Which Years Of Used Volkswagen Taos Vehicles Are Most Reliable? (2023)

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The Volkswagen Taos is a new addition to the iconic brand, offering a turbocharged compact SUV with a sleek and eye-catching design. Although there are only two years out, the Taos has proven to be a desirable option. If you’re interested in this car, you might wonder - what is the most reliable Volkswagen Taos year on the market so far?

When purchasing a used vehicle option, it’s critical to do your research to get the most dependable year. Although there are only a few years of the VW Taos, it can still be tricky to pick the right one - that’s where we step in. Read on to learn more about the most reliable Volkswagen Taos year, the least reliable, and other valuable information.


he Taos is currently in its second production year (2023), so used car buyers don’t have many options. However, we’ll make a follow-up post for the worst Volkswagen Taos Years to avoid.

Most Reliable Years For The Volkswagen Taos

The Volkswagen Taos is a compact SUV offering excellent features, plenty of room inside, and an affordable price point. It hasn’t had much time on the market yet, but it has had an excellent start thus far. We’ve picked our favorite of the two years out to make your choice as easy as looking at one year.

Here is the best year for the Volkswagen Taos on the market:

  • 2023 Volkswagen Taos

If you’re hunting for the most reliable Volkswagen Taos year, we recommend paying for the 2023 model for your next drive.

Expensive on any vehicle can put excessive stress on your day, so it’s critical to go with the best, even with minimal options available. We recommend the 2023 year. It has minimal customer complaints and excellent scores, even better than the older 2022 option.


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Are Volkswagen Taoses Generally Reliable?

The Taos is a newcomer with decent reliability scores, especially with the 2023 model. However, that year’s reliability doesn’t speak for both offerings. Are Volkswagen Taoses generally reliable? How do they fare when combining the dependability of both years on the market so far?

According to cars.usnews.com, the VW Taos has a dependability score of 75100. Although this score isn’t ideal, it’s above average. According to getjerry.com, the Taos is decent but has some reliability troubles that cannot be ignored.

The Taos is not the most dependable compact SUV available. However, if you want a sleek, small vehicle with room inside, the Taos will work well and provide excellent value.

Which Volkswagen Taos Years Are The Least Reliable?

There are only two years out so far for the Taos, but one does better than the other. It’s helpful to know the worst years to make the right selection for your driveway.

Here is the worst year so far for the Volkswagen Taos:

  • 2022 Volkswagen Taos

If you’re searching for the most reliable Volkswagen Taos year, avoid the 2022 selection and go for the 2023 model.

It’s critical to note there are only two years of the Volkswagen Taos on the market so far. Although the 2022 Taos isn’t as good as the 2023 Taos, neither option is a bad one. Even if you only have the opportunity to buy the 2022 year, you won’t be disappointed.


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Are Volkswagen Taoses Expensive To Maintain?

According to automoblog.com, it costs an average of $672 a year to maintain the VW Taos. This number is slightly above the industry average of $672, but not by enough to be significant in your decision.

There are about average chances you will experience sudden issues with the Taos, whether severe or minimal. Keep a small savings on the side to prepare for any sudden trouble.

If you own a Volkswagen Taos, perform typical maintenance, and drive carefully to keep the vehicle in good shape. The smarter the choices you make for your Taos, the longer it will last without extensive need for repairs.

Which Volkswagen Is Most Reliable?

Perhaps you’re hunting for a Volkswagen vehicle, but you want to purchase the most dependable option. In that case, the Taos might not be the right answer to your needs. There are three that come in ahead of it.

According to motorbiscuit.com, here are the most options from the Volkswagen brand:

  • Volkswagen Up
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Volkswagen T-Roc

These are the best from the Volkswagen name.

If you’re determined to go with the most reliable options from the VW brand, go with the Up, Golf, or T-Roc for the best results. These come in leaps and bounds ahead of the Taos, although that might change as more Taos options are released on the market.


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What Are The Most Common Volkswagen Taos Problems?

As with many vehicles, some troubles appear in the Taos across all years. These arise in 2022 and 2023 years.

According to lemberglaw.com, here are the most common VW Taos issues:

  • Issues with the engine
  • Electrical system faults
  • Faulty fuel system

Keep an eye out for these if you are behind the wheel of the Taos.

These could appear in the 2022 or 2023 options. However, they are most likely to come up in the worst year - the 2022 Volkswagen Taos. Keep savings on the side to prepare for potential troubles.

Is The Volkswagen Taos Worth It?

If you’re interested in a compact car with a stylish body and don’t want to spend an excessive amount, the Volkswagen Taos is worth every penny. It’s a fun drive that requires minimal repairs.

Go with the most dependable year for the Volkswagen Taos if you’re interested in this car, the 2023 option. Although the 2022 selection isn’t that bad, it’s not as good as the newer model.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Volkswagen Taos is a quality choice if you want an affordable, reliable, and fun compact SUV. We recommend picking the 2023 year to get the most out of your next vehicle investment.

We hope this information comes in handy! It can be tricky to land on the right car, even with two choices available, so we hope our knowledge makes it simple to select the right option.

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