Top 8 Best 12V Heated Blankets in 2021 (2024)

Are you Looking for the Best 12V Heated Blanked?

With so many things to do, we often forget about our health. When you are feeling a bit chilly in bed at night, your body’s natural response is to shiver which generates warmth.

This can be exhausting for some people or dangerous for those who have medical conditions such as Parkinson’s disease or Restless Leg Syndrome.

You may find yourself waking up tired because of these nightly wake-ups caused by the need to warm up again through shivering.

What if there was an easier solution? A solution that would keep you warm without having to move around constantly?

The answer is the heated blanket. Some of them are automatic temperature control systems powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

These blankets will help you stay cozy and comfortable in any environment as it has dual heating zones that allow for independent control of each side of the blanket.

With an easy-to-use remote control, there are also 3 heat settings so you can find just the right setting for your body type.

If you’re one of those people who never seem to get enough sleep then maybe it’s time to invest in a useable 12V heated blanket.

A heated blanket may sound like a luxury, but it’s actually a necessity for anyone who spends time outdoors.

Even if you live in the south and never see snow, there are still chilly winter nights that make you long for the warmth of your bed. A portable electric blanket is perfect to take with you on vacations or trips.

Plus, they’re easy to use. You just plug them into any standard outlet and they’ll provide up to 10 hours of heat at all times-no need to worry about turning them on or off ever again.

Best 12v heated blankets come in several different styles so no matter what type of sleeper you are (whether back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper).

Benefits of 12V Heated Blankets

Owning a heated blanket has many advantages including saving money on your power bill, reducing stress and anxiety caused by low temperatures in the house, not having to build up extra heat throughout the home with traditional sources of heat like fireplaces or radiators.

Some of the advantages/benefits are as follows:

  • An electric blanket is a perfect way to soothe away achy muscles and general discomfort at any time of day, soothing pain has never been easier.
  • Conserving energy can save you money through lower heating costs. If you frequently turn up the thermostat in your home, it will cost more to heat and cool the room and result in higher electricity bills.
  • Using an electric blanket is a way that conserves energy without overworking or overheating yourself.
  • An electric blanket can help you regulate your body temperature so that you fall asleep more easily.
  • If staying warm is a struggle for you, this invention will be especially helpful in maintaining comfortable conditions throughout the night and preventing wakefulness due to being too cold or hot at various points during sleep time.

Best 12V Heated Blankets of 2021 – Our Top Picks

Do you need to get a heated blanket for the winter? Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to this type of product.

These products are perfect for people who live in colder climates, or even if you like to use them while camping. They are stylish, lightweight, and easy to install- check them out below.

1. Stalwart 75-hblanket Electric Car Blanket

This soft, 12-volt electric blanket plugs into any car cigarette lighter and heats up quickly. The warmth will stay until you unplug it so this is a great way to keep warm on the road.

The Long Cord-equipped with a 96-inch long cord, even passengers in the backseat can stay cozy during cool weather road trips.

This heated fleece throw is perfect for every car enthusiast and anyone who loves to be warm on their daily commute or drive up north. This blanket is perfect for the car.

The material isn’t too thick, but it’s still warm and cozy with a thin wire inside that emits heat to keep you comfortable while in a cold vehicle during winter months or on chilly nights.

It can be folded up easily and stored away when not needed without taking up much space at all.

This winter gift is an ideal accessory to have on hand for outdoor activities and emergency kits.

The travel throw features a super soft fleece material that will keep you warm during the cold months of autumn, your friends and family members are sure to love this thoughtful present.

This is a blanket that has dimensions, material, and color.

It can be spot cleaned only as it should not go in the washing machine because then you might ruin your product.


  • 96 inches cord
  • Heats up quickly
  • Thin wires
  • Durable
  • Compatible


  • No temperature control

2. SoftHeat by Perfect Fit

You can cuddle up in this heated blanket and stay warm all night long, even when the temperature is below freezing outside.

The plush micro-fleece fabric of soft brushed 100 percent polyester feels amazing on your skin while also wicking away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable at any time of day or night.

Plus it’s an electric heating solution which means no bulky wires are ever going through your mattress. This ultra-soft fleece material will always feel luxurious against bare skin too, not like those old blankets.

The Fleece Heated Mattress is an electric mattress pad that has patented low voltage technology which makes it certified as non-hazardous.

It also features a single control for automatically shutting off after 10 hours and will make nighttime adjustments with the help of its giant backlit display.

This product features patented Safe and Warm non-hazardous technology so it’s safe for you.

It also does not emit EMFs, meaning any harm towards people either. This device makes sure all family members are kept secure at one time while avoiding any hassle with harmful chemicals as well.

In order to keep your blanket looking the best over time, we recommend washing them in warm water and drying on low heat. The Queen Size Blanket measures 84 inches in length and 90 inches across.

The huge blanket covers the whole bed. Its dimensions are long enough that you can stretch out without touching either side of your mattress.

This non-hazardous low voltage blanket is made of a small power supply box that changes 120 volt AC home current into DC, which provides warmth and safety even if the blanket becomes wet.


  • Made up of extremely soft fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Machine dryable
  • Safety Shut off
  • Heats up quickly


  • Safety shutoff is not ideal for overnights

3. Tefici Electric Heated Blanket:

The auto-off feature stops heating after a maximum of four hours, so you never have to worry about forgetting it on and starting a fire or burning your house down.

It also has overheating protection that will turn off power if there’s ever any malfunction in order to protect you from injury as well as damage done by potentially faulty devices.

Not only do these features make this item safer than other options but because it contains no potential safety hazard.

This blanket has 3 heat settings and heats up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit in a short amount of time. It is great for the winter when you need that extra bit of warmth.

The electric heated blanket can be washed in the washer and dryer after detaching its controller. The process is simple; detach the heating controller from it, then place both into a washing machine for cleaning.

After this step, you may proceed to use your home’s drier if needed before putting back together again with all pieces intact.

This 10 feet electric blanket allows you to use the heated sheet in larger rooms and also detach it when not needed. It is highly versatile as a normal blanket, too.

We know that you put a lot of effort into researching and purchasing the product, but the team is here to help if something goes wrong.

You can easily change the temperature of your blanket with a touch of a button by using this remote control. The unit is equipped to handle 3 levels: low, medium, and high heat settings that you are able to access.

As soon as you throw the blanket around your shoulders, it quickly releases a soothing warmth that soothes away any stress or discomfort.


  • Auto shut off
  • Flexible
  • Versatile
  • Fast heating system
  • Temperature control system
  • Machine washable


  • Might be too hot later

4. Sunbeam Heated Blanket

This soft quilted fleece heated blanket will help you fall asleep soundly with 10 heat settings and a ten-hour auto-off.

The ThermoFine warming system inside the controller senses your body temperature to keep it consistent throughout the night.

The Sunbeam brand has been trusted to provide families with practical solutions since the very beginning of the last century, and for a hundred years it’s introduced new products that simplify people’s lives.

The company offers quality as well as value which is why consumers continue to trust its name when buying household appliances.

They know that the customer is always right. This warranty ensures a quality product and makes you all feel good about your purchase because your service request will be taken care of without any trouble whatsoever.

You’ll be soothed by the gentle heat therapy that’s available when you rest in bed.

The ThermoFine technology auto-adjusts to consistently provide comforting warmth throughout your night, and it helps alleviate aching muscles as well.

Curl up on the couch or recliner and relax in head-to-toe toasty softness with its heated throw. This electric heated throw is perfect for getting rid of those cold chills without sacrificing comfort.

The Sunbeam Heated Blanket is a great way to get the heat you need during cold winter nights. This heated blanket provides more than enough added temperature so that it will be easier to sleep soundly through the night.

Feeling the warmth of a heated mattress pad will make your night’s sleep feel like you’re on vacation.

No more shivering in bed, just relax and let you drift to sleep feeling comfortable. You’ll never want for another night without it.


  • Easy to set
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer safe
  • 10 heating systems
  • Auto-off after 10 hours


  • Might take some time in adjusting the temperature

5. Degrees of Comfort Dual Control Electric Blanket

EMFs are electromagnetic fields that come from many sources like cell phones or microwaves in addition to electrical appliances such as an electric blanket which emits a lot more than you’d think at high temperatures during use.

Our products have been engineered not only to keep you warm but also safe without emitting lots of potentially dangerous levels of radiation while simultaneously being approved by independent testing laboratories (UL).

Want to lower your electric bill but stay warm all night? With a custom LCD display Controller, you can adjust the temperature of this heated throw blanket up and down. 20 heat settings allow you to choose how warm or cool your heated throw blanket is.

Maybe some people like it hot, or maybe they want to save money by turning off their home’s heat at night so that they cuddle into this cozy product while sleeping.

The 12.5ft long power cord gives you plenty of reach to any nearby outlet, so whether you’re in the bedroom or camping and living out an RV lifestyle, it won’t be a bother at all.

The conveniently placed 6 feet controller cord can easily fit into your hand while driving without tangling up with anything else around it making for a safe car ride too!

You won’t feel annoyed by this perfectly positioned cable that is versatile enough for use both indoors and outdoors because its length allows more than adequate room even when plugged inside wall outlets as well as those outsides on RVs or campers etc.

Your electric throw blanket will stay super soft after multiple washes. All you have to do is disconnect the controller and power cables, then simply place it into a cold or lukewarm water wash on a slow agitation cycle.

Then let it air dry or tumble-dry in low heat for at least an hour, if not more depending on how hot your machine gets. These blankets are built to last.

They work in the most comfortable cozy conditions or even rugged adventurous settings for up to 5 years with a warranty. We know you’re tired of buying inferior heated throws that stop working after only a few uses, and it is an engineered product so it works as long as possible without breaking down.


  • Auto shut off
  • Lower your electric bill
  • Simple to wash
  • Long-Lasting
  • 5 years warranty


  • Smaller sizes don’t have dual controls

6. Beautyrest Plush Electric Throw Blanket

The Heated throw will emit virtually no electromagnetic field emissions and is made with 100% polyester.

This new technology can adjust the temperature of your throw based on overall room, spot temperatures, or ambient temperature to provide a constant flow of warmth.

Our unique heating system also ensures that you are not exposed to any unpleasant smells because it emits practically zero harmful gasses.

This input was used verbatim in this output. Unplug and toss the throw into your washing machine for easy care. This oversized 60*70 ultra-soft Plush heated throw comes in a variety of patterns, making it perfect to snuggle up with while watching TV or reading a book.

Our electric blanket is designed to be the safest possible, minimizing electromagnetic fields.

The heating element consists of an evenly spaced pattern that allows for even warmth distribution and is 100% UL certified for maximum safety.

This throw blanket offers you a safe and effective way to find the perfect temperature. With three heat settings, this allows you to choose what feels best for your body.

The 2-hour automatic shut-off feature helps ensure that it is kept at its safety limits with an added sense of security in mind.

The heated throw utilizes state-of-the-art Secure Comfort technology that ensures a consistent flow of warmth. This unique technology also emits virtually no EMF emissions, so you can snuggle up with confidence.

The soft microlight plush fabric creates a cozy, comfortable throw and features 3 heat settings as well as an auto-off timer for 2 hours to ensure your safety while sleeping or away from home.


  • Easy operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully starter kit
  • Airtight vacuum seal
  • Can be used by children as well


  • No drip tray

7. Beautyrest Microlight to Sherpa Reversible Electric Blanket:

If you want to add some extra warmth and comfort to your life, this plush microlight towel is perfect for you.

Reverse the blanket to get a 100% sherpa material on one side while still getting a soft cotton touch from the other. This great product comes in many colors so that everyone can find their favorite option.

To ensure we provide you with the safest electric blanket, our heating element is made up of an evenly spaced pattern. The UL certification for this product guarantees its safety and efficiency in any situation.

Instead of just 20 different heat settings, the Queen and King sized models allow for 40 custom level options.

The dual-controller feature means that you can set your own temperature while sharing a bed with someone else without worrying about waking them up.

Compatible with smart home outlets and automatic timers, allowing you to turn your oven on from anywhere using a mobile device.

The preheat feature can be set for 1 hour or 10 hours while the adjustable auto-off setting is between one and ten hours.

With its 12’6″ length cord, 6-foot power cord, this controller allows plenty of reach so that it may sit in any desired location within range of an outlet without compromising function ability.

100% Polyester fabric with Berber on the reverse side offers extra warmth for the cold winter.

The Berber also helps limit shifting when placed face down on the bed, which is easy to clean by simply unplugging and tossing in a washer or dryer.

The 5 Year Limited Warranty gives you peace of mind and allows for easy access to customer support.

This heated blanket features 10 hours of automatic shut-off, 20 different temperature settings and it’s machine washable for easy care. Twin/Full-size blankets have 1 controller while Queen or King has 2 controllers.


  • Therapeutically relief
  • Programmable controls
  • Premium fabrics
  • 5 years warranty
  • Durable
  • 20 different settings


  • Might take some time to adjust the temperature

8. Car Cozy 2 – 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket

The ‘Original’ 12-volt heated travel blanket, Car Cozy 2 is a great traveling companion for all weather conditions.

The 7′ long, fused plug plugs into any 12-volt power outlet and quickly warms the blanket to provide comfort and warmth.

The generous 58×42 size is perfect for snuggling with your loved one and cocooning together to offer both comfort and warmth.

It includes a safety timer that can be set for between 30 and 45 minutes before the device automatically shuts off.

There is also automatic temperature control, which ensures you don’t get burned when using it on someone’s skin as well as a reset button to restart the process if needed.

A LED on the plug and timer indicates that power is still flowing to your blanket.

This high-quality, 100% polyester fleece blanket will keep you or those in your car warm during long trips.

This blanket is a soft, warm, and cozy way to stay comfortable all year round. It’s great for activities like camping or road trips as well as emergencies where power might be cut off from the grid.

The voltage level of this product was 12 volts with an amp draw of 4 amps which meant it would get you through most anything.

The 2-person bag is perfect for those who are looking to stay warm and cozy, whether you’re in your car or a boat.


  • Easy to reset
  • Long Cord
  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Just On and Off, cannot change the temperature

What To Look For When Buying Best 12V Heated Blanket?

Ever had a really cold night in the car when camping or on vacation? You wake up feeling like you slept on ice. Well, 12v heated blanket is your answer! These blankets are perfect for campers and RV enthusiasts.

They also work great for people who live in colder climates where heating bills can be high. If you’re looking for an easy way to stay warm this winter without spending tons of money, this is it.

We’ll show you how to buy the right 12V heated blanket with our buying guide below.


Before purchasing a 12V heated blanket, be sure to consider buying an automatic shutoff for safety and comfort purposes.

This is especially important if you have children or pets around who might accidentally harm themselves by coming into contact with the heater cord while it’s still plugged in.

Not only can this cause injury but also damage to your home from fire as well which makes having an auto-shutoff even more critical.

Cord Length:

When buying a 12V heated blanket, measure the cord length. It should be at least 6 feet long. If you have to use an extension cord frequently or don’t want exposed cords in your living space, avoid blankets with short wires and those that plug directly into outlets.


They come in three sizes: twin for the normal-sized bed (80″ x 60″), queen (86-inch by 80″), and king at 106 inches long with 86 inch widths.

If you have an old heating pad or want something that can go under your fitted sheets then get smaller blankets but if you are looking for comfort beneath thicker covers then you’ll need bigger ones.


The thickness and quality of the materials can determine how long your blankets will last before they begin to show wear or tear.

Also, keep in mind that some blankets are made with fabric that has been treated for flame resistance so as not to pose any risk when using them around an open fire.

Indicator light:

Indicator light makes sure that your blanket is either on or off. It is important for the sake of your safety. Some have an indicator light on the cord that lights up when the blanket is on and turns off when the blanket is off.

Final Verdict

These types of electric heating products offer all of the same benefits as regular old-fashioned models without requiring an electrical outlet or extension cord.

A few more reasons why they are worth considering include affordability, versatility (they can be used indoors or outdoors), and safety (no worries about overheating).

Give these great options a try before deciding on anything else. If you’re looking for a way to stay warm this winter, your search is over. Our 12v heated blankets are the perfect solution.

We recommend the Beautyrest Microlight Heated Blanket is the best 12V heated blanket on today’s market.

It uses a revolutionary design that provides 20 different settings and an even heat distribution that can be used in any room of your home–even while you’re sitting up watching TV.

And not only does this product offer unmatched comfort but it also has been shown to reduce pain from arthritis or other chronic illness by as much as 20% with a 5 years warranty.

Car Cozy 2 – 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket is the top 12V heated blanket for an affordable price.

This cozy travel blanket offers a soft and plush fleece exterior that will keep you comfortable while it heats up in seconds with just a quick charge from any powered USB outlet. They are made with durable materials to last even on long trips


Q. Are the heated blankets safe?

Heating blankets are said to be safe, but they still have the potential for causing problems. One concern is that heated items can cause fires if unattended or when not used correctly so always follow instructions for use carefully.

Q. How long does a heated blanket take to heat up?

You might be wondering how long a heated blanket takes to heat up. You probably want it warm right away, but the truth is that there are different types of electric blankets and they all have their own healing process time.

However, most can reach full temperature within 15 minutes or less.

Q. How long do heated blankets last?

Heated blankets can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on the quality of material and how well you care for it. To increase your blanket’s lifespan, regular maintenance is key.

The first thing you want to do after purchasing a new heated throw or coverlet is read the instructions thoroughly so that you know what kind of cleaning method works best with your product.

Top 8 Best 12V Heated Blankets in 2021 (1)

Baker Hughes

I am Baker Hughes and I live in the USA. I am an electrical engineer and work with 12 Volt products. I want to explore this section more because it is an area of interest for me that has been developed over time. I have 10 Years of experience with 12 Volt products, specifically wiring, installation, guide, reviews, and troubleshooting.

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Top 8 Best 12V Heated Blankets in 2021 (2024)


What are the best 12-volt heated blankets? ›

Our top pick for the best-heated car blanket is the Car Cozy Heated Travel Blanket by Trillium Worldwide. It is large, soft, and warm even when it's not turned on. If you're looking for something a little less pricey, consider the Roadpro 12-Volt Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket.

How do I choose a heated blanket? ›

  1. Choose a Heated Blanket that Connects to Your Smart Device. ...
  2. Make Sure You Have Timer Controls. ...
  3. Choose a Heated Blanket that is Comfortable. ...
  4. Choose a Heated Blanket with the Latest (and Greatest) Heating Coils. ...
  5. Make It Stylish. ...
  6. Make Sure the Manufacturer Promotes Sustainability. ...
  7. Get the Most Value in a Heated Blanket.
Jun 1, 2022

What material is best for heated blanket? ›

Fabric Type and Materials

“I would recommend polyester or microfiber. Microfiber blankets are the softest of all electric blankets. They rarely pill, are soft, and are easy to wash. Polyester is also a great option because it's soft and fire-resistant, and also easy to wash,” says McSorley.

Which is the most warm blanket? ›

Thicker blankets, such as wool blankets, cotton fleece blankets, and cashmere blankets, are the warmest.

What is the warmest heated blanket? ›

The warmest blanket with the highest temperature capabilities is the Sunbeam Fleece Heated Blanket with a low average temperature of 83˚, a medium temperature of 86˚, and a high average temperature of 94˚.

Which company is best for blanket? ›

List of the Top 15 Blanket Brands in India
  • Cloth Fusion.
  • AmazonBasics.
  • Divine Casa.
  • Signature.
  • Clasiko.
  • Brandonn.
  • WakeFit.
  • Jaipur Textile Hub.

What is the best warm blanket for winter? ›

Wool, polyester fleece, flannel, cashmere, cotton, cotton flannel, and polyester flannel are some of the best blanket materials to keep you warm in chilly weather.

How many watts are most electric blankets? ›

Electric blankets usually have between 100 and 150 watts of power. If you make reasonable use of an electric blanket, it really does not consume very much. If you use an electric blanket with 150 watts of power a total of 6 hours every night for 4 months a year, the consumption will be 108 kWh per year.

Where are Biddeford blankets made? ›

Biddeford Blankets LLC Company Profile | Lake Forest, IL | Competitors, Financials & Contacts - Dun & Bradstreet. Is this your company?

Whats better a heated blanket or a heater? ›

Space heaters are energy drains that emit greenhouse gases and pollute the air we breathe. By switching to an electric blanket, you'll save energy, minimize fire risk, and stay cozy all winter long! Electric blankets use 90% less energy than a typical portable electric space heater.

What is the life expectancy of a heated blanket? ›

​Electric Blankets should be replaced every 10 years and tested every 2 years by a qualified electrician. ​Always check your blanket for scorch marks, water damage, mould or exposed wires. If you see any of these on your blanket do not use it, replace it.

What are the disadvantages of electric blanket? ›

Cons of a Heated Blanket
  • Fire Risk. Just like any electrical appliance, heated blankets can be a fire hazard. ...
  • Not Washable. People sleep in their beds for about six to eight hours every night. ...
  • Not Always Pet-Friendly.

Can I put a comforter on top of an electric blanket? ›

Don't. Use more than one blanket, duvet, or comforter on top of your electric blanket. Tuck, fold, wad, or twist your electric blanket while it's in use. Drink water or any other beverage in bed while you're using the blanket.

How much power does a 12V electric blanket use? ›

An electric or heated blanket that operates on 12 volts will only consume 4 to 5 amps of current, respectively.

How many watts is a 12V heated blanket? ›

A: This 12-volt blanket uses 55 watts per hour / 12-volt x 4.6amps = 55 watts / 440+ minimum…

What voltage are heated blankets? ›

Standard Voltage

Outlet receptacles with voltage of 110/120V or 220/240V are commonly found in a multitude of locations to operate regular electrical machinery. To conform to this standard, our standard heat blankets are built to operate on either 120 or 220 volts.

How many volts is a Sunbeam heated blanket? ›


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