) agent for the Mujahideen, get betrayed and left to die in the middle of the desert.

Woods then explains his POV of the experience, which involves Mason freeing himself from his restraints and coming back for the others with water, a horse and an extraction team. And further elaborates Mason's assumed point of view, as while being rescued, he hears his buddy mention Viktor Reznov.

Woods: (flashback) So we're in the desert, buried up to here, and who does your father think rides up on a horse to save us?

Section: (flashback) Tricky Vik.

Woods: (flashback) Ha! See! You're just like your old man. No, it wasn't him.

Mason: (flashback) Reznov.

Woods: (flashback) Come on, if you think it was him, don't you think he would have stuck around for a bit, huh? Maybe explain some sh*t?

Career Record:

Kravchenko thoroughly interrogated - learned about potential mole in C.I.A.

The Old Wounds intel (if all are collected by the player) shows the military record of Kravchenko after the events of Black Ops 1 all the way to Black Ops 2. As well as the old M.S.S. file of Tian Zhao, the history of the Afghan-Soviet War, and Mullah Rahmaan and his connection with the Menendez Cartel.

Chapter 11: FOB Spectre


Warning: Failure to complete FOB Spectre, now in line with the Complete Ending walkthrough, will result in the loss of a supporting character, special rewards, 2025 Variants and the mission's special intel. As well as the discontinuation of the attempt altogether.

Chapter Text

May 21st, 2025 - 09:36:07, after a month of waiting for the C.I.A. to deliver the whole intel package and AAR on Nicaragua, Admiral Briggs calls in JSOC Counter Terrorist Force for a crisis situation. It turns out, for the past month, King and Shade have been observing China's movement while stationed at F.O.B. Spectre in Himachal Pradesh, India and spotted the S.D.C. (Strategic Defense Coalition) mobilizing to take the nations next door for the C.C.P. (Chinese Communist Party).

The S.D.C. is China's new military branch consisting of the P.L.A.'s (People's Liberation Army) best, brightest and deadliest, formed after The Cyber Attack on the Chinese Stock Markets. Their mission is to escalate the Second Cold War into a worldwide deadly conflict, form the largest standing military force on the planet by coercing China's neighboring countries into total allegiance, and conquer or destroy the United States of America for good.

Installing their new world order is all for the defense of China, they said. And as much as the C.C.P. claims that they no longer have control of the S.D.C., the U.S. Military thinks they are lying, and King and Shade just proved them right.

As the data also shows C.C.P. officials meeting with S.D.C.'s chairman: General Tian Zhao normally, like old friends catching up. Along with discussing the fact that the U.N. still distrusts the U.S. and are scared of dealing with China, let alone the entire Coalition.

Which makes JSOC Counter Terrorist Force all alone in The Second Cold War. With that, the unit splits up so that it can deal with both Menendez and S.D.C., thus creating the JSOC Strike Force.

As the third part of Trident 1 and 4's intel states that S.D.C. is moving on India immediately, King sends Shade back to the Obama to deliver the full package while he stays to help those in F.O.B. Spectre. And the last part says that the Coalition will hire and sponsor WCO PMC in an attempt to try to keep its hands as clean as possible.

But even if the world will be fooled or will look the other way to not anger their big daddy China, the United States will not be or do neither. Safe to say, Section is less than thrilled to halt the Hunt for Menendez in order to lead JSOC Strike Force.

With that, Crosby assists him in the Team Room.

Section: Admiral on deck!

Admiral Briggs: Thank you, Commander Mason, Petty Officer Crosby. Check out this beauty. Chairman Tian Zhao, the best leader the P.L.A. has to offer. The head of the S.D.C.'s armed forces. co*cksucker plays hardball and China is addicted to his work. They claim that he's gone rogue and the S.D.C. is disavowed, but we can see their bullsh*t from a mile away. Chairman Zhao's squeezing Russia's balls, real tight. Commander, Petty Officer.

awkward pause*

Crosby: Lieutenant Commander.

Section: Oh. If Russia caves in and joins S.D.C., they'd be the largest military force on the planet...

awkward pause*

Crosby: *clears throat* Which is exactly what Menendez wants, starting World War 4 and setting the superpowers to wipe each other out. Now, I don't need to remind you that the peace and stability we brought to this ungrateful planet after World War 3 was hard-won. So let's not lose it because of some psychopath's desire to watch the world burn.

Section: Thank you for the pep talk, Crosby. Right now, Iran and India are both under threat. S.D.C.'s making their move. Time for JSOC to step up.

Crosby: Welcome to the JSOC Strike Force. Trident 1, you're online.

King: Their initial strike caught us off guard and crippled our primary defenses. We held them off but our regiment was decimated. We cannot withstand another attack without reinforcements.

Admiral Briggs: Was it S.D.C., Commander?

King: Negative, it was WCO PMC. But they attacked us with Chinese weaponry. Small arms, ground and air drones, and VTOLs. S.D.C. is definitely hiring them to keep their hands from being stained with our blood.

Admiral Briggs: Understood, reinforcements are on their way.

Section: F.O.B. Spectre is vital to securing India's northern border. For rapid response, our only option is to Jet Wing and HALO in...

awkward pause*

Crosby: The enemy's primary objective will be to destroy the defense grid by targeting the Power Transformer, the Cooling Tower and the Satellite Antenna uplink. If the grid goes down, or two out of these three fall, there's nothing to stop them from penetrating the main Control Room. You have Hardened Sentries and a C.L.A.W., which are perfect for destroying hostile Quad Rotor Drones, A.G.R.s and other C.L.A.W.s. Use 'em well. Remember, if you let them fry that Control Room, F.O.B. Spectre is down and China will gain its first ally in this damned war.




MAY 21ST, 2025 - 14:01:14

As Section and Crosby coordinate the defense from ISR, King directs the incoming reinforcements to the Power Generator, which is protected by a Hardened Sentry, and the Cooling Tower, with no protection other than the SEALs. While he stays by the Satellite Antenna, guarded by another Hardened Sentry.

And lastly, the C.L.A.W. will patrol the driveway of the base. Despite being all alone up there, King trusts himself, his M60E6 and the Hardened Sentry to defend the Satellite Antenna.

In gameplay, King is an invulnerable NPC (non-playable character) but will die if the mission fails. Recommend to keep all the three positions active to have a better chance of mission success.

As WCO PMC starts its insertion, the cameras and ISR prove that the mercenaries are sponsored by S.D.C. Being equipped with Type 25s, QBB LSWs, PKP Pecheneg LMGs (2025 variant of the RPD) and Galil ACE 22 ARs (Assault Rifles) (2025 variant of the Galil).

Six minutes of defending from infantry, A.G.R.s and a C.L.A.W. later, the SEAL squad guarding the Cooling Tower is killed by swarming Quad Rotor Drones. So King displaces, repels the attack and places the dead in a safe location while Crosby sends in another squad to secure the area.

Five minutes in, the SEAL team guarding the Power Transformer gets blown to bits by a hostile A.G.R. and fireteam armed with RPGs. Which makes King reposition the C.L.A.W. and himself to neutralize the threat, and keep the fallen safe before fresh troops arrive.

After twelve minutes of fighting, ISR shows WCO's reserve forces sending in a VTOL with a six-man squad and four Quad Rotor Drones to extract any survivors from F.O.B. Spectre. All while the rest of them pack up and leave the AO.

Which means WCO PMC is aborting their mission and returning to base. To add insult to injury, King orders both SEAL teams to regroup on him to set up an ambush for the incoming recovery team.

And it all goes as expected, with the mercs getting killed as soon as they landed and their drones doing nothing to turn the tide. As the WCO VTOL leaves the recovery team behind, the C.L.A.W. shoots down the aircraft and it crashes outside the base.

Crosby: Kraken to all units, enemy forces moving to retreat. Base is secure. I say again, base is secure.

Section: Good work, all.

King: We did it, boys! Get f*cked, S.D.C.!

SEAL 1: We nailed those sh*theads!

SEAL 2: Yeah, get the f*ck outta here!

SEAL 3: Whooo! Try to shrug that off, Tian Zhao!

14:13:23, back in the Obama, as Briggs congratulates Crosby and Section, the Petty Officer is clearly happy behind his mask. But the Lieutenant Commander ignores the praise and immediately returns to examining the intel on Menendez.

Briggs: I knew I could count on you, Commander, Petty Officer.

Crosby: Thank you, sir. Well done, TL. *raises hand for a high five*

Section: *ignores* I'm going back to work.

Crosby: Okay... *claps* Can't wait to see Shade and King again.

Career Record:

F.O.B. Spectre saved - India protected from S.D.C. invasion.



PKP Pecheneg

Galil ACE 22

2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear

FOB Spectre Intel

The FOB Spectre intel shows U.S. relations with India getting friendlier and stronger after protecting them from S.D.C, and the recon data which shows high-ranking C.C.P. officials having a great time with Chairman Zhao. As well as the specifications of the C.L.A.W. and Commander King's DEVGRU file itself.

Name: Winslow, George

Codename: 'King'

Rank: Commander

Unit/s: DEVGRU, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force, JSOC Strike Force

I.D. # 85277940

Age: 47

Height: 6' 5"

Weight: 215 LBS


Having the start of his adulthood planned for him, George Winslow is supposed to be a college world history teacher. But 9/11 gave him a strong desire to avenge the United States, the place he is proudly calls home despite his high enthusiasm with the whole world. Which meant dropping out of college and choosing his own path for once in his life, which led him to enlisting in the U.S. Navy SEALs. He may have lost contact with his family for doing so, but he got over it quick after finding a new one in SEAL Team 4, and later, DEVGRU. After demonstrating his strategic and logistical prowess gained from his time studying half of history's biggest battles, which proved very useful in both the war room and the field, he was given an opportunity to finish his bachelor's and master's degrees before getting a direct commission to the rank of Ensign. His vast knowledge of the ancient and modern world, armed combat, and hand-to-hand combat gave him the nickname, turned codename 'King'. As well as the fact that he is the DEVGRU operator with the most victories in the unit's boxing ring and mixed-martial arts mat. Section may be known as the "Boss in Town" on the fighting floor, but there is only one person who can beat him: the "King of the Ring".

Chapter 12: Full Nicaragua Investigation

Chapter Text

May 29th, 2025 - 05:31:07, after eight days of waiting for the C.I.A.'s AAR on Nicaragua, which has just arrived in JSOC's archives, Harper and Salazar manage to convince Section to take a break from the Hunt for Menendez and train with them. Meanwhile, Crosby gets ready to join them, but then comes across a strange letter in his locker.

Crosby: I got your report, Fallout. *getting quiet* Disturbing. I checked, and it seems only Shade and I read it. If the LCDR. hasn't seen it, then he doesn't know this fact. C Delta is a plague that has spread all over America. Taking the shot on ROM won't stop it. It will only strengthen and widen the influence on our already demoralized countrymen. With the Master Chief and I deployed to Singapore to keep us ahead of China, you have to let my SIC see the full picture. If you can't convince him to seize instead of neutralize, then the time has come. We CANNOT create a rallying point. The outcome of this war on revolution could be on you now. Do what's necessary. Just remember what I've taught you: If you want to stop a plague, isolate it from society and let it die out. Fallout? C De— Oh... sh*t, Section.

After reading the note, he puts on the same hooded setup back home, but with a pair of sandstone Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants instead. Along with his wireless earpiece, which has a camera attachment for capturing possible spies and tails in the ship on video.

Then he gets moving to burn the note into nothingness. On his way, the tech experts of JSOC CTF notify him that the C.I.A. has already delivered the intel package on Nicaragua.

In the boxing ring on the Obama's second hangar bay, Section overwhelms and beats Salazar. So Harper decides to mix things up.

Harper: What took you so long?


Harper: *chuckles* So the Boss is back in town. Now go get that f*ck Menendez.

As the Lieutenant lands some hits, Section's flashbacks of the night his father died gets more visible.

Harper: He blames your dad for killing his sister.

Section: *grunts*

Harper: He also blames Woods.

Section: *grunts*

Harper: And now he's coming for you.

With the visions getting him all fired up, the Lieutenant Commander goes on the offensive. And despite the constant flashes, Harper never stood a chance once Section's focus was on.

Harper: Dude, I think Menendez is going down.

Section: I keep seeing these flashes...the night my father died when I was a kid. Why now?

Harper: Ah f*ck it, I just didn't hit you hard enough.

Section: Alright look, Woods gave us all the pieces - we just gotta put 'em together.

Crosby: Looks like we can finally make sense of 'em, guys. C.I.A. came through with the Nicaragua package just recently.

While Section, Harper and Salazar change out of their sweaty clothes, Crosby keeps a eye on the entrance for anyone or anything suspicious. Back in the Team Room, with the Petty Officer sitting in a place where he can observe the doorways and windows, Trident Team starts to remember what Woods told them about Nicaragua.

Mission Briefing:

Time and Fate

Nicaragua 1986


Secure Raul Menendez

Name: Mason, Alex

I.D. # 5814700

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 190 LBS


Mason C.I.A. Black Ops Uniform (Green, Long Sleeves)


Galil - Fast Mags


Barrett M82A1 - Variable Zoom

Grenades and Equipment:

Frag Grenade

Smoke Grenade


Access Kit

Woods: (flashback) Menendez was in Nicaragua, got that from Kravchenko. He was being offered up on a sliver platter by old pineapple face himself, Manuel Noriega. One of the perks of being the president of Panama is that you get to use the army as your own private police force. So C.I.A., in their infinite wisdom, they sign off on the deal. The White House, they cut a check for a million bucks and everybody takes a victory lap. And off we go in the jungle. What we did in Nicaragua...was an accident. We don't target civilians.

After explaining the messy details of the operation, which involve mentioning Angola again, losing control, finding a memo about the Menendez Cartel's contacts in the C.I.A., and accidentally killing Josefina Menendez in the process, Woods sets things straight with Section.

Menendez: (flashback Spanish) I'm here, Josefina! I'm here!

Woods: (flashback) MENENDEZ!

Mason: (flashback) Woods, no!

Hudson and Menendez: *struggling*

Mason: (flashback) NOOO!

Frag Grenade bounces*


Section: (flashback) Menendez' sister Josefina died in the blast? Who threw the grenade?

Woods: (flashback) I had no idea she was there, David. I just saw Menendez and I lost my sh*t.

Section: (flashback) Frank, you don't lose your sh*t! What the f*ck did Menendez do to you in Angola?!

Woods: (flashback) Menendez he... he wanted to know what the C.I.A. had on him. So, he tortured my men in front of me... thought I'd break. One, by one, I watched my team die, and then he... dumped us in a tin can and locked the door... left us in there for weeks. So yeah, the next time I saw Menendez, I lost my sh*t! WHAT THE f*ck WOULD YOU DO?! *sighs* You let the PDF (Panama Defense Forces) walk off with the body, and now he's back. And he's pretty pissed off too.

Section: (flashback) Well he sure can't kill my old man, 'cause somebody already beat him to it long ago. But he could have killed you. So why are you still alive, Frank?

Woods: (flashback) I'm done talking. Go find that maniac.

Career Record:

Compound thoroughly searched - learned about potential mole in C.I.A.

The Time and Fate intel (if all are collected by the player) shows Raul Menendez' family members who were killed, which led to his anti-American sentiment: Jose Luis Menendez, his father, who was assassinated by the C.I.A., and Josefina Menendez, his sister, who was civilian collateral damage in the Agency's Nicaragua assassination mission. As well as the background of Woods' team who was sent to investigate the carter's arms smuggling operation in Angola.

Chapter 13: Shipwreck


Warning: Failure to complete Shipwreck, now in line with the Complete Ending walkthrough, will result in the loss of a supporting character, special rewards and the mission's special intel. As well as the discontinuation of the attempt altogether.

Chapter Text

06:37:02, right before Section can go to full concentration mode with the intel package, Briggs alerts Trident Team with new actionable intel, which could possibly lead to a new mission on The Second Cold War. Then he orders Harper and Salazar to gear up and be ready to bug out.

In the Team Room, as JSOC Strike Force assembles, Section and Crosby place the Menendez investigation to the side and receive King's debrief. The Commander says that he, Shade and the Singaporean authorities have discovered S.D.C. presence and movement in Keppel Terminal, Singapore.

16:39:04, in the police perimeter surrounding the Singaporean port, after learning that JSOC's spy satellite has spotted Chinese troops moving a large container to their docked cargo ship, but cannot seem to look inside of it, Harper and Shade plan to use old-fashioned spy work to infiltrate the boat and find out what the S.D.C. are up to there. With help from Section, Crosby, King, and Salazar on ISR and armed overwatch, the Lieutenant and Master Chief start capturing and sending images of a massive threat and plan under preparation.

Knowing what is to come later, the pair takes initiative by capturing the ground and air defenses that the Chinese have set up all over Keppel Terminal with their cameras. 17:50:01, upon returning to friendly lines without firing a shot, killing anyone, or raising an alarm, it is now a waiting game until JSOC Strike Force arrives.

Section: This freighter's jam packed with Dongfeng-17 hypersonic ballistic missiles. Mach 7 capable. One strike could take out any of our aircraft carriers, including the Obama.

awkward pause*

Crosby: S.D.C. will deliver these missiles to their destroyers coated with carbon nanotubes, rendering them invisible to our satellites. That's why Harper and Shade had to get this footage the old-fashioned way. Further recon data show that the Coalition plans to launch these missiles on Iran.

Admiral Briggs: That's right boys, Iran. Now, I got enough problems. I don't need Persia being S.D.C.'s bitch.

Section: Keppel Terminal's primary defense is a single DF-17 missile located in the central hub. You will be equipped with HPM Network Intruders. Which release high powered microwave bursts to scramble the missile's guidance system. The east and west perimeter is flanked by Anti-air Free Electron Laser Mounts, supercharged beam shooters able to take out any short range missile. We need these down to take out the freighter. Your portable hacking modules will reprogram their targeting systems to fry them in their own juice. When their defenses are down, you call up the Kraken and we airstrike the freighter.

With the briefing done, JSOC Strike Force gets up in the air and on the way to Singapore. May 30th, 2025 - 04:29:13, Shade and four other DEVGRU operators from Viking Team 1 move out as the first wave of the assault, while Harper and Salazar return to the Obama and JSOC Counter Terrorist Force since their job here is done.

For additional support, King, Section and Crosby coordinate to get them in the AO as soon as possible.




MAY 30TH, 2025 - 05:00:08

Shade: (on comms) Five seconds out. (off comms) Approaching insertion point in three, two, one.

Viking 1-1: Kick ropes. Prep to deploy.

Viking 1-2: Here we go.

Shade: All eagles out the door.

Viking 1-3: Go! Go! Go!


Shade: (on comms) All eagles on deck. Cut ropes. (off comms) On my lead.

Viking 1-4: Confirmed, infantry moving to support.

Crosby: Trident 4, Viking 1 Actual, we have visual elements on SAT feed. Copy, over?

Shade: Copy all, Kraken.

Viking 1-1: Copy.

Just like King in FOB Spectre, Shade is an invulnerable NPC but will die if the mission fails via mission time running out. Recommend disabling all three weapons as quickly as possible to have a better chance of mission success.

To start off, Shade leads Viking Team 1 to the F.E.L. Mount in the east perimeter. There, he and his fellow SEALs engage S.D.C. guards armed with Chicom CQBs, Type 25s, QBB LSWs, Type 97 Military shotguns (new), QBU-88 sniper rifles (new), and QSZ-92 pistols (new) head on.

After clearing high and low, especially for snipers and Quad Rotor Drones, an H.P.M. Network Intruder is placed next to the first F.E.L. Mount. One minute later, the device internally destroys the laser weapon and a squad of A.G.R.s arrive to assist.

Then the first wave, still alive and accounted for, move on to the closer target: the DF-17 itself. In the chaos of defending the portable hacking module as it scrambles the missile's guidance system, Shade uses his M27 for close encounters and flying targets, and his Barrett M82A3 for A.G.R.s and C.L.A.W.s.

As (new game mechanic) .50 BMG bullets from said sniper rifle, the XPR-50 and DSR-50 can penetrate the armor of the walking tank and destroy it. Another minute later, the module puts the DC-17's guidance system out of commission.

With the support of an A.G.R. squad, which is still intact, and a second wave of SEALs from Viking Team 2, Shade and his squad head for the S.D.C.'s last line of defense: the F.E.L. Mount at the west perimeter. One more minute later, the placed Network Intruder fries the laser beam shooter, thus clearing the entire airspace.

Shade: Trident 4 to Kraken! Confirmed - Enemy defenses down! Say again, enemy defenses are gone, over!

Section: Roger, Trident 4. Aircraft established at initiation point. Ready for drop.

Easy Rhino: Easy Rhino on the approach. My air clear. Target V.I.D. (Visual Identification).

Section: Airstrike unit inbound.

So King gets to work on guiding the incoming Hellstorm Missile to the freighter. The moment Easy Rhino launched the missile, the Commander takes control of it remotely.

King: Weapon away. Ten seconds 'till impact.


secondary explosions*

King: Confirmed hit. Ship is down.

Section: Mission objectives achieved. Move to extract.

Shade: Roger that, heading for exfil! All Viking and A.G.R. elements move out!

With the ballistic missile-filled cargo ship up in flames and sinking, all American troops and drones head to the exfiltration point. As the friendly squad of C.L.A.W.s arrive, Shade orders the VTOLs not to drop them but instead open the bay doors to let them support the extraction process.

Once the A.G.R.s are back in their aircraft, the infantrymen enter theirs. JSOC Strike Force completes the Singapore search and destroy operation without taking any human or drone casualties.

Shade: Nice work, gentlemen. Seems my boy did well on keeping y'all in top shape.

Viking 1-1: Definitely.

Shade: *exhales* You're welcome, Iran.

Viking 2-1: Hooyah!

Viking 1-4: Best to have them neutral or against China, right?

Shade: Yep.

Back in the Obama, while Section gets back on the Menendez intel immediately, Crosby receives Briggs' praise.

Admiral Briggs: That's what I like to see. f*cking textbook.

Crosby: Thank you, sir. No casualties, Section. Solid work.

Section: Mm-hmm.

Career Record:

Freighter destroyed - Iran protected from S.D.C. invasion.


Barrett M82A3

Type 97 Military



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Sniper Uniform and Gear

Shipwreck Intel

The Shipwreck intel shows U.S and Singapore's ties getting stronger, and Iran getting mad at China once the invasion plan was leaked. It also includes the specifications of the DF-17 hypersonic ballistic missile, F.E.L. Mount, H.P.M. Network Intruder and Hellstorm Missile.

As well as the recon data on Singapore from King, Harper and Shade. And lastly, the DEVGRU file of the Master Chief Petty Officer himself.

Name: Powers, Tyrone

Codename: 'Shade'

Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer

Unit/s: DEVGRU, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force, JSOC Strike Force

I.D. # 87421853

Age: 36

Height: 6'

Weight: 195 LBS


Unpretentious, uncompromising, unfiltered, but in all the right times and places, for all the right reasons. Some say he has a big mouth. But in reality, Tyrone Powers just sees through so many people's bravado and empty words so easily. And he does not hesitate in expressing his thoughts openly or subtly, and giving them the bitter truth. Growing up in Washington D.C. as the son of a prominent U.S. senator, learning to identify genuine people and taking apart the fake ones was a pastime. Which then became a useful skill, especially in America's current Cordis Die craze and the Bosworth Administration's political climate. Upon enlisting in the military, despite his family's connections, he chose to work hard and earn his place in DEVGRU rather than relying on nepotism. And his unparalleled sniper, stealth and infiltration skills prove it. But despite having everything he wanted in life, he faced some social and emotional problems for six years because of his overused, super serious attitude, which led him to depression. Until Crosby came in as King's protégé and welcomed him into his friend circle outside of Trident Team. Thus teaching him how to lighten up and enjoy the little things as much as the big things in life while receiving leadership advice from him in return. As a result, he used his people analyzing skills to deliver dark humor and devastating insults in personal roasts for fun after and outside of missions. His harsh, yet realistic and informative two cents on public figures, leaders, countries and events, and instances of "covertly making Cancel Culture his bitch", according to his friends, earned him the codename 'Shade'. And all that cured his depression.

Chapter 14: Pakistan Investigation Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Fallen Angel

Pakistan 2025


Gather Intel on Menendez

Name: Mason, David

I.D. # 86900711

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 LBS


2025 DEVGRU Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear w/ Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses


MTAR - Millimeter Scanner


Tac-45 - Laser Sight

Grenades and Equipment:

Semtex Grenade

Concussion Grenade


Access Kit


Longer Sprint



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear


MP7 - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor


Five Seven



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


MK48 - Target Finder, Laser Sight, Rapid Fire


Five Seven



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear


M4V9 - Hybrid Optic, Laser Sight, Grenade Launcher


X-45 Tactical - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor

Chapter 15: Fallen Angel


Warning: Failure to listen to all of Menendez' conversations may result in the loss of a key Strike Force Mission. Which will lead to the discontinuation of the Complete Ending walkthrough.

Be Advised: I know I'm breaking continuity and lore because Fallen Angel occurs before Shipwreck. But personally and for this remake, I think it would make more sense for the second Strike Force Mission to come before the fifth Story Mission.

Chapter Text

14:51:37, after spending more hours sitting around, analyzing the Menendez intel packages over and over again, Briggs comes in with some news. The C.I.A. has shared its deep cover agent in Cordis Die with JSOC.

As well as all the intel they can get on a new player in Menendez' corner.

Admiral Briggs: Known only as DeFalco. Our undercover operative shot this off of Socotra Island, Yemen. Farid.

Farid: Thank you, Admiral. DeFalco is Menendez' number two. The concept of empathy is understood by him, but... irrelevant.

While the O.G.A. cannot get into DeFalco's background, they can track his whereabouts all the way to Pakistan.

Admiral Briggs: A Whisper Drone captured this two days ago at an abandoned prison in Lahore, Pakistan.

Then Harper brings up JSOC's own Whisper Drone, which was shot down over the country yesterday. As it was trying to see if Menendez is there as well.

Harper: We lost contact with our own Whisper Drone over Pakistan just yesterday.

Section: Wait a minute... the scientist we captured at Myanmar told us Menendez is using Celerium to develop a cyber weapon called Karma. What if it's Karma taking out our drones?

Crosby: Not surprising really, considering what Breighner told us about a Celerium worm's capabilities. But I think knocking our drones out of the sky like *snaps fingers* that is just a taste of what it can do. Need to get to the bottom of that.

Harper: You know what? This DeFalco guy could be fairly entertaining.

Salazar: Fairly.

Harper: What do you say we blow off a little steam, huh? Throw a few punches first?

All: *laughs*

Section: You got it.

Harper: Come on. Come suffer with me.

As soon as the words "come suffer with me" came out, Section starts having another episode of flashbacks.

Section: What did you just say? Come suffer what? These flashes I'm getting... ah, I know I was kidnapped the night my father died, but I— I could never see. It was Menendez. Did he kill my father?

Crosby: Okay. Just take a deep breath and tell us what you're thinking.

Section: *inhales exhales* Okay, look. You know Woods raised me after my father died, right? But Woods always told me that it was just some nut who did it. Some drifter. What the hell is going on?

Menendez: (flashback) You suffer with me. For all the sins of those who came before you.

Section: Why didn't Woods tell me?

Menendez: (flashback) Woods...Hudson... they created this. For Josefina. TONIGHT! Your father will DIE!

He then gets all dazed and confused, and then falls back to the holographic computer to analyze the Menendez intel all over again. Crosby tries to help Section get his mind off of it, but he is having none of it.

Crosby: Listen, sir, I think you've had enough of Menendez for today. You've been going at it for hours now. Let's take a step back and do something else for once, huh?

Section: Not an option. I need to keep going and I don't want ANY distractions.

Crosby: But—

Harper: Crosby, leave him be. Come on.

Crosby: sh*t. Roger, sirs.

As he leaves with Harper and Salazar, Crosby gets concerned about Section and Trident Team's well-being.

Crosby: Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But I think the Boss is even more screwy in the head now than in the last four years or so. What does that say about Trident Team's combat effectiveness?

Harper: I think you should keep that to yourself and mind your own business, Petty Officer. *sighs* But... as much as I hate to, I don't disagree.

Salazar: Don't worry, I'm sure Section is still as sharp as ever when we get back out there. *pats Crosby's back*

Crosby: *nods*

After the conversation, Harper and Salazar get to their bunks while Crosby goes to Hangar Bay 2 to train with JSOC Strike Force. 22:05:06, Briggs assembles the counter terrorist force to deploy to rainy, flooded Lahore, Pakistan.

Their mission is to find out if Menendez is there and destroy the downed Whisper Drone, which has been captured by the I.S.I. (Inter-Services Intelligence). Going with them for support if a small war with Pakistan's finest is needed are two C.L.A.W.s, Brutus and Maximus.

May 31st, 2025 - 03:40:17, while Trident Team prepares to move out in a C.I.A. observation post located at the far end of a marketplace, an I.S.I. platoon finds them all of a sudden. And before they can wonder how is that even possible, they start taking heavy fire.

With Crosby and Brutus covering the left entrance just fine, Harper and Salazar move to cover the right entrance as Section tries to boot up Maximus.

Harper: I.S.I. got us pinned down! C'mon! We need this thing up and running today!

Section: I'm trying!

Harper: Your GCM must be stuck!

Salazar: They're closing in!


Maximus powering up*

Harper: There! Unstuck!

Section: C.L.A.W. units are active! Weapons systems online!

Salazar: Grenade! Move!



Harper: Yeah!

With their mechanized support up and running, the DEVGRU operators proceed to smash through the I.S.I. entry team. Dozens of dead agents and a downed enemy Escort Drone later, they get to the flooded street where they engage the rest of the I.S.I. platoon.

Since the C.L.A.W.s cannot operate on deep water, Section opens a garage door which leads to a ramp staircase going all the way to the rooftop of the building. With that, Salazar and Crosby take Brutus and Maximus to the roof and set them up to provide cover fire as Section and Harper move through the street.

Multiple confirmed kills courtesy of the C.L.A.W.s later, the officers reach the end of the street.

Salazar: Section, you're moving out of the C.L.A.W.s' line of sight. You're on your own.

Section: Roger that, Salazar! You keep them on high ground! We'll regroup at Anthem!

Crosby: Trident 6 to Kraken. We've past Market Garden, over.

Admiral Briggs: Roger that. You're cleared for Anthem.

After losing the I.S.I. in the chaotic flooding, Section and Harper cut through more devastated streets to get to Anthem. Which is code for the I.S.I.'s main operating base in Lahore.

Before they can even get close to it, they have to sneak out of the city, which is patrolled by two Escort Drones acting as death squads.





MAY 31ST, 2025 - 03:51:26

After evading the unmanned aerial vehicles and clearing the sewer entrance, Salazar checks in to inform that he and Crosby are in Anthem's train yard. Then Section unlocks a room with talking guards above.

And Harper, with his proficiency in Urdu, says that the hostiles are talking about recently getting their order of SOC-Ts (Special Operations Craft - Terrain) in the train yard. Trucks that can turn into hovercrafts in an instant while moving.

Section: Salazar, the I.S.I. have taken delivery of some new SOC-Ts near your position.

Salazar: Understood. Be advised - Menendez is here. Main courtyard, with I.S.I. Director General.

Section: I'll contact Briggs.

03:59:33, after giving Briggs the SITREP and getting the lay of the land from him, Section and Harper scale the rooftops to get a good vantage point. Once in position, the Lieutenant Commander activates his smart glasses' surveillance mode.

Almost immediately, he spots Menendez as he sticks out with his sandstone suit in the main courtyard. And Salazar's report turns out to be solid as the I.S.I. Director General is with the narco terrorist.

I.S.I. Director General: The city crumbles around us. But the government pretends like everything is under control.

Menendez: They care nothing for the suffering of their people. Neither the Americans nor the Chinese.

I.S.I. Director General: They care. They care for their own interest. Nothing more.

Menendez: Believe me, my friend. Your help will ensure that the complacency of the imperialists comes to an end.

After the two HVTs take their conversation indoors, Section and Harper reposition to reacquire them. Then they find themselves right in front of them, so they get low.

I.S.I. Director General: The drone was taken down, half a click, southeast region of the city.

Harper: Here they come. Better get low. They're talking about the downed drone.

I.S.I. Director General: We think it was looking for evidence of China's involvement in the region. Could they know you just met with Tian Zhao?

With those words, the first mission critical information has just been recorded.

Menendez: Of course. The Americans are always watching me.

I.S.I. Director General: They know even less than they think they do.

The two DEVGRU operators reposition to a helipad control room once Menendez and the I.S.I. Director General move out of the range of the smart glasses. There, they spot and ID DeFalco who is getting ready to dust off in a VTOL.

Even though neither Section nor Harper are fluent in Spanish, they can still get the gist of the upcoming conversation. As DeFalco still talks to Menendez in English.

DeFalco: All stages are in agreement. Everything is now in place.

Menendez: *speaking in Spanish*

DeFalco: Indeed. He will meet you in Peshawar, Northern Pakistan.

The second mission critical info has been captured the moment DeFalco said it.

Menendez: *speaking in Spanish*

DeFalco: I will handle it personally.

Menendez: *speaking in Spanish*

As Menendez and the I.S.I. Director General leave the helipad, the SEAL leaders move out to maintain surveillance, only to lose them because they went back indoors. So Section asks Salazar if he can spot him.

Section: Salazar, we've lost Menendez near your position. Can you eyeball him?

Salazar: Got him. He's entering the train yard, south side.

Section: Did you secure transport for evac?

Salazar: Not yet. Area's a little too hot.

Section: Stay on it.

After the report, Section and Harper head for the back door, quietly killing two I.S.I. agents in a GAZ-2975 Tigrs along the way. Inside, they get low and spot the HVTs bringing in the downed Whisper Drone.

I.S.I. Director General: The drone itself is very different from the older models. Extracting the central computer is not a simple task. A series of security barriers are directly linked to the unit's self-destruct mechanism.

Menendez: Such things are not a concern. The meeting on June 17th will resolve any remaining barriers to our success.

Third mission critical info recorded. Record mission critical info: Complete (3 of 3). Because of an arriving train obstructing line of sight on Menendez, the operators move again.

But before that, Harper notices that he and Section had just stumbled upon an old I.S.I. interrogation room. Thus he references the C.I.A. and their ops using similar setups all over the world for psychological manipulation.

Then they take the subtle route deeper into the train yard by swimming through a flooded storage room. Meanwhile, at the east side, Salazar and Crosby spot a fully loaded Escort Drone and a pair of the I.S.I.'s new SOC-Ts.

Salazar: I have eyes on a helipad with nothing but a drone. Looks ready to go. If I can hack it, our evac will have air support.

Crosby: Good call. I'll secure the SOC-Ts downstairs. You get to the drone and have it work for us if you can. Watch your six and stay in touch.

Salazar: Okay.

Back in the south side, Section and Harper arrive right below Menendez and start recording again. But the terrorist starts giving off bad signs with the phone call he is having.

Menendez: Of course. Not only am I aware of the infiltration. I engineered it.

Upon hanging up, he activates a jammer which scrambles Section and Harper's cameras. Then he directs I.S.I. operators below his position to exterminate them.

Even though they narrowly escape the trap, the discovery of their presence raises the alarm of Anthem. Which makes now the perfect time to leave.

While starting up the SOC-Ts, Crosby hears voices coming toward him.

I.S.I. Director General: (Urdu) Confirm your kills! Flush them out! And you two, get—

automatic rifle fire*

Menendez: No! One of them is here! Get him! Get him!

I.S.I. Agent: This way, sir!

Crosby: Oh, you're lucky right now, co*kehead.

Crosby kills the I.S.I. Director General but does not kill or pursue Menendez. Because the current priorities are to secure evac, destroy all traces of the U.S. here, and leave with his teammates and the intel.

After clearing his sector, he and Salazar give a SITREP.

Crosby: Trident 2, Trident 3, a large I.S.I. element is closing in on the south side, over.

Salazar: C.L.A.W.s in position. Maximus on the roof. Brutus concealed in the train yard.

Section: What about the vehicles for evac?

Crosby: En route. We have two of their new SOC-Ts as our rides. Trident 5 and I are two minutes out, over.

Salazar: Secured. I've reprogrammed an enemy drone to support our extraction.

Section: You're a miracle worker, Salazar!

Upon reaching surface level, Section and Harper take heavy fire from half of Pakistan. So the Lieutenant Commander activates the C.L.A.W.s to keep the heat off.

Brutus starts off by ambushing an enemy squad with its flamethrower. Then Maximus provides support for its partner by clearing the driveway and shooting down an Escort Drone that the I.S.I. brought in with them.

Two minutes later, the SEAL leaders and their robotic backup clear the area. And the other half of Trident Team arrives to pick their COs up, destroy the Whisper Drone, and self-destruct Brutus and Maximus since bringing them along is not possible.

While Section gives the SITREP to Briggs, the Admiral lets him know that the I.S.I. and S.D.C. are going after him and his team. So they will have to cut through the flooded city with the Escort Drone and SOC-Ts all the way to the extraction point.

04:47:10, Section takes control of air support to destroy an I.S.I. barricade and a squad of SOC-Ts in the way. Once cleared to proceed, he gives the controls to the technicians in the Obama.

Five minutes of combat driving and destroying pursuers later, the Escort Drone runs into a hostile Stealth Chopper and crashes. But Trident Team makes it to exfil shortly after, with everyone alive and unharmed.

Only to find S.D.C. and its leader holding the JSOC extraction force at gunpoint. So Section, with Harper, Salazar and Crosby covering him and their men, de-escalates the situation.

Section: Okay. Whoa, hey. Take it easy.

General Zhao: American forces should not be in Pakistan!

Section: Tian Zhao. He fought alongside my father in Afghanistan.

Harper: *nods*

Section: We have no quarrel with China, General Zhao. Our only interest in Pakistan is Raul Menendez.

General Zhao: Then we have something in common. But know this, American. If you are really here for Raul Menendez... I have no need to kill you.

Once the Coalition leaves, JSOC gets ready to dust off.

Crosby: Policy can turn friends into enemies overtime. Don't get your hopes up.

Section: f*ck off, Crosby. You're no Shade.

Crosby: Just piquing my interest, sir.

Harper: *shakes head*

Career Record:

Zhao secret meeting details discovered.

Harper successfully protected.

The Fallen Angel intel (if all are collected by the player) shows Pakistan's shared anti-American interests with Cordis Die. Including the terrorist group's unstable alliance with the S.D.C., which was caused by WCO PMC's failure in India.

It also shows the specifications of the Whisper Drone, Escort Drone and SOC-T. As well as the up-to-date file of the chairman of S.D.C. himself: General Tian Zhao.

Chapter 16: USS Barack Obama Briefing Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:


USS Barack Obama 2025


Disseminate the Full Picture

Name: Crosby, Luke

I.D. # 87751914

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 200 LBS


Crosby Off-Mission Set - Dodger Blue Full Zip Hoodie, Sandstone Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Multicam Molle Battle Belt, Black Condor Tactical Cap w/ U.S. Flag Patch, Black Half Balaclava, Black-Rimmed Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses, Black Wireless Earpiece w/ Camera Attachment, Black Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


X-45 Tactical


Storm PSR X-Ray Scope

Chapter 17: Fallout


Warning: The following Full Picture Mission is only available before Karma. Failure to complete it will abort the Complete Ending walkthrough.

Much like Future Homefront, this is more of a cutscene than a playable mission. And once again, the recommended loadout and outfit cannot be changed.

Chapter Text

Fallout [2025]

Mission Details:

After finding a way to get David 'Section' Mason to listen to him, Luke Crosby closes in to show his commanding officer, Trident Team and JSOC the full picture of the war with Cordis Die before an unwise move is made.

June 1st, 2025 - 05:45:06, all dressed and ready to fight, with the camera rolling for any suspicious person or activity, Crosby heads for the Team Room to challenge Section to mixed-martial arts match in the ring just to start the conversation. But it turns out he did not need to do much convincing because the Lieutenant Commander wanted to talk to him about something important.





JUNE 1ST, 2025 - 05:48:01

After a quiet walk to Hangar Bay 2, the two operators get in the boxing ring and start talking.

Section: Alright, I need your help with something. The Second Cold War is nothing but a distraction to me and my hunt for Menendez. With him always being one step ahead of us, I cannot afford to cease the search for anything. You know I'm the only one who can get through to him. So I need you to report the situation to Briggs and convince him to split Harper, Salazar and I from JSOC Strike Force. King will listen to you and Briggs will listen to him, right? I'm counting on you to get it done. And before you ask, no you can't come along. Simply because you are not ready for something like this yet. Maybe next time.

In reaction, Crosby gets offended and lets Section know.

Crosby: That's it?! You finally want to properly talk to me after nearly four years! And it's to tell me that you want to leave America behind and split Trident Team up even more?!

But he ignores the Petty Officer's words and starts making his way back to the Team Room. So Crosby, with no other choice, really lets him have it, which offends Section back into the ring.

Crosby: Oh, ignoring me again! Like you ignored your family, right?! You never really cared about Woods at all, did you?! Let alone anyone but Menendez or yourself! So that's why Savannah and Jessica think about your late dad instead of you! No wonder Catriona's contemplating on divorcing your sorry ass!

Section: Dammit, Crosby! That is exactly my point!

Crosby: What f*cking point?!

Section: You and my family don't understand what I'm up against! What I've been through!

Crosby: No, no! You don't understand what we're ALL gonna go through if you kill Menendez! Cordis Die has infiltrated and compromised all high and low sectors of our government in every corner of every state! They vowed to take, burn, rape, enslave and murder everything we know and love the moment Menendez dies by your hands, with no one to stop them! You think he'll escape if we capture him?! Not if we do this the right way! His influence and "revolutionaries" will grow and spread like the PLAGUE if you kill him! The only way to stop it is to isolate him from society, then watch him and his ideology wither and die!

Section: You don't know that!

Crosby: I DO! I learned about it in Virginia Beach and filed my findings in the Team Room computer!

Section: I must've missed it!

Crosby: Are you blind, ignorant or both?! It's the FIRST file you'll see in the Cordis Die folder! You know what?! I should have known better than to ask you for help! Because I just learned that you only care about yourself!

Section: I'm selfish?! How f*cking rich coming from you! All your talk about catching Menendez just to get the glory of taking down Cordis Die singlehandedly! All because I didn't promote you instead of Salazar!

Crosby: *sarcastically laughing* Oh, how baseless can you get?! You know damn well that my plans for Menendez and his fanatics are a matter of national security!

Section: See?! This is why I don't think you're ready! I'm giving you the chance to do your first worthwhile thing for Trident Team and you won't even listen!

Crosby: First worthwhile thing? FIRST WORTHWHILE THING?! I've kept your unorthodox obsession with Menendez a secret since 2021. All for the sake of loyalty! To keep Trident Team together! You can't see that?! Well, listen to this! You want me to report to Briggs?! Fine, I'll report the truth to him right now!

With that, Section grabs Crosby's arm and tries to stop him.

Section: No! You don't understand—

Crosby: You said you wanted me to talk to him! So I'll tell him whatever I want!

Then the Lieutenant Commander pushes the Petty Officer against a corner, holds him in a headlock and takes him down, face first. Crosby then gets up and delivers three strong punches to Section's abdomen, but misses the uppercut aimed at the jaw.

And Section counters him with a flurry of punches and knee strikes until he falls onto the canvas.

Section: Do! Not! Tell! Briggs! The! TRUTH! *panting* That! Is! An! ORDER!

Now laying on his back, Crosby covers his head while Section rains down some jabs, crosses and hooks.

Crosby: You left us and your family behind, you worthless deadbeat f*ck! We were all supposed to be there for each other forever! You abandoned Trident Team!


hit hit hit hit*

Section: Argh! Uhhh!

During his CO's rambling, the masked operator counters with two jabs to the chin and two crosses to the jaw. Which causes Section to stand up and fall back.

Now back on his feet, Crosby goes on the offensive with dodges, parries, palm strikes, elbow strikes, hooks, roundhouse kicks and side kicks until Section is backed into the same corner. Then the Petty Officer goes to the opposite corner and readies up.

Crosby: You wanna live your life obsessing over Menendez forever!? Be my guest! Just keep it out of ours!

hit crack*

Section: *yells in pain*

Crosby lands a running jump side kick on Section and breaks a lot of ribs as a result. With the SEAL commander now laying on the canvas, the Petty Officer starts landing jabs and crosses on the head.

Section tries to counter with a right hook, but Crosby blocks it, locks his right arm with his left arm, and continues striking with his free arm. Ten minutes of arguing and fighting later, Harper and Salazar come in and break up the two.

Salazar: Crosby! Calm down! Calm down!

Crosby: Yeah, I'm cool. I'm cool now.

Harper: Like hell you are! What the f*ck was that!?

Crosby: Section couldn't handle the truth, that's what. He's psychologically and emotionally compromised. The time has come, Lieutenant. I'll see you in Briggs' office.

As Crosby leaves for Briggs' office, Harper asks Salazar to try to reason with him. But even the masked operator's close friend cannot change his mind.

Despite just coming out of a heated confrontation, he actually cools down rather quickly. As he still gladly greets Safety Squad along the way.

Safety Squad is a Navy EOD team he is friends with. But as he passes by and takes a peak at the Locker Room, one of their teammates appears to have touched or even opened his personal locker.

Crosby: Hey, MacNeil. What's up?

MacNeil: Oh, I just saw that your locker was loose. So I tried to secure it.

Crosby: Ah, always has been that way. Don't worry.

MacNeil: I see. Oh right. Gotta go, Luke. See you around.

Crosby: See ya.

The moment the EOD Technician jogged out of the room, Crosby gets his guard up, tells Salazar to do the same, pulls out his Storm PSR anti-material rifle's X-Ray scope (which he uses for counter surveillance) and scans his locker. Thus finding a brown box with a bomb in it.

So he opens his locker, grabs the package, sprints to the nearest exit, pushes a pissed off Section and concerned Harper away, and throws it far and high into the Indian Ocean. Five seconds later, the explosive detonates.


Section: Holy sh*t!

Harper: Jesus Christ! Where did that come from?!

Then he, now followed by his teammates, gets to the flight deck to look for MacNeil, only to see him and his team dust off. After spreading the word about the situation, the Obama's tower orders Safety Squad's SH-60 Seahawk to circle back.

But upon returning to the carrier, the chopper's cabin suddenly explodes and the aircraft falls into the water.

Crosby: No! No! NOOO! Safety Squad! *growling* What the f*ck did you do, MacNeil?!

06:15:20, fifteen minutes of showing the Virginia Beach intel and the recorded fight later, the Admiral starts ripping Section a new one. Just as some naval investigators come in with MacNeil's phone and suicide note, which says that Cordis Die was going to kill his wife and son if he did not assassinate Crosby.

Admiral Briggs: I don't care if it was caused by PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) or if it's mission-related! Obsession is never a welcomed trait in the military, ever! When did you forget that?! Now, I understand the loyalty your teammates have for you. But breaking protocol like this and making others do it to save your ass is unacceptable! *sighs* Commander Mason. Combat readiness protocols exist for your safety and for that of your team. They are neither flexible nor am I. You either obey them or you are history. Did I make myself clear?

Section: Yes, sir!

Admiral Briggs: Good. As for you, Petty Officer Crosby. Getting this intel even without proper approval or any support was above and beyond the call. We could have been stumbling around in the dark for too long if you hadn't taken the initiative. Outstanding work.

Crosby: Thank you, sir. But I couldn't have done it without King and Shade. They made the discovery, I just helped.

Admiral Briggs: They taught you well. I knew they were reliable. I could only wish that I had seen your work earlier. Then you would not have needed to get into a fight with Section to make him listen.

But before the conversation can go on for the next few minutes, MacNeil's phone starts ringing. Taking a guess on who the unknown contact is, Crosby signals the naval investigators to trace the signal while he answers the call.

Crosby: You didn't get me, dickhe*d.

Menendez: So, you must be Luke Crosby. Quite a story. Hmm, I guess I have to kill MacNeil's beautiful family. Their blood will be on your hands.

Crosby: I'll add that, Safety Squad and their chopper crew to the list of things you'll pay for. And trust me, you got mountains of those.

Menendez: You are not like the average American, are you? Now knowing you, if you had joined me, my friend, we would have been unstoppable.

Crosby: No thanks, pal. 'Cause guess what? Section isn't the only one with a vendetta against you. You'll have millions of pissed off U.S. Military personnel hunting you until you are caught tired.

Menendez: I believe that. And I cannot help but pity you. So let me give you a quick and easy solution for once in your life. My founding inner circle and I will be gathering in Socotra Island, Yemen on June 19. You can find me then and there.

Crosby: Consider it done.

Menendez: Then by all means. Come get me, Luke. Give my regards to David Mason.

Naval Investigator: Got him.

Admiral Briggs: Well, ladies and gentlemen. Today has just proved that Cordis Die's threat from the inside is real. Always has been. Capturing Menendez and winning The Second Cold War are now clear matters of national security. We face a real-life dystopia if we don't play our cards right. So let's. Not. Fail.

Crosby: Hooyah.

Career Record:

Luke Crosby successfully shows the full picture of the war with Cordis Die to Section, Trident Team and JSOC.

Menendez and Cordis Die Founding Inner Circle located.

Potential terrorist attack on the U.S. upon direct action against Menendez expected.

Massive Cordis Die gathering on June 19 in Socotra Island, Yemen expected.


Crosby Off-Mission Set

Fallout Intel

The Fallout intel shows the history of Safety Squad, which is clean, and the background of MacNeil, which reveals that his family is filled with Cordis Die supporters. Including the result of the naval investigators' signal tracing, which points to Afghanistan.

And the recon data gathered by a Whisper Drone over Yemen six hours later, which shows masses of Cordis Die terrorists and supporters all over Socotra Island. As well as Section's soured relationship with his wife Catriona Mason, and two daughters Savannah Mason and Jessica Mason.

Chapter 18: IED


Warning: Failure to complete I.E.D., now in line with the Complete Ending walkthrough, will result in the loss of multiple supporting characters and the mission's special intel. As well as the discontinuation of the attempt altogether.

Chapter Text

June 5th, 2025 - 06:01:04, after receiving his breakfast, Crosby chooses to eat by himself in order to give his teammates time to cool down, which he has been doing for the past four days. As he sits down, the sailors and marines alongside him move away because of his attempted assassination.

But the DEVGRU operator does not mind it or even blame them. Though all that did not stop King and Shade from being with him and comforting him.

King: We were told what happened. Not an easy task, but you did the right thing, Fallout.

Shade: Yeah, also glad to know you're safe and still kicking, Fallout. Don't worry about them, things'll settle down.

Crosby: *smiles* Thank you for the support, guys. Although, what I'm worried about is keeping Section in check. He's not exactly wrong when he said he's the only one who can get through to Menendez.

King: With what the higher-ups know now, playing our cards right and not turning Menendez into a martyr has become an official matter of national security. Section can't reason around that, and he still can't outrank me or Kraken.

Shade: Besides, Harper and Salazar are reasonable. I'm sure they wouldn't mind keeping him in line.

Crosby nods*

Then to Crosby's surprise, Harper chimes in.

Crosby: LT.

Harper: Crosby, you do realize what you've done, right?

Crosby: Told everyone what they needed to hear.

Harper: At what cost?

Crosby: I know what I've sacrificed. But tell me. What would you do if you were in my position?

Harper: I wouldn't stab my brothers in the back.

Crosby: I chose not to leave my countrymen and brothers in the dark.

Harper: *sighs* You could've told me.

Crosby: Could you snap him out of his obsession?

Harper: Stop calling it that. Could you, for once, get your head out of your mask, Luke? What is it with guys like you being so unpredictable? This isn't Task Force Rogue, so there's no need for unorthodox methods anymore.

Crosby: Ah, see? You're all in with Section even though he's wrong. Which is admirable, but that is why I couldn't trust you. Look, despite the hardships we've had, I still care deeply about you guys. You, Section, Salazar, King, Shade, Briggs and all our brothers in DEVGRU. Turning on Trident Team by telling the truth was the most difficult and painful decision of my life. But since neither of you are willing to listen and our mission is on the line, the mission has to come first. You and Section know that. Someone has to take responsibility when others can't.

Harper: I couldn't risk taking David's chance in getting Menendez away from him. That'll destroy him and none of us, not even his family, can fix that.

Crosby: This is not just about him, Mike. Look around. Remember four days ago? We're all here to win as well. Letting China start World War 4, turning Menendez into a rallying point and allowing Cordis Die to burn us to the ground doesn't look like victory.

Harper: *shakes head* I—I... think we're done here. Good luck... getting that promotion.

King: Harper, enough!

Shade: Definitely not the best in playing third party, huh?

Crosby: Yeah, guess I was wrong.

07:30:01, despite the thought of his original Trident Team squadmates turning against him, Crosby puts his game face on for a new mission for JSOC Strike Force. After receiving an update on S.D.C. from a satisfied Briggs, he feels better despite Section still beside him in directing the upcoming operation.

The news is about Zhao trying to offer the U.S. a cease-fire and a spot in China's upcoming new world order, which everyone in JSOC finds laughable. Even though the Lieutenant Commander is clearly disinterested in The Second Cold War, Briggs' orders keep him from abandoning ship.

Admiral Briggs: *laughs* How about that. Chairman Zhao just sent me his résumé. co*cksucker's looking for a new gig! *continues laughing*

Crosby: *claps* *laughs*

JSOC Strike Force: *claps* Whooo!

Admiral Briggs: You bet your ass, we got these dickwads on the run. Alright, alright, settle down.

Crosby: Seems trouble in Afghanistan never stops, gentlemen. As you know, a Russian peace delegation is in Kabul negotiating a peace treaty with the Afghan president.

Section: Problem is, Central Intelligence intercepted an assassination order directed by Raul Menendez himself.

awkward pause*

Crosby: To be carried out by the Taliban, sponsored by WCO PMC and S.D.C. After sharing this to Russia and Afghanistan, the summit location has changed to Maidan Shahr, approximately 50 miles west of Kabul. While the Russians' finest are assembling in country to defend their delegation's convoy, we've agreed to help the Afghans protect theirs. If you witness a hostile act, direct lethal force is authorized.

Admiral Briggs: Authorized and f*cking mandated.

Crosby: Use your Quad Rotor Drones for aerial surveillance. Best way for enemy sniper and RPG teams to take out our VIPs is to dig in those mountains. Which means you can flush them out with the drones' explosive rounds. They're the best defense against enemy air support as well. You'll also have the High Altitude Munitions Platform variant of the VTOL Warship for far support. Use its Kinetic Strike Weapon against heavy armor and large groups of hostiles. A.G.R.s will flank you on the dirt. If the H.A.M.P. is reloading, their rockets are the most effective against tanks and other ground vehicles. And keep an eye out for enemy infantry on terra firma and on horseback, or they'll plant additional I.E.D.s which will take out their MRAPs in one explosion. Now, I know it sounds like all fun and games to sit around comfortably and play "Chair Force" for a bit. But we still have some very important people in our care. Their military transports aren't as durable as ours. If we lose all of them, Afghanistan will turn to the S.D.C. because we failed them. So stay sharp and don't let your guard down until the Afghans are absolutely safe.

After the briefing, Crosby starts training with JSOC Strike Force in controlling the Quad Rotor Drones and A.G.R.s, as well as directing the H.A.M.P. VTOL Warship. June 6th, 2025 - 06:00:17, after spending nearly an entire day preparing and taking the drones to the AO, the Afghan peace delegation starts leaving for Maidan Shahr from their temporary operating base in the mountainous outskirts of the city, where the Russians will be waiting.




JUNE 6TH, 2025 - 06:00:27

Section: Closest heat signature is located in vicinity of Echo Sierra 7-1-9-8-5-4. Additional Quad support now online.

King: Roger, we got 'em.

Quad fire*

King kicks it off with his Quad Rotor squadron by killing an RPG team before they could shoot him or his teammates down. With him on the UAVs, Shade directs the A.G.R.s, Crosby controls the H.A.M.P. VTOL Warship's Kinetic Strike Weapon, and Section is on ISR.

Section: Confirmed, multiple hostiles observed in the AO.

King: Affirmative, Kraken. Convoy will take effective small arms and RPG fire, over.

Section: ISR sensors are tracking multiple hot spots on the surrounding hill tops. Use supporting elements to eliminate I.E.D.s and clear safe path for convoy.

A.G.R. fire* *explosion*

Shade: Enemy Type 99 tank destroyed. Taliban is confirmed supplied by the S.D.C., over.

After Shade takes out a Chinese main battle tank operated by terrorists, Section confirms the ROE for the duration of the op. Which in layman's terms mean: Shoot all clear and present threats to the convoy.

As the escort mission goes on, visual confirmations are surfacing that show Taliban insurgents armed with RPGs, SMAWs, HAMRs, SVU-AS's, AK-74 UUKs and AN-94s. Which confirm the C.I.A.'s intel about Menendez and WCO PMC ordering and supplying the assassination.

In gameplay, if all VIPs are killed, King, Shade and Crosby will have to report to Afghanistan for a long while to address JSOC's screw-up. Making them absent in future Strike Force Missions and Story Missions.

Recommend using the A.G.R.s' rockets and H.A.M.P. to destroy tanks quickly before they can destroy a friendly vehicle. And the Quads to kill enemy helos, cavalry and RPG teams fast.

After King gives the coordinates of an enemy tank waiting to engage, Crosby aims the Kinetic Strike Weapon and deals with the Chinese armor accordingly. Then an unexpected attack helicopter comes in and starts firing on the Afghan convoy.

King: Enemy Z-10 gunship moving to engage the convoy. All Quads, focus fire!

Quad fire* *crash boom*

King: Helo is down. Scanning for survivors... pilots are flatlined. But they appear to be WCO PMC judging by their uniforms and patches, over.

Once finished poking around for a bit, JSOC Strike Force clears the explosive-filled vehicle path by shooting and detonating them from a safe distance. Now almost at the main road leading straight to Maidan Shahr, the Taliban initiates an assault with every RPG team, infantry, cavalry, tank and helicopter they have.

King directs the second Quad Rotor squadron to the two incoming Z-10s while he and his squadron deal with the RPG teams. On the ground, Shade gives Crosby two Type 99s close together to obliterate while at the same time, he and his A.G.R. squad shoot the suicide bombers off their horses.

With not many left, Shade decides to insult the Taliban by using his UGV to run the survivors of the toppled cavalry over.

payload impact*

secondary explosions*

Shade: You can run, bitch! But you'll only die tired! *laughs* Oh, I'm real sorry... for the horses.

06:10:04, the Afghan peace delegation's MRAP convoy arrives on the main road, with a squadron of Russian VTOL Warships and a group of Russian SOC-Ts meeting it there to provide armed escort into the city. The Taliban then sends another swarm of bombers on horseback after the Afghans in a last ditch effort to kill them.

But they are immediately annihilated by American C.L.A.W.s firing incendiary rounds. Then the walking tanks start covering the VTOL transports extracting the drones before going back in to RTB.

Section: Mission success, convoy has arrived at the main road. Friendly Russian elements will escort the Afghan delegation to the city. All units, land in the VTOLs for RTB. The C.L.A.W.s will cover until all clear.

King: Excellent unmanned ground and air support, team. I'm proud of y'all.

Shade: JSOC, three. S.D.C., zero. All Quad, A.G.R. and C.L.A.W. units in the VTOLs. Ready to extract.

In the Obama's Team Room, after Briggs gives his praises, Crosby still compliments Section despite their history and the Lieutenant Commander immediately ignoring and going back to his normal routine.

Admiral Briggs: That's how we get sh*t done. Good work, Mason, Crosby.

Crosby: Thank you kindly, sir. Textbook execution right there, Lieutenant Commander.

Career Record:

Afghan Peace Delegation saved - Afghanistan resists S.D.C. pressure.


I.E.D. Intel

The I.E.D. intel shows the relations of America and Afghanistan getting friendlier, Russia taking notice of the rising Chinese threat gunning for them, and the Russo-Afghan Peace Summit kicking off to a fruitful start. Including the specs of the Quad Rotor Drones, VTOL Warship H.A.M.P. variant, and Kinetic Strike Weapon.

As well as an encrypted message intercepted by the C.I.A. which reveals the Coalition higher-ups getting jittery after their failure to take Afghanistan. And Zhao having to calm them down by revealing that coercing Russia with everything they have will solve all of their problems.

Chapter 19: Colossus Investigation Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:


Cayman Islands 2025


Secure Karma

Name: Mason, David

I.D. # 86900711

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 LBS


Union Lead Inspector Set - Blue/Brown Casual Jacket w/ Black T-shirt, Sandstone 2025 5.11 Tactical Pants, Sandstone 2025 5.11 Tactical Shoes, Black Civilian Sling Bag, Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses, Black Wireless Earpiece w/ Camera Attachment, Black Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad


PDW-57 - EOTech Sight, Suppressor


KAP-40 - Tactical Knife

Grenades and Equipment:

XM31 Grenade



Access Kit


Longer Sprint



Union Inspector Set - White Long Sleeves Shirt w/ Black Civilian Vest (sleeves folded), Sandstone 2025 5.11 Tactical Pants, Sandstone 2025 5.11 Tactical Shoes, Black Civilian Sling Bag, Black Wireless Earpiece w/ Camera Attachment, Black Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad


MP7 - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor


Five Seven - Suppressor



Union Inspector Set - Red Long Sleeves Shirt w/ Black Civilian Vest (sleeves folded), Sandstone 2025 5.11 Tactical Pants, Sandstone 2025 5.11 Tactical Shoes, Black Civilian Sling Bag, Black Wireless Earpiece w/ Camera Attachment, Black Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad


M4V9 - Hybrid Optic, Laser Sight, Suppressor


Five Seven - Suppressor

Chapter 20: Karma


Warning: Failure to keep DeFalco alive will result in the loss of a key Strike Force Mission. Which will lead to the discontinuation of the Complete Ending walkthrough.

Chapter Text

June 12th, 2025 - 07:19:03, USS Barack Obama Team Room, Indian Ocean, after six days of investigating Menendez as usual, Section, Harper and Salazar discover a new lead from the footage in Pakistan. With King and Shade in Afghanistan shadowing the Afghan and Russian peace delegations to keep them safe, the Lieutenant Commander has full control of what happens in JSOC Counter Terrorist Force, and what happens with it.

Menendez: (Spanish) Ensure that all intelligence relating to the drone is available ahead of our discussion.

Harper: China would pay billions to get their hands on this drone.

DeFalco: I will handle it personally.

Salazar: Good thing we destroyed it.

Menendez: (Spanish) Good fortune, DeFalco.

Section: Good Karma.

Harper: The cyber weapon.

Section: Wait, there. *points* Right there. You see that? Cross reference image with active U.S. corporate logos.

Computer: No matches.

Section: Cross reference worldwide.

Harper: Wait a minute, wait a minute... it's Colossus. Karma weapon's on a floating city.

Section: That's how they got so close to the mainland. Salazar. Prep a covert response team, ready to go in 60 minutes. Inform Admiral Briggs. And keep Crosby in the dark and out of this op. I'm counting on you.

Salazar: Yes, sir.

Section: We're getting really close to Menendez. To get the upper hand, I've gotta get some answers from the horse's mouth. I'm going to see Woods at The Vault. First things first. Karma.

After reporting the investigation's progress and getting Briggs' approval for the op, Salazar goes through the hallways as quietly as possible to keep Crosby from noticing him. As the Petty Officer finishes up in the Locker Room and heads out to train with JSOC Strike Force.

Now back in the Team Room, Briggs informs Section that Farid can help with the operation since DeFalco is there for the same reason. 14:45:06, George Town, Cayman Islands, Section, Harper and Salazar receive their undercover uniforms, tech and transport to Colossus.





JUNE 12TH, 2025 - 15:15:03

Colossus Control Tower: Icarus 9, you are cleared for landing on Deck 7. Maintain current heading. All looks good.

Icarus 9 Captain: Copy that. Icarus 9 beginning descent.

As the Colossus commercial plane Trident Team is on completes its final approach, Section connects with Farid, who will be the tech support.

Section: Comms are open, Farid. We're all listening.

Farid: Okay. The Biometric ID Bands identify you as Cayman Islands Union Inspectors. You'll have access to most areas... uh... except the one you actually want. The Central Records Computer Room is subject to increased security. Access is only permitted via retina scan. That's... where Ziggy comes in.

Section: In short, the CRC's our best shot on locating Karma before DeFalco's people. Farid, did you manage to access the personnel files?

Farid: Uh... not yet. The encryption is very complicated.

Section: You're smart. I have faith in ya. Section, out.

Smart Glasses: (visually) Syncing. Welcome, David Mason.

Salazar: So this is how the 1% live.

Harper: You know if this wasn't an op, I believe I could get myself a little hot chick action here.

Section and Salazar: *chuckles*

Harper: A.G.R.s... you think they're expecting trouble?

Salazar: It's the richest city in the world.

Section: Which makes it a likely target for Raul Menendez.

Now at the entrance to the AO, the first step is to pass Colossus' security and identify themselves as members of the Cayman Islands Union. Thanks to the C.I.A.'s Stealth Tech Shielding Spray coated all over the DEVGRU operators' clothes, bags and cases, the x-ray and thermal scanners could not see their concealed gear.

After sauntering through the Reception's main lobby and encountering three electronic advertisem*nt screens, which greet them and display their faces on the ads the moment they detect their Biometric IDs, Section, Harper and Salazar take an elevator. While heading down to the Atrium and CRC Room Floor, they get amazed by the vast richness and luxury of Colossus, while also seeing how Menendez was able to fuel the general population's disdain for the elite.

Section then splits the already small team up by sending Harper to sweep the Atrium for DeFalco and/or his men. While he and Salazar breach and clear the CRC Room Floor.

Section: Harper, sweep the Atrium. Salazar and I will proceed to the insertion point.

Harper: Copy that! *bump* Whoa! How you doing, beautiful?

American Female 1: Excuse you, creep!

After smirking at Harper for accidentally walking into an American lady with a nice blonde hairdo, Section and Salazar scan their IDs on the elevator's scanner to go down to the insertion point. Two hostile guards quietly killed later, Farid checks in as the duo prepares the Ziggy Spider Bot and opens the vent leading to the CRC Room itself.

Farid: Okay... Section, I'm in.

Section: Go ahead.

Farid: Colossus recently employed Worldwide Civil Order Private Military Contractors to uh... augment its regular security team. Half ex-Cuban Militia. Half former and retired South African Military and Authorities.

Section: No sh*t. We just ran into some of 'em. Alright, Ziggy. Time to go to work.

With that, Section advises Harper to keep a closer eye on the WCO PMC.

Section: Harper, the security team's been beefed up by WCO PMCs. They're hostile. Watch for anything suspicious. We need to know their objective.

Harper: Understood.

After Ziggy climbs up the vent and jumps over its small gap, its video feed then shows mercenaries planting C4 bombs on Colossus' fuel lines. Which makes Section move the robot faster through a disabled air filtering energy field and the rest of the ventilation system.

Salazar: Wait. What are they doing?

Section: Planting explosives.

Salazar: They're going to blow the city?

Section: Not before they've secured Karma. Harper, heads up. The mercs are priming explosives on board.

Harper: I'm tailing some of these guys right now. They're headed you way.

Section: Dammit. We'd better get moving. Is that an air filtering energy field?

Salazar: Yeah. Careful, Section. Contact will fry the robot.

Section: Looks like part of the ventilation system. The CRC Room must be a clean environment.

Salazar: Should be a control box nearby. There, tase it.


Salazar: Okay.

Two and a half minutes of crawling and jumping through the vents all the way to the CRC Room's main air conditioner, Ziggy drops on top of a Colossus technician and tases him. Once he is down, the bot scans and pictures his retina, and sends it to Section's smart glasses.

Then a mercenary notices the unconscious technician and Ziggy, thus stomping the spider bot. Now having what they need to go through the CRC Room's retina scanner, Section and Salazar breach and clear the area.

Once clear, Section spots the CRC's server components, sticks his hacking module onto it and tells Farid to highlight the mercs in the team's HUDs to ID hostiles easier. After retrieving the device once the WCO PMCs started showing up on the smart glasses and contacts, even through obstacles, the Lieutenant Commander moves on to recover Ziggy before accessing the Central Records Computer itself.

Salazar: Clear.

Section: Farid, we need to be able to ID the enemy. Live link the PMCs listed in the personnel files with their Biometric IDs. Upload the data to our HUDs.

Farid: You got it.

Section: Let's go, Ziggy. We're not leaving you here. Placing the uplink. You sure this will work, Farid?

Farid: Heh, I thought you had faith in me. Okay... we're in.

Section: The Karma weapon may have been smuggled on board alongside regular supplies. Search: Supply Manifest. Keyword: Karma.

CRC: (visually) No match found.

Section: Nothing. Search: Automated Security Systems. Keyword: Karma.

CRC: (visually) No match found.

Section: We're missing something. Search: Security Camera Image Database. Text Recognition: Karma.

CRC: (visually) Karma identified.

Section: There.

And things get more complicated from here.

Section: Karma isn't a weapon. It's a woman.

Farid: Chloe Lynch. Former employee of The Tacitus Corporation. Recently resigned.

Section: Now we know her name. We can track her location on the city.

Salazar: Upstairs. Club Solar.

Now on the way there, Section and Salazar hear more mercenaries forming up outside the CRC Room and shutting its secondary elevator (the one they used) down. So they have to use its primary elevators by the room's reception area.

Section kicks it off by ordering Farid to open the CRC Room's door, pinning the first entering merc to the wall, disarming him of his rifle and killing him with his conceal carry knife. With Salazar covering him and killing the Cuban's buddies simultaneously.

After the takedown, Section gives Harper the new development.

Section: Harper, Karma is NOT a weapon. She's a girl. I'm sending you her picture now.

Harper: Got it... Hey! Hey, hey, hey! That's the chick I saw in the elevator!

Section: She's in Club Solar, but you'd better make it there fast! The PMCs are moving on her right now!

Harper: I'm on it.

Two minutes of neutralizing all threats in the entire CRC Room later, Section and Salazar conceal their weapons, assemble in an elevator, and get organized en route to Club Solar.

Section: Alright. Once we get in, split up and get to high ground overlooking the club.

Salazar: Understood.

Section: I'll regroup with Harper.

Harper: (HUD feed) Chloe!

Chloe: (HUD feed) You?!

Harper: (HUD feed) Chloe, you need to come with me now!

Chloe: (HUD feed) Who the hell are you?! How do you know my—

Harper: (HUD feed) I'm Lieutenant Mike Harper, a U.S. Navy SEAL!

Chloe: (HUD feed) Get the f*ck away from me!

Harper: (HUD feed) Listen! You hear me?! Your life is in danger! Terrorists are coming for you NOW!

Chloe: (HUD feed) Terrorists?! What are you talking about?!

Harper: (HUD feed) Chloe, they've been sent by Cordis Die! By Raul Menendez!

Section: Secure her, Harper. We're on our way.

American Female 2: Hey, how come he doesn't have to wait in line?

Club Solar Guard 1: Their IDs say their Union Inspectors. VIPs.

American Male 1: Come on, man. The chicks are all inside.

Club Solar Guard 1: Sorry, sir. Very busy tonight.

Club Solar Guard 2: Have a nice evening, sir.

Section: Thank you. Harper, where are you?

Harper: We're on the dance floor!

Section: On my way.

Salazar: Section, I'm in position on the club balcony.

Section arrives at the heart of Club Solar, where the atmosphere is filled with neon lights and Skrillex's "Imma Try It Out Remix". But with no time to smell the roses, he pushes through the crowd and convinces Chloe to leave with him and Harper.

Section: We have to leave now, Chloe!

Salazar: SECTION, HARPER! At least ten mercs taking hostages!


music stops*

All of a sudden, DeFalco and a squad of WCO PMCs hold the entire party at gunpoint and are attempting to flush Chloe out.

DeFalco: Chloe Lynch!

Section: He's got hostages. Hold fire.

DeFalco: CHLOE!


screaming crying*

After DeFalco kills a female civilian and takes another one, Section orders Salazar to kill the British terrorist.

American Female 3: NOOO! *crying* STOOOP!

Section: Salazar, take the shot.

Salazar: No shot. Too many hostages.

DeFalco: Five seconds, Chloe!

Salazar: Too many.

DeFalco: Four!

Salazar: Running into.

DeFalco: Three!

Salazar: My line of fire.

DeFalco: Two!

Section: Come on, Salazar. Take it.

DeFalco: One... NO!

American Female 3: PLEASE DON'T!

Chloe: NOO! *punches*

Harper: Oof!

DeFalco: Open fire!

shotgun fire*

music starts*

Chloe could not let the second hostage die, so he punches Harper away and shows herself to DeFalco. But even after securing her, he and his mercenaries still proceed to shoot up the club and its guests.

Section and Harper narrowly dodge DeFalco's aim as they run for cover in the bar by the dance floor. As they pull their guns out, the DEVGRU partners make their move.

Harper: Let's kill that sick f*ck!

Skrillex: Imma try it out!

bang bang*

One merc tried to peak behind the bar, only to be met by Harper, who redirects his shotgun and bangs his head against the counter. And Section, with his backup KAP-40 with a Reflex Sight, headshots the stunned shotgunner and starts killing five of his friends.

With the first batch dead, Section and Harper reload and relocate to the left as reinforcements arrive.

Harper: Peel left! Peel left!

Section: Moving!

Skrillex: Imma try it out! Okay!

Three more kills later, the officers refill and move further left.

Harper: Let's go! The main door's our out!

Section: Last man!

After getting four more kills, the Lieutenant Commander and Lieutenant transition mags and set up by the DJ's (Disk Jockey) table.

Section: Set!

Skrillex: Imma try it out!

Once the last tango falls and a grenade is launched to confirm the kills, Section gives the SITREP.

Section: DeFalco has Karma! We're in pursuit! We need you to track their movements, Farid! We can't let them get off the city!

With Farid's help, Section, while leaving Club Solar with Harper and Salazar, taps into Colossus' security camera feeds, where he sees WCO PMC UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters dropping off insurgents. As well as DeFalco going through security and jamming the surveillance systems while having Chloe dragged by two WCO PMC support gunners.

Then the tracking phase ends as the mercs' C4s explode, causing the entire city to shake and disrupt all of its cameras.


Section: He's setting off the explosives. We move now. Cut him off at the Atrium.

American Male 2: Help me! *yelps*

Head Security Guard: What's happening? *coughs*

Harper: We're U.S. Navy SEALs. Yeah. Listen, you need to open the armory, get your guys armed and ready to fight. Hey, hey, hey! Look at me. Focus. Alright? You need to get this done.

Head Security Guard: Okay... okay... the Security Armory.

Harper: Go do it.

Farid: What happened?

Harper: DeFalco detonated a f*cking bomb outside the nightclub and down beyond that. He's compromised the city's structural integrity.

Section: Try to restore the security cameras for this deck.

17:59:55, Section, Harper and Salazar identify themselves to Colossus Security and gain their support in the chase.

In the Security Armory, the Lieutenant Commander passes around some Combatant Suppression Knuckles, electric steel melee weapons that can be set to stun with 50,000 volts, and kill with 100,000 volts. And the Chief Petty Officer holsters his M4V9 and grabs a QBB LSW with a Target Finder.

With JSOC Counter Terrorist Force and Colossus Security fully stocked and their CSKs set to kill, they move out and push through the crowded Atrium. After spending four minutes clearing the area and saving the civilian survivors, Farid gets eyes on DeFalco.

And the British terrorist knows he's still being chased.


Farid: I have him! Exiting the Atrium!

boom crash*

Harper: This bastard's really starting to piss me off!

Section: Farid, you have to jam DeFalco's detonator!

Farid: I'm working on it!

Trident Team then finds a door under construction, which leads to the Sundeck, the next location after the Atrium's exit. But before he helps Salazar open it, Section encounters Security Remote Station 55 with an A.G.R. named Buster in it.

Section: Farid, can you also hack an A.G.R. unit at Security Remote Station 55?

Farid: Station 55... 55... got it! Buster, set parameters, ID monitor and protect.

Section: Get it open.

Opening the door led to more civilians pouring in, trying to escape the WCO PMC. Once Colossus Security has handled them, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force enters the Sundeck.

Harper: Let's go people! Get outta here! Let's move!

Farid: Colossus' defenses are now armed to respond to a terrorist attack. Automated security except Buster will target armed personnel as hostile.

Harper: That includes the enemy?

Farid: ANY armed personnel.

Harper: At least it's not all bad news.

Salazar: Hurry, Section! HURRY!

Three minutes of killing all mercs and hostile A.G.R.s in the first half of the Sundeck later, DeFalco starts blowing sh*t up again. Farid immediately takes notice and tries to stop him.

boom boom*

Farid: It's the cellphone!

Section: Block the signal.

Farid: Okay, working on it.

Harper: Briggs ain't gonna be happy if DeFalco gets Chloe off the city!

Despite having the unwavering support of Buster, Trident Team's advance is slowed to a crawl as WCO PMC still keeps pouring more troops in. And Colossus Security remains unpredictable as civilians keep running toward it for help and all armed personnel are still marked as hostiles by its A.G.R.s.

After three and a half minutes spent on going after DeFalco and Chloe, Farid gives some unsettling news.

Farid: You guys need to pick up the pace! He's nearly at the evac deck! DeFalco has gone through a lot of trouble to get this woman. He will not hesitate to send Colossus to the bottom of the ocean just to cover his tracks.

Now getting closer, Section, Harper and Salazar encounter and take out DeFalco's two support gunners. Then they arrive at the evac deck, only to find out that they are too late.

DeFalco has hijacked a Colossus evacuation VTOL and left Trident Team's effective range with Chloe.

Objective Failed.

Section: We need to get back to the Obama. Find out why the girl is so important to Menendez.

Career Record:

Karma kidnapped, DeFalco still alive.

The Karma intel (if all are collected by the player) shows the background of Colossus, and the specifications of the C.I.A.'s Stealth Tech Shielding Spray, Ziggy Spider Bot and the Combatant Suppression Knuckles. As well as WCO PMC's connection with Colossus Security, which helped DeFalco enter the floating city freely in the first place.

And The Tacitus Corporation file of Chloe Lynch herself.

Name: Lynch, Chloe

Alias: 'Karma'

Position: Assistant Celerium Researcher

Affiliation: The Tacitus Corporation

Age: 31

Height: 5' 2"

Weight: 95 LBS


Being the only child of struggling I.T. (Information Technology) instructors in Harvard University, Chloe has always dreamed of mastering all aspects of technology in order to give her parents a luxurious retirement. As well as to make the world a better place through technological innovations and make a name for herself. Which led to her surpassing her mom and dad's knowledge, graduating Harvard summa cum laude, becoming a major helping hand in America's technological advancements going into the 2020s, and getting recruited into the thriving Tacitus Corporation. Her prowess made her the assistant researcher in Celerium technology, under the leadership of Head Celerium Researcher Erik Breighner. Together, they set out to create a Celerium worm that will make access to all forms of technology as fast and simple as possible for all walks of life. After perfecting Celerium technology and creating a second worm for Tacitus in the midst of learning about her partner's murder, she resigned and disappeared from the world of technology. As she knows how powerful, helpful and, most importantly, dangerous Celerium and an expert in it can be, if fallen into the wrong hands.

Chapter 21: Second Chance


Warning: Failure to complete Second Chance, now in line with the Complete Ending walkthrough, will result in the loss of a supporting character, special rewards and the mission's special intel. As well as the discontinuation of the attempt altogether.

Chapter Text

Admiral Briggs: What the f*ck was that, Mason?! I expected better from you! From the three of you!

Section: Sir, we did our best to rescue Karma—

Admiral Briggs: And yet, your best wasn't enough! Who the hell didn't inform Petty Officer Crosby in the first place?! I was shocked as he was when he found out you went in without him!

Section: It was my call, sir. I kept Petty Officer Crosby in the dark because I was confident that we did not need him. We also needed to keep our numbers small in order to draw less attention.

Admiral Briggs: It seems I can smell your bullsh*t from a mile away, COMMANDER! Now is not the time for petty rivalries and vendettas!

Harper: Sir, Petty Officer Crosby was not ready.

Admiral Briggs: Ready for what, huh?! Answer me, Lieutenant! Ready to operate like the three of you?! What makes you think you're all better than him?! And don't you f*cking dare say rank!

Salazar: Ready to let his vendetta with Commander Mason go, sir.

Admiral Briggs: I just heard him gladly compliment Commander Mason after our success in Afghanistan, even if he took no notice. A vengeful man would never do that. And what the f*ck is all this, Chief, Lieutenant?! Let me tell you right now, taking responsibility for your CO is not and never will be your full-time job! Because you all sound so f*cking stupid! I'm talking to Mason here! As for you, "Section". I just got King, Shade and Crosby's reports on Trident Team from 2021 to this year. While you were training Lieutenant Harper and Chief Salazar in exchange for help in your obsession with Menendez, the Commander and Master Chief had to train Petty Officer Crosby. He may be the lowest ranking member in the team, but he's more equal to you than you care to realize. Listen, CAREFULLY. You, your work and all of this intel are useless if all of us cannot work together to act on it. No one is indispensable in the military, ever. Not even in these circ*mstances. Not even you. Now, if you can't understand that and overstep one more time, then I WILL send you and your obsessions back to whatever frozen forest sh*thole in Alaska you came from. Am I understood?

Section: Yes, sir.

Admiral Briggs: Now get you and your sons of bitches out of my sight.

22:00:03, after getting an ass kicking from the Kraken himself, the trio heads to their bunks to get some shut-eye. June 13th, 2025 - 06:06:22, in the Mess Hall, Salazar apologizes to Crosby for keeping the Colossus mission a secret.

But the Petty Officer held no grudges as he already knew that Section would pull something like that off. While the Chief Petty Officer joins his old friend in breakfast, the Lieutenant Commander and Harper go in the opposite direction to eat by themselves.

07:45:05, Briggs calls in Section, Crosby and JSOC Strike Force for some news on Afghanistan and Chloe from King and Farid themselves.

Admiral Briggs: Russia's foreign minister has officially denounced the S.D.C., and has declared it a belligerent threat to the peace and stability of the civilized WORLD! *laughs*

Crosby: *claps* Yeah! *laughs*

JSOC Strike Force: *claps* Hooyah! *cheers*

Admiral Briggs: If they had smoked him and the president of Afghanistan, today the world would look a lot different. This is the beginning of the end of the Strategic Defense Coalition, people. You keep this up, and they will be finished. Commander, Petty Officer.

Section: An hour ago, Agent Farid in the Yemen archipelago told us that DeFalco has Chloe Lynch hostage in a local village not far from his Cordis Die post. We believe that this woman is one of the foremost experts in Celerium technology, coming from The Tacitus Corporation itself.

Admiral Briggs: The brains downstairs haven't been able to crack the Celerium device that we recovered from Myanmar. This scientist is our best shot.

Section: The village where our HVI is being held captive is in the Hajhir Mountains, on the northwestern peninsula of Socotra. Cordis Die movement in the area suggests that she could be in any one of these five buildings. Wherever she is, the place will be swarming with insurgents.

Admiral Briggs: This is a textbook snatch and grab. We got to do this f*cking quick.

Crosby: Rescue Team 1 and Rescue Team 2 will search all buildings together. More will be on standby if needed. You'll have a VTOL with minguns manned by Rescue Team 3 for air support and the evac of Chloe Lynch. Shade will be joining you in this op. Meet him on board the USS Bainbridge. That's your staging area.

Section: Once you've scaled the cliffs, we'll carpet the place with tear gas. Sweep the area until you locate the HVI. Leave no stone unturned.

Admiral Briggs: Once you hit paydirt, you call up the Kraken and Commander Mason will handle exfil with the extraction team.

Section: You got it, Admiral. Once I get the signal, hang tight until we arrive.

Admiral Briggs: This egghead scientist could be our only chance at cracking the Celerium device. Let's go get her.

June 14th, 2025 - 05:55:12, after preparing for everything in the USS Barack Obama Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier and USS Bainbridge Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, from approvals to combat ready teams and vehicles, JSOC Strike Force starts making entry. The DEVGRU operators' best way into the village is by scaling its cliff with their Climbing Nano Gloves.

After getting the CTR from Shade, who is hanging on the cliff's edge, Section starts the operation. And Briggs orders the USS Bainbridge to launch its tear gas missiles and detonate them mid-air to get the civilians out of the AO.




JUNE 14TH, 2025 - 05:55:22

Section: POTUS Level 1 Op is approved. High Value Individual extraction is a go. Remember, we need her alive. Tear gas deployed in the AO. Civilians' presence minimized. Let's make this quick.

Shade: Come on up, gentlemen. Let's get our lady and head home.

Section: Search location is directed.

On site.

Raptor 1-1: Raptor 1-1 approaching combat zone.

Shade: Trident 4 and Rescue 1 are in. Commencing search now, over.

Rescue 1-1: On your lead, Trident 4.

Rescue 2-1: Rescue 2 will be on site in 30 seconds, over.

Rescue 3-1: Rescue 3 has visual on multiple insurgents moving toward the search party. Thinning 'em out now. Stand clear.


Shade is an invulnerable NPC once again, but will die if the mission fails via timer running out or Chloe getting killed. Recommend breaching and clearing all last known locations as quickly as possible to have a better chance of mission success.

As he engages Yemeni terrorists with his M16A5 (2025 variant of the Colt M16A1) with the same attachments as his M27, Shade thinks that the most logical thing to do is to keep Chloe deep into the village. So he leads the search party to the Far End Building.

All while killing Cordis Die insurgents armed with LSATs, HAMRs, SPAS-12s (2025 variant), Citori 725s (2025 variant of the Olympia), PP-19 Vityaz's (2025 variant of the AK-74U), Uzi SMGs (2025 variant), Dragunovs (2025 variant), SVU-AS's, B23Rs, Browning HPs (2025 variant), SMAWs and RPGs along the way. Who are also backed by a squadron of Quad Rotor Drones, which confirms the fact that DeFalco was here and probably gave the terrorists some WCO PMC support as well.

In the Far End Building.

Shade: Far End Building's a dry hole! No sign of HVI!

Rescue 1-1: Move out, team!

Rescue 2-1: Rescue 2 has entered the village. Awaiting your orders, Trident 4.

While moving on to the Far Building with Rescue 1, the Master Chief Petty Officer orders Rescue 2 to breach and clear the Middle Building. After terminating four enemy squads in total, both teams still have not found Chloe.

Shade: HVI not here in the Far Building! Rescue 2, SITREP!

Rescue 1-1: Continue search!

Rescue 2-1: Middle Building's a dry hole!

Shade: Roger that! Search the Near Right Building! Rescue 1 and I will take the Near End Building! We'll turn this entire island upside down if we have to!

Rescue 2-1: Roger, Trident 4!

At the last two possible locations, Rescue 2 comes out empty-handed. But Shade and Rescue 1 manage to locate an alive and well Chloe tied to a chair near two dead Colossus pilots, so Rescue 2 moves to the Near End Building to assist.

Rescue 2-1: HVI's not here in the Near Right Building, over!

Shade: HVI has been located! Near End Building, over!

Rescue 1-1: Defensive positions, Rescue 1!

Rescue 2-1: Moving to assist!

Chloe: *gasps* Who the hell are you?!

Shade: Call me Shade. We're U.S. Navy SEALs. Here to get you out.

Chloe: Gimme a gun. I'll follow you.

Shade: Okay, here. Be safe.

After un-gagging and freeing her, Shade safely gives Chloe his backup Springfield 1911 (2025 variant of the M1911) and starts escorting her with the Rescue Teams. While Section re-tasks Raptor 1-1 to hover on standby at the extraction point, the same cliff JSOC Strike Force came from.

Section: Re-tasking your assets. Raptor 1-1 moving to extract HVI at insertion point.

Raptor 1-1: Raptor 1-1 approaching pick-up zone.

Shade: Rescues, form up around Chloe! Keep her alive and unharmed at all costs! Move out!

Rescue 1-1: Move out!

Rescue 2-1: Move out!

Chloe: Alright, Shade. What's the plan?

Shade: Get to our VTOL aircraft for evac. Stay close, Chloe. Let's hit it.

Chloe: No sh*t.

Rescue 3-1: Rescue 3-1 to all units. Raptor 1-1 is spinning on deck. Load your packs.

But as Rescue 1, Rescue 2, Shade and Chloe get closer to the exfil point, Cordis Die SMAW and RPG teams start hitting JSOC Strike Force with everything they have.

Rescue 1-1: Enemy SMAWs! Watch out! Watch out—

boom boom*

Chloe: Nooo!

automatic rifle fire*

Rescue 2-1: Shade! Get the HVI outta here! RPG—

boom boom boom*

automatic rifle and LMG fire*

Shade: sh*t!

Rescue 3-1: Rescue 1! Rescue 2! Come in! Respond!

Chloe: They killed a lot of us, Shade!

Shade: We can't stay here, Chloe! Keep running to the VTOL! Go!

After losing Rescue Teams 1 and 2, Shade tells Chloe to run towards Rescue 3 and get on board Raptor 1-1. Once the HVI is secure, the Master Chief Petty Officer orders Rescue 3 and Raptor 1-1 to leave without him so that he can cover the escape from the SMAW and RPG teams, as well as join Rescue Teams 4 and 5 in recovering the fallen operators and Colossus pilots later.

Rescue 3-1: Come on, come on!

Chloe: Shade!

Shade: I'll be fine! Go on!

Rescue 3-2: He'll be okay. Don't worry, ma'am.

Rescue 3-3: HVI and all Rescue 3s on board! Full head count!

Rescue 3-4: Get us outta here!

Raptor 1-1: Pulling out! Hang on!

Shade: This is Trident 4! Enemy demo teams neutralized! Raptor 1-1 is up and away! En route to the Bainbridge, over!

Crosby: Roger that, Trident 4. Rescue 4 and Rescue 5 are up and ready to assist in the emergency recovery phase. Copy, over?

Shade: Copy that, Kraken, over! Rescue 4! Rescue 5! Let's get our boys home!

At the end of the operation, Shade, Rescue 4 and Rescue 5 manage to extract with their fallen brothers without anymore casualties. As the Cordis Die terrorist cell leaves the village the moment they were met with overwhelming retaliation.

In the Obama's Team Room, Briggs compliments Section and Crosby. The Petty Officer says his thanks and shares his thoughts on the mission's result to his TL.

To his surprise, the Lieutenant Commander agrees with it.

Admiral Briggs: Nice work, Mason, Crosby.

Crosby: Thank you, Admiral. *sighs* We lost a lot of our best men in this damn cold war. Didn't we? *makes sign of the Crucifix* Glad we made sure they didn't die for nothing.

Section: Agreed.

Crosby: Hmm.

Career Record:

Karma rescued.



Springfield 1911

Browning HP (2025 variant)

SPAS-12 (2025 variant)

Citori 725

PP-19 Vityaz

Uzi (2025 variant)

Dragunov (2025 variant)

Second Chance Intel

The Second Chance intel shows the pending funerals for Rescue 1, Rescue 2 and the murdered Colossus pilots who were forced by DeFalco to take him and Chloe to Yemen. Including the specs of the VTOL transport variant and Chloe's progress on cracking the Celerium device.

And lastly, the compiled, coherent file of DeFalco himself. In layman's terms, the parts in the original dossier that are not covered in black ink.


Codename/Alias: 'DeFalco'

Position/Rank: Second in Command of Cordis Die, Worldwide Civil Order Private Military Contractors Chief Executive Officer, [REDACTED]

Affiliation: Cordis Die, Worldwide Civil Order Private Military Contractors, United Nations Military Peacekeeping Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance



Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 190 LBS


In unrelated news, the whole personal background of DeFalco remains heavily redacted, except for the fact that he understands the concepts of mercy and empathy. Because U.N. Military Peacekeeping Intelligence still keeps its agent's uncensored file and objective so close to its chest, despite orders from the U.S. to release them. In related news, the real foundation of the Worldwide Civil Order Private Military Contractors can be traced back to the United Nations Security Council, with one of its best field agents acting as its CEO. Because of his strong, unwavering support for Raul Menendez and everything he and Cordis Die stand for, DeFalco was just the man the U.N. needed for their off-the-books clandestine ops in support of "Odysseus" and his "revolutionary group" to carry out The Second Cold War against the United States for The Cyber Attack on the Chinese Stock Markets. His substantial aid for the terrorist group and its cells all over the world convinced Menendez to welcome him into the Cordis Die Founding Inner Circle as his second in command. Farid, who was present at the time, said that the British agent/terrorist described his initiation as his life's proudest moment. Despite hails from the United Nations, the U.S. has officially designated DeFalco as a clear and present threat. Terminate on sight.

Chapter 22: Full Panama Investigation


Warning: Failure to sense something wrong in the C.I.A. will lead to the discontinuation of the Complete Ending walkthrough.

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Suffer With Me

Panama 1989


Capture Manuel Noriega

Name: Woods, Frank

I.D. # 19680517

Height: 6'

Weight: 190 LBS


Woods C.I.A. Black Ops Uniform (Sandstone Folded Shirt, U.S. Woodland Pants and Kit)


MP5 - Rapid Fire


Colt M16A1 - Reflex Sight, Grenade Launcher, Fast Mags, 30-Round Steel STANAG Magazine (No Extended Clip)

Grenades and Equipment:

Frag Grenade



Access Kit



Mason C.I.A. Black Ops Uniform (Black Long Sleeves and Beanie Hat, U.S. Woodland Pants and Kit)


Colt M16A1 - 30-Round Steel STANAG Magazine (No Extended Clip)



13:10:04, Section manages to get permission to go back to The Vault in order to see Woods and get some answers from him about his final mission before getting medically discharged. As he signs in and enters the place, flashbacks of his troubled childhood get longer and clearer.

Section: Commander Mason for Sergeant Woods.

Woods: (flashback) I gotcha, kid. You're okay. (present day) What took you so long? Started thinking you weren't gonna make it.

Section: What the f*ck was I doing there?

Woods: The dead don't suffer. That's why you and I are still here.

Menendez: (flashback) You suffer with me.

Woods: He's got a plan for you, kid. He's been working it for 30 years and he's counting on you coming after him.

Section: Wait a minute. Frank, you have intel?

Woods: Remember that pendant? Pfft... disappeared. What do you think, it just sprouted legs and walked away? This guy, he knows every angle, every move you're gonna make. He's gonna take out 20 to 30 million people. As if that's gonna bring her back. It's about his sister.

Section: He killed my father to get to you.

Woods: There's no clean shot with that guy—

Section: Hey! What the f*ck happened in Panama?

Woods: I was pretty sure we got him in Nicaragua. About a year later, he shows up in Panama with that piece of sh*t Noriega. That's the last straw for the C.I.A. The orders come down from George H.W. for a snatch and grab. So, your dad and I, we go in... what a sh*tshow.

Panama starts in Fort Clayton Army Base, where Woods and Mason see their assigned sniper support and old friend from the height of The First Cold War: Senior Chief Petty Officer Mark McKnight, DEVGRU. From him, instead of Hudson because he is nowhere to be found at the time, they learn some bits about Operation Just Cause before the actual briefing.

After getting a taste of what the locals think of the U.S., the three operators get ready for the real show.

McKnight: (flashback) Dammit!

Panamanian Civilians: (flashback) *cheers*

Mason: (flashback) They're just kids, McKnight. They ain't worth it.

McKnight: (flashback) Yeah, I guess you're right. Welcome to Panama, guys.

As Woods explains the planning phase of the United States invasion of Panama and the capture of Manuel Noriega, now designated as Objective False Profit, he starts expressing his confusion about Hudson's role.

Woods: The mission was good, planning good. The only piece that didn't fit was Hudson, on the comm link running the show. It just felt off, even on the way in... I felt it... you know it was gnawing at me. I just didn't look at it.

He then says that despite the lack of support from their C.I.A. handler, he, Mason and McKnight went in anyway. After helping the U.S. Navy SEALs take the airfield Noriega plans on using to escape, Hudson finally breaks radio silence and gives the Panamanian dictator's location.

With their DEVGRU sniper keeping watch outside, Mason and Woods breach, clear and take Noriega in. But Hudson breaks silence again with other plans.

Mason: (flashback) Secure him.

Woods: (flashback) Give me a reason to blow your head off... come on.

Noriega: (flashback) What are you doing?

Mason: (flashback) Sealing your reputation.

Noriega: (flashback) This is not the deal. Call your boss. *smirks*


Woods: (flashback) Put your ass in the chair.

Mason: (flashback) Hudson, it's Mason.

Hudson: (flashback) Go ahead, Mason.

Mason: (flashback) False Profit secure. Moving to extract.

Hudson: (flashback) No, negative. Stand by for new tasking. Objective False Profit has intel on a priority Nexus target. Escort him as PC (Precious Cargo) to alternate location for prisoner exchange. More to follow. Hudson, out.

Mason: (flashback) Precious cargo, my ass.

Woods: (flashback) Nexus target? Who's more important than this asshole?

Mason: (flashback) I don't like it either, but let's just get this done. We're burning too much time.

Kravchenko: (flashback) He even has people in the C.I.A. *chuckles*

Woods: (flashback) f*cking Kravchenko. Remember what he said in Afghanistan?

Mason: (flashback) *nods* What about the C.I.A. memo in Menendez' compound? There's something else going on here, Woods.

The Sergeant then starts sharing regrets and things he wishes he should have done back then.

Woods: The mission was snatch and grab. Then f*cking Hudson gets on the radio, says that Noriega is not the mission. He's a hand off. He's a prisoner swap. And right f*cking then I should have known. Right then and there! I should have known right then and there! Like, WHAT THE f*ck IS WRONG WITH ME?! What the f*ck?!

Section: Frank, just take it easy. Just take it easy.

Woods: f*cking Hudson. I should have smoked him in 'Nam!

He goes to the part where he and Mason had to escort Noriega to the U.S. Army Checkpoint beyond the slums, where they will be directed to the Nexus prisoner exchange site. With the two always keeping an eye on him because Hudson insists on giving him way too much freedom.

After getting through the slums with some help from the U.S. Army and Air Force, the two C.I.A. operatives and their PC are now close. Section then starts wondering how his father died again, even jumping into the thought of Noriega killing him.

Section: Did he go out like a soldier? Don't you tell me that fat f*cking slob took him out. Don't you tell me that!

Woods: It didn't go down like that, kid. Noriega was a puppet. We're all just puppets.

Woods then tells him that he, Mason and Noriega did get to the Army Checkpoint, but not before nearly getting killed by friendly fire first due to the Panamanian dictator's sheer stupidity. From there, Hudson breaks radio silence once again to check in.

So Mason tries to get some real answers from him. But the C.I.A. handler just keeps being vague and trying to get his team to play along as he goes dark again.

Woods: I may have questioned orders, but I never questioned motives. You take care of your unit, you get your guys home safe.

Section: Roger that, Frank.

Woods: That's not how it is. Chain of command's f*cked. I'm a soldier. A marine. I take orders and I get sh*t done.

At last, he gets to the part in the Nexus prisoner exchange site, a port outside of town, where he looses radio contact with Mason. Not even McKnight or the U.S. forces in the city can be reached.

While setting up the Barrett M82A1 next to the PDF sniper who gets killed by Noriega, Woods gets real suspicious with the Panamanian dictator knowing more than he is letting on. So he tries to reach Hudson for something that can clarify things.

Noriega: (flashback) No one must know I betrayed him.

Woods: (flashback) Him? Hudson, who is Nexus target? Hudson?

Hudson: (flashback) It's him, Woods. Nexus target is... Raul Menendez.

Woods: (flashback) You should have told us, Hudson. You should have told us.

Noriega: (flashback) We are ready. Bring him out.

Woods: (flashback) They're bringing the son of a bitch out.

Hudson: (flashback) Confirm visual.

Woods: (flashback) Confirmed.

Kravchenko: (flashback) He even has people in the C.I.A. *chuckles*

Mason: (flashback) What about the C.I.A. memo in Menendez' compound? There's something else going on here, Woods.

But as he remembers what Kravchenko and Mason told him, he starts having doubts about whether or not the man in his scope really is Menendez. So, he disobeys Hudson's direct order by shooting "Menendez" in the thighs instead of the head.

Hudson: (flashback) End this now, Woods. Take the headshot! That is a direct order!


Hudson: (flashback) SHOOT HIM IN THE f*ckING HEAD!

Noriega: (flashback) Now, Woods! NOW!


After making his decision, he takes his earpiece off and heads down to confirm the body.

Noriega: (flashback) What are you doing, Woods?! We have him!

Woods: (flashback) I'm going there to confirm him, you piece of sh*t!

Noriega: (flashback) What if he will get away?!

Woods: (flashback) You think he can walk away from THAT!? And you. What are you looking so smug about?

No reply.

Woods: (flashback) The f*ck is going on?!

Still no reply.

Woods: (flashback) What's going on here?!

Woods then starts running towards the body.

Woods: (flashback) No... no, no, no, no, no.

He takes the bag off.

Woods: (flashback) Mason! ALEX! NOOOOOOO!

Noriega: (flashback) Fool.

Woods: (flashback) YOU BASTARD!


He tries to kill Noriega, but then he gets ambushed and shot in the right knee.

Woods: (flashback) *heavy breathing* f*ck! MENENDEZ!

With a strong urge to rip the drug kingpin apart, Woods tries to go for the M1911 he dropped when he fell. Only to have Menendez completely kneecap and kidnap him, all while the Panamanian dictator watches in delight.

After revealing the secret he has been hiding for nearly 36 years, Section is in mental disarray. While utterly awestruck, he and Woods remember their views of that night as the Sergeant finally shares the details.

In a furnace room not far from the port, Menendez has Woods crippled, Mason possibly dead, Hudson tied to a chair and young David Mason under anesthesia.

Menendez: (flashback) Your best friend, Alex Mason is dead... by your own hand. Do you understand why?

Hudson: (flashback) He was gonna kill David.

Menendez: (flashback) BECAUSE YOU MUST SUFFER AS I HAVE SUFFERED! Now one more must die. You, Woods or David. Make your decision now or in ten seconds you're all dead.

At first, Hudson does not want to die. But immediately, he remembers that this is his fault and now he has to keep Woods and David from paying for his mistakes.

Hudson: (flashback) Woods... I can't... I have two kids... they...

shotgun co*cks*

Hudson: (flashback) f*ck! Okay, ME! Do it! DO IT!

Then he gets kneecapped by Menendez. As he sobs in pain, he gets brutally and ritualistically murdered by the drug kingpin with Josefina's pendant.

Menendez: (flashback) Your life will be consumed by absolute loss. Then and only then, will you understand what you have done to me.

Then Menendez turns to David and tells his plan for him as Woods tries to stop him with whatever strength he has left.

Menendez: (flashback) I will not kill you, boy. Now like Woods, you suffer with me. And then one day. You will see this pendant again. And you will remember everything you saw and felt tonight. You will remember all the years of anger and pain. And when you do, David, please, come to me.

David Mason: (flashback) Dad! No! DAD! *crying*

After his speech, he gives David a shot of adrenaline to wake him up. The young Mason cries for his father, and with Woods fading away, he searches for help.

Thus running into McKnight and his DEVGRU team. Who were just outside the furnace room looking for Mason, Woods and Hudson.

Then the Senior Chief Petty Officer calls in emergency extraction and gets the four out of Panama. Back in the present day, even though Woods himself pulled the trigger, Section does not blame him.

Instead, he felt sorry for him since he just realized that the Sergeant, his uncle, had to live with that deed for the past 30 plus years. The guilt has probably eaten him alive.

Section: There's nothing you could have done, Frank. It wasn't your fault.

Woods: Me and your old man, we were the best... and we still couldn't stop him.

Section: Times have changed, old man. He's going down.

Upon returning to the Obama's Team Room, he requests the C.I.A. to send the debrief of his father's op in Panama immediately, kindly tells Harper, Salazar and even Crosby to receive the file the moment it arrives, goes to his bunk and lays there. Collecting his thoughts while staring at the ceiling until he falls asleep.

Career Record:

Menendez does not completely succeed in manipulating Woods.

The Suffer With Me intel (if all are collected by the player) shows the DEVGRU file of Senior Chief Petty Officer Mark McKnight, the background and result of Operation Just Cause, and the dossiers of Manuel Noriega and the PDF. As well as an old news report about Hudson's entire family being found stripped and murdered in their home in Langley, Virginia during Christmas 1989.

Chapter 23: Factory And Air Base Assault Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Trident Team

China 2025


Destroy S.D.C.'s Factory and Air Base



P.L.A. Spec Ops "Oriental Sword" Uniform - Xingkong Urban Unfolded Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Xingkong Urban 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Xingkong Urban MT Military Large Rucksack, Xingkong Urban Molle Battle Belt, Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses, Gray Wireless Earpiece w/ Camera Attachment, Gray Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


Type 97 Military - Long Barrel, Laser Sight


QBZ-191 - Target Finder, M203 Grenade Launcher (Grenade Launcher), Laser Sight


KAP-40 - Reflex Sight



P.L.A. Spec Ops "Oriental Sword" Uniform - Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Xingkong Urban 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Xingkong Urban MT Military Large Rucksack, Xingkong Urban Molle Battle Belt, Xingkong Urban Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet, Gray Balaclava, Blue-Tinted Shooter Goggles, Gray Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


Type 25 - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight


Storm PSR


QSZ-92 - Extended Clip



P.L.A. Spec Ops "Oriental Sword" Uniform - Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Xingkong Urban 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Xingkong Urban MT Military Large Rucksack, Xingkong Urban Molle Battle Belt, Xingkong Urban Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet, Blue-Tinted Shooter Goggles, Gray Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


QBB LSW - Dual Band Scope, Laser Sight, Grip


QSZ-92 - Suppressor



P.L.A. Spec Ops "Oriental Sword" Uniform - Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Xingkong Urban 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Xingkong Urban MT Military Large Rucksack, Xingkong Urban Molle Battle Belt, Xingkong Urban Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet, Gray Balaclava, Blue-Tinted Shooter Goggles, Gray Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


QBU-88 - Variable Zoom, Ballistics CPU, Laser Sight


QBZ-191 - Millimeter Scanner, Laser Sight, Suppressor





P.L.A. Spec Ops "Oriental Sword" Uniform - Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Xingkong Urban 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Xingkong Urban MT Military Large Rucksack, Xingkong Urban Molle Battle Belt, Gray Wireless Earpiece w/ Camera Attachment, Gray Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


Chicom CQB - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Select Fire


QSZ-92 - Suppressor



P.L.A. Spec Ops "Oriental Sword" Uniform - Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Xingkong Urban Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Gray 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Xingkong Urban 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Xingkong Urban MT Military Large Rucksack, Xingkong Urban Molle Battle Belt, Gray Wireless Earpiece w/ Camera Attachment, Gray Wrist-Mounted Mini Pad, Gray Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves


QBB LSW - Target Finder, Laser Sight, Rapid Fire


Red Arrow-12


QSZ-92 - Suppressor

Chapter 24: Trident Team


Warning: The following Full Picture Mission is only available before Dispatch. Failure to complete it will abort the Complete Ending walkthrough.

Chapter Text

Trident Team [2025]

Mission Details:

With the assassination of General Tian Zhao in the planning phase, Trident Team goes to the heart of the S.D.C. in the Himalayas for an opportunity to tip the odds in JSOC Strike Force's favor.

June 15th, 2025 - 13:56:06, in the Team Room, King and Shade brief their teammates on the data from their extensive recon mission after Afghanistan. Which shows that the S.D.C. has its most advanced military factory in the Chinese Himalayas that has been running since 2021.

The facility will also serve as the primary source of the Coalition's military equipment, vehicles and drones for their war effort. Further analysis reveals that it is protected by an air base just sitting next door.

If JSOC takes it out, the S.D.C. will be ill-equipped to not only take on the Russian Federation, but also protect their own leaders. As despite being the most advanced military branch in China with western help courtesy of the WCO PMC, the bureaucracy is still as slow as anywhere.

To the point that their generals and admirals have gotten complacent. With their security teams consisting of the Coalition's best and latest still undergoing preparations in the same air base.

But the catch is, if they do not go for it, the S.D.C.'s prep work will be complete and mission success in Peshawar, Pakistan will be harder to achieve. And JSOC will have a lot of explaining to do for not acting on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and possibly failing to kill General Zhao.

So ever since they got back to the Obama, the Commander and Master Chief have been hard at work in forming a plan to assault and destroy the factory and air base. And they managed to make the safest, most effective one, just as Section comes in with some surprising news.

King: Section.

Harper: Just got Central Intelligence's file on your old man's time in Panama, bro.

Section: Thanks, but I'm not gonna go into that now. What are you guys up to?

King: Well, we just came up with a way to destroy the S.D.C.'s most advanced military factory, guarded by an air base, both sitting in the Chinese Himalayas.

Section: Good, I'm in.

King: Wait, really?

Section: Yeah, I kinda had enough of obsessing over Menendez. At least for a bit. I'm thinking of taking a step back and actually helping out in The Second Cold War for once.

King: So you're finally getting it, huh?

Section: Yeah, I just didn't wanna see it.

Crosby: Don't worry, it's not too late.

Section: *nods* So, what do we got?

King: Sometimes the most obvious set of methods is the best one. In terms of prep work, we just need Chinese Spec Ops uniforms and gear, two S.D.C. VTOL Warships, and a staging area with a crew to refuel and rearm our rides. All Chinese/S.D.C. marked, for obvious reasons. In terms of our approach, the infiltration phase comes first. Where Harper, Shade, Salazar and I will quietly disable the anti-air defenses of both the factory and air base. When we give the signal, the assault phase can begin where Section and Crosby fly one VTOL Warship to destroy the entire factory. The second one is for close air support when the assault on the installation begins. We got nothing to lose there, so feel free to shoot and blow up everything and everyone on sight. Once it's nothing but fire, ash, rubble and dead bodies, move on to soften up the air base. At some point, you would have used up most, if not all, ammo and fuel. Which means taking the installation down will require surgical precision, as it will involve a fast, multidirectional ground assault. So when that time comes, land the VTOL on the main tarmac for the two of you to disembark and join Harper and Salazar for the firefight, and for Shade and I to take it back to the staging area to get some fresh gas and munitions in. And we'll come back with the second VTOL for CAS. Pick whatever direction you like. Don't be shy to get inside every surviving building to terminate every enemy combatant. Just take this air base out of the fight. Once it's done, the S.D.C. has lost a key supply line and it's open season on General Zhao.

Section: It's always easier said than done though.

King: That's right. Remember, even though we'll be using and wearing Chinese mil spec sh*t, that doesn't mean they won't suspect something wrong. 'Cause I doubt even China's foremost elite is supposed to be there, especially without a tip from Beijing. So stay hidden and stay sharp.

22:00:54, with JSOC Strike Force in country, it is time to get organized. June 16th, 2025 - 04:59:46, after six hours of stealing the Chinese uniforms and equipment, setting up the staging area, infiltrating the factory and air base, putting their anti-air weapons out of commission, seizing the VTOL Warships and their components, and getting to a safe location in the installation to stand by, King gives the go-ahead to commence the assault.

King: Kraken, this is Trident 1. We've passed Sabotage, over.

Admiral Briggs: Well done, Trident 1. Passed Sabotage. Trident 2, Trident 6, you're cleared for Disaster, over.

Section: Roger that, Kraken. Let's hit it.

Crosby: This is where the fun begins.





JUNE 16TH, 2025 - 05:00:00

With four sixths of Trident Team safe, Section and Crosby get up in the air to go to work. Almost to the target area, the Petty Officer plays Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" in his headset at a manageable volume to get his blood pumping and enjoy the moment even more.

Upon arrival, he and the Lieutenant Commander start shooting volatile areas and components of the advanced factory. Causing chain reactions and massive explosions that cause extensive internal and external damage.

When the enemy air responders consisting of Stealth Choppers, Escort Drones and other VTOL Warships start coming in, the American pilots line up their VTOL Warship for a dogfight. And proceed to defend themselves and shoot their pursuers down, with the blasts synced to the song's chorus.

Pat Benatar: You're a Heartbreaker!


Pat Benatar: Dream Maker!


Pat Benatar: Love Taker...


Pat Benatar: ...don't you mess around - NO NO NO!


Crosby: Yeah! Yeah! *laughs*

After clearing the airspace and mopping up any stragglers with explosive auto cannon fire, Section and Crosby deliver the last few shots that will set off a massive eruption, thus completely destroying the entire factory. From a safe distance, the two watch the fireworks show with smiles on their faces for a job well done, especially since it was them alone up against some of the S.D.C.'s best air forces.

Pat Benatar and Crosby: You're the right kind of sinner, to release my inner fantasy! The invincible winner, and you know that you were born to be!

Section: No way! Did you have music on through all that?

Crosby: Yes, sir I have.

Section: How the f*ck are we still alive? Never mind how the f*ck could you even fight with music.

Crosby: Practice, Boss. Believe it or not, I actually practice CQB and drone control with music. Manageable volume, of course.

Section: Damn.

With the S.D.C.'s most advanced military factory now FUBAR (f*cked Up Beyond All Recognition), the VTOL crew land their bird on the main tarmac where the rest of Trident Team are waiting. After getting an ETA on close air support, Crosby plays The Rolling Stones' "Paint It, Black" while gearing up with Section.

starting guitar*

Crosby: QBZ-191. You'll need more help with the mid to long range engagements. Time for a gunfight!


King: Trident 1 to Kraken. We've passed Disaster, over.

guitar and drums*

Admiral Briggs: Excellent work, passed Disaster. Trident Team's cleared for Tragedy, over.

Considering that CQB is the Lieutenant Commander's wheelhouse, the Petty Officer allows him to take point through a barrack and a comms building. Together, they breach and clear the two occupied locations, all while ripping their enemies apart in less than 90 seconds.

At Harper and Salazar's side, the Lieutenant leads, being the best for close encounters, while the Chief Petty Officer covers him. Through a vehicle depot and an armory, they shred those trying to stop them and sanitize the areas in almost the same time as Section and Crosby.

Once the two pairs regrouped, the only structure left operational and occupied is the command building. With a large force of enemy infantry, A.G.R.s, C.L.A.W.s and Hardened Sentries ahead, Salazar demolishes them with his QBB LSW and Red Arrow-12 (new) guided missile launcher.

With the herd thinning out, Trident Team makes their advance to breach and clear the command building. But despite having the S.D.C. on the run, the SEALs are still outnumbered.

And Crosby knows that a hostile can and will get a lucky shot in eventually. So, to keep that from happening, he climbs up to the roof of a recently cleared barrack via its downspout.

From there, he equips his Storm PSR experimental anti-material rifle and starts covering his teammates' advance.

anti-material rifle fire*

Crosby: Go on and clear that command post, guys. I'll cover the outside.

Section: You sure, Crosby?

Crosby: I'm sure. *nods*

Section: Alright, be safe. Harper, Salazar, form up! On the door!

Outside, the Petty Officer fends off multiple troops in the open coming in with more A.G.R.s and C.L.A.W.s. Inside, the trio finishes their sweep and hears the chaos outside.

In response, they run for the exit to give their fellow Trident some help. Crosby manages to destroy all of the UGVs at the cost of exhausting his rifles' ammo.

So he drops his rucksack and restocks while keeping the S.D.C. pinned with his Type 25 simultaneously. Then Section, Harper and Salazar arrive to help him end the remaining enemy forces just before getting overrun.

With both the factory and air base completely defunct and empty, Trident Team's job here is done. So they extract with King and Shade, who were surprised that their friends managed to wipe out the entire installation without their CAS.

Just as the third part of the song begins.

The Rolling Stones: *humming*

Crosby: Last man!

The Rolling Stones and Crosby: I wanna see your face! Painted black! Black as night! Black as coal! Don't wanna see the sun! Flying high in the sky! I wanna see it painted, painted, painted! Painted black! Yeah!

The Rolling Stones: *humming*

Crosby: All eagles alive and on board! Cleared for take-off!

Shade: Lifting off fast. Hang on.

Back in the staging area, JSOC Strike Force packs up and flies back to the Obama.

King: Phenomenal work, gentlemen. Now let's get out of China and head back. Kraken, Trident 1 here. We've passed Tragedy, over.

Admiral Briggs: f*cking textbook, gentlemen. Confirmed Tragedy. Come on home, JSOC. Over.

King: Great day, Kraken. See you topside. Trident 1, out.

Shade: JSOC, four. S.D.C., zero. Looks like we're clean sweeping these f*cks after all. Hooyah!

All: Hooyah! *laughs* Whooo!

11:22:37, the entire Himalayas JSOC team safely returns to base with no casualties and just in time for brunch. In the Mess Hall, the DEVGRU operators, even Section and Crosby at the same table, celebrate their victory over a warm meal.

Career Record:

Advanced S.D.C. Military Factory and Air Base destroyed.

Strategic Defense Coalition vulnerable.



Red Arrow-12

Tertiary Weapon Slot

P.L.A. Spec Ops "Oriental Sword" Uniform

Trident Team Intel

The Trident Team intel shows the history of DEVGRU's very own premier Trident Team before and after expanding with King and Shade, and the specifications of S.D.C.'s most advanced military factory, the air base protecting it and the Storm PSR experimental anti-material rifle. As well as the Coalition getting flabbergasted and worried in reaction to the massive attack, which they find shrouded in plausible deniability.

Chapter 25: Dispatch


Warning: Failure to complete Dispatch, now in line with the Complete Ending walkthrough, will result in the loss of a supporting character, special rewards and the mission's special intel. As well as the discontinuation of the attempt altogether.

Chapter Text

15:50:06, Briggs has just finished getting China and S.D.C.'s reaction to the attack in the Himalayas, and reporting it to Washington D.C. He then enters the Team Room with a huge smug on his face and a determined expression for what is coming.

And despite having just read his father's AAR on Panama, Section is still eager to be involved in The Second Cold War. With the reason being split between wanting to take a break from Menendez and knowing that The Second Cold War is about to come to an end.

Admiral Briggs: Outstanding, SEALs! Out-f*cking-standing! We kicked ass real good out there! Thanks to your efforts, China and the S.D.C. are struggling to maintain their crumbling war effort! *laughs*

Section: *smiles* *claps*

Crosby: Alright! *laughs*

JSOC Strike Force: *claps* Whooo! Oh, yeah!

Admiral Briggs: We had them on the run. Now, we have 'em backed into a corner. Okay, settle down now. We may know it, but they know it as well. Which means they'll be going all out to keep their precious war with Russia safe and strong. So stay focused, stay alive. Now.

Computer: *beep* (visually) Tian Zhao. Chairman of Strategic Defense Coalition Armed Forces.

Admiral Briggs: This whack job has been juicing his boys and his balls to invade Russia. China and the S.D.C. have lost their minds. The Russian president has asked for our help. Now just five minutes ago, I was on the phone with President Bosworth. She called it. We're gonna take him out.

Section: Killing Zhao will deal a massive blow to Menendez' plan to start World War 4 between America and S.D.C. Zhao will fly to Peshawar for a meeting with him about the invasion at approximately sixteen hundred hours tomorrow. It's boots on the ground, old school. Shoot down Zhao's VTOL, tag him and bag him. You'll have an entire platoon in support.

Section and Briggs shake hands*

Admiral Briggs: Good luck, Commander. This is it. You have to take out Zhao before S.D.C. camps out in Moscow. You f*ck it up, and our military supremacy is just a wet dream.

Crosby: Won't happen. Admiral Briggs, Lieutenant Commander Mason, request permission to go with the Strike Force to assassinate General Zhao.

Section: You sure, Crosby?

Crosby: Yes, sir. Because the outcome of this op will make or break us. This is a do-or-die situation. We need to go all out. Nothing can be left to chance.

Admiral Briggs: You're right. Permission granted. *shakes Crosby's hand* Good luck, Petty Officer.

Crosby: Thank you, Admiral.

Section: Granted. You heard us. Ready up.

Section and Crosby shake hands*

Crosby: Thank you, Lieutenant Commander.

19:00:40, JSOC Strike Force is up and away to Afghanistan to take an MRAP road trip to Peshawar, Pakistan. June 17th, 2025 - 15:59:55, with three S.D.C. VTOL transports now in Pakistani airspace and ISR confirming General Zhao in one of them, the SEALs aim their FHJ-18 AAs and fire away.




JUNE 17TH, 2025 - 16:00:00

Crosby: Visual confirmation on enemy VTOLs. 200 yards and closing.

Rogue 4-1: Hurry it up! We only got one shot at this.

Crosby: I got tone. Taking the shot!

missile launching*

Rogue 4-4: I got a lock. Firing!

missile launching*

Rogue 4-3: Good tone. Missile out!

missile launching*

boom boom boom*

crash crash crash*

Crosby: Kraken, this is Trident 6. Good effect on target. Zhao's VTOL is coming down in a controlled crash landing, over.

Section: Confirmed. Push to the crash site and ensure General Zhao is KIA. The intel collected in Lahore gave us enough time to secure all necessary assets. Let's do this by the book. Assassination of General Zhao authorized.

Crosby: Understood, moving. Rogue 4, Rogue 5, move out!

Rogue 4-2: On you, Trident 6.

Rogue 5-1: Infantry moving to support you, 6.

Because Section collected all the necessary details from Menendez in Lahore, two fireteams led by Crosby will move in while the rest of the platoon will be on standby if reinforcements are needed. And the operation in the Himalayas made sure that the only opposition JSOC Strike Force will be up against is enemy infantry.

The S.D.C. may be tight on drones and automated sentries, but the ground units will consist of Chinese Spec Ops. So the DEVGRU operators remain laser focused and frosty.

Halfway to the crash site, Section informs the strike force that Zhao has activated the lockdown sequence of his VTOL transport. But knowing the features of those things, they came prepared with H.P.M. Network Intruders to breach the security protocol.

Just like King and Shade, Crosby is an invulnerable NPC but will die if the mission fails via mission time running out. Recommend killing as many enemies as possible and defending the Network Intruder well until it finishes its job to have a better chance of mission success.

Now by the cargo bay door of Zhao's VTOL, Rogue Team 4 plants one of their portable hacking modules while Rogue Team 5 covers them. With one minute until pulse, the SEALs fight and kill hard and well to protect the device and each other from lucky shots and RPG teams.

Even Crosby literally stands in front of the H.P.M. Network Intruder, all exposed, to keep it safe and working. The Petty Officer trusts his teammates, his M4V9, his X-45 Tactical and himself to finish the mission.

One minute of hard defense later, the VTOL's cargo door opens and the responding S.D.C. forces are wiped out. Zhao stands up and faces the Americans with no will to fight, probably thinking they will capture him.

Only to be met by four M4V9 cartridges and a KAP-40 round to the heart from Crosby and Rogue 4-4. The two, along with the rest of Rogue Team 4, then take a picture of the dead Chinese general, search his downed aircraft for anything valuable and put him in a body bag while Rogue Team 5 secures the outside.

Crosby: Mission accomplished. Target splashed.

Rogue 4-4: Mission success. Target is confirmed dead.

Section: Roger. Ensure photos and SSE are complete, and move to extraction site.

One minute later.

Rogue 5-1: SSE complete.

Rogue 4-1: Zhao came here empty-handed.

Rogue 4-4: Photos sent, Kraken.

Crosby: Trident 6 to Kraken. We got the HVT in a body bag. We're ready to bug out, over.

Section: Outstanding, team. You're cleared for exfil, over.

Crosby: Roger that, Kraken. See you soon. Trident 6, out.

June 18th, 2025 - 04:00:55, JSOC Strike Force returns to the Obama with their kill safe and sound, no casualties. After the C.I.A. claims Zhao's body, the SEALs go to the Team Room for a debrief.

Admiral Briggs: Hell of a job there, Mason, Crosby.

Section: Agreed, sir.

Crosby: Affirmative, Admiral.

Admiral Briggs: Trident Team, JSOC Strike Force, you have just accomplished what no other unit, organization or government could. You ended The Second Cold War and prevented World War 4. Washington told me that Beijing has begged for a genuine cease fire and possible alliance. You DID it! *laughs*

Trident Team: *claps*

JSOC Strike Force: *cheers*

Admiral Briggs: Now, with them out of the way, all we have to do is deal with Menendez and his co*cksuckers in Cordis Die and WCO PMC.

To everyone's surprise, Briggs gives a shout-out to one particular operator in the room.

Admiral Briggs: Before we get back to work, I'd like to give a special ovation to Petty Officer Crosby.

Crosby: Sir?

Admiral Briggs: Your hard work in getting the necessary intel to help us handle Cordis Die and China carefully has possibly changed the fallout of this war for the better.

Crosby: Ah, it was not all me, sir.

Admiral Briggs: I know. But you acted on it first. And helped us act on it as well. That is commendable outside-the-box critical thinking and initiative. Which is why... Commander Mason.

Section: Petty Officer First Class Luke Crosby. I'm promoting you to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. You've earned it. Congratulations. *shakes Crosby's hand*

With that decision, Crosby smiles underneath his mask and expresses his humble gratitude.

Crosby: Thank you, sir.

Harper: Congratulations, Chief Crosby. *shakes Crosby's hand*

Crosby: Thank you, Lieutenant Harper.

Salazar: Chief. Congratulations, Luke. *Salazar and Crosby shake hands and hug*

Crosby: Thanks, Chief Sal.

King: Congratulations on making Chief, Fallout.

Shade: Congratulations, Fallout. Well deserved, kid.

King and Shade hug Crosby*

Crosby: *chuckles* Thank you, Commander, Master Chief. Thank you for helping me get this far.

Then the Admiral gets an idea after hearing King and Shade call Crosby "Fallout".

Admiral Briggs: Fallout. Is that a codename or just a nickname, Commander?

King: Just a improvised nickname for security purposes, Admiral.

Admiral Briggs: Well, I'd like to make it official. Luke Crosby. Codename: Fallout.

King: Perfect.

Shade: Excellent choice, sir.

Salazar: Fallout.

Section: Fallout.

Harper: Fallout. What do you think, Crosby?

Crosby: Fallout, huh? Sounds perfect. Thank you, my brothers. I'm real honored. This is for the fallen. This is for us.

All: *claps*

Admiral Briggs: For the fallen. For us. For Fallout.

Trident Team: For the fallen. For us. For Fallout.

JSOC Strike Force: For the fallen. For us. For Fallout.


Fallout: For Fallout.

Career Record:

General Tian Zhao assassinated - Russia resists S.D.C. pressure.



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear

Dispatch Intel

The Dispatch intel shows Russia and the United States' ties becoming friendlier and stronger than ever before. As well as China's peace delegation in Washington D.C. negotiating an end to The Second Cold War in exchange for the country's total, honest allegiance to America, which is accepted.

And lastly, the personnel file of the masked DEVGRU rifleman himself, Chief Petty Officer Luke 'Fallout' Crosby.

Name: Crosby, Luke

Codename: 'Fallout'

Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Unit/s: DEVGRU, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force, JSOC Strike Force

I.D. # 87751914

Age: 33

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 200 LBS


Born in Arlington, Virginia, Luke Crosby used to be the only child of a miserable military family. He lost his grandfather in the Vietnam War. Which caused his father to kill himself through depression while trying to follow his late father's footsteps. Then his brokenhearted mother died shortly after. Barely a year old, he lived in the foster care system and was never adopted because he was "characterless, uninteresting and vanilla" in the eyes of childless couples. But despite coming from a tragic past and being unwanted, he turned out to be a happy, humble, good young man thanks to the never-ending support of his foster parents and siblings, and his love for American Football. At age fifteen, he earned a slim but present chance to be drafted into the Virginia Cavaliers, which, despite being a dream come true, he turned down to join the U.S. Navy SEALs after surviving the Virginia Tech Shooting as a visitor for the tryout. With his drive to become a football star being replaced with one to make the United States a safer place. As a result, worry started looming around his foster family. Thus he assured them that he will be physically and mentally alright by passing the entire selection process without issues, and visiting his late grandfather, mother and father to say his thanks and farewells. He would then lose them in the Russo-American War but would continue to live his life happily, passionately and safely with what he loves in life: the United States of America, American Football and the U.S. Military. As his way of honoring their memories.

Chapter 26: Yemen Capture Mission Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Achilles' Veil

Yemen 2025


Capture Raul Menendez

Name: Farid

I.D. # 10081967

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 180 LBS


Yemeni Militia Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear


Skorpion EVO - Laser Sight



Grenades and Equipment:

XM31 Grenade

EMP Grenade


Access Kit


Longer Sprint

Name: Mason, David

I.D. # 86900711

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 LBS


2025 DEVGRU Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear w/ Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses






KAP-40 - Reflex Sight

Grenades and Equipment:

XM31 Grenade

EMP Grenade


Access Kit


Longer Sprint



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear


MP7 - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor


Five Seven



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


MK48 - Target Finder, Laser Sight, Rapid Fire


Five Seven



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear


M4V9 - Hybrid Optic, Laser Sight, Grenade Launcher


Storm PSR


X-45 Tactical - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


M60E6 - Dual Band Scope, Laser Sight, Grip





2025 DEVGRU Multicam Sniper Uniform and Gear


Barrett M82A3 (Black) - Variable Zoom, Ballistics CPU, Laser Sight


M16A5 - EOTech Sight, Laser Sight, Grip



Chapter 27: Achilles' Veil


Warning: Failure to keep Farid alive will result in the loss of a key character. Which will lead to the discontinuation of the Complete Ending walkthrough.

Chapter Text

13:01:02, just after lunch, Chloe lets the technicians in the Obama's Server Room know that she has unlocked Erik Breighner's Celerium Worm. Which makes Section, Salazar and Fallout come over to see it for themselves.

Section: Did you do it?

Chloe: I'm in.

Salazar: f*cking A, sister.

Chloe: You don't understand. Right before I quit Tacitus, I created a second Celerium Worm which could decrypt anything, just like this one. Quantum sh*t don't crack this easy... even for me.

And at the same time, the C.I.A. comes in with some fresh intel from Farid.

Chloe: It says it's from the C.I.A. Should I open it?

Section: Go ahead.

Chloe: What is it?

Section: Menendez' network. All the countries getting f*cked by The Second Cold War. Wait a minute... New York, D.C., The Pentagon. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou. Menendez is gonna attack America and China, taking out both superpowers at the same time. Wh... wh... all those targets have the same prefix. 6-1-9, 6-1... six-nineteen. Oh my God. June nineteenth, that's... that's tomorrow.

Salazar: (Spanish) June 19, (English) "Freedom Day". The abolition of slavery.

Fallout: Really? More like the abolition of civilization.

Section: That son of a bitch. Get me Briggs.

Fallout: Excuse me, Chloe... Kraken's on.

Section: Admiral, the cyber attack is 6/19, tomorrow.

Admiral Briggs: I got it, too. We have to move on Yemen right away. You have to go in there and capture Menendez for interrogation.

Section: It's a tr—

Admiral Briggs: You contact Farid and the Yemen Armed Forces. We need their help.

Section: Admiral, it's a trap. Menendez has been playing us the whole time. If we move on Yemen, that's exactly what he wants us to do.

Admiral Briggs: I'm sorry. But as much as I believe you, orders are orders. There might not be another chance to catch him after tomorrow. You and King get your team together. You got two hours. Kraken, out.

Section: sh*t.

Fallout: A trap, yes. But this file on the cyber attack ends here. It's shown us the where and the when, but not the how or the why. We might have to ask the sorry excuse of a man ourselves. A risk, yeah. Will cost lives, definitely. Yet, I think we need to spring the trap to know his plans before they're set in motion. What other choice do we have?

Section: *sighs* I don't know. So, I hope you're right.

With a deadline to meet and orders to follow, Trident Team assembles JSOC Counter Terrorist Force. And gets Farid and the Yemeni Army's help for the operation.

June 19th, 2025 - 07:57:47, Harper, who is currently embedded in the Yemen Armed Forces, will be acting as the covert point of contact for Farid. As the deep undercover agent will need some help in navigating through the locals who will lead the raid and not ID him as a friendly.





JUNE 19TH, 2025 - 07:58:00

Harper: Internal comm link established.

Farid: (quietly) I copy, Harper.

Harper: Our Blue Force Tracking is down. We can't ID you as a friendly. So no matter what happens out there, when the bullets start flying, you CANNOT blow your cover. Just stay cool, we'll get you through this.

Now on his regular security post alongside Cordis Die's leader, Menendez asks Farid if the Yemeni Militia terrorist group is ready. After receiving confirmation, he thinks that the Americans are coming and a traitor has infiltrated the inner circle.

Farid gets shocked and asks who it might be, but Menendez calms him down and says that it will not matter because he is one step ahead of him. On the way to the stage, he stops to bring DeFalco along with him.

DeFalco: Cordis Die awaits your word.

Menendez: They await their freedom. And they shall have it. Come, Farid. It is time.

And the ceremony that will seal Cordis Die's friendship with the Yemeni Militia for good begins.

Yemeni Militia: *cheering*

Menendez: CORDIS DIE!

Yemeni Militia: *claps* CORDIS DIE! CORDIS DIE! CORDIS DIE!

Then the Yemeni Army shows up with VTOL transports and Quad Rotor Drones. And all respond with AN-94s, Skorpion EVOs and Hardened Sentries, with DeFalco kicking it off by shooting the aircraft closest to the stage with an FHJ-18 AA.

Menendez: NOW!

missile launching*



Menendez: We will regroup at the Citadel.

Farid: Alright, Menendez.

DeFalco: Stay safe, Farid.

Farid: You too.

As the two heads of Cordis Die leave the stage for safety, Farid gives the SITREP to Harper. And the Lieutenant orders him to move through the city and re-establish contact.

Along the way, he finds and puts on a Yemeni Militia Sniper Uniform and Gear with built-in Optical Camouflage Suit technology. Which will help him slip past the Yemeni Army, who will still see him as just another terrorist.

So he will only engage at times when he has no other option, which is the majority of his time on the ground. Halfway through, Harper helps him in keeping the situation under control.

In return, he gives him an ideal place to cut Menendez off: the West Gate. Which leads to a mountain path on the outskirts all the way to the Citadel.

With that, they plan to get the Yemen Armed Forces and JSOC Counter Terrorist Force there for an ambush. But the West Gate appears to be locked up tighter by the Yemeni Militia than usual.

So, while getting to the other side to see what is going on, he comes across Menendez and DeFalco. When the Nicaraguan tells him to come over, he stops talking to Harper, deactivates his optical camo, takes his hood, mask and goggles off, and cools down to maintain his cover.

As Menendez takes a look at his bloodied right glove and sleeve.

Menendez: American blood on your hands, Farid?

Farid: Of course, Menendez. We must get you to safety. We have lost too many men.

Menendez: Victory is not measured by losses, Farid.

Then he gives his supporters a rare gift with his FHJ-18 AA.

Harper: Farid, are you still with me?

missile launching*


Harper: We're hit! We're going down!


Menendez: It is measured by gains.

Despite losing two squads in the crash site, the Yemeni terrorists still claim their exotic present: Harper. And his Yemeni Army associates get beat up and immediately executed.

SMG fire*

Harper: Dammit! Ah, f*ck! I— Argh!

Menendez: Here!

Yemeni Militia: *cheers*

Harper: Aaargh! *grunts* Let go of me!

Menendez: You knew that I would be here. Who betrayed me?

Harper: You're wasting your time, you f*cking... bastard! You... you won't get sh*t from me!


bang bang bang bang bang*

Yemeni Militia: *cheers*

Harper: Come on! Is that all you got?! Huh?!

Then Menendez gives Farid a shocking order with Harper's Five Seven.

Menendez: Farid.

Yemeni Militia: Cordis Die!

Menendez: Kill him.

Harper: Yeah, that's it! Kill me, egghead!

DeFalco: Anything wrong, Farid?

Farid: Oh, no. Just needed to catch my breath. Quite a battle back there.

DeFalco: *nods*

Farid takes Harper's Five Seven*

Harper: And you... you spineless piece of sh*t! Getting others to do your dirty work! What kind of man are you?! Huh?!

Menendez: Show your loyalty by following my orders, Farid.

And regardless of the situation, Harper subtly tells Farid to keep his cover by killing him. As the Lieutenant is discreetly willing to sacrifice himself for the mission.

Harper: Do it, egghead! Do your job!

Menendez: NOW, Farid!

Harper: Do it, man! Come on! You don't got the stones to f*cking shoot me?! Come on, egghead! DO IT!


Farid looks away to subtly not watch Harper die, as the Lieutenant braces himself for the shot. When the deep cover operative looks back, his leader and friend is killed, by his own hand, with his own gun.

All of a sudden, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force comes in with their VTOLs to intercept Menendez. Then Farid and the DEVGRU operators are driven back by a massive explosion caused by Harper's downed aircraft.

Which makes the Nicaraguan slip away with the Yemeni Militia to the Citadel. While his British second in command goes in the other direction to disappear.

After recovering from the blast, the Americans land, Section helps Farid up and the two of them see Harper's lifeless body being checked by the rest of Trident Team. As Salazar confirms the Lieutenant's status, he, Fallout, King and Shade pay their respects before getting back in formation.

Section: Farid.

Farid: Section.

Salazar: Harper is dead.

Farid: I... *sobbing*

Section: You had no choice.





JUNE 19TH, 2025 - 08:25:05

Farid: Menendez is heading for the Citadel overlooking the town.

Section: Salazar, arrange for MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) extraction to get Harper, Farid and our fallen back to base and the Obama.

Salazar: Let's go. C'mon, let's go.

Farid: *sobbing*

As Section pays his respects to Harper by closing his eyes, Salazar takes charge in the MEDEVAC for Farid, Harper and the Yemeni Army friendlies. Then the Lieutenant Commander carries on with King, Shade and Fallout to finish the mission.

Section: *pats Fallout's right shoulder* Let's move.

King: On me.

Salazar: Salazar to Kraken and Yemeni Command. Multiple eagles down. Request immediate MEDEVAC. LZ Sparrow.

USS Obama Command: Request granted, Trident 5. MEDEVAC is on its way. Hang tight down there, over.

Yemeni Army Command: Confirmed, Trident 5. Rescue teams are on the way to assist you, over.

With the hunt continuing, the Lieutenant Commander gets Trident Team some help with a steady deployment of troops and Quad Rotor Drones from the Yemen Armed Forces.

Section: Kraken, I need to assume OPCON (Operational Control) of the Yemeni Army's drone fleet in support of the capture of Menendez.

USS Obama Command: Confirmed, sending codes to your display. Drones re-tasked to your objective.

Yemeni Army Command: Drone targeting control. Manual override engaged. Heart relay systems enacted.

With the Quad Rotor Drones now providing fire support and watching over the friendlies and themselves, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force and the Yemeni Army are back in the fight.

Section: Kraken, we believe Menendez is heading for the Citadel. Push all available assets to that grid. Establish blocking positions cutting off his escape.

USS Obama Command: Roger that, Trident 2. Viking Team 1 is inserting to the target area now.

On the way to the Citadel, Viking Team 1 gives an update about what is going on in there.

King: Trident 1 to blocking positions. We need updates on Menendez' location, over.

Viking 1-1: Trident 1, this is Viking 1. Enemy forces have formed a defensive perimeter around the Citadel. The HVI appears to be inside the Yemeni Army's downed command VTOL. We're receiving heavy fire from its minigun, over.

Section: Maintain eyes on, but do not engage. We need him alive.

Almost there, the Yemeni Militia brings out their own fleet of Quad Rotor Drones. Which makes the Yemeni Army Command re-task the friendly forces' UAVs to shoot them down.

Yemeni Army Command: Be advised, the Militia has Quad Drones inbound. We are re-tasking your Quad Drones to engage, over.

Section: Yemeni Command, without the drones we have no support to cover our advance.

USS Obama Command: We're chopping you a containment team to support. They'll fast rope insert and link up at the bridge, over.

Section: Understood. Section, out.

At the bridge, the Containment Team consisting of eight DEVGRU operators from Viking Teams 2 and 3, and eight Yemeni Army soldiers drops in. With enemy RPG teams on the Citadel's roof trying to shoot them down, Trident Team covers them.

Salazar: Containment Team is coming down.

Shade: RPG teams on the Citadel. They're trying to shoot them down.

King: Don't let 'em.

After that, the entire 26-man joint element begins to assault the downed Yemeni command VTOL to seize Menendez.

Viking 1-1: Trident, Containment, Viking 1 is in position to cover your movement on the HVI.

Viking 1-2: We'll pick up rear security.

Viking 1-3: Once you locate Menendez, we'll make the grab.

Viking 1-4: Surround the VTOL. Wait for the go.

Viking 1-1: Moving.

Once the area is clear, Trident Team moves in on the aircraft while the others form a cordon within the vicinity. With Section, Fallout and Shade taking the cargo bay door, and King and Salazar taking the side door.

Section: Menendez!

Fallout: Don't move! Don't move!

Section: Secure him, Salazar!

Fallout: Now stand up, slowly!

Salazar cuffs Menendez.

Menendez: Thank you, David. Help me seek a newer world.

Menendez turns to Fallout*

Menendez: Luke. *smiles* It is a pleasure to finally meet you.

Fallout: Pleasure's all mine. Now, get a move on!

After getting their man and thanking their Yemen Armed Forces support, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force returns to base.

Career Record:

C.I.A. undercover operative Farid survives.

Strategic Defense Coalition allied with U.S. Military - Strike Force Complete.


Yemeni Militia Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear

Yemeni Militia Sniper Uniform and Gear

The Achilles' Veil intel (if all are collected by the player) shows the unredacted C.I.A. Special Activities Center file of Farid. As well as the backgrounds of the Yemen Armed Forces and Yemeni Militia, and the history of their conflict.

Chapter 28: Worst Case Scenario Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:


USS Barack Obama 2025


Interrogate Raul Menendez

Name: Mason, David

I.D. # 86900711

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 LBS


2025 DEVGRU Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear w/ Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses


M8A1 - Hybrid Optic


M1216 - Millimeter Scanner


KAP-40 - Reflex Sight

Grenades and Equipment:

XM31 Grenade

Shock Charge


Access Kit


Longer Sprint



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


MK48 - Target Finder, Laser Sight, Rapid Fire


Five Seven



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear


M4V9 - Hybrid Optic, Laser Sight, Grenade Launcher


Storm PSR


X-45 Tactical - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


M60E6 - Dual Band Scope, Laser Sight, Grip





2025 DEVGRU Multicam Sniper Uniform and Gear


Barrett M82A3 (Black) - Variable Zoom, Ballistics CPU, Laser Sight


M27 - EOTech Sight, Laser Sight, Grip



Chapter 29: Odysseus


Warning: Failure to keep Admiral Briggs alive will result in the loss of another key character. Which will lead to the discontinuation of the Complete Ending walkthrough.

Chapter Text

13:26:00, on the Obama's Flight Deck, Briggs and U.S. Secretary of Defense Petraeus, who is here to see Menendez personally for President Bosworth, share results and thoughts on America's victory against the S.D.C.

Petraeus: Premier Chen has pledged China's military support to all U.S. operations, disrupting Raul Menendez' infrastructure in anticipation of the cyber attack.

Admiral Briggs: S.D.C. is finished, Secretary Petraeus. America and China joining forces truly marks the beginning of a new era.

Petraeus: And one that you should be damn proud of, Admiral.

As smiles go around, the VTOL carrying Trident Team and their prisoner arrives. King lets Section do the honors of presenting Menendez to the Admiral and SecDef while he, Shade, Salazar and Fallout move him.

Section: Sir. *shakes Briggs' hand* Secretary. *shakes Petraeus' hand.

As DEVGRU riflemen form up for security, the Lieutenant Commander gives the signal to show the sandstone-suited but chained Raul Menendez.

Petraeus: President Bosworth sends her regards.

Menendez: For those souls who have toiled, and wrought, and thought with me... some work of noble note may yet be done.

Admiral Briggs: Get this co*cksucker off my flight deck.

Section: Gladly, sir.

Petraeus: *shakes Briggs' hand* We got him.

Just before Petraeus leaves, he authorizes JSOC Counter Terrorist Force to interrogate Menendez and uncover his cyber attack by any means necessary with no time limit. In the Obama's Interrogation Room, Salazar goes first in trying to break the Nicaraguan terrorist.





JUNE 19TH, 2025 - 13:44:03

Salazar: It's good you do not talk. We can take our time.


Menendez: *panting* I will speak only to David Mason. Bring him to me. I will tell him everything.

Admiral Briggs: David?

Section enters the room to personally make the source of all his nightmares talk. While Briggs, King, Shade and Fallout head for the Bridge.

Retinal Scanner: Identify. Mason, David. Retinal Scan, confirmed.

Admiral Briggs: Do what you can. We'll be on the bridge.

Section: *nods*

Once the Admiral and his security escort leave, the Lieutenant Commander grabs a chair and confronts Menendez after so many years.

Section: I'm not a kid this time... but you can go ahead and try what you did back then.

Menendez: Opulence is sinful and we all pay for it.

Section: Such a self-indulgent piece of sh*t. Stop talking in riddles!

Menendez: She was taken from me. Do you know how that feels like yet? An American torched a warehouse for insurance money. 11,000 dollars. That was the value they placed on her life. She was the reason for me to live. What about you, David? What drives you? Is it me? Einstein once said that the economic anarchy of capitalism is the real source of evil. Your father... and his people... took Josefina from me. Pues... tu papa esta muerto. Your father is dead. And his people. Finished!

Section: No! You don't get a say in that! I do! You got me?! *sighs*

Section takes his sunglasses off*

Section: My father, Alex Mason, gave up everything he had. He abandoned me... so he can defend his country from people like you. I hated him for that. But now, here I am. With you.

Menendez: So we are the same, David. Shaped by those we have lost.

After the conversation, Section starts to realize what Fallout has warned him about this whole time. But before he can process it, he gets alerted by Briggs.

Section puts his sunglasses back on*

Section: Yeah, go ahead, Admiral Briggs.

Admiral Briggs: We have a situation. We're tracking a passenger jet entering the 4th Fleet's airspace. Wait, what is that? Are those birds?

Menendez: I mete and dole unequal laws unto a savage race.

With those words, Section immediately knows that Menendez has sent a small army to rescue him. Kraken confirms his suspicions with the news about the camera feed of the Interrogation Room shutting down.

So the Admiral orders the Lieutenant Commander to meet him in the Bridge after locking Menendez down. But as he orders the guard outside to man the doors, Menendez breaks free from his handcuffs, subdues Salazar into a headlock, grabs his Five Seven and kills the Sailor.

Because the Nicaraguan's head is well-covered by the Chief's, Section drops his KAP-40, puts his prisoner's restraints on, turns around and gets knocked unconscious. 13:47:55, as he comes to, Salazar gives him the SITREP while freeing his hands.

Salazar: Menendez has escaped!

Section: What?

Admiral Briggs: WCO PMC has launched a Jet Wing assault on our fleet! They've boarded the Obama!

Shade: They had stealth tech! Our defenses could only kill a fraction of 'em before getting hijacked!

Fallout: They're tearing the 4th Fleet apart!

With a boarding party up ahead, the Lieutenant Commander grabs his KAP-40, M8A1, M1216 and a pair of Combatant Suppression Knuckles. Then goes with the Chief to regain control of the Obama before going after Menendez again.

Upon leaving the Interrogation Room and protecting fellow sailors from mercs and a rogue ceiling automated LMG Turret, Section receives more news from Fallout and Briggs.

Salazar: Come on!

Section: Stay out of that turret's line of sight! Trident Team, Admiral, what's the long version of the SITREP?!

Fallout: Trident 2, the internal and external automated defenses are now under enemy control! They're trying to sink us and the entire 4th Fleet!

Section: Where's Briggs?!

Admiral Briggs: Below decks, in the Server Room! The techs are trying to figure out what the hell happened!

Section: Roger that! Salazar and I are on the move!

U.S. Sailor 1: You'll be okay! We'll get you help! Just hang in there!

After securing his personal effects and Harper's pictures of his family in their quarters, and clearing the crowded corridor, Section orders Salazar to secure Briggs and lock the Server Room up tight. While he goes to the Bridge to shut down or regain control of the automated systems.

Section: Salazar, get below and secure Briggs.

Salazar: Got it.

Section: Seal the Server Room doors. No one in or out.

Salazar: This will be over soon. Good luck, Section.

Section: You too, Sal. We gotta fight our way to the bridge. On me.

Shade: We got another wave of WCO Jet Wings landing now! King, Fallout and I are trying to support and save our men!

Section: Stay on it! I'm headed to the bridge! I'll reprogram or shut down the automated systems from there!

While accompanied by squads of Sailors and Marines, the Lieutenant Commander pushes through the Team Room and War Room, with the Bridge being on the other side. Reprogramming an LMG Turret via its manual control panel to secure the two areas along the way.

Now there, Section finds out that the mercenaries have already hacked and locked the Obama's automated defense network down. So he moves on to the Security Room to help turn the surveillance systems back on in order to find Menendez, while Briggs and the techs in the Server Room try to restore order from their end.

While passing through a walkway overlooking the Flight Deck, he sees Rescue Team 3 trying to get across it. And Shade lets him know about it from another walkway just below him.

Shade: Trident 2, Rescue Team 3 is pinned down on the Flight Deck! They're trying to save more of our own in the Hangar Bays! Grab a rifle and support their advance with me!

If the player does not do this, the side objective will fail despite Shade saving the DEVGRU operators anyway.

Objective Failed.

Shade: Motherf*cking Section! Fine then, but your obsession is still a bitch to work with! You know that?! Damn!

But in reality, Section helps Shade in supporting Rescue Team 3's advance. With the Master Chief's support, no friendlies were killed throughout the push.

Objective Completed.

Section: Flight Deck's clear for now.

Shade: Confirmed! Rescue Team 3 is moving up. Nice shooting up there. And thanks for the assist.

Section: Yeah, I got you guys.

Heading back along the way to the Security Room, the Lieutenant Commander and his element get pinned down by mercs and another hostile LMG Turret. Luckily, Fallout is near its relay terminal and hacks it to give him and his companions a hand.

Section: Trident Team, I'm pinned down by PMCs en route to the Security Room! Hack the relay terminals and take manual control of the auto turrets!

Fallout: Trident 6 here. I got the LMG Turret firing at you, Boss. Clearing the enemy's positions now. Move up.

Now in the Engine Room, King hacks the LMG Turret overlooking one side of the Obama's engine itself. While Section takes control of the gun watching the other side.

But then Briggs gives some unsettling updates.

Admiral Briggs: Section, we're out of options. We're at risk of losing the entire fleet. Our only chance is to reboot the entire system.

Section: That's suicide.

Admiral Briggs: Section?! Do you copy— *static*

Section: Admiral Briggs?! Trident Team?! Dammit! Comms are down! He can't hear a word!

The most likely theory as to what happened is that WCO PMC's hacking software has reached the aircraft carrier's communications frequencies and jammed them. Which means rebooting the Obama's entire automated system might be the only chance of survival the 4th Fleet has.

After sweeping the entire Engine Room filled with mercs, Section reaches the Security Room. From there, he organizes the two tech teams inside.

With one getting the cameras back online and another cutting a hole through a vent which leads to the Server Room.

Section: Seal the door! Where are we at on the security feed?

U.S. Sailor 2: We should have it back up in a few minutes.

Section: I need a team cutting through this vent right now! I lost comms to Admiral Briggs. He may be in danger.

U.S. Sailor 2: The security feed. It's back up!

Section: Alright, run a facial ID scan throughout the entire ship. We have to find Menendez!

U.S. Sailor 2: *nods* Search... security camera image database. I got Briggs, still in the Server Room.

U.S. Sailor 3: Rebooting the whole system is a risk, sir. We have no guarantee it'll come back online.

Admiral Briggs: Better no system than one that's destroying the fleet. Do it!

U.S. Sailor 3: I'll need your security clearance, sir.

U.S. Sailor 2: I got Menendez. sh*t, he's just outside the Server Room! And the feeds are shutting down again!

Despite still having no comms, Section tries to warn off Briggs from rebooting the electronic systems anyway.

Section: Briggs! Menendez is right outside the Server Room! DO NOT shut down the systems! If the security goes down, Menendez will waltz right in! BRIGGS!

Since even the door locks are electronic and automated, the Server Room is open for Menendez and DeFalco to go in.

DeFalco: Menendez, Briggs is rebooting the systems now. Trying to regain control of the ship's automatic defenses.

Menendez: Y Salazar?

DeFalco: In position, by Briggs' side.

Armed with an Executioner, Menendez puts Briggs in a headlock and moves toward the Server Room's main terminal. Before joining his leader, DeFalco executes the technician trying to reboot the Obama's automated systems right on his computer unit.

Now in a standoff, the Admiral orders Salazar to move up and secure Menendez alive, no matter what.

Admiral Briggs: Salazar. Alive at all costs! Shoot through me if you have to! Just stop this son of a bitch!

But Salazar has other plans.


Admiral Briggs: NO!


After the Chief shoots Briggs' two guards in their heads with his sidearm, DeFalco knocks Chloe out cold. And then turns to Farid to kill him for being on the Americans' side.

DeFalco pistol-whips Chloe*

Chloe: Oof!





bullet clatters*


But the Yemeni C.I.A. agent sees it coming, draws Harper's Five Seven and headshots the British terrorist/U.N. agent. In his death throes, DeFalco shoots his pistol but misses Farid and hits Salazar in his plate carrier.

The Full Picture version of the Odysseus deadlock gives another way to earn the Black Ops 2 achievement: Showdown. Then Salazar kills Farid before he could respond to the treasonous DEVGRU operator.

Admiral Briggs: You rotten co*cksucker!

Salazar: I'll surrender when it's done.

Admiral Briggs: I'd rather see you die than surrender, boy.

Menendez pushes Briggs away*

Salazar: I don't blame you.

Admiral Briggs: Why don't you have Salazar do it?

Salazar: Briggs is a good man, Menendez. Don't kill him. Shoot him in the leg.

Abiding by his own ROE of no unnecessary killing and seeing an opportunity of turning the Admiral to the Cordis Die cause, Menendez shoots Briggs in the leg.

Salazar: He's alive. Thank you, Raul.

Menendez: If we truly succeed today, Admiral Briggs will come to understand why I did not kill him.

After that, he hops on the main terminal, pulls out his glass eye, smashes it, picks up the computer chip inside and plugs it into the system. Then he breaks the digital security protocols, hijacks the U.S. Military's entire aerial drone fleet and hands over its controls to the WCO PMC's Caribbean headquarters in Haiti.

As the Obama's electronic systems come back online, Section sees the mess in the Server Room and tells the technician to roll the footage back.

Section: What the hell? Roll it back!

U.S. Sailor 2: On it.

Section: *points* Stop there and play! Salazar. Hurry the f*ck up!

U.S. Sailor 2: Comms are back online, sir!

Section: King, Shade, Fallout, get to the Server Room! Briggs is down!

King: Roger, we're on our way.

Section then starts crawling through the vents all the way to the Server Room.

Section: Attention all security teams, this is Commander David Mason. DEVGRU member Chief Javier Salazar is working with the enemy. I want him taken alive.

Section breaches and enters the Server Room*

Section: Check the wounded!

Upon checking the main terminal, he and Chloe realize what happened and start formulating plans.

Section: This was his plan. Menendez smuggled a Celerium chip on board and hacked our whole system. He's now in command of the satellite network controlling the entire U.S. drone fleet. We need to inform The Pentagon.

Chloe: Let me try something. In order to control our satellites, the signal has to be relayed through proxies. One of them will give us the source of the transmission. It'll take some time.

Section: Do it, Chloe.

Then Briggs sends Section and Trident Team away to go after Menendez and regain control of the U.S. drone fleet.

Admiral Briggs: You better watch your backs. Whoever compromised Salazar can get to any of you. Be careful. Good luck.

Section: Get him to Sick Bay.

Admiral Briggs: Let me turn our automated defenses back to our side first.

U.S. Sailor 3: Yes, sir.

The rest of Trident Team then arrive, with King helping Briggs reactivate the Obama's weapons. And Shade and Fallout getting the SITREP from Section.

King: Let me help you with that, Kraken.

Shade: Farid? Guys? What happened?

Section: Salazar. He played us all. He was working with Menendez.

Fallout: Oh, come on. I didn't wanna see it at all. But I knew having someone like him on our side was too good to be true! f*ck!

Then as USS Obama Security Team Epsilon notifies Section that they have Salazar in custody, the Tridents rally up to see him. But Fallout falls behind for a bit because he paid respects to Farid and Briggs' dead guards, and got Erik Breighner's unlocked Celerium Worm first.

Fallout: God be with you Farid, guys. Chloe, do you need Erik's Celerium Worm for anything?

Chloe: No, not at the moment. Why?

Fallout: You said Celerium can decrypt anything. Can this device out-decrypt Menendez' Celerium chip or the source of the transmission?

Chloe: I don't know, we've never tested one against another.

Fallout: If your creation's as good as you say it is, I say it's worth the shot. Mind if I borrow this?

Chloe: Screw it. Go on.

Fallout: Thank you. Let's pray this long shot works.

In Hangar Bay 2, Section, Fallout, King and Shade face the traitor in their team.

Section: You betrayed us all, Salazar!

Salazar: Today is a difficult day, Section. But tomorrow, we all win.

Fallout: So all this time, we meant nothing to you. Okay then. Welcome to the bitter truth.

Fallout stuns Salazar with his Combatant Suppression Knuckles, causing him to puke. Then the former operator falls and lands on the puddle of his own vomit.

Fallout incapacitates Salazar*

King: Get this son of a bitch out of my sight! Chief Petty Officer, head to Hangar Bay 1 and get us a VTOL.

Fallout: You got it, Commander.

King: Section, Shade, with me. We're going to assist our men's evac on the Flight Deck. Then we'll get Menendez again. Don't worry.

But before the hunt can start again, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force has to regroup and rearm at their temporary TOC (Tactical Operations Command) in Galveston, Texas. Security Team Epsilon's report about Menendez escaping with his men in a stolen F/A-38 fighter jet is confirmed as he flies away into the direction of the incoming UAVs without getting shot down.

With the Obama now under attack by the hijacked U.S. drone fleet, Section orders every friendly on board to abandon ship. On the Flight Deck, Section activates a C.L.A.W. named Dante Tiberius to support Trident Team's advance and protect the Sailors, Marines, SEALs and DEVGRU operators preparing for evac.

Section: We're too late! Tac Command, Menendez is already in the air! He has total control over our drone fleet!

King: Trident 6, what's your status, over?

Fallout: Trident Team, I'm coming out of Hangar Bay 1 now. Elevator, port side. Rescue Teams 3, 4, 5 and all the security teams are moving to secure our remaining air assets. Copy that, over?

King: Copy all.

Less than 90 seconds of clearing the entire Flight Deck later, Section, King and Shade get to Fallout in his VTOL. But as they take off, a surviving mercenary gets a lucky shot on the Chief Petty Officer's shoulder.

Who is then immediately killed by the others. Then King and Section take control of the aircraft while Shade helps Fallout stop the bleeding.

Section: Fallout, you alright?

Fallout: *sighs* Never better. Just gotta patch up.

King: Shade, help him pull that round out. Section and I will take over.

Shade: Come on, man.

Fallout: Yep, thanks.

Section: This is his endgame. He's about to unleash drones on cities across the globe.

While JSOC Counter Terrorist Force leaves, the S.D.C. arrives with hundreds of their drones to save the USS Barack Obama and 4th Fleet from the rogue UAVs. And the U.S. Navy's defenses hold on long enough until help comes around.

U.S. Sailor 3: The Chinese fighters are here! The Obama and 4th Fleet are secured!

14:50:04, Temporary JSOC Counter Terrorist Force TOC, Galveston, Texas, the DEVGRU operators get a big sigh of relief after learning that the Obama and 4th Fleet have been saved by the S.D.C. Secretary Petraeus, who is present in the outpost, requests Trident Team to come with him to brief President Bosworth on the situation in person.

And despite having bandages on his left shoulder and a tape around his body, Fallout puts on his gear and tags along alive, well and still kicking.

Career Record:

Admiral Briggs survived and reactivated the USS Obama's defenses.

S.D.C. sent hundreds of drones to protect the USS Obama and 4th Fleet.

The U.S. Navy's defenses hold in time for the S.D.C. reinforcements to arrive - the Obama and 4th Fleet are saved!

Karma and the crew of the Obama and 4th Fleet survived Menendez' attack!

The Odysseus intel (if all are collected by the player) shows the history and specifications of the USS Barack Obama, the contents of Section's personal effects, and the pictures of Harper's wife and four sons. Including the effects of Menendez' Celerium cyber attack on the U.S. Military's infrastructure.

As well as the United Nations' angry reaction towards the murder of DeFalco. And lastly, the declassified U.S. Navy file of former DEVGRU operator and Naval Aviator turned aircraft carrier captain: Admiral Thomas 'Kraken' Briggs.

Chapter 30: POTUS Security Detail Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Cordis Die

U.S.A. 2025


Protect P.O.T.U.S.

Name: Mason, David

I.D. # 86900711

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 LBS


2025 DEVGRU Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear w/ Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses


Type 25 - Reflex Sight


Storm PSR


KAP-40 - Reflex Sight

Grenades and Equipment:

XM31 Grenade

EMP Grenade


Access Kit


Longer Sprint



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear


SWAT-556 - ACOG Sight, Laser Sight, Select Fire




X-45 Tactical - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


LSAT - Target Finder, Grip


War Machine





2025 DEVGRU Multicam Sniper Uniform and Gear


Ballista - Variable Zoom, Ballistics CPU





Chapter 31: Cordis Die


In between Cordis Die and Judgement Day, Section is in a JSOC command VTOL. Where the main menu, holographic computer and wardrobe are around for the player to keep browsing through.

Chapter Text

15:20:14, Trident Team ft. Secretary Petraeus intercepts President Bosworth's convoy while en route to Los Angeles, California, where all the G20 leaders are assembled for a summit about China. Because of the U.S. Secret Service's strict firearms protocols, the DEVGRU operators had to leave their heavy weapons and grenades behind.

But thanks to some stealth tactics, Fallout was able to sneak his Storm PSR and his team's explosives in a gun case on board Air Force One. Understanding the agents' concerns about unattended firepower in an aircraft, he made sure that the ordnance was 100% safe and secured.

Now airborne, President Bosworth lets Premier Chen know that she has deployed ASEAN's (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) military units and the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet to defend China from Menendez' magnum opus: The Cordis Die Celerium Cyber Attack.

President Bosworth: All ASEAN units and the United States Navy have been instructed to defend China against Raul Menendez' drone attacks.

Premier Chen: (Mandarin Chinese) Thank you. (English) Thank you, Madame President. Your actions speak louder than any words.

Even though he understands the need to keep foreign relations friendly, healthy and strong, Shade cannot help but subtly shake his head behind President Bosworth's back because of her "world first, America last" interests and policies. But he immediately switches back to business mode when Secretary Petraeus gives POTUS the situation about Menendez and Cordis Die.

Petraeus: Madame President. The SEAL Team who captured Menendez requested to head up your security detail. They're our best authority on Menendez and they still believe you may be a target.

But the briefing is cut short when Agent Jones gets an alert from The Pentagon and the Secret Service teams on the ground.

Jones: Sir, we have activity in the air and on the ground. Multiple hostiles.

Petraeus: Oh my God, the drones. They're changing course.

Section: Los Angeles. I knew it was too easy to crack that Celerium drive. He's targeting the president.

Then on the rooftops of Los Angeles, American Cordis Die terrorists, who are dressed in civilian clothes to confuse the authorities, fire FHJ-18 AAs to shoot down Air Force One, Marine One and Marine Two.

King: Marine One and Two are under attack! Go to ground!

Section: Go to ground! Alert the MRAPs for immediate pickup!


Section: We're going down!


In the aftermath, Trident Team, President Bosworth, Secretary Petraeus, the Vice President of the United States and Agent Jones survive the crash.

Section: Madame President, are you okay?

President Bosworth: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Section: Are you sure?

President Bosworth: Yeah.

Then Agent Richards and Agent Samuels arrive to evac the president.

Richards: Is everyone alright?

King: Yeah, so far. What's the call, agents?

Samuels: Evac the president to Prom Night.

While leaving Air Force One, the Secret Service gives Trident Team the plan. Which is to get POTUS to the Prom Night center turned makeshift bunker under the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown L.A.

And Fallout grabbing the gun case in the VTOL's cargo bay makes him the last man out. En route to the Secret Service MRAP convoy, the U.S. Vice President runs faster than the others.

Which makes him further away from the security detail and gets him shot in the chest by a squad of Cordis Die and WCO PMC insurgents. Luckily, he is saved by Fallout equipped with his Storm PSR.

Fallout: I knew something like this was gonna happen! I got your XM31s and EMPs here, guys.

King: Grab their weapons and ammo as well. Fallout, give your Storm PSR to Section. He's the best shot.

Fallout: Here you go, LT Commander.

While the convoy clears the area filled with American terrorists and mercenaries, Trident Team starts scavenging for heavy weapons. Section grabs a Type 25, Fallout takes a SWAT-556 and an RPG, King acquires an LSAT and a Milkor Mk 1S MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) (War Machine), and Shade seizes a Ballista and an MSMC.

Now properly armed and fully loaded, the DEVGRU operators regroup with the Secret Service MRAP convoy and get moving. Inside, Section and Fallout try to save the wounded, panicking Vice President of the United States.





JUNE 19TH, 2025 - 15:33:34

U.S. Vice President: Oh, sh*t! Oh, sh*t!

Fallout: Calm down, Mr. Vice President! The bullet went through clean! You're gonna be fine!

U.S. Vice President: Stupid!

Section: I'm giving you something for the pain!

U.S. Vice President: (the last breath)

The U.S. Vice President dies of blood loss.

Fallout: Sleeper cell f*cks!

Then U.S. Secretary of State Johnson gives the SITREP straight from The Pentagon. And everyone else starts coordinating with whoever they have in their corner.

Johnson: Madame President, Cordis Die and the drones took out Marine One, Marine Two and Marine Three. We cannot extract you by air.

President Bosworth: Jones, what's the status of the other convoys?

Jones: L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department) reports surface streets are compromised. Hundreds of heavily armed mercenaries and terrorists have struck L.A. simultaneously.

President Bosworth: Any word on casualties?

Johnson: Downtown L.A. evacuated. Preliminary reports are below expectations.

President Bosworth: Thank God. Winslow, Mason, what's our next move?

Section: Madame President, we're taking you to the Prom Night shelter under the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown.

King: Safest place for high value targets like you, Madame President.

President Bosworth: *nods* Johnson, I want troops in the streets and these drones dealt with.

Johnson: Yes, Madame President.

Samuels: NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) scrambled 200 F/A-38s. They're less than five minutes out.

Section: This is what Menendez planned all along. Taking out the G20 leaders will cripple capitalist governments across the world.

While still on the freeway to Downtown L.A., the police escort and convoy itself get hit by FHJ-18 AAs and a Lodestar Drone. With the front MRAPs hit, Trident Team and the Secret Service get to work on protecting President Bosworth and Secretary Johnson at all costs.

King: Samuels, Jones, Richards, get 'em to cover!

Fallout: I got you, Section! Get up!

Samuels: We need to move! The drones are all over us!

Shade: The stingers at our 12 are our only chance to clear the air! Go, Section! I'll cover you!

Section: Got it! Be ready to move!

After reaching the Stinger MRAP, which is equipped with an Anti-Air Stinger Missile Battery, which is hanging on the edge of a collapsed part of the freeway, Section starts firing. While Shade spots squadrons of UAV Attack Drones for the Lieutenant Commander to destroy.

Shade: Here they come! Fire, fire, fire!

Section: Tracking multiple groups!

Shade: Check the radar at the bottom for their directions! Eight missiles to fire in total before taking a second to reload! Don't shoot until you get a good lock!

Section: Get DOWN!

Samuels: They're all over us, Section!

Shade: They noticed you! Clean up the airspace and get the hell outta there!

Section: That's your window! Get the president and secretary out of there! Go! Go! NOW!

Trident Team and the Secret Service get the President Bosworth and Secretary Johnson out of the wreckage, and Section gets out of the Stinger MRAP before it falls off the freeway. Then a Lodestar Drone starts gunning for the teams' positions.

But they get saved by a U.S. Air Force F/A-38, piloted by Captain Audrey Henderson, callsign: Anderson.

Anderson: Trident Team, this is Anderson responding to your mayday call. Standing by for tasking.

Section: Anderson, this is Section. We are en route to the Prom Night bunker underneath the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown L.A. with the president and secretary of state. Request establish overhead and provide armed overwatch.

Anderson: WILCO. Be advised, I'm all you got. The bulk of my squadron is down or engaging drones.

Section: Understood. We'll make it work.

Now that the joint presidential security team has air support that will keep the drones away, the operators and agents start working on an alternate way to Prom Night.

Section: Guys, what's the SITREP?

Fallout: Cordis Die and WCO PMC are swarming the streets and freeways.

Shade: They got RPG teams targeting another G20 convoy dead ahead, lower level.

Section: Okay. What's the call, King?

King: We need those vehicles to get to Prom Night. Two of us will provide small arms overwatch from here. The other two will get down there with the agents, president and secretary to escort them to those MRAPs.

If the player chooses to rappel down to the lower level, Fallout and Shade will stay on the freeway while King will go with Section, the agents and the VIPs.

Section: Rappel down, go!

Fallout: I'll call targets for all of you.

Once the squad reaches the MRAPs, Shade and Fallout will get off the upper level and rejoin the team. If the player chooses to snipe from the freeway, Section will stay with Shade while King and Fallout will drop down with the Secret Service and the HVIs.

Section: Get the president and secretary down there while Shade and I provide cover fire.

Fallout: We got you. Just hold tight, now... here we go.

Section: We gotta make quick or the folks inside are dead meat.

King: We've landed, full head count. Several mercs inside the big rig trailer, just below your sniper's nest.

Fallout: HMG truck coming from the right.

technical explodes*

Section: Got 'em. Take cover behind the bus.

Samuels: Roger that. We're taking fire from all sides!

Section: Stay in cover until clear.

Shade: Another technical and more Cordis Die dickhe*ds, lower left side.

technical explodes*

Section: Push through. The G20 leaders in those vehicles are running out of time.

King: Keep covering the president and secretary!

Samuels: Taking fire from snipers and a technical on the overpass!

technical explodes*

Fallout: Use that X-Ray scope, Section! Hold the trigger to charge five rounds max and let go to shoot through cover or to destroy vehicles! The green highlight means you can shoot through! The red means you can't!

King: Clear! Get to the MRAPs! Now get off your freeway, sniper team! Mercs are bringing it down!

Section: sh*t!


thud thud*


Section: You good?

Shade: Yeah. RPG, 2 o'clock!

automatic rifle and SMG fire*

After getting off the freeway and killing the RPG team trying to kill them, Section and Shade get back to the group. While Agent Jones confirms that the rear vehicles diverted when the Lodestar Drone hit the front MRAPs and Secretary Petraeus is secure.

Section: Good work, people.

King: We need to get this convoy moving! Get the president and secretary into the middle vehicle!

Section: We're gonna be fighting every inch of the way! Agent Richards, get back to Samuels and Jones in the middle vehicle!

Richards: Got it! Moving!

Shade: Go! PMCs and terrorists with HMG trucks and RPGs up ahead, high and low! More at three o'clock of our position!

King: I'll take the lead vehicle with my team!

Fallout: Everyone on our lead! 110! Northbound! Single file convoy!

Section: Update all! Blue Route is go!

With Section driving, King in the front seat, and Shade and Fallout in the back, the G20 convoy gets a move on. The convoy will follow the Blue Route, which leads to the 110 Building, where they can hold and defend themselves for a bit before taking a straight path to Prom Night.

King: Punch it, Section!

Section: They're trying to block our exit! Push through 'em! Ram anything in your way!

Anderson: Section, you've got a drone turning in on your convoy!

King: Go left!

Anderson: I have lock! Firing!


King: Go right!

Anderson: Right, Section! The overpass is coming down!

Section: (off comms) Holy sh*t! (on comms) Anderson, how badly hit is Downtown?

Anderson: It's bad, Section. Most of the city's now a full blown warzone. I don't know how you're gonna make it through Downtown.

Section: I don't know yet... but we will.

King: Our drones were exactly the key to Menendez' magnum opus. He can hit the West and China's critical powerhouses, and collapse society in less than a day. All for the supposed 99%.

Anderson: Section, I'm seeing vehicles converging on the streets ahead. On your right!

Section: sh*t!


In response to Trident Team's MRAP getting rammed and ambushed by WCO PMC, the other two divert away from the big rig filled with mercs and take another route to the 110 Building. While Shade and Fallout move out to counter-attack, Section and King try to recover from the impact.

In the Lieutenant Commander's head, he remembers what Woods told him before he left for Yemen.

Woods: (flashback) Aside from the fact that I'm still alive, none of this surprises me. Technology gets stronger, but we've gotten weaker. We've built computers, robots, whole unmanned armies. But no one ever asks.

15:44:04, then he starts coming to along with his TL.

Samuels: (muffled) G-Units, Blue Route is compromised. I say again, Blue Route is compromised. All convoys need to avoid the Arena District. Await further updates.

Section: We'll find a way through the streets. We'll regroup en route.

As the two COs leave the MRAP via the hatch, it turns out that Anderson has kept Trident Team covered from the air this whole time.

Anderson: We got RPGs on the rooftops all around. I'm trying to...

cannon spooling*

Anderson: Come on! Dammit!


And she gets hit by an RPG for it.

Section: Anderson!


Anderson: Son of a bitch! I'm... I'm hit... but I'm okay... dammit.

Fallout: Thank God those 6th Gen Fighters are tough!


King: Motherf*cking C.L.A.W.!

police car explodes*

After an enemy C.L.A.W. kills a squad of L.A.P.D. officers, King and Fallout destroy it with their War Machine and RPG. Then Trident Team, along with four surviving cops armed with KAP-40s, KSGs and Remington 870 MCS's (Modular Combat System), start fighting WCO PMC troops and American Cordis Die terrorists all over the Arena District.

thump boom thump boom*

Fallout: Get back!

RPG fires*


C.L.A.W. explodes*

Fallout: Enemy C.L.A.W. is busted good!

King: It was a f*cking ambush! We got mercs and traitors all over the Arena District!

To tip the odds in the friendly forces' favor while Anderson is recovering from the hit she took, Section reprograms a squadron of Quad Rotor Drones from an overturned WCO PMC big rig to provide CAS. With them, he destroys another hostile C.L.A.W. in the middle of the street.

Section: Dammit! They've got more of them!

Quad Rotor Drones fire*

C.L.A.W. explodes*

Fallout: Hostile C.L.A.W., kill confirmed!

Section: f*ck... YOU!

Once clear, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force and L.A.P.D. move up to the intersection before the Los Angeles Convention Center. There, they take out mercenary reinforcements and one more C.L.A.W. while receiving updates from Anderson, Samuels and President Bosworth.

Anderson: Section, WCO and Cordis Die are bringing in reinforcements!

Section: Roger that!

Fallout: C.L.A.W. coming out of that wreck! Four or so fully charged Storm PSR shots will punch through its armor and kill it!

Storm PSR fires*

Samuels: We're northbound on 110, but we're getting word the French President's convoy is pinned down near the Arena.

C.L.A.W. explodes*

President Bosworth: If we lose any more foreign leaders, then the fallout from this incident could be catastrophic.

Fallout: Enemy C.L.A.W. is broke hard! Nicely done, LT Commander!

Section: Understood. Section, out.

At the Los Angeles Convention Center's entrance, Fallout, if the player does not do it first, rescues Secret Service Agents Smith, Bailey and Evans from their burning MRAP/IAV (Interim Armored Vehicle). Either way, the challenge to save the SSAs will be completed.

Smith: Our IAV is on fire! You gotta get us out! Please!

Fallout: Opening the hatch with The Claw tool, standby!

Smith: Thank God!

Fallout: Keep your guns up! We still have a job to do!

Bailey: Let me help you here.

Evans: Thanks. You heard the man, let's move.

And this time, the Secret Service agents are helpful, deadly, invulnerable NPCs, like the Quad Rotor Drones and the four L.A.P.D. officers. These new and minute features are only available in the Full Picture/Complete Ending walkthrough.

With the teams now in the merc-and-terrorist-infested Los Angeles Convention Center itself, they split up to clean house. Section, Shade, Smith, Bailey and Evans take the left side shops and food courts, King and the police will sweep the outside, and Fallout will clean the right side shops and food courts.

King: Spread out! Open your fields of fire!

Section: Stay online!

Fallout: Make good use of my Storm on enemy infantry you can and cannot see! One will take parts! Two and three will create cavities! Four and five will make a hamburger!

King: *chuckles* First floor, right side!

Section: A Cordis Die uprising in Stateside. You expected quite a fight, Fallout.

Fallout: Doesn't mean I wanted it. First floor right side, copy!

Shade: First floor, left side!

Section: First floor left side, copy!

Shade: Second floor, by the escalator!

Section: Second floor by the escalator, copy!

King: Fighter jet incoming! Get out of the way!


King: He looks stable! Take my Claw and help him outta there, officers! I'll cover!

One minute of fighting later, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force, L.A.P.D. and U.S. Secret Service clear the Los Angeles Convention Center and save a U.S. Air Force pilot from his crashed F/A-38 in the middle of the outdoor area. Then Anderson gets back to Section about the French President and a way to take some of the drone heat off of him and the Arena.

Anderson: Drones swarming the Arena. I see a SAM turret on the Convention Center's roof. Think you can reach it?

Section: Only one way to find out. Anderson, the French President's vehicle is pinned down nearby. Do you have eyes on?

Anderson: Enemy forces are targeting an IAV directly in front of the Arena.

Section: That's him! Hold them off! We're on our way!

But before they move on, Section gets to the Convention Center's security SAM turret on the roof and starts taking down swarms of UAV Attack Drones. He manages to shoot down eight squadrons worth of drones before he runs out of ammo and the UAVs manage to destroy the anti-air weapon.

Now by the Arena, the French President and the five-man Secret Service team protecting him are saved by the DEVGRU operators, cops and fellow agents. Then Anderson gets shot in the stomach by an American Cordis Die sniper and has to land vertically deep into enemy lines.

As she is on terra firma bleeding out, terrorists start climbing onto her F/A-38 to capture her. But Trident Team manages to keep them off.

SWAT-556 automatic fire*

Fallout: Get your f*cking hands off her and her jet, ya sh*theads!

Shade: No RPGs left up high!

thump boom*

technicals explode*

King: Two technicals are down! Let's clean up and secure her!

Then disaster strikes as the 110 Building collapses and cakes all of Downtown L.A.

110 Building screeches*

Shade: Aw sh*t! The 110 Building is collapsing!


Fallout: (muffled) EVERYBODY GET DOWN!

The shock wave causes Section to fall and hit his head on a car, hard. As he tries to wake up, he harkens back to Woods' words of wisdom.

Woods: (flashback) "What happens when the enemy steals the keys and the things we've built to keep us safe are turned against us?" That's when they've figured it out. They'll always need men like us. Those who are willing to do what others cannot.

15:55:11, after that, he finally regains consciousness and addresses the situation with his teammates.

Shade: Area clear!

Fallout: Holy sh*t. You alright, Boss? You hit your head pretty hard.

Section: Yeah. Aw sh*t, Anderson! She took a hit before! Don't know how bad!

Upon reaching the F/A-38, Anderson climbs out of the co*ckpit and falls to the ground. Luckily, an ambulance has just arrived to search for friendlies and/or civilians to save.

Fallout: Yes! She's still breathing!

Section: We gotta get her to safety! Make sure she lives!

King: We'll take the ambulance with her to Prom Night. Fallout, how's your coordination and flying?

Fallout: Still intact and well-remembered, sir.

King: Is the fighter still viable?

Fallout: Affirmative, fuselage damages are automatically patched and fires are extinguished.

King: Get on it. We'll still need close air support to get to the convoy and Prom Night. Shade, Section, stay with Anderson in the back. I'll drive.

Fallout: You got it, King.

Shade: Hey, Fallout. I feel the need...

Fallout and Shade: The need for speed.

Section: Good luck up there, Chief.

Fallout: Thank you, LT Commander. Here, I can sync my HUD to the controls. Okay... thanks for the flight lessons, King, Kraken.

After giving Anderson's flight helmet back, placing his hacking module on the F/A-38's systems to bypass the controls' locks and saluting Trident Team's L.A.P.D. and Secret Service teammates, Fallout takes off and gets to work in the air.





JUNE 19TH, 2025 - 15:56:16

Flight Computer: Identify. Crosby, Luke. Priority Override. Alpha. Delta. Echo. X-Ray. Authorization, accepted. Start-up Sequence, initiated. Controls, Navigation, Communication and Telemetry Systems, now online.

Fallout: Alright, I have eyes on the G20 convoy, guys. Turn left.

King: Yep... we got 'em.

Samuels: Cordis Die and the PMCs are flooding every damn intersection! The L.A.P.D. are overwhelmed! We're not gonna make it!

Fallout: Samuels, this is Trident 6. I've secured an F/A-38 to provide air support. I'm tracking your location now. Just hang in there, over.

Samuels: Roger that. The attack devastated much of the area! Dammit!

Fallout: Team, turn left on 9th.

King: Got it.

Fallout: Enemy big rigs crashing the Hope Street blockade, drive faster! More of them coming to block the end of the street, turn right! Get outta there and stay away from the parking garage! More Stealth Choppers! Keep heading straight, I got 'em!

Flight Computer: Thruster Repair, complete. CTOL (Conventional Take-Off and Landing) Mode, restored.

Fallout: Left's too hot, turn right on fifth!

Dozens of destroyed WCO PMC big rig trucks, technicals and Stealth Choppers later, the G20 convoy stops at a line of other G20 motorcades trying to get to Prom Night. While waiting, Fallout asks for Anderson's help with unlocking the Skybuster Missiles.

Radar and thermal guided air-to-air missiles that create explosions large enough to destroy an aircraft and two more near it. In the Full Picture/Complete Ending walkthrough, Anderson is 100% guaranteed to survive thanks to King, Section and Shade protecting her.

King: sh*t, we're too exposed in this line! Come on, get a f*cking move on over there!

Section: How are ya doin' up there?

Fallout: Good so far, just got the conventional flight mode back online.

Section: You need help?

Fallout: Actually, I do. Is Anderson awake? Can you get her on comms?

Section: Yeah, hang on... she's online.

Fallout: Anderson, this is Trident 6 in your F/A-38. I may need the Skybuster Missiles. Can you share the codes with me, over?

Anderson: Okay, uploading the Skybuster codes to you.

Fallout checks his Mini Pad and inputs Anderson's codes.

Flight Computer: Skybuster, online.

Fallout: Nice! Much appreciated, Anderson. Take it easy now. Trident 6, out.

Then another wave of UAV Attack Drones and Lodestar Drones arrive to destroy the G20 convoys and Prom Night. So the Chief activates the CTOL Mode and joins a U.S. Air Force squadron to engage.

Samuels: Fallout, we're tracking another wave of drones advancing on our position!

Fallout: I'll handle them. Just get the VIPs to Prom Night, over. Let's turn and burn!

U.S. Pilot 1: Engaging.


U.S. Pilot 2: Just keep firing.


U.S. Pilot 3: Oh, you son of a bitch.

U.S. Pilot 4: I have lock.


U.S. Pilot 3: Firing missiles.


U.S. Pilot 3: Got him.

Richards: G20 is at risk of getting blown up, Fallout!


U.S. Pilot 1: Target eliminated.

Flight Computer: Warning. Structural Integrity, 15%.

After assisting the friendly Airmen in clearing Los Angeles' airspace, Fallout's F/A-38 comes apart from battle damage. Thus he ejects, lands in Downtown L.A. and proceeds to Prom Night on foot.

Fallout: That's it! Just in time, my fighter's coming apart! Eject, eject, eject!

ejector seat launching*

F/A-38 explodes*

Fallout: sh*t! *panting* Phew! Oh, thank God.


King: Trident 6, come in! Trident 6, do you copy, over?

Fallout: Trident 6 copies, 1. I'm on the ground, about a hundred yards north-northeast of Prom Night. I'm moving there now, over.

King: Roger that. Come on over, we'll expect you at the entrance.


Section: Crosby... that was some damn good flying right there. Nicely done.

Fallout: Thank you, Mason.

Shade: Yeah, bro. Come on.

Fallout: Huh, always wanted to roll up to Prom Night like this.

Shade: A little bit late for the Prom, but aren't we all. Imma get some punch.

Fallout: Anderson, sorry I couldn't save your plane.

Anderson: Eh, it's alright. When the plane's lost, the crew comes first.

Fallout and Anderson shake hands*

Anderson: Gotta say, you surprised me. I didn't take you for a pilot.

Fallout: Ah, I'm just a mere Navy SEAL who knows how to fly.

Shade: Should we leave you two alone, Maverick?

Fallout: Shut up.

all laughing*

Anderson: *sighs* Navy boys.

16:24:16, U.S. Secret Service secures aerial extraction for President Bosworth, Secretary Petraeus and Secretary Johnson back to Washington D.C. A team of U.S. Air Force Pararescuemen takes Anderson back to her squadron in Edwards Air Force Base.

And Trident Team returns to the rest of JSOC Counter Terrorist Force for an immediate deployment.

Career Record:

President Bosworth is saved.

The Cordis Die intel (if all are collected by the player) shows the files of President Bosworth and Secretary Petraeus, as well as the service records of Agent Samuels and Captain Audrey 'Anderson' Henderson. Including the specs of the 2025 U.S. Military MRAP, Anti-Air Stinger Missile Battery, UAV Attack Drone, Lodestar Drone and 2025 U.S.A.'s 6th generation fighter aircraft: The McDonnell Douglas F/A-38 Lightning Strike.

Chapter 32: Installation Assault Prep Work

Chapter Text

Mission Briefing:

Judgement Day

Haiti 2025


Find Raul Menendez

Name: Mason, David

I.D. # 86900711

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 200 LBS


2025 DEVGRU Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear w/ Unfolded Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Rimless Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses


SCAR-H - Target Finder, Laser Sight, Grenade Launcher


XPR-50 - Dual Band Scope, Variable Zoom, Ballistics CPU


KAP-40 - Reflex Sight

Grenades and Equipment:

XM31 Grenade

EMP Grenade


Access Kit


Longer Sprint


Jet Wing Flight Helmet

Stealth Jet Wing

Stealth Parachute



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Rifleman Uniform and Gear


M4V9 - Hybrid Optic, Laser Sight, Grenade Launcher


Storm PSR


X-45 Tactical - Reflex Sight, Laser Sight, Suppressor



2025 DEVGRU Multicam Support Gunner Uniform and Gear


M60E6 - Dual Band Scope, Laser Sight, Grip





2025 DEVGRU Multicam Sniper Uniform and Gear


Barrett M82A3 (Black) - Variable Zoom, Ballistics CPU, Laser Sight


M27 - EOTech Sight, Laser Sight, Grip





75th Ranger Regiment Uniform Set - Multicam Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Multicam Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Coyote Brown 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Multicam 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Multicam Molle Battle Belt, Multicam Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet w/ Coyote Brown Earmor Tactical M32 Headset, Sandstone Scarf, Black-Rimmed Black-Tinted Oakley Sunglasses, Coyote Brown Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves, Unit and U.S. Flag Patches


Daniel Defense M4A1 - EOTech EXPS34 Holographic Sight, EOTech PEQ-15 IR Aiming Laser, Hi-Point 995 Tactical LED Flashlight, M203 Grenade Launcher, Magpul PMAG 30 Gen M2 MOE


Colt M16A4 - Trijicon ACOG, EOTech PEQ-15 IR Aiming Laser, Hi-Point 995 Tactical LED Flashlight, 30-Round Steel STANAG Magazine


FN M240B - Railed Barrel, Railed Feed Tray Cover, 100-Round Box Magazine, Trijicon SRS02 Green Dot Sight, EOTech PEQ-15 IR Aiming Laser, Hi-Point 995 Tactical LED Flashlight, Magpul Angled Foregrip


TTI Glock 34 Combat Master



75th Ranger Regiment Uniform Set - Multicam Crye Precision G3 Combat Shirt, Multicam Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants, Coyote Brown 5.11 Ranger Tactical Shoes, Multicam 5.11 TactTec Plate Carrier, Multicam Molle Battle Belt, Multicam Ops-Core FAST Carbon High Cut Helmet w/ Coyote Brown Earmor Tactical M32 Headset, Black-Rimmed Clear Shooter Goggles, Coyote Brown Oakley Factory Pilot 2.0 Gloves, Unit and U.S. Flag Patches


FN M240B - Railed Barrel, Railed Feed Tray Cover, 100-Round Box Magazine, Eclan Specter M145 Machine Gun Optic, EOTech PEQ-15 IR Aiming Laser, Hi-Point 995 Tactical LED Flashlight, Integrated Unfolded Bipod


Beretta M9A3

Chapter 33: Judgement Day

Chapter Text

16:55:00, The Pentagon, with Trident Team having to depart immediately for a slipping chance to stop Menendez' masterpiece before it reaches its peak, Secretary Petraeus gives President Bosworth the full SITREP himself.

Petraeus: Madame President, we now know how Menendez pulled it off. It's now clear that Menendez intended to be captured and brought to the Obama, in order to execute his attack.

President Bosworth: A Trojan Horse. Odysseus.

Petraeus: He used a Celerium device to infect our internal servers with a virus compromising our entire military satellite infrastructure. The bad news is, the drones are still his. He's piggybacking on communications satellites all over the world.

President Bosworth: What are our options?

Petraeus: Well, there is some good news. We've traced the source of the signals.

President Bosworth: Haiti?

Petraeus: JSOC's in the sky right now. In T minus ten minutes, we'll be boots on the ground.

President Bosworth: How long before the drones get to the other cities?

Petraeus: At the current rate and trajectory... approximately T minus ten.

President Bosworth: Oh my God, what about China?

Petraeus: We are launching a coordinated simultaneous attack on the WCO PMC facility in Haiti. We can trust Premier Chen now, he will not let us down.

President Bosworth: Is this it? Is this the end?

Petraeus: Madame President, may God help us.

17:29:04, Fallout finds himself getting choked by his own rifle's strap caught on a piece of wrecked ground, while Section has Menendez at gunpoint. While freeing himself, he suddenly hears a sound that will haunt him for the last few moments of his life.


Fallout: NO! Section, what the f*ck are you doing?!

Section: I did what had to be done. For everyone, like you wanted.

Fallout: This is not the way! You f*cking killed us just then! You think our back channels are gonna cover up his death?! They WILL find out! And they'll come for us and help is NOT coming! That includes your family! Woods, Catriona—

Section: Do NOT bring them into this!





Annoyed and pissed off, Section punches and stomps Fallout in the face, knocking him out. June 20th, 2025 - 12:04:19, Virginia Beach, Virginia, the Chief Petty Officer then wakes up with a bag over his head, with his limbs hurting and tied to something made of metal.

Then he hears and sees this.

Menendez: This video is triggered to play upon my assassination. Cordis Die, you know how to proceed. My death will shine light upon ubiquitous darkness.

Fallout: *sniffs* What is that, gasoline?

Bag gets removed*

Fallout: No, NOOO! Guys, AUDREY!

Anderson: LUKE, HELP M— *muffled whimpering*

Section, Woods, King and Shade: *screaming in pain*

Fallout finds himself covered in gasoline and tied to a mock-up Crucifix with barbed wire, along with Section, Woods, King and Shade, right in the middle of the suburbs of Virginia Beach. In front of him are Anderson, Chloe, Catriona, Savannah, Jessica and Harper's wife getting gang-raped.

In front of him is the same Virginia Police Intelligence Sergeant holding a torch and giving a revenge speech before ritualistically executing Trident Team and the retired Sergeant.

Intelligence Sergeant: *laughing maniacally* You should have never went after us! I knew you were the biggest fool that ever existed, despite all your precious, rigorous training! Now my Cordis Die brothers and sisters, watch as we send the murderers of Odysseus to Hell! Where they will suffer and be tortured for all eternity!


Crucifixes light up*

Trident Team and Woods: *burning and screaming*

Anderson: NOOOO— *choking* *muffled crying*

Cordis Die Crowd: *laughing maniacally* CORDIS DIE! CORDIS DIE! CORDIS DIE! *cheering*

CNN: Make no mistake - this is a new cold war. We may not always see our enemies, but they are out there.

Fallout: *gasps* Raaah! *breathes heavily*

Then Fallout wakes up, takes a sharp breath, sits up, yells and holds his M4V9, but with his finger still off the trigger. And he finds himself still in the VTOL on the way to Haiti.

Which means the whole sequence of events was just a dream.

Chaos: Fallout?

17:03:07, while looking around, Sergeant Major James 'Chaos' Ramirez and First Sergeant Jason McCord get his attention.

McCord: Damn, Fallout. You look real shaken. Bad dream? PTSD?

Fallout: *sighs* Bad dream, sh*t.

Chaos: Wanna talk about it?

Fallout: Long story short, if Section kills Menendez, Cordis Die is gonna come after us and everyone we love. And we will all be too late to stop it. We'll only get executed while we watch every woman and girl we know get gangb*nged.

Chaos: Motherf*cker. Do you need help in stopping Menendez the right way?

Fallout: Maybe. Oh my God.

McCord: Hey, that's what we're here for. We are gonna end this war, and we will do it right. Just stay focused, yeah?

Fallout: Yeah. Thanks, guys.

red light turns on*

Chaos: That's us. Flight helmets on! Flight helmets on!

With that signal, Chaos and McCord ready everyone and the Stealth Jet Wings for a HALO jump in one minute.




JSOC COUNTER TERRORIST FORCE, P.L.A. S.D.C. Spec Ops: "Oriental Sword"

JUNE 19TH, 2025 - 17:04:00

VTOL Co-Pilot: Time on target, 60 seconds.

Chaos: Okay, you're set. You're HUD link clear?

King: Clear.

Shade: Clear.

Fallout: Crystal.

Section: All good.

Chaos: Confirmed.

McCord: Alright, Trident Team. You're good to go.

Section: Alright, listen up. We have our objectives. Shut down the transmission controlling the drones. Execute kill/capture order on target: Raul Menendez.

Fallout: I highly recommend capture. Sure, doing it again may not be smart. But killing him will STILL be a lot more stupid. Remember what happens next if he dies, for all our sakes.

Shade: *nods*

King: *nods* Hunters, you good?

Chaos and McCord: All set. *fist-bump*

VTOL Co-Pilot: Time on target, 30 seconds.

McCord: sh*t, that was close!

Now in the WCO PMC installation's flak-covered airspace, the VTOL Trident Team and Hunter Team 2 are on gets hit.


VTOL Main Pilot: Get everyone out, NOW!

Chaos: Everyone, out, out!

Section: Go, now!

VTOL Co-Pilot: Get out! Get out!


With everyone out of their aerial troop transports, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force and Oriental Sword fly down to the WCO/Cordis Die Haitian facility. Dodging other VTOLs and enemy missiles along the way.

Jet Wing Flight Helmet: Wings, deployed.

Section: Control your descent!

Fallout: Don't get clipped by them now!

First cloud layer passed.

Section: Avoid the missiles!

Second cloud layer passed.

Fallout: Just a little longer, come on!

Third cloud layer passed and touchdown.

automatic rifle fire*

Quad Rotor Drones explode*

Fallout: Drop your chutes and flight helmets! I'll cover!

King: JSOC, move out!

Now in the AO, Trident Team, Hunter Team 2, Rogue Team 4 and Rogue Team 5 begin their assault with acquired help from some Quad Rotor Drones and given C.L.A.W.s: Primus and Magnus. Covering them from afar are Supporting Element 1 and Supporting Element 2 who will seal off the base from outside reinforcements, and Oriental Sword who will deal with the snipers on the South and West Catwalks.

Section: Supporting Element 1, say status!

SE1: Established containment western flank, 100 series buildings. Chinese Special Forces are in support.

Section: SE2, are you up?

SE2: Affirm. In position to parallel your movement east side. Set on rooftops 300 series buildings.

Section: Copy all! Main Effort moving south! Updates as needed! Quad support online! Moving to engage!

Rogue 4-1: RPGs on the roof, top of the Security Checkpoint!

Shade: Oriental Sword operators are landing on the rooftops and high ground! They'll deal with the snipers!

Rogue 4-2: RPGs on the South Catwalk!

Rogue 4-3: Guys in cover, behind the barricades!

Anderson: Trident 6, this is Jester 2-7. Be advised, F.E.L. Mounts on the roofs are obliterating your rear units. Commencing airstrikes on them now. Danger close, over.

Fallout: Roger that, Jester 2-7! You're cleared hot! Team, don't worry about those Laser Mounts! Air support will handle them!

Jester 2-7, now revealed as Anderson herself, then comes in to start doing lightning-quick precision airstrikes with air-to-ground missiles to destroy the F.E.L. Mounts. Despite having to narrowly evade a deadly laser light show, she survives and completes the in-game challenge for the player.

F.E.L. Mounts explode*

Anderson: Laser Mounts are gone. Your reinforcements are cleared for landing, over.

Fallout: Nicely done, Jester 2-7! You're cleared to proceed with your primary objective! Stay safe up there! Trident 6, out!

To protect the Quad Rotor Drones, Primus and Magnus, King and Shade blow up the mercs' C.L.A.W. and Quads.

Rogue 4-4: Take down that C.L.A.W.!

C.L.A.W. explodes*

Shade: Better support our C.L.A.W.s and Quads by killing theirs!

Rogue 5-1: Take out the Quad Rotors!

Quad Rotor Drones explode*

King: This is the WCO mercs' last stand! So let's smash it, team!

Section: SE1 and 2 are taking key positions to support our advance, so watch their fire! Don't get sidetracked. We're here to shut down the transmission and kill/capture Menendez.

Before advancing on the Main Building, the Security Checkpoint, Supply Area and Comms Building have to be cleared first.

Rogue 5-2: Sentry Gun, ground floor!

Rogue 5-3: Knock out the MG!

While moving to the first target (the Security Checkpoint), a friendly VTOL crashes behind it. So after killing every mercenary inside the structure and its vicinity, Trident Team and Hunter Team 2 breach the downed aircraft to rescue any survivors.

Only to find dead VTOL crew members, Army Rangers, DEVGRU operators and Oriental Sword operators. As well as their long range weapons and the controls to the Kinetic Strike Weapon, which indicate that they were the reserved Supporting Element 3.

So they pay their respects and get the tactical pad linked to the payload's controls.

Chaos: We won't let them get away with this, fellas.

Section: Kinetic Strike Weapon is online. Be advised, I'm calling down the thunder!

At first, Rogue Team 5 planned to push through the Supply Area, but Section decides to level it instead. The BDA shows mercenaries in Optical Camouflage Suits blown to bits.

Rogue 5-1: Push through the Supply Area!

Section: Kinetic Strike initiated! Get your heads down!

Fallout: No, Rogue 5! Get back!


Rogue 5-2: f*ck, that was close!

Shade: BDA shows mercs with Optical Camo. Close indeed.

Rogue 5-3: Incoming on the West Catwalk!

Rogue 5-4: Watch it, friendlies dropping in!

With those two areas clear, the Main Effort moves on to the Comms Building, which is filled with invisible PMCs. But they are nothing that a few well-placed shots, Combat Knives and Combatant Suppression Knuckles cannot handle.

King: Best to clear the Comms Building first.

Rogue 5-1: Enemies got Optical Camo!

After securing the last key supporting building of the facility, the DEVGRU operators and Army Rangers move to the Main Building. Destroying a couple of hostile C.L.A.W.s along the way.

Section: Target building up ahead!

Fallout: Use our air support to destroy those C.L.A.W.s!

Section: Targeting Quad Rotors. Watch their fire!

Quad Rotor Drones firing*

C.L.A.W. explodes*

Section: Hypervelocity package inbound, everybody clear!


SE1: C.L.A.W.s are down, you're clear.

King: Everyone, push into the building! Breach and clear, go!

Section: Alright, come on!

Now inside the Main Building, the Kinetic Strike Weapon and Quads cannot be used inside. One for an obvious reason, and the other is that they will be used for exterior security.

Regardless, Trident Team, Hunter Team 2, Rogue Team 4 and Rogue Team 5 breach and clear, with some JSOC Counter Terrorist Force and Oriental Sword support from the upper floors. While fighting WCO PMC, who are dug in with Optical Camo, shotguns, LMGs and Flashbangs, The Pentagon's Colonel Kurtz lets the Main Effort know the worldwide situation.

Colonel Kurtz: Commanders, we stand on the brink of global catastrophe. America and China face imminent annihilation from our own drones. We're out of time. Locate that control room and shut down the broadcast signals.

King: We're close. We won't be long now. Standby, over.

As they enter the Storage Room, four enemy A.G.R.s get deployed, which are dealt with quickly thanks to EMP Grenades. Seeing another one in a box, Section reprograms it to support the assault.

Rogue 4-1: Find cover!

Rogue 4-3: Enemy A.G.R.s!

Rogue 4-4: Kill 'em!

EMP Grenades pulse*

Rogue 4-2: Suppressive fire!

A.G.R.s explode*

Section: Enemy A.G.R. in storage reprogrammed to support!

Now bypassing the Primary Manufacturing Room, the Broadcast Room is in sight. So it is time to get organized with SE1 splitting up to set up checkpoints all over the installation.

McCord: There it is! The Broadcast Room!

Section: Main Effort has located broadcast source. SE1, say status.

SE1: 100 series building perimeter established.

Section: SE1, switch profile to checkpoint responsibilities. I want this place locked down.

SE1: Roger that.

Shade: Enemy Quads up high!

Section: Push forward! We've only got one chance at this!

Twenty dead insurgents and four shot out Quad Rotor Drones later, JSOC Counter Terrorist Force and Oriental Sword make it to the Broadcast Room, and the Main Effort reaches its central terminal space. Inside, the most tech-savvy operators get to work, with Fallout having something that could actually help.

Section: sh*t...

Fallout: Make a hole, LT Commander. This might help.

Fallout connects Erik Breighner's Celerium Worm*

Section: The scientist's Celerium Worm?

Fallout: Yeah, I borrowed it before we left the Obama. Okay, here we go.

Section: Start working. Anyone else? Can you get in?

Rogue 5-1: Holy sh*t. Raul Menendez is transmitting a live webcast. He's on right now.

Menendez: Opulence is sinful, and we all pay for it. Los Angeles was the flagship of their absurd materialism, so I destroyed it.

Section: Are we locked out? Can you hack into the system?

Menendez: They thought I wanted to kill the president.

Rogue 5-1: We're f*cked.

Fallout: Not yet we're not. I'm still breaching.

Menendez: Madame Presidente, I could have buried you a million times over... no... I wanted you to see it, to feel what it's like.

Rogue 4-4: The drones aren't being controlled from Haiti.

Section: What?

Fallout: That's a firewall playing tricks on you guys.

Rogue 4-4: Sir, I think there's nothing more we can do. We cannot regain access to the drones.

Menendez: Today two billion people exist in abject of misery, tyrannized by war.

Section: He's ready to strike New York!

Fallout: Not anymore, I got it! *sighs* He wasn't gonna strike anything! He was gonna self-destruct the drones!

Section: Why?

Fallout: To cripple us? To prove Cordis Die's strength? We can judge that later.

King: How much time did we have?

Fallout: About a second. Okay, handing over controls back to the U.S. Military. They're going back home. Yes! I knew a Celerium Worm could outperform another one. This is for you, Erik, Nikolai. What's wrong, Menendez? Cat got your tongue?

Menendez: Madame Presidente, your war machines are no more. Your military is crippled. You cannot stop us now.

Section: Why is he talking as if he still won?

Fallout: To keep building up momentum, maybe.

Menendez: Cordis Die, rise, and strike while they are down. Strike now, and strike deep!

Despite Menendez' best efforts to tell the world that he has succeeded in destroying the U.S. drone fleet and/or showing Cordis Die's true power, the result of Fallout's Hail Mary try does not lie. And the outside forces and news media prove it.

Shade: Confirmed, the drones are returning to base. And it's trending.

Fallout: Yep, Anderson confirms that she and her squadron are not being attacked by our drones anymore.

Section: Holy sh*t. *sighs* Celerium on Celerium. Solid out-of-the-box thinking, Chief. *fist-bumps Fallout*

Fallout: Thank you, LT Commander.

Rogue 5-1: Section, we got a body. One of ours. He's been stripped of his uni—

Chaos: STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Now get back to us!

Sensing a trap somewhere in the fallen SEAL's body, Chaos throws a dead mercenary's B23R at it. The toppling corpse then triggers a bomb, which spreads blood and body parts all over the place.

But everyone in the room is outside the blast radius.


blood and body parts splatter*

alarm blaring*

Chaos: God, I hate it when they do that!

boom boom*

Then more explosions go off and Supporting Element 2 gives some critical news. Thus, Trident Team, Hunter Team 2, Rogue Team 4 and Rogue Team 5 know exactly what is happening.

SE2: Section, this is SE2. We're monitoring multiple explosions across the facility.

Section: (off comms) It's Menendez. He's trying to cover his escape. (on comms) All stations this net! All checkpoints detain ANYONE attempting to leave AO! Even those in uniform!

King: We're now going critical! Move! Move!

McCord: Contact, high and low!

Section: Dammit! Return fire!

As JSOC Counter Terrorist and the Oriental Sword try to seal off the way they came from, the Main Effort moves to secure the back area of the base. But not before fighting and killing a responding 15-man team first.

Then SE1's Checkpoint 4 reports to possibly have Menendez in their sights, which makes the Tridents, Hunters and Rogues clear the way faster.

Checkpoint 4: Checkpoint 4. We have unidentified persons approaching. Halt! Hands up! Drop your weapons!

Section: Push Checkpoint 4's location to our HUDs!

Menendez: We're Americans. Take it easy.

Shade: No go! The camera feeds are cut!

Checkpoint 4: Orders are no one passes! Stop where you are!

Menendez: Relax. We're on the same team.

Checkpoint 4: I said—



King: He took out Checkpoint 4! We need to move! Faster!

Now at the Research Labs, the SEALs and Rangers find the members of Checkpoint 4, all KIA. So Rogue Team 4 and Rogue Team 5 stay to get them out, while Trident Team and Hunter Team 2 continue to chase after Menendez.

With the laboratories clear, they move on to the Delivery Hangar, which is filled with more mercs wearing Optical Camo. But they were not enough to stop the joint DEVGRU-U.S. Army Rangers unit.

At the end of the Delivery Hangar's third floor, the ground starts exploding and collapsing just before they could head out to secure the remaining floors. King, Shade, Fallout, Chaos and McCord slide down, while Section jumps, catches and hangs onto a support beam.

Then the Lieutenant Commander sees Menendez approaching the warehouse's exit while wearing stolen DEVGRU gear and two of his WCO contractors moving to kill him and his team. While King, Shade, Chaos and McCord are trying to climb up and slide safely, and Fallout is caught in his rifle's strap by a piece of risen debris and getting choked by the belt itself.

With his cards on the table, Section pulls out his KAP-40, slides down, kills the two mercs, pulls out his Combat Knife, stabs Menendez in the left thigh, then again in the right shoulder, takes him down to the ground, swats his Tac-45 away and holds his automatic pistol to his head. Then the Nicaraguan terrorist makes one last request for the Lieutenant Commander.

Menendez: Martyr me for Cordis Die.

And with those words, Section finally gets what Fallout has been trying to tell him. As the Chief Petty Officer detaches his rifle's strap, slides down and joins him in deciding their target's fate.

Thus, he gets Menendez up on his feet and starts escorting him to captivity.

Menendez: DO IT! David.

Section: No. You will suffer with me.

Then Hunter Team 2 and the rest of Trident Team get down to help Section bring their prisoner in. As they head outside, it turns out JSOC Counter Terrorist Force and Oriental Sword have already taken the entire WCO PMC installation.

With captured mercenaries looking up in despair as they see their leader being taken into custody. As he is restrained by Chaos and McCord near the VTOL, ready to extradite him to the United States, Menendez starts talking nonsense.

Menendez: I will see you one year from now. Study Ulysses... and be ready.

Section: No. He's just a sad old man talking to himself. Let him talk.

Chaos: I see. Alright, McCord.

McCord: Let's do it.

The VTOL then leaves.

Fallout: Lieutenant Commander Mason, sir. Thank you for taking him down the right way.

Fallout and Section shake hands*

Section: *smiles* You're welcome. Thank you for snapping me out of my obsession. You're a good operator, Chief Crosby. I'm proud of you.

Section hugs Fallout*

Shade: *humming the Top Gun Anthem*

King: Yeah, you actually did it on your own, Section.

Shade: You really did, sir. You stopped your obsession from ruling over your whole life.

Section: Thanks, guys. For our fallen. For Harper. And for Farid.

King, Shade and Fallout: For our fallen. For Harper. And for Farid.

Trident Team: Amen.

As America's 2025 military might (F/A-38s, Quad Rotor Drones, A.G.R.s and C.L.A.W.s) starts passing by and Anderson hovers around nearby to protect the friendlies on the ground, Fallout starts sharing something with her.

Anderson: Trident 6, err... Fallout, right?

Shade: Oh, sh*t. Guys, come on. We gotta give Maverick and Anderson a moment here. *laughing*

Section and King: *laughs*

Fallout: (off comms) Ha f*cking ha. (on comms) That's right. Gotta say, now you surprised me. Didn't expect you to be well so soon.

Anderson: Ah, since we've worked so well before and I heard that you, your team and my squadron will be here, I pushed myself to fly and support you as best as I could. Sense of responsibility, I guess. So, job done?

Fallout: Oh yeah, we have him. *sighs* After all we've been through, it's so nice to relax with a nice view.

Anderson: Really, what're you looking at?

Fallout: You and America's military might.

Anderson: *giggles* Aww, I don't know about me, but I agree on our military. Always a sight to behold.

Fallout: Oh, I've always wanted to try this.

Anderson: What is it?

The Chief Petty Officer plays Team America's "America, f*ck Yeah" in his and the Captain's headsets.

Team America: America... America...

Fallout two-finger salutes Anderson*

Anderson: No f*cking way! *laughs*

Team America: 'Merica, f*ck YEAH!

Fallout: Comin' again to save the motherf*ckin' day yeah!

Team America: 'Merica, f*ck YEAH!

Anderson: Freedom is the only way yeah! Terrorists your game is through, 'cause now you have to answer to...

Team America: 'Merica, f*ck YEAH!

Fallout: So lick my butt and suck on my balls!

Team America: 'Merica, f*ck YEAH!

Fallout: Whatcha gonna do when we come for you now?

Anderson: It's the dream that we all share... it's the hope for tomorrow!

Team America: f*ck YEAH!

June 24th, 2025 - 09:30:05, The Vault, after getting the word from Section that Menendez is being locked up in maximum security, Woods gets an unexpected knock on his door.

Woods: Do not enter. I swear to God, I will shove this wheelchair right up y—

Mason: Ass. Hey Woods, you look like hammered sh*t.

Woods: You stay right there.

Woods pats Mason in the stomach*

Woods: Mason... I shot you!

Mason: Turns out you're a lousy shot.

Woods: My ass. Where the f*ck you been for 30 years?

At the same time, Chloe, now working in The Pentagon, monitors WCO PMC using their own reverse engineered Celerium Worms to wreak worldwide havoc. But thanks to Erik Breighner's Celerium Worm and the U.S. Military's satellite infrastructure, she is able to put a stop to them and their plans.

Chloe: Colonel Kurtz. WCO PMC is using their Celerium Worms to attack the electrical grid, power stations, water distribution. It's every state... oh wait... it's all over the world.

Colonel Kurtz: Get me the president!

Chloe: Chill out, jerk-*ff. I got it.

Back in The Vault, Section arrives to see Woods, unaware of the surprise waiting for him.

Section: David Mason for Sergeant Woods.

Guard: Another Mason?

Section: Oh f*ck. Secure the building!

The Lieutenant Commander pulls out his B23R and expects trouble, only to see the Sergeant in a happy mood. So he calls for a false alarm and hears what Woods has to say.

Woods: Hey, kid! Hehe!

Section: Jesus, Frank.

Woods: Come on. I'll introduce you to somebody. Al, this is Dave. Dave...

Section: How ya doin'?

Woods: ...this is your dad!

With that revelation, Mason stands up to get a good look at his grown-up son.

Section: Dad?

While in shock, Section remembers the fact that Woods did not fatally shoot his dad back in Panama. And the Sergeant may have seen him move slightly when passing out back then.

Barrett M82A1 fires*

David Mason: (flashback) Dad! No! DAD!

Back to the present, Section struggles to make sense of the situation.

Mason: *smiles*

Section: What the f*ck?

Woods: Ahh, you're a couple of f*cking broads, work this sh*t on your own. Need some smokes. Nurse Batsh*t, where's my smokes?!

Mason then breaks the ice by recalling the proudest moment he has with his son. And that was back in '86, when Section fell off the tree, got a scar from it and picked himself up from the ground.

Mason: Still got that scar?

Section: Yeah.

Mason: You made me proud that day.

Section: I fell.

Mason: Yeah, but you got back up.

Then they share a hug with smiles and a little bit of tears on their faces.

12:04:19, despite Chloe thwarting WCO PMC's Celerium attacks, keeping society from collapsing and having the terrorist mercenaries tracked and hunted down by U.S. Spec Ops, a small Cordis Die cell in Virginia Beach, led by the Virginia Police Intelligence Sergeant, tries to launch a revenge attack on Trident Team and their families. But JSOC Counter Terrorist Force already saw it coming and notified King, Section, Shade and Fallout immediately.

In response, Section goes back home and kills the invading Cordis Die terrorists with his M8A1. Tagging alongside him are Mason and Woods, who is on an electric wheelchair, armed with Colt M16A1s.

Mason: Front yard clear!

Section: Backyard clear! I have 'em!

Savannah and Jessica: Great Uncle Woods!

Woods: Hey, kiddos! Hehehe!

Catriona: Woah! Is that?

Section: Yep. Catriona, Savannah, Jessica, this is my dad. Your father in law. Your grandpa.

Savannah: No way!

Jessica: Grandpa!

Mason: Awww, so nice to meet you too.

Catriona: So, are we safe?

Section: Fallout?

Fallout: Clear, you got 'em all.

Section: (on comms) Alright, thanks for the eyes. I'll see you soon. (off comms) Yes, Cat. We're safe. And I will tell you everything now.

Four blocks from the Mason residence, King and Shade save Harper's wife and sons from the enemy masquerading as average-looking Americans. And throughout the entire day, the F.B.I. are raiding and arresting all Cordis Die cells in their seminar halls and hideouts all over the country, including the ones in Virginia Beach.

In the Virginia Beach Police Department, the Intelligence Sergeant scrambles to deploy several SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams in order to assist the American terrorists. Only to find them all killed in their team room.

There he also spots a fully kitted Fallout standing right behind him with a black tactical hatchet, a bedsheet and malicious intent. Once the fighting is over, the police station is surrounded by dead cops who had links to Cordis Die, with the Intelligence Sergeant laying dead on his desk, wrapped up like a burrito, all chopped up and shot out.

On the parking lot, a two-seater variant of the F/A-38 Lightning Strike lands. The pilot coming out of it is Anderson, who is here to take Fallout back to base to give JSOC Counter Terrorist Force a debrief.

Anderson: Feeling better?

Fallout: Feeling relieved. Thank God this Cordis Die horror show is over.

Anderson: Amen. Wanna talk about it?

Fallout: After the debrief. Over dinner.

Anderson: You're on. Shall we?

Fallout: Yes, ma'am.

Fallout holds Anderson's hand*

June 29th, 2025 - 20:11:07, Chloe shows up on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the things she has done to save the world. As well as make fun of Menendez and turn him into yet another cartoony villain.

Jimmy Kimmel: So I guess you're famous now for... saving the world.

Crowd: *cheering and clapping*

Jimmy Kimmel: It's very rare that we have a celebrity that has actually done something.

Crowd: *laughing*

Jimmy Kimmel: You're not going to do a reality show, are you?

Chloe: Oh... you got it, Jimmy!

Jimmy Kimmel: Okay. So um... I mean tell me what this is like, it must be, I mean must be a great day to be you?

Chloe: Yeah, and it's a bad f*cking day to be Raul Menendez.

In response, Menendez smashes his head on the television of his jail cell, and would proceed to do it so again on newly installed TVs until his head finally breaks. Life is over for him.

The Bonus Cutscene with Avenged Sevenfold and "Carry On" remains mostly the same, but with better graphics, and the addition of King, Shade and Reznov, who stays with Mason at least until the show ends. As well as Fallout, in his civilian clothes, partying with Anderson, who dances sexily and seductively with him.

Career Record:

David Mason captures Raul Menendez.

Cordis Die terrorist attack on the U.S. upon direct action against Raul Menendez averted - Full Picture Complete.


2025 DEVGRU Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear

2025 DEVGRU Sleeved Multicam Shotgunner Uniform and Gear

2025 DEVGRU Multicam Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear

2025 DEVGRU Sleeved Multicam Submachine Gunner Uniform and Gear

The Judgement Day intel shows the YouTube video that was supposed to be released if Menendez dies, the specifications of WCO PMC's Haitian installation, and the reports of Cordis Die and Worldwide Civil Order Private Military Contractors being dissolved and forgotten. As well as the news broadcast of an emergency summit the United Nations held for "American belligerence against U.N. interests", which the United States of America finds laughable.

Achievement Unlocked:

Trial By Fate


Against virtually insurmountable odds, you changed fate and made a new path with the best, most beneficial outcome for your friends, family and countrymen.

In memory of Kamar de los Reyes

Chapter 34: Epilogue

Chapter Text

Crosby: How are ya holding up, Frost?

Frost: Fan-f*cking-tastically, Crosby. You know, I've had bad ops before and I don't think Siberia will ever get surpassed. But I believe this is a close second in my book.

Crosby: Sorry about Wheeler, Master Sergeant.

Frost: Don't be. It ain't your fault. What can you do?

Commander Wheeler: Task Force Stalker! Form up, let's go! Bring it in!

Crosby: (quietly) *sighs* The f*ck does this dickweed want now?

Frost: Only one way to find out.

Day 3, January 29th, 2017 - 04:47:15, Wheeler assembles Task Force Stalker. And just before the operators come in and see him getting an ass ripping from Battle Captain, the Commander hangs up on the Colonel without permission.

Battle Captain: That's it! You've gone too far now, Stalk—

Wheeler ends the call*

Cypher: What the f*ck?! Where's Battle Captain?!

Commander Wheeler: On his way back home. My friends, who are also their bosses, will be taking over this op from here on out. So forget about talking to him or even Overlord personally for that matter.

Frost: Your amateur career politician pals masquerading as our JSOC commanders are 7,000 miles away from here. Relying on them to count on you to lead us is a recipe for disaster.

Commander Wheeler: Unfortunately for you, Master Sergeant Westbrook, that is not your call to make! Can you outrank me? What about my friends, huh, Lieutenant Colonel Lyall?

Cypher: It's Frost and Cypher, Stalker 0-1.

Commander Wheeler: Well, I think it's ridiculous. All of you masks are ridiculous! You may have been able to get away with disobeying orders from time to time, but not this time! Not anymore, as long as I command you! Which means you are now gonna act like actual special operators and do as I say! Debate all you like, but we're not here for right and wrong! So forget that too! And if you can't do any of that, then you can consider yourselves dismissed! I'm sure I'll get REAL operators from Firebase Phoenix with one single request, who will love taking your places!

After taking a look at everyone's firm and uncompromising body language, Cypher rightfully speaks for everyone.

Cypher: Negative, Stalker 0-1. You couldn't drag us away. Because we're all doing this for those helpless people behind us. Not for you. Remember that, "sir".

Commander Wheeler: See? Following orders isn't so hard, right? Overwatch Team 1, Tech Team 3, Patriot Team 1, rally on me! Bring it in!

As everyone expected, especially Wiederhold, Glasco and Prizrak, Wheeler is giving two-thirds of what used to be Task Force Rogue another search-and-destroy mission to cripple the Iranian Police and Army from within, as well as hunt their Ultranationalist advisors down. While the others stay in Dey General Hospital to maintain security.

With the absurdity of the game plan, Cypher tasks Chaos and Crosby to follow and watch over the three teams throughout their time in the streets. The number of men leaving their post has to be small in order for Wheeler to not notice.

Chaos: Three instead of two this time. His JSOC friends must either make him nervous or hard.

Crosby: My money's on him seeing a chance to get a quick, prestigious medal and a promotion.

Wiederhold: Cypher, you sure you wanna send Chaos and Crosby with us?

Glasco: Yeah, our COs might come after you hard and fast for this.

Cypher: Of course I do. Between my career and my mates, the choice will always be my mates. If they want me gone, then fine. I've had my fun. You all still got your whole lives ahead of you.

Prizrak: Thank you, my friend. We will not forget this.

Cypher: *nods* Now go on, before Wheeler starts rambling again.

Red Coat: Come on now, Cypher. Don't say things like that. We'll make it.

Ridley: We either make it or we fight.

Cypher: I appreciate the will to never quit. But what other outcome is there? You know this'll have to be in the AAR. And that Wheeler and his mates look after their own as much as we do. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Now, back to your posts.

As Overwatch Team 1, Tech Team 3, Patriot Team 1, Chaos and Crosby move out, the remaining Task Force Stalker operators get to their guard posts. 06:01:13, the second strike team completes the first strike team's mission when they secured the building which used to be filled with Ultranationalist snipers.

To make things easier and quicker for the guys on the ground, the rooftop team splits up. With Crosby scouting ahead for the command posts of the Iranian Police, Iranian Army and Ultranationalist Party, and Chaos scanning high and low for threats.

But despite having all the necessary countermeasures in place, the mission has already failed before it even began. As the Green Berets and Alpha Group operators get ambushed by a well-positioned platoon of Iran's finest without even making it to the middle of Tehran.

With no way through or around, the second strike team is forced to make a retreat back to Dey General Hospital, despite having Wheeler barking orders at them to push forward. But it turns out the Iranians have cover as well, in form of a crowd of pro-government civilians getting in front of the enemy cops and soldiers as human shields.

Overwatch Team 1, Tech Team 3, Patriot Team 1, Chaos and Rook cannot shoot through civilians regardless of their affiliation, and the Iranian Police and Army know it. And since the "good" citizens have no regard for self-preservation as long as their beloved troops and police officers live, the combatants shoot through their own people to kill the operators.

And the Green Berets and Alpha Group operators start dying like flies at a steady pace. Fifteen minutes of fighting amid conflicting ROEs later, the only survivors left are Wiederhold, Glasco and Prizrak, who managed to find good cover and had no choice but to start returning fire through the human shields.

But things then go from bad to worse as Chaos and Crosby start getting overrun by protected responders on the rooftops. And suddenly, Mother Wolf and Novikov pop out from the crowd to kill Wiederhold, Glasco and Prizrak.


Glasco: Woah!


Glasco: Gun jam! Gotta— Wiederhold! Contact, at your—

AK-74 UUK fire*

Wiederhold: Glasco! Prizrak, fall ba—

AK-15 fire*

Prizrak: NOOO!

continued AK-15 fire*

Prizrak: *screaming in pain*

Mother Wolf: Join your friends in eternal torment, prostitute of the West.

automatic rifle fire*

Novikov: (Russian) I always loved hunting traitors like you down. *spits*

The Ultranationalist general shoots Prizrak's limbs to keep him from running or fighting. Now with her boot on his neck, Mother Wolf finishes the Alpha Group leader off right between his eyes.

Before disappearing into the crowd and slipping away now that their ultimate objective is complete, she and Novikov throw the bodies of their three kills into the street. So that they can be paraded and violated by the pro-government civilians along with their teammates.

After securing their areas, Chaos and Crosby watch in horror as the Iranians recreate their favorite scene in the movie: Black Hawk Down. And as much as they want to put a stop to the madness, they could not do so because of the rules of engagement and Iranian Army snipers firing at them.

Chaos: NOOO!

sniper fire*

Chaos: f*ck you! f*ck you! f*ck you! f*ck you! f*ck you! Yeah, f*ck you too, Iranian sh*tbags!

Crosby: Ahh, stupid f*cking ROE!

Chaos equips his M240B to shred the Iranian citizens flaunting the dead bodies of Overwatch Team 1, Tech Team 3 and Patriot Team 1. But Crosby stops him because of the unchanged ROE and the hostile marksmen trying to kill them.

Crosby: Chaos, NO! HOLD YOUR FIRE! We gotta go, NOW!

Chaos: Go on without me! I'm not leaving them! Especially in another God damn Mogadishu!

Crosby: You know I'm not leaving without you! But we can't stay here because of the f*cking snipers! We'll come back for them, but not this way! I'm sorry, but this ain't Moscow anymore! You wouldn't want to go to jail! They wouldn't too! Ramirez, please!

Chaos: *sighs* f*ck! Okay, let's move out! sh*t! sh*t! sh*t!

Upon returning to the hospital, what remains of Task Force Stalker and 200 plus of Iran's finest get into another firefight until afternoon. 17:59:15, once hostiles have fallen back for now, Wheeler asks Chaos and Crosby if the second strike team had completed their mission.

Commander Wheeler: Master Sergeant Ramirez, Petty Officer Crosby, since you masked, ugly f*cks went out with them, tell me. Did they complete their mission?

Chaos: No, they didn't.

Crosby: What do you think? (quietly) Old fart douchebag.

Commander Wheeler: Come again, Petty Officer?

Crosby: Make me spit it out again, Wheeler. Go on. I dare you.

Commander Wheeler: *spits* So much for Task Force Rogue.

Chaos: The reality is, even if you got the best spec ops unit or task force in the world, they CANNOT OPERATE WELL WITHOUT PRECISE LOGISTICS AND CLEAR ORDERS! SOMETHING YOU FORGOT TO GIVE!

Commander Wheeler: Do you really want to talk to me like that?!


Chaos sweeps Wheeler's weapons and gadgets away and flips his desk.


Wheeler takes a step back in reaction.

Frost: Easy, Chaos. Easy, he'll get his soon enough.

Crosby: Just calm down now. Don't make this a thing you'll regret.

Cypher: Take it easy, Chaos. We'll handle this. Don't walk away just yet, Wheeler. Next time, I won't stop Chaos, or anyone else in that matter. Trust me.

Commander Wheeler: No, you trust me! When we get back, you're done! Effective immediately! You, Lieutenant Burns, Lieutenant Winters, Colonel Longstride, Overlord and many of you are NOT even supposed to be here! Have you forgotten your reserved roles outside the city?! You've disobeyed orders for the last time, you c*nt! Get back to Checkpoint Hector Alpha, NOW!

Cypher: (off comms) Fine then! Which means I can insult you one last time! (on comms) All teams, this is Dekko 3. Evacuate the hospital. I say again, evacuate Dey General Hospital now. We move out at 0100, over.

It turns out that some operators like Cypher, Ridley and Red Coat were not supposed to be in Dey General Hospital. Their original role was to provide exfil for the 60-man rescue team and the hospital's occupants from Checkpoint Hector Alpha, which is located in the outskirts of Tehran.

But because of Wheeler's incompetence, they placed Gator, McCoy, Harper and Salazar in charge of the checkpoint and their extraction elements. So that they could try to save Task Force Stalker from their CO.

Unfortunately, their efforts were all in vain, as the odds stacked against Wheeler and the strike teams he had sent were too great. To the point that even NATO and Russia's best in the Middle East could not break through Iran's finest, all because of Commander Dan Wheeler's command decisions.

The 33 are cut down to 15, while the 300 are cut down to 200.

Day 4 - 00:57:15, with everyone knowing that Dey General Hospital will not survive another night or day of fighting, the evacuation protocol begins. Cypher, Ridley and Red Coat will be taking the actually good Iranian civilians to Checkpoint Hector Alpha, which means they will be going back to their posts and staying there, as Wheeler ordered.

In order to cover all the sides of the friendly group and finish the mission for the fallen, Chaos volunteers to go with the Brits in leading the way. As they leave, the rest are held up by Wheeler who refuses to exfiltrate.

Section: Commander, come on! We're leaving!

Commander Wheeler: Negative, we are staying here. And we are gonna finish our fight with Iran and their Ultranationalist advisors!

Section: Evacuation phase is in effect now, Wheeler.

Commander Wheeler: But I am still in command here. Listen.


Then the Commander gives a massive surprise over the comms.

JSOC: Lieutenant Mason, Master Sergeant Westbrook, Sergeant First Class McCord, Petty Officer Crosby, Warrant Officer Hansen, Staff Sergeant Walker, Sergeant First Class Rorke, Sergeant Greene, Sergeant Poe, Sergeant Johnson, Petty Officer Merrick, Staff Sergeant Russ, Staff Sergeant Manning, this is JSOC. You are all to follow Stalker 0-1's every order without question. We can supersede Overlord and Battle Captain's ranks. As we are in control of Operation Sand Viper now. Failure to comply will result in your exact commanding officers relieving you of duty. Test us, and you WILL fail. Acknowledge, over.

With the JSOC leaders/Wheeler's friends having all the cards, half of the operators called hesitantly respond accordingly. While Elias, Rorke, Greene, Poe, Johnson, Merrick and Keegan acknowledge willingly, as they see this as an opportunity to become better operators and further their careers.

Task Force Stalker: Yes, sir. Yes, sir!

JSOC: Good. Now, I want the Iranians and Ultranationalists defeated in less than four hours. Get it done, out.

Commander Wheeler: See? Your asses belong to me. You're my guns for hire. Always have been. Now, positions.

After receiving their orders, Frost, McCord, Rook, Section, Crosby, Wheeler, Elias, Rorke, Ajax, Greene, Poe, Merrick, Keegan and Kick take positions all over the street leading to Dey General Hospital. While they lay, sit and wait, the wind starts picking up because of the news helicopters flying over them non-stop.

As the Iranian Army and Police Department move to the hospital for a massive assault, the operators figure that the choppers are in the AO to probably spread sand all over the place, to reduce visibility. Regardless of whether or not it is true, the remaining 14 ready up now that the enemy is right on top of them.

With a strong will to complete Operation Sand Viper for their fallen brothers, Frost, McCord, Rook, Section, Crosby and Kick start coordinating on a closed channel. With the strength in numbers against them, they use stealth, misdirection, suppressors and melee attacks to kill.

As it turns out, Iran has just unknowingly given Task Force Stalker an advantage with their man-made sandstorm and loud aircraft. Seeing their strategy working, Wheeler and the others with him start following Frost's element.

In response, the close friends operate faster before stealth is broken. Surprisingly, no alarms have been raised because the choppers just hover around without doing any recon, and Wheeler's element has just been following the former Task Force Rogue operators' every move and tactic.

01:24:14, when the munitions of the suppressed weapons are gone, the knives and tactical hatchets come out. And when the blades lose their sharpness, hand-to-hand combat is implemented.

01:54:15, the fifteen survivors live through the night, and only one Iranian soldier remains. While Frost and his team head further into the city in search for any reserve forces to deal with, Wheeler, Elias, Rorke, Greene, Poe, Ajax, Merrick and Keegan traumatize the last hostile insurgent before letting him go.

Anderson: Why let him go?

Fallout: To spread the fear of Task Force Stalker, they said. And when he managed to get into international news, he called the eight of them "ghosts". Quiet professionals? My f*ckin' ass.




JULY 4TH, 2025 - 12:27:06

In the present day, after disclosing Operation Sand Viper, with the use of numerous pseudonyms from an outside perspective, Fallout shares two well-kept pictures to Anderson. The first photo shows the masked, unsung operators of Task Force 141 in an inverted V-shaped formation on the tarmac of Ft. Riley.


Going Left - Cypher, Ridley, Red Coat, Archer, Rook, Roach, Knight

Going Right - Bishop, Rocket, Chemo, Frost, Toad, Robot, Chaos

The second photograph displays Frost, Gator, McCoy, Section, Harper, Salazar, Fallout, Chaos, McCord, Cypher, Ridley, Red Coat, Kick and Rook, with a patched up Bishop and Knight, together after Operation Sand Viper. In response, Anderson gets curious.

Anderson: Hmm. You guys seem to enjoy taking these. I'm sorry if asking is offensive. But do you predict that some of you might not make it? Is that why you and your boys take photographs?

Fallout: No, no, I don't mind. With the leaders and preferred specialists taking all the credit, we masked, nameless operators ended up finding each other. We appreciated each of our company. We grew quite close. But we all knew this wouldn't last. So we captured ourselves in pictures as soon as possible, while every one of us were still around. Regardless of whether or not we started and ended on a good note, we always had each other's backs. Like when Chaos went back for the original members of TF Rogue, and we all helped. Even against official orders. Or when we came to our dead brothers' funerals and visited their families after the tour. Or when we came to Frost and Arsia's wedding. February 25, 2017. Raleigh, North Carolina. I still think about them everyday, even though we are real far apart and not as active anymore.

Anderson: Really? Why's that?

Fallout: I get attached. *smiles*

Anderson: No way. *blushes* I get attached too.

Before she and her potential boyfriend can kiss and tell, Anderson switches the subject because of this one particular event that happened just two days ago.

Anderson: Say, where's Chaos now?

Fallout: I don't know. And I don't think I ever wanna know. Last thing I want is to put him and his family at risk.

Anderson: sh*t. Did that break-in really spook them hard?

Fallout: Unfortunately. Especially since the men and women who attacked them were proven to be a wetworks crew. Something's totally not right.

Anderson: Are you talking about an assassination attempt?

Fallout: For normal people and local law enforcement, that's conjecture. For me, that's something quite... sinister.

Then the Chief Petty Officer looks outside, puts his cap, sunglasses, half balaclava and hood on, and pulls out his suppressed X-45 Tactical. Seeing this, Anderson readies herself for some action.

Anderson: What is it?

Fallout: At your 7 o'clock. White van. Twelve military aged men and women coming out. Looking like me but wearing all black. Suppressed pistols. Heading this way.

Anderson: Hell of a Fourth of July. I'm ready. How about you?

Fallout: Fireworks are ready. So...

neck cracks*

Fallout: As always.

suppressed gunfire*

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