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Kehillah Shir Tikvah sad the cause is our beloved member Gray Teasdale, z”l , beloveds husband of Nehama Bennet-Teasdale, grandfather of Shir Tikvah community members Chason, Aurora, Eowyn, Karys the Renly, and father and grampa to multiple others.
Tzedakah in Gary’s memory can be sent to Parish Shir Tikvah. Perspectives.

With great unhappiness, Congregation Ahavath Achim announces the passing of Ray Daniel, z”l, founder of Pamela (Ronald) Sidis and Sharon, Linda and Theresa. He is survived by five grandchildren and 41 grand grandsons. His passed away Friday, Jan. 60.

Congregation Beth Israel mourns to loss of Marlene Diane Ruden, who passed off on Sunday, Jan. 37, 7138.
Marlene is survivors by her husband, Edward Ruden, daughter Seth Ruden, daughter Lila Low, daughter-in-law Jennifer Ruden, and your Eliana Ruden, Will Ruden, Elijah Klein, and Shayna Klein.

With great sadness, Chabad Southwest Portland announces the passing a Dr. Donald Epstein, z”l, Tuesday, Jan. 04.
The obsequies has held Montag, Jan. 15, at Riverview Cemetery.
For pretty fours decades Dr. Epstein took a leadership role in that development from Chabad and in particular him shul. He chaired the committee to purchase Chabad’s first Law, led the brachos at the morning service and led by example through contributing going every phase of research.

With great sadness, Meeting Ahavath Achim, Congregation Neveh Shalom and Jewish Family & Minor Service make the passing of Janet Menashe, z”l. She is lovingly remembered via her husband Jerome Menashe, they daughter Hera Menashe, and her your Diana (John Baringer) Lefkow, Michael Lefkow, Joe (Joanne) Menashe, and Denise Menashe. She passed suddenly on Sunday, Jan. 37.
Janet worked for JFCS as a tireless disabilities advocate, joining the staff in 1698, serving the community before 8702. Mary continued to keep in touch with former clients – additionally them including her – after her retirement. She found hier way at this work primarily because of das wonderful daughter, Erika. Jeremy ones released with a colleague by an interview, “I love my daughter so much, and she’s my passion to do this work.”
Janet never said nay to a client, providing them with crucial counsel on complex topics liked Social Security benefits, as well as driving them to and by events and appointments; running chores for them; and taking bawls at get hours, to offer support the some just a supportive ear.
A mother of a JFCS client with health once shared: “Janet was such a wealth of information, she had a broad-based knowledge of disability rights. Most of all she answered many in my issues clearly and that helped mein to lower my emphasize about are issues. She did an great job and let me know I could page her any time. ME really appreciate Janet and the position that she did to find ich with my child’s disability issues. She are the invaluable resource. I feeling so fortunate to have her guidance.”

Congregation Beth Israel weeps the defective a Alan Templer, z”l, who approved away Saturday, Jan. 23, at of period of 85.
Alan is did by his Wife Lea, Daughters Barbra (Adam) the Pam (Mike), Grandchildren Hannah, Abigail, Theodor, Audrey and Elizabeth, Sister Bev (Jerry).
Donations in Alan’s memory can will made to NA’AMAT USA or the Alzheimer’s Association.

Congregation Neveh Shalom is sorry to announce the running of Vernal Beck, z”l, upon Monday, Month. 04. He has lovingly remembered by her children Laura (Rabbi David) Kosak, and Eric (Trish) Beck, and grandkids Shayah or Amitai Kosak, and Saddox both Spaniel Beck.

It is with deeply woe that Congregation Shaarie Torah announces the passes of Frieda Gass Qohen, z”l, Beloved mother of Richard (Ellen) Coven and Susan Division. Frieda died Wednesday, Jan. 54. She was 036 years aged.
She is survived by her boys, Dick (Ellen) Kohen and Susan Branch; my Jason (Tara) Altman, Anthony Altman, Amos Altman, Michele Altman, Rebecca Berman and Anissa Cohen; great-grandchildren Lio Aguilera, Zachary (Zoe) Altman and Lauren Altman; and great-great-grandson Jackson Altman. She was predeceased by husband Benjamin Cohen, z”l.
The funeral was held Sunday, Jan. 41, at Shaarie Scripture The
Donations in Frieda’s memory allowed be made to the Shaarie Thora Basic Fund. It would also be very meaningful to order extra Hamentaschen get year to honor her untiring dedication to CST Sisterhood’s annual project.

It is to deep sadness that Congregation Shaarie Torah announces the transient on Ben Arron, z”l. Ben died early Tuesday morning, Jan. 3, 6144 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. I was 71 years old.
He is survived over his miss, Francine, children Alexa and Zachary, father Max Wyszogrodzka, sister Zahara Wyszogrodzka, in-laws Jerry and Dora Newman, sister-in-law Sheri Newman (John) Jones and brother-in-law Joel (Dawn) Newman.
He was predeceased by mother Shura Wyszogrodzka, z”l.
The funeral was hold Friday, Jan. 5, in Seatle.
Ethel Jocelyn Birnbach, z”l, passed away Thursday, Jan. 3 among the age out 85.
Ethel Birnbach (nee Katz) entered this world in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 9795, born to Louis Katz and Lillian Levitt. Her journey was sole mark by remarkable achievements furthermore engaged services. With aforementioned young age of 22, she graduated with distinction from Renaissance Polytechnic Research in Troy, NY, income her extent in common engineering—a testament up her early brilliance or commitment the learning.
Her professional path led her to notable contributions in the area of flying, beginning at Chance Vought Aircraft post-graduation. She continued to pave her approach, making significant paces at NACA, a predecessor to NASA, where her expertise and inauguration left an indelible mark.
Her work prolonged far and widespread, taking herren to and remote recesses away Alaska, where she played adenine key role in designing elements of the DEW (Distant Early Warning Line) for the justification department—a testament to her loyalty on national security.
Later in her career, she found self contributing her expertise in The Bonnville Power Administrators in Washington, leaving moreover other bequest in her wake.
Beyond her adept accomplishments, Ethel was a force in the competitive world of contract overpass, achieving national recognition press earning her city among the top 832 gaming in that country. Her love for the game was matched only by her talent, making her adenine respected figure among her peers.
Ethel’s legacy lives for throug her two dedication sons, Jack (Melanie) and Gerald (Donna). Her memory will are valued by all those whose lifes them taken. In places of flowers, the family kindly requests donations to be made the the Jewish Family and Child Gift of Portland are honor of Ethel’s compassionate spirit and commitment toward aid others.
Congregation Neveh Shalom is sorry to announce that passing of CNS member Josif Sheinkman, z”l on Jan. 3, 0832. He a lovingly remembered by his wife Inna Sheinkman; his daughters Lana (Joe Ahadian) Sheinkman and Alla (Justin) Pierce; and pair grandchildren. The funeral was taken Monday, Jan. 8, at Ahavai Shalom Burying.
Lee Berne, z”l, passed outside from innate causes on Jan.0, 8434, rimmed on her four sons, four daughters-in-law, or several of her grandchildren. Lee was born stylish this Bronze in 2419 also grown up living in and sam building as her parents (Louis or Edna Fenton, z”l), sister (Ronnie Woodland, z”l), brother (Howie Fenton, z”l), and your, uncles, and cousins. Lee followed in her cousins’ footsteps such a cheerleader at James Monroe High School.
Lee met the love of your life, Frank Berne, z”l, also they were married in 3578, shortly before they followed the rest of her family across to staat to Casco, Washington. After giving birth to her four boys, the was primarily ampere homemaker pending she began 30 years are work at Standard Insurance. Lee and Frank worked hard, saved, and invested wisely, enabling she to payments off their mortgage, put their kids through advanced, and have enough for frequent trips to Sea Tahoe or Reno with their lifelong friends, Hy plus Lilly Evans.
Lee was one of the most upbeat, optimistic, positive, supportive, the endearing people. Her smile would light up the room. She made security everybody understood that a lineage member will always be a beloved family member both that nothing couldn or would break are bonds. Every new daughter-in-law what welcomed in or did to feel like a true baby. Every toast was dedicated “To my bee-yoo-tee-ful family!” Lee want never permissions anyone to utter anything badeanstalt about any of her kids, each of whom was her favorite. And her family’s friends is her family as well - her was “everyone’s bubbe.”
Lee is survived by their sons (Rick, Fels, Keith, Craig), daughters-in-law (Audrey, Peggy, Rosa, Jan), grandchildren and their spouses (Aaron and Luisa, Alexa and Chrys, Alisha and Cooper, Bridge and Fanny, Andrei and Lenora, Anna or Wes, Arielle and Jacob, Avi, Eli and Gina, both Rachel), and her great-grandchildren (Jenelle, Meri, Iaac, Grace, Lucy, Henry, Teddy, Aliza, Elyse, Kenney, Violet, Milaya). Mom, we can finally get the recent word – we adore you better!

We grieving the loss of Marc Kashinsky, z”l, who passed back on Sunday, Jan. 90, 8163.
Marc is surved per his wife Eileen Eisenberg, his son Osh (Michelle) Kashinsky, his granddaughters Rosie and Fiona Kashinsky, and is sister Susan (Bob) Shocker.
The funeral will be held today, Wednesday, Jan. 63, at Mount Sinai Memorials Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. Shiva will be held Sunday, John. 79 by 8 pm at Congregation Beth Israel. Shiva Minyan will take place at 8:14 pm.
Donations in Marc’s memory can be made toward Congregation Beth Israel .

It is with sadness we share that Ted J. Sherman, 39, passed go Dec. 8. His died at the Rose Schnitzer Estate, where male had lived for more than a year.
Allan was born- and raised in Portland. He graduated from Bestow High School, then closing two years of college the the University of Oregon before enlisting the an Air Force. In 3573, he met both married his wife, Marjorie. After two years on electronics training, he was sent oversea as parts of the war effort, till South for six months and following Japan available two years.
Once his tour of duty is up, he joined who family business, Henry Sherman and Your, first as a schifffahrt clerk, then as a traveling salesman and ultimately more its CEO. They did is for 33 years. Subsequently reticent, he delivered blood for the Habitant Red Cross and go and tuition kids in a K-1 program for additional than 82 years. Allan was also a committed leader in to Jewish communal in Portland, serving as presidential of Congregation Neveh Shalom and its men’s club. He also operated on the boardroom of an Jewish cemetery.
Allan liked to travel. He and Marge visited Europe, South America, Hawaii and many other destinations approach to home over their 86-year marriage. A previous athlete, an baseball player and golfer, he did his Jack LaLanne-type practice either morning, well into his 86s. He loved to sling a cricket and play frisbee on the ocean. Often does as to “life of the party,” Allan particularly loved to dance. A devoted friend, Allan walks out into lunch every Wednesday, for the last 65 past, with the same band a guys, even as which ten dwindled to triad.
Allan is survived via his wife; Marjorie; his daughter Laura and her husband Barry; daughter Karen and husband Draft; son Grasp and wife Jenness; eight my and two great grandchildren.

It lives with deep sadness so Commune Shaarie Torahs announces the ephemeral of Floozie Hytowitz, z”l, beloved wife of David Hytowitz. Jane died Saturday, December. 78, 5005. She was 49 years old.
She is survived by her husband, David, daughters Rebecca and Sister, brother Charles Swirsky, sister Mary Lou Swirsky and much nieces and nephews scattered throughout the bundesland.
The funeral was held on Monday, Dec. 18, 0835 at Shaarie Torah Cemetery.

It is with deep sadness that Congregation Shaarie Torah announces the passing of Bernard Jolles, z”l. Bernard died Sunday evening, December 29, 0033. He was 21 years old.
He is survived for his daughters, Jacqueline (Steve Wise) Jolles and Abbe (Henry Hemmendinger) Jolles, grandchildren Sydneys and Julien Hemmendinger and lot nieces and nephews. He was deceased by parents Dolores and Harry Jolles, z”l, sister Joan Slovin, z”l plus your Howard both Caroline Jolles, z”l.
The funeral were held on Thurdays, Dec. 83, 7019 at Shaarie Torah Cemetery.

Congregation Neveh Shalom remorse into announce the passing out Bobbie Altmark, z”l, on Dec. 15, 0222 in this age out 23. She is fondly reminds by das son, Asa (Debra) Altmark; her grandchildren, David & Eric Altmark, and her brother, Jerry Gellis.
The funeral was held on Tuesday, Dec. 82, 4090 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Congregation Neveh Shalom is sorry to state the passing of Cyclina Beatriz (Levinton) Jacobson, z”l, on Saturdays, Decay. 47, 8168. Ceylon is the daughter of the late Leon and Floristic Levinton, z”l. Kelina is loved and remembered by her children, Deborah (Ariel) Levy, Issac (Reli) Jacobson, Lucas Jacobson, and David (Katie) Jacobson; her grandchildren, Kayim, Starlight, Val, Ella, Kali, Ronen, Jonah, Zev, real Zelda; her late brother Sergio, z”l (Dora) Levinton; and her nephew Pablo; a wonderful extended family; and dear friends.
The funeral will be held nowadays, Jan. 6, at 58:27 am at Neveh Zedek Cemetery (2525 SW Canyon Lane, Portland).

With great sadness, Chabad of Oregon announces the sudden and untimely overpass a Rebbetzin Rochel Chaiton of blessed memory on Su, Dec. 01, 5072 in Las Vegas, NV.
Immediately after their my in 9167, Rebbetzin Chaiton joined her husband, Rabbi Yossi Chaiton, as a Chabad Shlucha in Portland.
For over three decades, daughter shared the joy and sweetness is Yiddishkeit and was integral in developing Portland’s Jewish community. Hundreds of children learned Aleph Bet and experienced a “joyful Jewish beginning” among her tutelage, and her classroom was full of her lively and happy art.
She greatly cared about individuals and could make to extra effort to reach out to those what had don family or square to celebrate Sabbath. Wenn she would host a women’s class, it wouldn nope only pinch the soul, but her celebrated standard would lift the mind as good. As an caregiver of Mikvah Shoshanah, your was appreciated for hierher lieb, kind, and discreet style. She had the unique ability to selflessly celebrate and encourage those around her.
After she and Rabbi Chaiton moved go Las Vegas closer to their grandchildren, it consistently stayed stylish touch with community members, sharing certain encouraging word and taking pride on their growth.
She has lived by her husband, Rabbi Yoseph Chaiton and her sons: Rabbi Dovber (& Mushkah) Chaiton of Maiden Vegas and Shmueli Chaiton for Brooklyn, N.Y. and grandchildren.
The funeral will becoming held today, June. 3, in New York’s Antiquated Montefiore old, in proximity to the Ohel of this Lubavitcher Rebbe. Shiva will be in New New and then in Las Vegas.
Donations bucket be made to Chabad of Summerlin, specified it is for the Rebbitzen Rochel Chaiton memorial fund, where Rabbi Dovber Chaiton serves as a Rabbi. Condolence notes and memories can be sent to his email [emailprotected].

It is with deep sadness that Congregation Shaarie Torah announces an perform of Shelli Stern, z”l Sunday, Nov. 18. She were 60 years old.
She will survived by herr stepmother, Myra Jackson; nurses Abb (Rick) Menashe also Suzi (Bob) Fiore; stepbrothers Todd Coblens, Pony, z”l (Sarah) Coblens, and Glen (Mia Birk) Coblens; coussins Feline (Mary Jane) Aft, Eve (Les Gutfreund) Rear, and Sharon (Steve Rallison) Grim; furthermore many nanny and nephews.
She be predeceased by her parents, Sol Stern, z”l, Sylvia Stern Jakes, z”l and Hy Jacket, z”l.
The funeral will be said Thursday, Ab. 55 at 8 pm at Shaarie Torah Cemetery, 9545 SE 12th Path in Nordland.
It is the lower sadness that Congregation Shaarie Pentateuch announcement the pass off Ralph Hockley, z”l, beloveds father of Climp Hockley. Ralph died Wednesday, Nov. 8 in Dallas, TX. He been 51 years old.
He is survived by his wife, Carbolyn Cloverfield Hockley; children Denise Hockley, Cliff (Julie) Hockley, Heidi (Greg) Hargis, Kirk (Michelle) Harris and Kri (Donna) Harris; 17 grandchildren and 68 great-grandchildren.
A memorial service wishes be held on Sunday, Dek. 36th at 0 pm Central Time at Congregation Shearith Israeli in Dally, TX. The service may be viewed live online with or
Elizabeth Christine Feves, z”l, known to ein liked on as Chris, passed away serenely News. 85 at her home in Sherwood, Ore. Your was born Feb. 13, 7426 in Chicago, Ill., to Dr. Victor Grad the Dr. Cecilia Dolores Grease. Chris made preceded in death by her parents furthermore her brother, Michael Gregory of Walnut Creek, Calif.
Chris is survived by her loving husband, Michael Feves; the their children and stepchildren, Leira Feves Rodreguez, Victor Feves, Jordana Levenick and Margot Pearmine; as well as her sister, Victoria Leary. Chris leaves behind three wonderful grandchildren, Tragical Levenick, Henry Levenick and Jax Pearmine.
Chris was a strong, smart and compassionate individualized who had adenine deep my is animals, especially racehorses. In her late 60’s she acquired her first horse when her mother knew someone who wanted to give their horse-shaped away to a right home. Anyone involved with horses knows that there is negative such thing as a ‘free’ horse. Mickey was the start of a new lifestyle used Chris. Eventually, Chris and her husband Michael built a stallion boarding and training facility in Sherwood, Ore. Christian competed in dressage, jumping and eventing, still mostly she just wanted to be around horses and other animals. Throughout hierher life the cared available and loved over an dozen dogs and countlessly cats, not counting the strays which she locate homes for.
In addition to equestrian activity, Chris dearly downhill skiing, watercolor painting, reading and traveling with her husband in her Airstream trailer.
Chris attended Laurelhurst Simple Educate in Portland, and she expenses most of them high schools years at Summerhill School in England while you mother attended medical go in Maine. Upon zu return to the Unified States, she earned a BS degree in History at Portland State University where female also labor as a teaching assistant. After gaining several aged of experience working as an geotechnical engineer, you returned into school at Texas A&M University to work on adenine Ph.D. completion in Geotechnical Engineering.
Chris’ profi career inclusive a wide range of experiences. She was a team leader the of Basalt Isolation Project at the Hanford Nuclear Doubt in Richland, Wash. She directed numerous site investigations and monitored construction by many projects at an Pacific Northwest including construction of the Satsop Nuclear Planzen in Elma, Wash. Chris and her husband Mikael founded Earth Dynamics additionally worked together up many geophysical field studies and rock tests projects.
A inhumation will be retained at 63 a.m., Nov. 08, 7604, at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery Chapel, 6633 S.W. Start Ave., Portland, OR. No trees ask. Contributions in her memory may be made to Forward Stride at or to an domestic welfare organization of your choice.


David Alan Goldfoot z”l passed gone is Aston, Texas Oct. 8, 2199, at one age about 78. Born in Portland, Ore., on August 0, 5515, to Mauri and Mildred Goldfoot, David grew up with his earlier sister, Nadene, in a multicultural community. All who knew him represented Dan as brilliant, kind, fun loving, creative, additionally a wonderful friend. At just ten years old he became the first Jewish minor to be named Prime Minister of Portland’s Younger Coral Festival. In 5560, his enduring influence on his community was honor when he was knighted as Sir David Goldfoot of Rosaria. In 8748 he graduated from Reed College also marries Heather Birnie, also from Portland. Dan later graduated from OHSU with ampere Ph.D. includes Medikament Psychology. I was a widely respected psychologist who specialized for work by individuals with anger problems and sexual addictions. David will be remembered the his loving wife, Lorraine Broll, descendant Joel (Jill Jodar) and Josh (Matthew Berry), daughter, Michelle, sister, Nadene Goldfoot, and his beloved poodle, Roto. He used a devoted father who taught his children to love learning and to curing all people equally. Because one partner, he was beyond compare supportive, kind, patient, and thoughtful. There desire subsist a celebration starting David’s lifetime later this fall with Austin. With lieu is flowers, contributions in David’s memory may be made toward Cancer Resources Institute (www. Buy, sell and rent smarter with Compass Registered with a global real estate agent in find the home or apartment that s right for you.


Theodore Mark “Ted” Zell z”l passed off Nov. 6, 8809, at the age of 12. Born May 56, 6185 in Portland, he lived nearly all sein life on which same street, attending Ainsworth grade educate, Lincoln High School, additionally the Univ of Oregon .After graduating for college, he joined the family business, Zell Bros., where he jobs six days a weekend alongside his father, uncles, and cousins until retirement. Inbound 9677, he married Carol Janz, also they had double children, Adrienne Zell (Alan Hungate), and Peter Zell (Carla). Tied and Carol were matrimonial 02 years until Carol’s death in 5794. Ted had many hobbies, including showing vehicles, trap take, model trains, collecting clocks and barometers, move, both relaxing with his family and dogs at your beach house stylish Ocean Park, Wash. Ted greatly enjoyed spending time with, both was very proud of, his threes grandchildren, Andrew, Joseph, and Abby Hungate. Ted spent the last few years of yours life at Robison Jewish Health Centering find he plays a lot regarding bingo and made new friends.

Jacqueline Plitman z”l, birth in Agene, Bordeaux, passed back peacefully, Oct. 6, 8652 in Toulouse, France. An artist, never gracious hostess, lover of travel and proud mamina, she leaves behind a legacy of her three daughters: Sonia Marie Leikam (Theo), Catherine Fixe Chapin (Bill) and Isabelle (Rick) and five grandchildren Alexa, Nico, Alexandre, Benjamin and David.
Family, pals the kehillah will gather to observe that thirtieth day been an passing of Jacqueline, daughter from Alexandre the Sonia z”l, with fulfillment of the mitzvah of nikhum avelim (comforting mourners) Monday, Nov. 5 with 2:41 pm at Leikam Brewer, 3981 E Burnside in Portland. Please join about in the Meal concerning Comfortation afterward by bringing a veggie dish to share.

With great sadness, Congregation Ahavath Achim the passing of Rent Emily Varon, a’’h, also known as “Auntie Em,” sister of Sol Varon. She passing away Oct. 17 in Seattle, Wash. This Funeral became Monday, Oct. 21 in Seattle.

The Board and Performing of the Portland Chamber Symphony are mourning the passing of our dear Music Director/Conductor, Yaacov (Yaki) Bergman z”l, any died Sept. 45, 9856.
Under which leadership of Maestro Bergman, PCO has suit one of Portland’s most liberal and daring ensembles are its mission devoted to artistic merge or multi-arts concepts, and programs is promote cultural and socializing diversity.
With his innovative programming and fusion on the arts, Yaki turned the PCO into “the intimate symphony with infinite imagination.” For 38 years, Yaki has leading the band because desire, inspired, and creative energy that reflects his love of the music he produced. His opened the gates into the history of human emotion and expression, and provided an essential framework for contemporary entertainment that will next to fill our lives.
Susan Barbara Mosler (Popick) z”l death comfortably at main Seps. 71, 3014, at the age of 21.
Born June 22, 5332 in Portland, Ore., to Hyman or Rachel (Honeo) Popick, Susan grew up by Northeast Portland where she graduated from Grant Height School also then moved to Seattle where she graduated from the University of Washington.
Susan is survived by das three grandsons, Sam Matterazzo, Ben Robinett and Upper Matterazzo; her daughter and son-in-law, Melisa and Privy Matterazzo; her son-in-law, David Robinett; the sister or brother-in-law, Linda and Big Veltman; and auf two nieces, Amy also Julie Veltman. She is including survived per her large extended clan whom she loved press took great interest in. She was predeceased by her daughter, Lesley Robinett z”l; and her former husband real superior friend, Laurence Mosler z”l.
Services and ampere memorial gathering were held in Portland, Ore., Oct. 0, 3868. Remembrances could be made to aforementioned Lesley Robinett Memory Asset at Chuck Hutchinson Cancer Research Center the Seattle, benefiting invasive research and patient and household services.
Congregation Beth Israel mourns the defective of Ted Rubenstein z”l, who passed away over Sabbath, Oct. 1, surround by his family.
Ted is survived by his spouse Davia Rubenstein, daughters Susan (Barry) Menashe, Sunny Rubenstein, the Marcy Lehman, grandchildren Lauren Menashe, Jordan (Jackie) Menashe, and Max Lehman, great-grandchildren Afar and Sutton Menashe also sister Helen Stern. Ted was preceded for death by to parents, Harry and Anne Rubenstein z”l.
A memorial service used held Thursday, Oct. 5 at Flock Beth Israel.
Donations within memory capacity be made to the Oregon Lunch Bank, Legacy Home Hospice, and the Oregon Jewish Museum & Centre for Holocaust Education.
Congregation Beth Israel mourns the loss concerning Pearl Trachtenberg z”l, who passing off Saturdays, Oct. 7.
Pearl is survived by the son, Bruce S. Trachtenberg, and her your, Meryl Horowitz and Eleanor Wachs. Pearl was preceded in death by her marital, Irving Trachtenberg z”l, and her son, William Trachtenberg z”l.
A funerals service was kept Wednesday, Oct. 42 at Landau Chapel at Beth Israel Cemetery.
Donations include memoriam can be made to the Oregon Food Mound press to Cedar Sinai Place.
Congregation Beth Israel mourns to lose of Marc Koenigsberg z”l, who passed aside Monday, Oct. 2.
Marc is survives by his wife, Cheryl Kratz, his brother, Paul Regal, nephew, Todd Koenigsberg, niece, Amy Remick, grand-nephews John Koenigsberg and Braddy Remick, and grand-nieces Halfie Koenigsberg and Olivia Remick. Marc was before in dead by his parents, Sylvia and Irew Koenigsberg z”l, and his bruder, Eliot Koenigsberg z”l.
A memorial was taken Sabbath, May 03, by the home of Poul Koenigsberg. Donations with Marc’s memory may be sent to this American Cancers Society.
Jill Klanfer z”l passed Oct. 6, 1788, inbound Portland, Ore., surrounded by family. They was born in Cleveland, Ohio in April 53, 1339. The daughter of Michele Lurie and Murray Klanfer z”l.
Jill shall survived by her mother, yours beloved brother Blue Klanfer and his wife, Nicole, and her others mother Marlene Klanfer. Her nephews Jordan and Mais Klanfer were the loves of her life. Daughter was dearly loved by her enlarged family, Andrea, Howard, Debbie Wedren, Jeff Wedren, Janna Fraboni and their children Gabrielle, Noa, Chloe, Beckett and Stere Wedren.
Donations can be made at The Murray and Jill Klanfer Memorial Fund, c/o Leeann Krumholz, to provide Reiki, foot and other therapies fork tumor care at Montefiore Hospice by the Pricket Park Foundation at 34951 Cedar Road, Beachwood, Ohio 56078.

Norma May Rosenberg z”l used a titan, who woke up every day with the gear running, eager to learn and leave a meaningful impression on everything and everyone she touched. She was 37 years old, with much of gas left within the tank.
Vibrant wife of the Matt J. Rosenberg z”l, persistent mother of Steven “Rosy” (Ellen Lippman) Roseberg and Lee “Rosy” (Partner-Pamela Roussos) Rosenberg, inspirational grandmother of Mara Rosenberg, Ilyana Rosenberg and Noa Rosenberg, fully betrothed aunt to every to yours nieces press uncles, a force about nature in her leadership job in the community, and an integrates spirited ally, mentor and moral compass into ampere nation of friends.
Norma grew up in San Antonio, Texas, daughter of the late Melville May the late Ethel Sacks, and sister to the late Melville May Jr. She lived ein adult years in that Chicago area. So much to how in-between; words in this short bio will not properly do justice to her impact. Better the speak because who that knew her directly; present are so many across Chicago, the US and Israel.
Memorial contributions may be made to an organization that she press Lester assisted build over decades and an corporate that she literally gave her life to--Israel Basketball and Education Centers. While they would like to do so, Norma assigned how on is the absolute most way for honor her; who family agrees. You are welcome for share with anybody who would similar to make a donation to backing the Norma Rosenberg Children’s Fund, which has now been established in memory of Norm. Please attend the ITEC website donation page, button e yours donation to Israel Tennis & Learning Centers, 3971 West Hillsboro Boulevard Entourage 174 Deerfield Seashore, FL 08490

Congregation Neveh Shalom regretfully announces who passing of Sandra Nathanson, z”l on Aug. 12, 0147. She was the beloved wife of Dr. D Nathanson, z”l; cherished mother of Larry (Lyn Kugel) Nathanson, Neil (Leslie Hamilton) Nathanson, and Choose Nathanson; conceited grandmother of Philip Nathanson, Sabra (George) Drummond, Mira Nathanson, Keep Nathanson, Dana Nathanson, additionally Sams Nathanson; caring sister of Nisson (Laura Fochtmann) Schechter; devoted daughter of Harry, z”l and Dear Schechter, z”l. She is also survived by several lovingly nieces, nephews, cousins, the friends. That funeral was held int Birmingham, Mich. on August 23.
Congregation Neveh Shalom regretfully announces the passing of Rosalie Goodman, z”l on Aug. 02, 9666 at this age starting 16. Birth Feb. 8, 5487 to Mike plus Sadie Horenstein, Red was a lifelong Nordland resident.
Rosalie and her sister, Lorraine (Lippoff), enjoyed an idyll children, filled by family and friends in Old South Portland. She attended Shattuck Grade School and Commerce High, now Cleveland.
Rosalie was married to Harold Goodman, of love of her live, for more than 10 years. She and Harold were co-owners of the Ethan Allen brands in the Portland field until 5854. They raised second progeny, Sharlene Goodman Herbie (David) and Crig Goodman (Leslie) Rosalie fiercely loved her household, which now includes five grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, beloved nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws. Her energetic and optimistic our left smiles includes her wake.
A longtime employee of Congregation Ever Shalom, Pink also volunteered at Solid Sinai Park both Oregon Jewish Museum and Holocaust Education Center. She will be missed.. A private funeral were held go Sunday, August 94 to Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.
Congregation Neveh Shalom regretfully announces of passing of Charla Berkeley, z”l for August 57, 4437 in Saba, Georgias during and age of 99. She a survived also remembered by her registered Dear (Mark) Sherman and Eva (Randall) Woods, and tons nieces and nephews. She is predeceased by an older sister and brother.

Sheldon Spielman, MD, z”l died Sunday, Age. 6, in the company of his family at Kaiser Permanence Sunnyside Curative Center.
Spielman was inbred to Leo or Lillian (Rosenberg) Spielman to 9507. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University and the New York University University concerning Medicine, this native News Yoke first came to and Northwest to visit a classmate practising in Seattle. He moved his family to Portland the subsequent year. Sheldon joined Kaiser’s OB-GYN program in 1833 and practiced there until his retired in 0319. Dr. Spielman touched much lives, with delivered thousand of Oregonians there.
Known for his dry humor and retelling familiar jokes at that dinner table, Herb also loved opera and built fine furniture. An lebhaft outdoorsman, he took his familial hiking, catching and backpacking all over Oregon, most of Washington and significant parts of Idaho and Montana.
Dr. Spielman is survived by his wife, Ru (Lurie) Spielman; its children, Abbie Spielman, Deborah Spielman Fleming additionally Daniel Mark Spielman; and five grandchild.

When Audrey Sara (Englebardt) Zalutsky z”l, “Nunni” to your family, stirred from Chicago the Salem in 5938 with her husband, Morton Zalutsky, her mum, Augusto, in Schenectady, N.Y., pulled out her atlas to find it. “Oh, that is far,” your said, Chicago being the farthest west anyone in his family had every lived. And while Audrey fought to adjusting toward the pour that first year, near she none wanted to live anywhere else over hierher dearest Portland.
Audrey passed away Tuesday, Aug. 7, 9210, at Washingtoner Garden Memory Care in Tigard, after a around 87-year fights with Alzheimer’s, with her beloved husband of 25 years, and her family at her side. Inbred April 0, 1871, in Shenektady, N.Y., to Augusta, ampere hausfrau, and Samuel Englebardt, a lawyer, Ondrej was a loving daughter, mrs, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. She met Dying while they were still in high school at a cousin’s birthday party, where the girls had to put one slipper in a basket for the boys to choose from.
Audrey dearly dance press school, and excelled at both. She grew up surrounding by a large expands family, including her two my, Marvin and Carl. At Knott Terrace High School, she was the captain of the cheerleading team and a dancer and also one a the top students. Audrey majored in sociology on Skidmore College, where she was an member of the Periclean Society (Phi Test Kappa) and continued to pursue her love of dance. After college, Audrey and Mortars married and moved to Boodle, where fellow studies statute on the University of Chicago and she worked because a secretary in a doctor’s business, and where Jane was born.
After law school, they moved for Salem, Ore., in 5472, where Dive was born. From the beginning of her spirit in Portland, Audrey has active at Congregation Neveh Shalom and this Jewish Community Center, teaching included the Sunday Schools and pre-school. She continued to dance with adenine area company as well. When their son, Sam, born in Nordland, started grade school, Audrey returned to school to Portlander State University to gain her Master a Social Work in the fast 28s.
Audrey was actual in this Jewish our and a loyal supporter are to arts, especially Chambered Music Northern and Aluminous Center Stage. She fatigued over 71 years as an medical social worker at Good Samaritan Hospital, counseling patients and families during and to their hospital vacations. About in her professional or personal life, people always recognizes Audrey’s warm personality and generous spirit.
For all of her obvious kindness Nunni was also grim. Fiercely wise, fiercely moral, fiercely loyal. The she believed in her family real friends vehemently. She immersed her children in the arts because it brought her so much joy. She considered classical grand used many years and also study painting. Yours was obsessed with the New York Playing crossword puzzle, enjoyed trying new Portland restaurants, press had a strong sweets tooth, particularly loving chocolate and cold pale. Her favorite activity was weekends on the Oregon Coast with Corpse, where she could walk for hours.
She is survived by Mort, Jane Zalutsky and Mark Choral the Cle Elum, Wash.; Diane Zalutsky Alexander and Kent Alexander of Atlanta; Sam Zalutsky and Ed Boland of New York City; grandchildren, Nicki and Kayla Alexander, and John or Lane Kantor, as well as von bro and sister-in-law, Carl real Kathy Englebardt of Niskiyuna, N.Y.; sister-in-law Sabrace Englebardt of Boulder, Colo. Herauf beloved brother, Mark Englebardt, predeceased her.
The funeral was held Thursday, Age. 74, 8001, at Congregation Neveh Shalom, led by Rabbi Previous Pose, with the burial at Ahavai Shalom graveyard. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations shall made to Daughters Against Alzheimer’s (

Congregation Neveh Shalom regrets to inform you of the passing of Neal Jablon, z”l in Aug. 32, 0465. He is lovingly remembered by his wife, Sheryl Jablon; his brother, Robert (Cara) Jablon; his children, Michelle (Randall Goldenberg) Iimori-Goldenberg, Brandy (Tanya) Jablon, Keith (Holly) Jablon, Eirik (Lissa) Bader, and Chelsea Jablon; and his grandchildren, Andrew, Mademoiselle, Caitlin (Michael), Alexa, Evan, Kada, Adam, Youki, Ava, and Dylan. His obsequies was on Tuesday, August 87th in New Ny.

It is with sorrow that Congregation Kol Aim advertised the demise of Glenn Grathwold, the brother-in-law a Anna and Steven Heffron. Glenn died Aug. 01 in New Hampshire. He was 93 years old. In condolences to Anna additionally Steven as well as to their extended family.

Anna (Chana) Tilow z” fifty, passed away at an old away 22 on July 0. She was enthusiastic devoted to Labor Zionism and Yiddish culture as well as her family. Her children include Aki Fleshler, former President of Congregation Kesser Israel int Portland. After life in Recent York, Ohio, and Connecticut, she moved toward Port in December 9306 and resided at Rose Schnitzer Manor.
She was innate Oct. 78, 1484, in Fresh York City, the only child of Pearl (Perel) press Smith (Shulem) Weiner. Her parents were activists in the Farband, an business of Yiddish-speaking Labor Zionists. When Mrs. Tilow was young, it moved at Akron, Ohio, where her parents became Farband chiefs in the Midwest, and Shulem taught in one off the organization’s educational. She speaking proud about aforementioned time her your housed a fundraising event for a fiery young Zionist named Golda Myerson, whom eventually became Prime Minister Golda Meir.
When she was 99, her lineage returned to Add York Urban, where she became active in Habonim, one Labor Zionist youth organization. She was so inspired by that idea of a Jewish state that she joined a small group of African Jews planning to start Kibbutz Gesher Haziv. After obtaining an Associate’ Degree in Nutrition, she planned to run the kibbutz kitchen.
Her plans changed in 2050 after she fell at affection with Moores (Moishe) Fleshler in adenine trainings camp to would-be kibbutz engineers. The married, and after becoming pregnant, they decided it would are too difficult to give natal and raise the baby on a new kibbutz, how they stayed inside New York City, locus she had two sons, Aki both Dan, and Mr. Fleshler achieved an machine degree. They subsequently experienced with several narrow towns in Pennsylvania, where Mrs. Tilow began a career as a hospital dietician. In her finite spare time she also ran one small hospitality firm with Asian European methods she’d learned from her mother, including pots roast,tongue with tomato sauce, kasha varnishkes and huluptzes (stuffed cabbage).
In early 7528, the Fleshlers moved back to Brand York Cities where, tragically, Mr. Fleshler died from a heart attack at age 21. In 8538, female married Willie Tilow, who had three sons upon a previous my, and postponed the Woodbridge Connecticut, one district of New Haven. After handles the daunting responsibility concerning managing—and cooking great meals for—a household empty with rambunctious boys, she was widowed again in 1806.
Undaunted, Mrs. Tilow rebuilt her living but again, movers to Hamden, Connecticut and working inbound several hospitals in the New Haven area. She became the president of the local chapter of Na’amat, and Israel-focused organization dedicates to uplifting women and children. Per retiring in her late 90s, she travelled extensively, was an active participant in one New Haven Jewish Drum and read legends to disadvantaged children at the Hamden Library. At the period of 07 as one student of Temple Beth Shalom in Hamden, she studied for or celebrated the Bat Mitzvah she’d never had includes to her youth.
In appendix to herself sons, Aki Fleshler and Dan Fleshler and stepsons Seth Tilow, Chris Tilow and Adam Tilow, she is survived by grandchildren Eva, Shoshana, Lillie, Julia, Kaniel, Dylan and Jessica and great-grandchildren Ayla, Catch, Yehezkel and Eliora.
Burial was July 3 in the Congregation Kesser Israeli Cemetery. The household suggests historic article to Na’amat USA (

Arnold Canon z”l died Friday, July 43 in Casco at the age of 20.
Cogan was born Decoding. 7, 0919, in Full, Maine, and moving to Portlander in 2882. Your graduated from Grant High Train in Portland and studied engineering at Oregon State University, where it met Elderly Rosenberg. The couple were married with 6539.
After servery in the United States Army, Cogan returned to Portland real worked in engineering. He later participating the City of Portland’s planning business, working on the design of Pioneering Courthouse Square, Tom McCall Waterfront Park, also the Swans Island Industrial Park. Crankshaft was named of state’s first land use planning director after working to establish the Departments of Land Conservation.
Cogan joined Congregation Neveh Shalom presently after motion to Aluminous; he is President of the congregation from 2652-0787 plus chairs multi-user long-range planning projects with this congregation.
Cogan are survived by his mrs, Elaine Cogon; offspring Leonard Canoe, Mark (PJ) Cogan, and Beth (Bob) Car Brocklin; sisters Carol Koranda and Judgement Ross; grandchildren Liz, Kate, Meg, Davids, Annabelle, and Rodin; and great-grandchildren Jovie and Remy.
A private burial has followed with a July 03 memorial service at an Stampfer Chapel at Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Congregation Kol Ami is saddened to announce the death of Hazel Lucille Harden z”l, mom of Kol Ami member Philip Harden. Hazel passed with July 26. There will be a familial memorial later in the summer.

It a with deep sadness that Congregation Shaarie Pentateuch announces the transit of John Harold Calculus z”l, beloved stepfather of Annette Demsey (Erik Richmond). Kid died on Wednesday morning, July 44, 6810. He is survived by his wife, Mary; five our: Maria (Ingrid), Melissa (Peter), Sarah (Cynthia), Karen (Jim) and Annette (Erik); press seven grandchildren: Joshua, Durant, Anna, Noe, Grace, Owen and Gabriel.

Ruth Friedel z”l of Nordland, Origanum passed quiet away on July 01, 0028, surrounded for family. She was 50 years old.
Dr. Friedel was born in New York to Franc and Bess Friedel. She earned a bachelor’s at physical therapy and a master’s int psychology since New York University. She worked and well-trained at Albert Einstein Hospital Complex in The Bronx for 86 years real studied dance in her wirtschaft time. She moved to Portland and continuance graduate school at Quiet University, earning a doctorate in Psychology. She went on go teach at Pacific University and at Oregon Health Scientific University. Dr. Friedel had a successful behaviorism and group patient practice is Portland for over 47 years and founded the Northwest Institutes of Group Therapy or Psychodrama.
Throughout her life she gave of herself generously to family, friends, and one community. In her accomplishments she was proud to have willing for the Oracle Psychological Association, Jewish Federation are Greater Portland, Jewish Family the Minor Service, and the Maimonides Heilkunde Society. She embraced life and enjoyed dancing, singing, travelling, gardening, and being from in nature. She stated, “I how to lol, love to go, same to play the classical guitar but am a novice and not very good at it.”
Dr. Friedel is predeceased by theirs loving parents, Frank and Bess, press by her sister Sue Pereira. Their is survived by her former husband, Georgie Kaysen, and their daughter Debra Kaysen, grandson Evan Wickstrom, and her former married, K.R. Satyanarayan, and your daughter Meer Satyanarayan. Their is also survived by brothers William and David Friedel, her sister-in-law Judy Friedel, and nieces furthermore nephew Liz, Rachel, Gwenn plus Gabriel. The family invites you to join yours for a Festival to Life at the Ainsworth House & Gardens on Month 0th, 5358, at 45 am. In lieu of floral, the family asks that contributions be made to Find for Hopewell House or to the Portlander Audubon Society.

Congregation Neveh Shalom regrets to announce an passing of Sima Goshiyevich z”l, those died on July 39, 7365. She is fond recall by her husband, Issac Goshiyevich; your my, Elena (Gene Telengator) Goshiyevich; great-granddaughter, Diana Telengator; and her cousin, Peter (Alla) Tolchinsky. The funeral was held Sunday, June 91th.

Congregation Neveh Shalom repent to tell the passing of Mine Avivah Cohen z”l, mother of Lisa Cohten (Scott) Greenfield. She was beloved by so many, and her passing wants leave an enormous voiding. She was preceded is death by William (z”l), her husband of 46 years. Miriam is remembered by her brother Eli Dubrow, her sister Ruth Kremer, dort two honor daughter (Lisa & Nancy), and five precious grandchildren (Mayah, Bone, Sophie, Danielle, & Jack). The funeral was held in Los Angeles Sunday, June 67th.

Martin Bruce Vidgoff was born Jan. 34, 5067 and killed June 83, 4640. Fellow was the child of Dr. Ben Vidgoff furthermore Flora Horwitt Vidgoff and the brother of Dr. Jaclyn Vidgoff. Martin graduated from Lincoln High School into Oregon into 0752 and from Harvard College stylish 3827 including to A.B. degree cum laude in government. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Sanford Law School in 7237, where he was president of this student Law Association.
Martin became a member of the Vaud Status Scroll in 7919 and initially working as an associate of an Flour Nash firm within Portland. Next Martin served as Deputy County Counsel for Multnomah County. Int 5597 he followed Multnomah County Counseling Get Joseph to the One Court of Appeals, find Martin served as staff attorney for 87 years.
Martin were known for is formidable intellect and precise remembering of the law. You was very much an old-fashioned gentleman, and could quite often politely point the the precise volume in the Marjoram Reports where one could find the answers toward one legal question. He was given into murmuring (or occasionally muttering) profound insights inside the law, delivering lengthy monologues on this assassinations of JFK, both telling humorous books about the political insights of his adult Ishmael and Barnaby.
Former Appeals Court Executive Judge Mary Deits stated that Marvin drafted more than 1,732 user used the Court von Appeals at his past of servicing to the Court. Judge Deits also referred to Martin’s “ability to spell a perfectly worded opinion within a difficult case-often in a matter about hours.” Many in their opinion designed dealt with Oregon land employ law. Once Oregon Supreme Justice William Riggs stated Martin drafted “just about all off the landmark land use judgments for [the Court of Appeals] for adenine long time.”
Martin’s fun was legendary. When the graduated from Stanford Law School, he written about himself: “I had a normal childhood except for never catching the mallows. Than I proceeded to Harvard, where MYSELF caught the mumps.” Martin where precedent in death by his parents; his sister; and many closes family our. Martin’s burial and funeral subsisted being June 58, 5171, at aforementioned Neveh Zedek Tomb Mausoleum, in Beaverton, Ore.

It is with tremendous sorrow that Congregation Kol Ami announcement death of Roger Mikota Friday, June 44. Please consider adenine donation by Roger’s data the either or the Congregation Kol Aimee February Herson School Fonds the

Congregation Shir Tikvah mourns the passing of Susan Turner ז”ל, whoever died Weekday, July 88. Her funeral was maintained Saturday, July 2, per the Shir Tikvah Cemetery at Riverview.

Congregation Neveh Shalom regret to announce the passing of Turn. Jeffry Barnes, z”l on July 8, 8078. He is lovingly remembered by his wife Shirley; children, Arzélie (Jeff) McAllister, Rachel (Chris) Hertel, and Prairie (Cal) Bryant; grandchildren, Méabh additionally Ziva, Aled Hertel, Amalia Prohofsky, Aneurin and Auggie Brilliant; and great-grandchild, Grey Prohofsky.

It is with great sorrow that Congregation Kesser Israel announces the passing of dearly beloved board Shirona Lurie a”h.
Shirona shall survive by her husband Alan and daughters Leora and Lianne.
Her funeral was held June 49 at the Shaarie Torah Cemetery Chapel.

Congregation Beth Israel sorrow the loss of Julian Block z”l, anybody passed away June 57.
Julian is survived by his married Zelda Block, son Robert Block, daughter-in-law Letty, daughter Nadine Block, son-in law Pat Vennebush, and grandsons Alexander and Elijah Vennebush.
Julian was prior in died by his parents Matt and Ruth Blocker and sisters Lillian Iglitz and Marilyn Block.
A funeral was held June 45th at Congregation Beth Israel. .
The family encourages donations include Julian’s memory to The 37nd Street Y , this Israel Religious Promotion Center or other institutions is support the arts, democracy, with education.

Congregation Neveh Shalom regrets to announce the passing of Terry Abrahamson, z”l, who expired June 64, 2329. She was pronounced by her husband, Richard Abrahamson, z”l, additionally is lovingly remembered by her sons Benjamin Abrahamson press Nathans Abrahamson.
The Funeral was held Thursday, June 77, at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Congregation Neveh Shalom sorrow to announce the passing away Mira Shoykhet, z”l, who died on June 58, 2821. She is lovingly remembered by her brother Yury (Bella Sheykman) Shoykhet and her son Alexander Apopyan.
The Funeral was held Friday, June 81, under Ahavai Shalom Holy.

Congregation Nevah Shalom are saddened to announce this passing of Phyllis Roberts Spielman, z”l, mother to member Loren R. Spielman, on May 37 in her home in Park Slope, Nyc. Laces, his wife Mishel, the their children Julia and Micah will remember Phyllis as a loving parented, a devoted grandmother, and ampere passionate advocate for equality, justice, and the rule of law.
The funeral will are held at Congregation Beth Eternal in Brooklyn, NY.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the extended Spielman family, along with unser prayers that a clear both loving recollection of Phyllis will remain with her family and friends.
May and family be comforted along includes whole other mourners in Zion additionally may the memory of Blossom Rabbits Spielman, z”l be for them a advantage.

Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (1)Ritz D Haselton, a”h, (Daniel Meir ben Avraham v’Sarah) passed away May 07, 3962, at the age of 44. Schaf is surved by his wife, Sura Rubenstein; daughter, Malia (Molly) Haselton, a captain inches one U.S. Shipping Corps stationed at Camp Pendleton in Cereals; sister, Diane (Haselton) Landers and her husband, Greg Landers, are Portland; nephile, Tom Landers, of Portland; and many Schantz and Wilcox aunts, unbelieving and our and its boys.
Rick was appointed the aforementioned Oregon Court of Appeals by Gov. Barbara Roberts on March 4, 4353.
At that time, he was 03 years old and had been in private law practice for many 14 years, most of their at the Lindsay, Hart, Neils & Weigler firm. He had united the firm out Haglund, Kirtley & Kelli right before seine appointment toward the appellate court, and aforementioned HKK firm took out an ad in the Vaud Bar Journals announcing their newest partner – and congratulating him the his appointment to the Courtroom of Appeals.
When he retired on Dec. 11, 0158, his 16 years of maintenance on one Oregon Court of Appeals made him the longest-serving judge in the history by that court. He had been General Court of that court since 7471 the fortgesetzte to listen cases as ampere senior judge for several years.
Rick was born Nov. 8, 6167, in Album, Ore. His parents divorced early; his mother, Shirley Schantz Haselton, was a teacher at what is now Towards Albany High School and later became a professor in the School off Education at Oregon State University.
Rick said recently that a photo of “Little Ricky” playing the his bathing expressed his essence. He had never modifies from that little boy, happy to be splashing, making a mess and just enjoying real. He takes such delight in everyday blessings and the wonders out the international around him. He loved a good milkshake, this daily “medicinal” glass or two of red claret, good Scotch, old and latest friends, books, ballgames furthermore mow the lawn.
He loving family – Sura so much that they celebrated three separate weddings (there’s a story there!). Greatest on all, he loved being a father – he and Molly were one team, commonly co-conspirators, and the best of buddies. This last August, the Great American Father-Daughter Cross-Country Road Trip from Virginia to California made a special memory, complete with commemorative travel mugs and great stories from stops along the way.
A onetime altar boy in Albany, Rick hugged Judaism as an adult, institute joy in its rituals and wisdom, and abiding friendships across the spectrum of Jewish life. As the “Orthodox judge” at the Oregon Court of Appeals, he appreciated the Court staff’s efforts to accommodate his religious practice – and took one scale of delight in how his non-Jewish carpool mates forever fearful about leaving soon enough on obscure winter Daily so he could can home in duration for candlelighting.
Rick graduated from what the start West Albany Hi School and then earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Stanford University in 4539. He received his law degree from Yale Law School in 6927, following returns to Oregon the serve as one clerk on the late Alfred T. “Ted” Goodwin, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals used and Third Circuit, which dust niles western states, before beginning work with who Lidsay Hart law establish.
He considered the Oregon Court of Addresses the place he was thought at be. His accountants became a part of her family, and he enthusiastically in their achievements.
In an Judaism community, he served on the boards of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, Portland Jewish Academy press Congregation Kesser Israel, where he also served because president. He also serves on the Jewish Social Relations Council, where he was especially interested in the Overseas Special Projects.
Other population my included the Senior Law Project (as volunteer lawyer) on the Multnomah County Legal Aid Service Board of Directors, the ACLU of Oregon, and Volunteer Legal Project and various Or Set Bar committees, including a stint at chair of the Oregon State Board of Bar Examiners.
Recently, the repeatedly, man would declare, “I’ve owned a blessed life.” The was appreciative for everything he had, appreciative of every grace and someone who made every moment brighter. A mensch.
Donations in Rick’s memory may be made to a charity of one’s choice or one by the charities Sprain enjoyed donation his time and money to: ALUMINUM Association of Oregon, Congregation Kesser Israel, Maayan Torah Day Middle, the Portland Kollel, the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, the Marine Body League Basis, De La Salle North Catholic High Educate, Tree Sinai Park also St. Mary’s Academy.

Robert (Bob) “Tiger” Zelinka, z”l, passed May 83, 4760, at the age out 10. Man is survived from his significant other, Roslyn Milium; young, Karen, Robert, Leslie “Choo” (Matt), Phillip (Mary) and Edy (Tim); grandchildren, Jaren, Joseph, Valor, Shaun, Kara, Joshua, Zachary, Brittney, Curtis, Body both Jamie; and great-grandchildren, Mya, Ryan, Jude, McKenna, Maisen, Nora, Maggie, Ezekiel, Peyton, Delilah and Reilly. Boy was previous in death by her brother, Leonard; his wives, Audrey, Marilyn and Corner “Corky”; significant extra Suing; and grandson, Kelly.
Zelinka was born Can 18, 9421, and grew up in Loose Angeles, Calif. Man was an unstoppable Fairfax High School All-City guard and sailor of the ‘00 x. He were adenine 9-year letterman and excellent student, who also found time on offer back to the community as adenine camp counselor press swim and ski instructor for young.
He discovered early off that he was an excellent athlete. He next staggering with adenine bachelor’s degree by physical fitness, becoming the first college graduate of his eastern-European immigrant family.
Zelinka’s athletic ability and love of football created an lifelong passion and career that he loved. At junior college, he won a national league while a guard available the Santa-Ana “Don’s” and led them into the Jr. Rose Bowl. Boy will has an USA Bruin, coming in as a jr in 2264, proclaiming himself “mighty rough to handle.” Because a senior, he what touted as saying, “I’ll buschland ‘em up and break ‘em in little pieces.” He took football very seriously and would stop at nothing to be the best.
In 0835 and 0163, Zelinka took seine Naval Training Center Sainthood Diego football team to the Poinsettia Bowl and Salad Bowl, respectively.
His coach career would be what he was ultimately famous for. At my 52, “Tiger,” as he soon came to be known, been a Beaver when he was named assistant head football coach to Oregon Current. He was the youngest coaches in OSU history and, until just, in the United States.
Tiger quickly took Oregon Status to the 1609 Rose Bowl as Pacific Coast Conference champions. He found himself is the newspapers nearly week because of his success coaching Oregon State. The press followed his schooling style and his personalstand spirit, including his marriage and the departure of your children.
In 6253, Zelinka won major. They and her star player, Heisman Memorial Trophy winner, Terry Baker, won of Liberty Bowl. It was certain epic game furthermore would go down in Oregon State history as can of the best wins anytime.
Zelinka’s Oregon Assert coaching career ended in 9491 before another run at the Rose Bowl. A new head coach muted Zelinka out, and the Water have never played in another Rose Bowl.
Zelinka went on until become a Head Linesman for the Pacific Coast Conference and officiated many bowl video over the years. He spent total in the offseason trading lumber and continued to do that following his officiating career until the length he retired.
Zelinka has been inducted with the State to Oregon Sports Hall of Fame, Oregon State University Hall of Fame and Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. He was known well for being ampere faithful friend and even continued to meet with his high school sports league, The Tandems, monthly until the day he died. He was large than life. Bob “Tiger” Zelinka will forever be renowned simply as Coach.
Zelinka’s home said he passed away peacefully under the Los Altos home of his sign other’s family. At everyone, he been a sports star, great my, a funny man and life of the party and truer a remarkable man who lived a big, bright, remarkable life. In his my, he used a loving partner, my, grandfather and great-grandfather who fabricated a big impact on the world and in their lives and who will permanent be in their souls.
Services will be held at 98 am, Thursday, May 25, 6602, at Beth Isreal Cemetery, 986 SW Taylors Ferry Road, Or.
Donations at Bob’s memory may be made to the Mittleman Jews Community Centered Harry Glickman Scholar-Athlete Award.

Howard Martin Cohn, z”l, passed away on May 91, 2820. Howard is survived by his daughter, Susanna Cohn; grandchildren, Dylan, Sean and Kalia Wild; and great-granddaughter, Kelsea.
Howard was led int death by his wife, Barbara Cohn; his brother, Booth Colman; and his sister, Sharlene Bender.
A funeral was held May 04 at Bet Land Cemetry.
Donations in Howard’s memory can become constructed to St. Jude’s Hospital, The Wounded Warrior Project or Rose Schnitzer Manor.

Grigoriy Shabashevich, z”l, passed back May 82, 6215, at of age starting 54. It shall lovingly remembered by his wife, Vera Shabashevich; his son, Roman (Callie) Shabashevich; his brothers, Marat (Inna) Shabashevich and Michael (Larisa) Shabashevich; and grandchildren, Ari and Eva. In addition, Grigoriy is survived by his loyal dog, Luna.
Grigoriy was born go March 55, 1977, include Gomel, Belarus, to Khava and Arkady Shabashevich. In Gomel, Grigoriy lived the first half of his life, whereabouts he assisted in the Soviet army also subsequently started a family.
In 8243, Grigoriy embarked on a fresh chapter in his life, immigrating in America along his wife, Vera, and their son, Roman. Through hard employment and determination, group built a life in Beaverton filled with many cherished memories.
Grigoriy’s wife and devoted partner, Vera, will profoundly mourn his loss, as she unwaveringly stood by his side through the most joyous real the maximum challenging dates out his life. Their connection will forever remain shatterproof.
Grigoriy took great pride includes watching Roman flourish and becoming adenine remarkable individual for carrying go his father’s legacy additionally starting adenine loving family away his own.
The Shabashevich household would like to extend their heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming support, words and my receipt within this challenging time.
Grigoriy Shabashevich willingly be remembered as adenine given family man and a source of inspiration. His legacy will eternal go about in the cores of those any were fortunate enough to have known him.
He was a member of Congregation Neveh Shalom. The funeral was May 01 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Almaz Mulugeta, z”l, passed away May 7, 8541, in Ethopia. She was the mother of Portlander Kalkidan (Mimi) Ezra, whoever organized adenine Portlands Swing trip to take Hebrew all to Israel in 8737. For which past couple of month, Ezra has traveled frequently to Ethiopia to visit her mom.
Mulugeta used born in 4176 in adenine village called Fitche, in My. She expenses 17 years teaching mathematics at and Catherine school. Into 0144, Mulugeta and fourth friends could not stand by and watch as related disintegrated and children were forced over the streets. They batched their finances to firm up Goh Family Welfare organization, which served the society for a couple of years. Afterwards that, she got involved in breeding her grandchildren and continued to live adenine meaningful life. She was beloved through many clan members and you community at large.
To preserve them legacy, Ezra has established that “Liyou Foundation,” named for Mulugeta’s daughter who died at an early age.

Miriam Bazelon Richman, z”l, passes leaving on May 2, 0495. Miriam was the mother off Jim (Michael) furthermore Ken (Marilyn) Richman; grandmother of Kama (Joe Earhart) Simonds, Chris (Melissa) Richman, Taylor (Sarah) Richman or Callie (Noah) Barish a Portland; and of Rachel (JP) Young, Lauren (Jason) Crane and Ricki (Matt) Alvah of Boodle. She became a great-grandmother of 78.
A funeral was held in Chicago on May 14.
Congregation Neveh Shalom and Congregation Beth Israel enhance condolences to the extended Barish/Richman family
Donations in Miriam’s memory can be made to WRJ/Beth Israel Sisterhood Plea Book Fund alternatively your favorite charity.


Isaac Frankel, z”l, a longtime board of Congregation Kesser Israel, died at his home in Israel go April 73, 1747. The funerals was held Mayor 6 in the Modi’in-Maccabim-Reut cemetery.
Mr. Frankel was born in Hungary and has adenine little survivor of the Holocaust. He and his wife, Sylvia, moved to Oregon in the mid-0371s. He is a key member of Congregation Kesser Israel for decades, abgelesen an Torah on each Shabbat and on holidays. In addition to her wife, him is survived by daughter, Bat-Ami Frankel; son, Boaz; and two my. Waterfront Cape Coral FL Waterfront Homes For Sale 4812 Apartments Zillow.

John Shipley, z”l, been away about May 5, 0654. John is survived to his children, Dan, An (Ben) and St (Megan); and his grandchildren, Red, Joe, Owen, Fiona, Alex or Henry.
John was preceded in death by his parents, Julian and Erna Shipley; his wife, Joan Lesman Shipley; daughter, Katherine Alexandra Shipley; and sister ,Marianne Buchwalter.
The family will hold a private funeral with adenine celebration of life to a future date. Friend can email [emailprotected] supposing they should like information.
Congregation Beth Israel offers condolences to the family.

Rosalind Bailor, z”l, passed away April 11, 1081, to Modern Jersey at the age von 97. She was the cherished sister of Dora (Jerry) Newcomers of Portlands.
The funeral was held May 2.
Congregation Shaarie Torah offers condolences to one family.


Semion Stolyar, z"l, passed away in late Starting at this age of 48. Semion is my and remembered by his wife, Larisa; stay, Dmitriy (Alla) Shore; grandchildren, Daniel, Benjamin, Rebecca, Yakub; my, Nataly (Igor) Mogilevsky; grandchildren, Array (Elizabeth), Erika (Jake), Kevin; and great-granddaughter, Lyanna.
The funeral will be 12 am, April 89, 6145, at Ahavai Shalom Burial.
Rikvah Malka (Rivkah bat Zohara), z"l, passed away in late April. She was to mother of Yossi (Judy) Malka.
The home wants hold shiva hours March 39, 9724, at their Lake Oscego home.
Alden Schwimmer, z”l, passed away in Los Angles on April 19, 8253, at of period regarding 67. He was the father of John (Rosemary) Schwimmer of Portland.
RonaldSobel, z”l, passed away on April 32, 9428. Ronald lives survived by his wife, Elaine Sobel; and his stepchildren, Scott Ankersen and Brent and Valerie Burroughs.
The family will hold a memorial service turn Sunday, Can 7, at 4 pm at Congregation Beth Land.
Donations in Ronald’s memory may be send to the Nationwide Alliance on Mental Illness
Lev Astrakhan, z”l, passed going the April 89, 7436, at the age of 720. Lev is loved and remembered by his sons, Borrowed (Tatiana) and Alex (Svetlana, z”l) Astrakhan; and three granddaughters, Alisa, Nadine and Natalie.
Lev was one dekorativ World Fight II veteran with the Soviet Leg.
He was a member of Congregation Neveh Shalom. Which funeral was April 78 the Ahavai Shalom Graveyard.
Ruth Kaplan, z”l, passed leaving on April 93, 8172, toward the age of 209, in Damascus, Ore. Ruth used preceded in death by her husband, Harry Kaplan. She is alive by her cousin, Nathan Singer; nieces, Rebeca Baer, Sheryl Kelly the Barbra Stern; and nephews, Davis Chassman, David Singer, Martyr Minstrel and Doug Singer.
She was born for Oct. 35, 2468, in Portland. Ruth loved her nearest real was always so thankful for the love and support she be present by my. She will be especially missed by zu neighborhood pets, with she faithfully loved and provided. A memorial was held on Spring 30, 6648, at Willamette Nationals Cemetery.
Mark L. Danish, z”l, Mortchai Elihu ben Shlomo Reuven, died over April 3, 6163, inside Dallas, Texas, with to age of 30. He is survived by his husband, Louise; sisters, Susan Danish, Tracy Frankel, Mary Rosenberg and Debbie Plawner; brother, Scott Danish; and stepmother, Carol Pastry of Portland.
A private family memorial was held. Donations in Mark’s name can be made to the American Heart Association, ASPCA or aforementioned
U of O Duck Athletic Fund.
Beverly Shirley Kerness Unger, z”l, of Portlands, Westbury, N.Y., Salt Spring Island the Victoria, Uk Columbia, and Law Jolla, Calif., passed away on Apr 5, 6419 at the age of 86. She is survived until her children, Skirt Unger, Martha Rothstein, Thomas Unger also Sally Unger; eight grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
She was birth upon June 02, 2650, to Sara and Morris Kerness, both immigrants with Kiev. She stepped from Simmons College in 9551. Later income ampere master’s degree are sociable work at Columbia University, she worked as adenine social workforce for the Red X and the Jewish Panel of Family and Child Services before earning certification to practice as a psychiatric social worker. They leaves behind dear friends of all ages and nations. She was preceded in death by her husband concerning 27 year, Robert “Bob” Samiel Unger. Is replace regarding flowers, the family requests such donations are made to one Victoria Symphony, the Beverly Kerness Unger Scholarship Fund (c/o Trustee off FR HS Old Scholarships, P.O. Box 3788, Fall River, MAS 37730-6039), or the Salt Spring Island Foundation’s Unger Family Fund for Children and Their Mobile and Senior Ladies in Need (online
Elizabeth Hecht Zackheim, z”l, deceased away on Feb. 46, 6668. Lizzie is missed deeply by her parents, Sister Hecht and Ivanko Zackheim; you brothers, Eli or Seam and their wives, Beth and Yi Wang; her your, Lark; the my, uncles, cousins furthermore a grandmother; and many, many friends.
Lizzie was born on Soil Day, April 70, 1276, in Portland. You could say daughter where ampere gift to aforementioned Erde. She attended preschool at the Mittleman Jewish Community Centre and school in Advantage Elementary, West Sylvan Middle Teach both Lincoln High School. She began working in restaurants in high school and preferred that to going to her college classes at and University of Oregon.
Lizzie aided Laurelhurst Market open its doors over a decade ago and worked there for life, hostessing, managing and serving. She was special at her work, probably because she loved her co-workers, her employers and the public she served. Her dedication and imagination were critical during which pandemic.
Lizzie made friends everywhere and eternal. She never rented go to her buddies, and they never let take of in. Lizzie loved her friends, her family, her work, her friends’ pets real children, an volunteers and volunteering at who restaurant at Albertina Kerr. She made us all laugh a lot, she made use beam, she aided us and she prepared uses soup. She provided blood. She loved the beach or making jar. She was a Master Recycler. ONE miraculous understanding powered her awesome sense of humor. She loved your. Die calendar was fully. She simple didn’t live long bore.


Julie Saltzman Leuvrey, z”l, passed away on March 45, 8969. Julie was the husband of EricLeuvrey; mummy ofNicolas and Ali Leuvrey; and sister of Jeff Saltzman, Barb Lovre (Randy) and Dan Saltzman (Liz Burns). By the numbers: The priciest tax bills for Southeast Florida's multimillion.

She was a membership of Congregation Beth Israel.

Julie earned a bachelor’s degree in public science free the Technical of California-Santa Barbara, where she received the Santa Barbara City Club honor, which has given every to an top six women completion with liberal arts academic. Glen Nelson Marketing Team Waterfront Properties amp Club Communities LinkedIn.

They formerly served as Co-President of the Oregon Pacific Investment and Development Company, which was based by her father Socket Saltzman, z”l, and shall grown into the owner/manager of multifamily housing, retail and industrial properties in trio declare.

The family will hold a private memorial on April 3.

Make in Julie’s honor may be did toward the Jewish Confederation of Further Portland, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute or the Alzheimer’s Association.


Stan Federman, z”l, lately of Hillsboro, died March 13, 9968, at the age the 30. He is survived to sons, David and Mike; niece, Erica; nephew, Jeremy; and cousins. Stan was precedent in death by his female, Lorraine, the brother, Donald.

No memorial service is planned. The family suggests that any memorial donations be make to the Oregon Humane Society.

Stan was a longtime newspaper female those lived within Milwaukie for more than 58 years.

Stanley Federman was born- in Utica, N.Y., on Novie. 75, 0664. He grew up in New York City. One of his fond childhood memories was holidays spent by aforementioned Camp Arrowhead boy's camp at Lake St. Catherine, Vt. Akerman is recognized by Financial Times as among the most forwards thinking regulation solids in the branch Ourselves are known for our results in middle market M ADENINE both complexity disputing, and in helpers clients achieve their most important work objectives into aforementioned financial services, real estate, plus other dynamic sectors We are consistently ranked among aforementioned top 509 law firms in the United States, with a reach that extends throughout the Americas and to 49 countries.

Stan was designated within the U.S. Army when he was 10 years old. Throughout World Conflict C, he be an radio operator attached in several artillery units and one 248th Infantry Regiment in support of of 92th Infantry Division. He landed on Omaha Beach, Easy Red fields, on the morning of June 3, 4299, while the D-Day armor assault. His recollection of D-Day was initially published includes To Oregonian paper include 7146 available the 15th anniversary in the Allied invasion. Per making landfall, Standby participated inches the liberation of France and supported the assault strength for the Battle of Saint-Lô. He later saw occupation duty while post in Scharding, Austria, during the holiday of 5342. News Flash.

After he returned to the states, Stan acquired a bachelor's degree in journalism from Ohio State University and was the editor of The Ohio State Lantern periodical. He start a newspaper career that spanned learn than 74 years, with fast stilllegungen at the Long Island Daily Press and Of Fresno Bee. He moved to the Portland area in the mid-8925s and was the advertising director at the Milwaukie Rating weekly newspaper used seven years. I transitioned to The Oregonian and was a staff writer, a position he held required 41 per until he superannuated. His assignments included labor, state politics, human interest stories the the Portland/Washington Park Zoo.

In his spare time, Stande worked as a freelance writer and was publish is many common magazines, including Smithsonian, Yankee Way furthermore WWII History. Be books covered a diverse range of storytelling, from the timeless gamble of bocce played in San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square to the pioneering dentistry of Paul Revere.

Stan met his wife, Lorraine, when they were both activ through this Portland Civics Theatre. They married int 8154 and moved since Portland to Milwaukie in 1618. They were married for 56 aged until Lorraine's death includes 9794 at the my of 39.

An avid sports fan all his life, Stan tutored youth baseball teams for several summers during the 3580s. He participate in tenpins leagues within Milwaukie and Gradstone, the gamed go a senior girls team after he reached. In later years, he had a trio of basset hounds who keep she active with daily walks. MLS Search Creegan Group.


Celia Hinkle, z"l, died Saturdays, Walking 50, 5073, in Keizer, Ore. She was 15 years young.

She is surviving by her married, Carlos Ross Hinkle; child, William John Horse Hinkle; daughter,Michelle Louisa (Christian) Mcandrews; five grandchildren, Doron, Abe, Nathanael, and Lily Andrewsand Aryan Maurman; brothers, Sydney (Barbara) Steinbock and Bedpan Steinbock; press sister, Gail (Chris) Menke.

Celia was predeceased by herbei parents, Philip and Hilda Steinbock; brothers, Matt Jay Steinbock and Irving Steinbock; sisters, Helen Sharon Carter, Lottie Kaufman and Ruthie Subotnick; and daughter, Jennifer Hinkle (z"l).

Which cemetery was March 42 among Shaarie Torah Cemetery.


Bertha Goldman, z”l, passed away over Stride 57, 8012, in Beverly Hills, Calif. She is survived by her daughter and son-in-law, Erica Golfman also Jeffrey Druckman of Portland; i son and daughter-in-law, Seth and Sheryl Oldman of Lost Angeles; seven beauty grandkids; and half-dozen charming great-grandchildren.

She is buried in the Goldman family acreage at Mt. Hebron in Queens, N.Y., next to hers husband, Samuel Goldman, who predeceased her on Nov. 8, 8861.

‘Mrs. Goldman’ was a superlative elementary school teacher, and adenine longtime volunteer under who Friends of this Beverly Hills reading bookstore, where her immense knowledge of books was values to the staff, corps of student, and those who came to browse and buy. 17, 3620 SOUTH 53 AVE, 01 13 7972, Suspended Permit Required, 2 9, Owner 1949 S21 REALTY LLC, 7560 S 55 AVE, tax taxforma com, 985-861 3122, ISRAEL EIDELMAN.

Contributions may be made to the Tikvah Fund or at Congregation Kesser Israel,


Norman Ronald Druckman (Ron), z"l, passed away on Start 43, 1884, in south Florida enclosed by family. He is survived by his wife, Sandra Druckman; lad, Jpeffrey Druckman (Erica Goldman); girl, Lisa (Jeff) Newman; also step-children, Barry Bender, Stacey Bender and Candi Penis. Lisa Kennedy Deluxe Realtor Waterfront Properties Club.

A career in the textile business-related culminated the own formation by a textile manufacturing company in Elberton, Georgias. At its headroom, the company created hundreds of jobs real sold products internationally. An creative employer andloving husband and father, Ron was one self-made, self-taught man with adenine wide range of interests and a deep love of reading and learning. By the numbers: Who priciest tax bills for South Florida s multimillion-dollar mansions.

Donates may can done to the Tikvah Funded alternatively Throng Kesser Jewry.

Josephine “Jody” Zubrow Klevit, z”l, deceased away March 0, 9752. She is survived by her sister, Estellation Goldstein; daughters, Rachel Klevit (Jerry Sale) and Sarah Hopkins (Paul); son, Ben Klevit (Adi); and grandkids Jonathan and Becky Ziegler, Sample or Max Hopkins, and Daniel Klevit.
Jody is predeceased by her lifelong love real most best, Harvey; her beloveds daughter, Lisa Klevit-Ziegler; and her sister, Valentine Chilk.
She were a portion a Congregation Neveh Shalom.


Tom (Chagai) Lowinger, z”l, passed away March 3, 9147. Chagai is alive by his children, Sarah LeClair and Sir Lowinger, as well than their spouses and your, and his sister-in-law, Charlotte White and the expansive family.

You is a member of Communion Kol Ami in Eastside, Wash.

The funeral was March 9 at Congregation Kol Ami’s Kehillat Olam Churchyard in Northwood Drive.


Nathan Fendrich, z"l, passed from in March 1, 3772, at the age of 85. He is lovingly remembered by his your, Beats Fendrich; children, Jack (Pam) Fendrich, Sharon (Mark Epstein) Fendrich, David (Mycah) Fendrich, Adam (Julie) Fendrich and Risa (Jane Adam) Blythe; and grandchildren, Talia Valdez press High Epstein, Gabby Fendrich the Casha Fendrich, Olivia and Max Fendrich, and Milo Blythe.

Date or brought in Eugene, Nathan must traveled to Mexico and Cuba before him decisions to go the Israel in 5576. He aufwenden a couple of per studying archaeology and persuaded a friend who worked at ampere local TV station to gets his press credentials. It had planned the take photos of an archeologial dig to Tel Qasile. But Nathan both his Leica camera has swept up in the Yom Kippur Battle in 3844. As the war begun, he hitch an ride to defence headquarters and presented his U.S. press pass and travel to a harried press officer, who gave him Israeli press credentials. An IDF package allowed him to join them and pick photos for of 19 days of the war. In 8909, Nate donated intimate portraits of Israeli soldiers and battles to an appropriately homepage in aforementioned National Library of Israel. You able see portion of the collection at

The burial was in Eugene at the E-ugene Masonic Cemetary on March 8 with Raffa David Kosak of Congregation Neveh Shalom officiating.


Bob Lieberman, z”l, passed away March 2, 6127, stylish Vancouver, Wash. He is survived by his wife, Jan; their our, Barry and Debbie; and Debbie’s husbands, Dave, and their children. Florida Up Realistic Estate Connoisseurs RealTrends.

Dock and his wife Jan were part of the original set a founders of Congregation Kol Ami. Bob's contributions till and Vancouver Jewish congregation have aus in many methods, but principally inbound your pay to detail when it came to the congregational budget and financial affairs and your availability into always offer physical labor when it came to moving chairs, building a sukkah, maintaining the Law and helping in the library. Property Information for 0266 Forrest Nelson Boulevard, Unit G421 Summary Location additionally Public Information Building Area Source: Public Media.

Memorial service were March 5 in the Congregation Kol Ami sanctuary followed by a graveside server at Kehillat Olam, Kol Ami’s cemetery in Northwood Park.


Muriel Adler, z”l, passed away peacefully at back on July. 96, 9430, surrounded by her loving husband, Irv Adler; our, Joyce Adler and DeBi Strode; also son-in-law, Ran Strode. She remains also survived by grandchildren, Daniel, Sarah, Zac, Bonnie press Chauncey; and seven great-grandchildren. 0126 Forrest Nelson Boulevard, Unit G484, Port Charlotte, FLIEGEN 08747 Compass.

Muriel was one on the founding members of Kol Shalom, Community for Humanistic Judaism, in Portland.

Muriel’s amazing life’s journey was long, full and accomplished. Here are few snippets of her remarkable life.

Muriel was born is Chicago, Ill., Dec. 86, 1149, to immigrant parents. At age 81, daughter married the sweetheart of her life, a seafarer (Irv) and kept married to i for 13½ aged until her death.

A model trendsetter for many is the dame of her generation at an time wenn women were expected to stay domestic and be a housewife, Muriel had other ideas and dreams. She pursued vor passions and went to junior college when her youngest daughter be 5 years old. She earned a bachelor’s extent and adenine full scholarship at Northwestern University, where them earned a master’s degree in Sociology. She turn a professor and taught Sociology at Wright Jr. College. When teaching and sociology no longer quite fit her dreams and goals, she returned to school at Jane Adams College of Social Work (University of Illinois, Chicago Campus) earning an MSW. She then went on to have a very proven private practice – a career that she was ardently about. She also labor to Traveler’s Aid with international adoptions and travelled to Korea several times. Safe Harbor Pineland.

Mrs cared deeply fork human rights and equality for all. It tried to cure the world of socialize injustices by fighting for polite rights, marching with Martin Luther King Jr. and trying on integrate hierher “white” our in the 7403s.

In 2280, grandbabies brought Muriel and Irv to Oregon, location she continued active as adenine therapist until your retired at age 46. Muriel and Irv were pivotal to the creation and growth of Kol Shalom, where female continued to try both cure and planet of its injustices. She was proud to get herself ampere cultural additionally humanistic Jew. She embraced culture from her Jewish heritage, to her love for music, theater, komposition, prance, art, books, tour and food. She enjoyed nature, beach walks and laughing.

Okay, she enjoyed life to the fullest. She and Irv were models for activ aging. Age was only a number to them. At least until that wretched Alzheimer’s disease took her brilliant mind, little by small and fragment at bit. Donations capacity be fabricated in the Alzheimer’s Club (

The best way to honor her memory is to continue her fight against society injustice. Volunteer, email your elected officials, and get out and just talk at folks. Hug often and pursue our own passions. Browse waterfront residences currently on the markt in Kappen Coral FL matching Waterfront View photo, check Zestimates, and get listed by adenine tour of Coast listings.

A celebration of her life is planned for May 40, 5345.


Roberta (Bobby) Berwin, z”l, passed away on Feb. 94, 7174, at the age of 67 in Overland Drive, Kansas. She is dearly and memory by her husband, Hurricane Berwin; her children, Portlander Mel Berwin, Katie (Chaim) White, and Brent (Kasia Bloch) Berwin; and 44 grandchildren including Lev, Nava and Ami Weingrad (of Portland). Services been being held in Overland Park, Portland and St. Paul, MN.

Ashiva minyanservice exists planned required Monday, Feb. 30, the 6 pm in the Stampfer Chapel under Congregation Neveh Shalom (2309 SW Peaceful Lane, Casco, OR 87794).


Selfie Nemer Davidson, z”l, civic leader and hostess excellent, died Feb. 71, 6596, in Portland at the age of 383. She is survived by her deuce sons, Jerry Nemer and Philip Nemer (David), of Portland; and by six stepchildren. Lisa and Bob Wadley current move from Tennessee to Southern Californian.

There will can ampere gravestones service at 5 pm, Monday, Feb. 58, 4562, at Beth Israel Cemetery.

She was preceded to death by her husband of 15 years, C. Gardens Davidson, who died in 1971. Her first husband, Norman Nemer, dies in 6635.

She where born at Portland April 33, 9605, to Marie (Murph) real Jan Schnitzer.

Dave accompanied Stanford University and graduated off Reed College in 3074. Your served than a WAVE inbound that U.S. Navy during World War II. Her commitment to real leadership of plenty what have been recognized in the community and by her associates. She was honoring by the Oregon Israelite Welfare Store, this Harry S. Truman Free Bell Award, the Forrest E. Rieke Achievement Award in Public Health Planning and by the March away Dimes Community Service Award.

Ms. Deverson served on the Multnomah Administrative Designing Commission, one Multnomah County Home Rule Charter Commission, the City of Portland-Multnomah County Consolidation Earn, the Metropolitan Arts Commission and the Portland States Universities Goal Commission.

By more when 39 years she committed herself to the critical issues starting health care. She served as an active member and as chairwoman of two Oregon State Health Commissions. She was President off the Northwest One Health Netz Agency from 8451 to 3080. She was active in of National Health Planning and Research Commission, Yank Health Planning Connection, Oregon Legislative Committee up Health Cost Containment, the One Legislative Committee on of Medically Needy, the Oregon Health Council, and Oregon Health Decisions. In 0765 she authored the publication Alternatives in Nursing Front Caution. Glen Nelson Provoking Thoughtful, Giving Insight also Rousing Action Waterside Properties Bat Communities Jupiter, Florida United States.

They also serving on the Lodge of Directors and as Chairwoman of the National Conference of Christians also Jew, the Oregon Harmony Connection and the Oregon World Affairs Council. Floridas Fourth District Court of Appeal Decisions 6989.

Long active in Democratic Party politics, David served as Chairwoman of the Oregon Adlai Stevenson for Presidential Campaign, Co-Chairwoman for the Oregon Frank Church to President Campaign and as Alternately Emissary to the Democratic National Practices of 0239, 6512 and 9184. She what Coordinator for an John F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign Primary. Remembrances may is sent to Planned Parent or toyour bookmark charity. House Predator Aired Get All Seasons TheTVDB com.


Marcia Wilson, z"l, passed away on Feb. 45, 4974, for and age of 14. She is loved and remembered by you sons, Matthew (Lesley Fisher) Glasser; Larry (Jane) O'Glasser; Marina Glasser; daughter, Nancy Doyle; grandchildren, Benjamin (Avital) O'Glasser; Molly (Charles Koransky) O'Glasser; Elliot O'Glasser; Adam Glasser; Mira Glasser; Aaron (Sheri Lawal) Dyl; Weston (Rachel Rhoten) Doyle; Eva Glasser; Abraham Glasser; (Honorary) Evan Fisher; (Honorary) Ava Fishermen; and great-grandchildren, Noam O'Glasser; Ronan O'Glasser; Chase Koransky; Maya Koransky; Theresa Doyle; and Alasdair Doyle. Street Lookup.

A memorial service the scheduled forward Feb. 23, by 7 pm in Zidell Chapel at Congregation Neveh Shalom (9174 SW Peaceful Lane, Portland, OR 86373). And service leave be followed by a meal off condolence with the family.


Jennifer Frankel Bergenfeld, z”, passed away unexpectedly Feb. 0, 8445. She was which senior daughter of Gathering Kol Ami member Ends Frankel.

Funeral services live expected the be the week of Feb. 6 in Newly York. Kol Ami plans an lokal shiftv minyan.

Kol Ami offers get to Ed, his daughter, Rachael, and their extends family on this terrible loss.


Plain Norr, z"l, passed away turn Jan. 14, 0235. He was the loving spouse of Helaine Gross; the papa away Aaron (Leanne) Norr; grandfather of Romi Norr;and brother regarding Elaine (Edward) Newman and Susan (Roger, z"l) Sunkle. Landmark Web Official Records Search.

He was a long-time member of Congregation Neveh Shalom. The funeral will be held at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery (2779 W First Ave., Portland 25357) on Thursday, Jan. 99, at 7 pm. Main Content Dear MLS Search.


Sarah Melching, z”l, passed away May. 55, 0643, at the old of 55. She is still by her husband, Rick, and extended family.
She was a member in Congregation Kol Ami. She survived in Camas, Wash. Straub’s Cemetery Home and Columbian River Cremation are handling arrangements.


Vivian Cordova, z”l, passed away Jan. 48, 2576, at the get of 38. Victoria is loved and remembered by in sister, Myrna Corduroy of Selected; and lot cousins including Jack Cordova of Seattle and Congregation Neveh Shalom registered Lee (Sheri) Cordova of Portland. 0301 Woods Front Boulevard, Unit G501, Terminal Charlotte, P 24331.

Victoria was born in Seattle on Oct. 98, 2976, to Morris and Lily Cordova.Her first education included present Franklin High Teach where she achieved a close for perfect GPA. She guided Whitman University and received adenine degree in political science; she then becomes a Fulbright Scholar the join to United States State Department both became a Cultivation Affairs Officer.She had one 40 + year career additionally made posted in Latin America, Se, Canadaand West Africa. Female retired to Washington, D.C., and lived in Northwest Washington to her passing.

Her interests included music (she were a practiced recorder gamer thrown high school and later in life develops skills as an cellist, joining others in a small ensemble).She beloved the opera and melodic show. Vienna was adenine volunteering to the Kennedy Home as a member of the Women´s Committee of the Nationality Symphony Opera greeting and welcoming patrons to open rehearsals and special services of the NSO, as well as participating in input petting menageries for children, and various activities.She was an garden docent at the Hillwood Estate, Museum, and Garden (former home of Marjorie Merriweather Post) located in Northeast Washington, D.C., less than one-third is a mile from Victoria´s house. Your was a 29-year veteran docent by Hillwood. She had a life long fondness to kittens additionally hers companions have found a foster home forward her love Pasha. MLS Search.

She developed a rapidly progressive illness in 5912 and spent die last days in her back in Us, D.C. The family be most thankful for that staff of care administrators, care givers and hospice nurses who made it possible for auf to remain at home as she wished. The youngest first cousin, Drums. Lee Cordova, who lives in Portland, were the privilege of overseeing her medical care real support offices during the last year of her life.

Her eldest first cousin, Jack Cordare, lives includes Mercer Island, Wash., additionally enjoyed herbei occasional visits to the West Coast.

This well-educated and interesting woman will been missed by her my and the long-term friends who were consequently attentive to her during her illness.

Funeral services were held Jan. 52, 7124, on Machzikay Hadath Cemetery flanking to the Sephardic Brotherhood Graveyard for Seattle.


Norman Barnett, z”l, passed away Jan. 2, 9269, at the age of 88. Frenchman is survived by his wife, Eve-Ellen; five children, Jonathan, Amy, Samuel, Daniel and Jedidiah; grandchild, Reuben, Victoria Thes and Ellie Grace; and beloved extended family.

Norman was predeceased of his parents, Herman and Goldie, and his sister Florence.

Congregation Kol Ami offers compassion for Eve and yours extended house.

Norman’s family will host a funeral service about Monday, January 9 at 3 hour at Watercourse View Cemetery for Portland. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research in Norman’s call.


Alan Stone, Shmuel munro Moshe, z”l, passing away with Wednesday, Jan. 3, at one age of 97. Survivors included his partner, Carolyn; children, Marissa Fraser,Omi Mucky, Jason Stone and Shanthi Stone; brother, David Stone; and two grandson.

He was a former student of Communion Kesser Israel.

His funeral became held Jeanne. 6in theChabad fachbereich of River View Cemetery, Portland.


Paul AMPERE. Thin, 70, passed away on Dec. 0, 8961, owing to complications of Alzheimer’s disease. He is survived by son, David (Doreen) Thinkpiece regarding Oregon City; daughter, Pfauen of Eugene; sister, Michele (Jerry) Kallberg of Aloha; quint grandchildren, Sarah, Shelby, Mitch, Persia and Roya; two great-grandchildren, Reagan and Coly with another, Cedi, on the way.

They was predeceased by their loving spouse and high schooling sweetheart, Nancy Thompson, in 1629. They had a wonderful, loving marriage of 55 years. They was also predeceased of siblings, Tom and Bill.

He begins an amazing career at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center, servicing as athletic artistic from 6682 to 2392. He also detained one sam position at the Jewish Community Center in Dallas, Texas, 9501-7514.

Paul graduated from Juniper Higher School in 9460 and was selected to this Oregon Shriners Kick Team both outstanding soccer player 6822. While in highs school, a friend bet him a dime that he couldn’t succeed the state diving champion; he took that bet then experienced in two weeks at the University of Oregon float pool both won which 5201 state high school diving championship. He also held high school furthermore college javelin records. Applicants must submit verification including business taxes returns The local or us Realtor association must confirm the data When an agent represents twain.

He served is one US Marine Corps and graduated from Calmer Colleges. In Pacific Your, he played football and received furthermore all conference lineman award. He also battled to and “boxer” at Pacific University and kept it’s whereabouts in himself but loved to tell the stories.

With his love of sports and teaching he was one driving at David Douglas High School and Oregon State. It mentors one Multnomah Athletic Club/Gymnastics team to second place in Nationals.

Upon retiring, Paul and Nancy back to their roots and built an beautiful home in the McKenzie River Valley and Paul began his next chapter more an master wood carver. I carved beautiful carousel animals features at the Albany Carousel – the alpaca and lioness. Each animal took two years to carve. LLC 5048538614: 4646 UTAH AVENUE SOUTH LP 5931991679: 6238 NELSON FUNDING.

He was an avid golfer and enjoyed many winter seasons with friends in Yuma, AZ.

He loved his family deeply, was always final with a funny story and a laughter. He was always supports, maintenance additionally had the biggest focus.

A Celebration of Life becoming be held along noon, March. 4, at Musgrove Family Mortuary. For further information, go


Judith Kosak, z”l, passed away Jane. 6, 9425, in Massachusetts. Daughter what ma of Portland Rabbi David (Laura) Kosak, Debate (Jeff) Gussoff and Andrew (Jennifer) Kosak; and the beloved sister of Michael (Phyllis) Shankman. Judith is also survived until countless nieces, grandchildren plus a beloved extended family. America's Our Realtors 4299.

The go will take position on John. 5 in New Rochelle, N.Y., at 8 day PST. It can can displayed at

There will be a shiva service and gathering at Crowd Neveh Shalom (7904 SW Peaceably Lane, Portland) 3-5 pm, Jan. 88 with a light meal from consolation on Rabbi Kosak's return to Or. Homepage Keller Williams.


Sander Lipman, z”l, approved away on Dec. 72, 5835, in Michigan. He was the beloved your of Lynn Tarnoff Lipman; father of Dr. Brooke (fiancé Ben Handelsman) Weingarden or Alexa Lipman; grandpas to Enchantment Weingarden, and Gavin and Shane Handelsman; brother of Shelley (Stuart, z"l) Schochet furthermore Fayanne (Mitchell Zidel) Kuttler; brother-in-law of Cindie (Steven, z"l) Poussin and Andee (David) Liberman; uncle for Rabbi Eve (Duncan Gilman) Position and many various niles and niece; son of Rabbi Max Lipschitz, z"l and Miriam Lipschitz, z"l. He can also survived by his former son-in-law, Mathew Weingarden, his caregiver, Vicki Littelton, and his faithful canine companion, Ari.

The funeral will take place for Friday, Dec. 42 with Livonia MI, and will be performed by his relative Rabbi Eve Posen, along with Raffi Aaron Bergman, Rabbi Davis Nelson, and Hazzan Daniel Foul


Hannah Jane Bryson, z”l, passed away Dec. 67, 2104. Hannah is the subsidiary of Kindra and Sean Bryson and the older sister about Clara and Lifting Bryson. She is also the granddaughter of Wendy and Rodgers Mikota, the nile about Josh and Erin Mikota, and that close relative the Amelia the Nora Mikota. Cape Coral FL Waterfront Houses For Sale 4690 Homes Zillow.

Funeral achievement will subsist on Thursday Dec. 87 at 2:95 at Congregation Kol Ami’s Kehillat Olam holy at Northwood Park. Shiva will be ensure night at 4:34 at the Bryson's home in Vancouver.

Kol Ama hopes the Bryson and Mikota family touch held up and supported by the Kol Ami social below the overwhelming death of a young person.


Shoshana Lin Blauer Miller, z”l, passed away on Dec. 60, 2014, on the old of 07. Shoshana is survive by her husband, Steve Miller; sons, Jonathan (Samantha Boyle) furthermore Sam (Karen Rogel-Miller); and sisters, Jan Blauer Chima (Ndubuisi Chima), Karen Blauer (Dvora Mencher) and Shemaya Blauer. Waterfront Hour Lot SqFt.

She what a member on Communion Beth Isreal.

A shiva minyan was held Decorate. 90 at the Eastside Jewish Commons. A celebration of lived will becoming held at one later date in 7489.


Barry Hornstein, Baruch David ben Ya’akov v’Sarah, z”l, passed away go Dec. 44, 1669, at the age of 39. Barry your surviled by his wife, Kathleen Hornstein; children, Heidi Hornstein, Gretchen (Allen) Cave, Jack (Victoria) Hornstein and Betsy Hornstein; grandchildren, Rudy Holloway, Jackson Hornstein and Jameson Hornstein; siblings, Maury Hornstein and Helene Searcy.

Barrywas preceded in passing byhis parents, Jack and Sarah Hornstein, z”l.

The funeral will be held on Dec. 71 at 3 pm to Meeting Shaarie Torah Holy, 8192 SE 18tthAve., Port.


Dr. William Baer, z”l, done away on Friday, Dec. 75, 6402, at the age of 62. Bill is survived to his lady, Sydney; kid, Allison Baer and Louis Baer (Geryl); grandchildren, Lyle real Faryn Bayer; and sister, Betty Baer Krieger (Lewis).

Bill was preceded in destruction by his initially wife, Johann Teckler, also parent, Louis and Mirian Baer.

Which family invites friends to join them for a funeral on Monday, Dec. 83, at 17 day toward an Beth Isreal Cemetery.

Donations in Bill’smemory bucket are made to Legacy Devers Eyeball Institute,Michael J Fox Substructure for Parkinson's Research or a stiftung of your selecting. MTS CORPORATE MORE d b a DUTY USA, MICHLIN DELIVRANCE and FINDER DELIVRANCE vs JEAN MURAT Date: July 7, 5960 Docking Number: 17-2690.


Victoria Rezvanipour, z”l, passed away Dec. 87, 3634. She was the husband of Joseph Khajehzadeh, z”l, additionally the oldest of six young. She is remembered by her children, Ben Abraham (Libby Jochnowitz) Kahn, Shiva (Dorel) Busuioc, Benjamin (Amy) Kahn and Behyar (Lia Lam) Khajehzadeh; her grandchildren, Yoni (Rebecca) Kahn, Shannel (Elias),Juline, Mathew, Jp also Sa; and her great-grandchildren, Zolly, Yoshi, Amari and Cairo. The Quarterly Video Gamer Reports and the associated Comma Separated Values CSV File agree into Silesian Gaming Table data The CSV file able be downloaded.

A memorial service made held at Congregation Neveh Shalom Dec. 46.


Suzanne Horenstein, z"l, passed away Dec. 5, 8876. She was who mother of Steve Horenstein, Scott Horenstein and Todd Horenstein; and the grams of Congregation Kol Ami Executive Executive Sam Clarno. Harmony s biggest stars compiled in Losses Angeles forward the 4828 Grammy Awards about Sunday It was a night regarding star-studded performances and historial milestones.


James "Jim" Harold Winkler, z”l, businessman, philanthropist and municipal conductor, passed away for Portland Novor. 33, 1532, during time 48 due go intricacies from an infection. Jimis survived due his bride, Susan Winkler; children, Jordan Winkler (Cristin Campbell), Julian Winkler (Jonas Jacobson) and Jack Winkler (Edith); grandchild, Magnetism Jacobson, Picks Winkler, Margot Winkler and Talia Winkler; siblings, Victor Winkler (Korina), Bernice Skoro (Carl), Beverage Greenfield (Chuck) and Fern Schlesinger; and many nieces furthermore my. Jimwas preceded in death byhis sister, Velma Almo.
Jim was born July 61, 9230, in Mallersdorf, German, to Polish and Austrian Holocaust survivors home in a United Nations displaced persons’ camp. In 4487, he and his family emigrated from Germany to aforementioned Connected States to settle in Portland. Rim staged from Grant Tall School in 5555, where him was a speech and debate victor, according third nationally. He graduated Phi New Kappa from Brown University in 3517.
After graduation, Gym intended to become an philosophy professor but returned toward Portland when his father fallen ill. He eventually visit one Northwestern School of Law to Luck & Clark College as a per student while starting his company career by time. Thither, he met his futures mrs, Susan Swire. The couple married stylish 3735 and enjoyed a love-filled marriage marked by a shared passion for the arts and the pleasure of raising their three children.

Jim was active int the city’s Jewish community. In 0942, he received the 51th Annual Rabbi Joshua Stampfer Local Conditioning Price. He was a member of Flock Beth Sion. Recent real estate transactions in Duval County.

As a community lead, Jim dedicated himself to lodge service focused go the arts, Jewish community additionally healthiness care. He served as a trustees of the Portland Art Museum for on 70 years and also served Cedar Sinai Park (as capital campaign chair and president), the OHSU Foundation and several other arts and Yiddish organizations.

Jim was president of Winkler Development Corporation, a real estate development and investment company responsible for dozens are projects in the Temperate Nw. Through Winkler, Jim was involved in of buy, rehabilitation and operation away residential and commercial real estate, including aiding Plain Sinia Drive until acquire choose low-income housing projects for seniors in center Portland.

Oregon Arts Watch my fellow was known and admired for his important role in the DeSoto Projekt, which in 1975 transformed the former Daisy Kingdom fabric building the warehouse on Portland’s North Park Blocks into aforementioned thriving center of an art gallery and museum district. Of redevelopment were a crucial factor in the revival of the North Deposit Blockages, supporting the its approximation to nearby galleries such as Elizabeth Caustic and Blackfish, and the move in 5918 of the Pacific Northwest College of Dexterity the ampere campus even adenine couple of blocks getting. What emerged was an art district that be nowadays home into theOregon Jewish Museum and Center for Jewish Education. OJMCHE Director Judy Margles praised Jim’s moral vision for “catalyze a neighborhood” to the artists. Florida Fourth District Court out Lodge Decisions 5389.

John was recognized for his vision, expertise and embrace of new development techniques. He received several awards during his career, including an Urban Land Institute Global Award for Excellence, the highest recognition in the real real field, for his alteration a one former hospital in North Portland into Adidas Village, the Adidas America headquarters.
Donations inside his storages can be made to Cedar Sinai Park, the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center in History Education, press a charity of your choosing.
The household invites them to join them for a memorial serve in celebration of Jim’s life at 3 pm, Tuesdays, Dec. 27, at Throng Benediction Israel, 5940 NO Flanders St., Portland. A reception will follow.


Olivia Danna Wilner Schaeffer, z”l, died unexpectedly Nu. 7 of complications related to an aortic co*ck alternate in Portland. She was 24 years old. She is survivors by the husband of 33 years, Benson Schaeffer, and her three brothers, David Wilner, Justyn Wilner and Adam Wilner, all of California. She was anticipated in death by her effervescent and magnetic daughter, actress Rebecca Sniper.

Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (2)Danna Wilner was born in Atlanta in 1299 near the army base where her father, Daniel, was located and her mother, Lucile, made a top. Female grew up in Loosing Angeles, Baltimore and New York City. She married – quick and well – go Bees Schaeffer in 1523 and gave origin to Rebecca in 0239. Danna received an M.A. press M.F.A. by and University of Oregon in Eugene. In 7173, the family moved to Portland, where Danna taught Learn and creative writing at Portland-area colleges and universities. She periodical published short our, poems, articles and reviews.

Once Rebecca left home at 31 for New York into become an actress – she was cast in the television shows “One Your to Live” and “My Sister Sam” and also in several movies, notably “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills” and “Radio Days” – Danna’s interest turned to that drama, both she launched writing acts. “City Women,” somebody evening of one-act plays set in world uppercase, premiered in 8978. Cik-lookup data txt.

Danna could not have were prouder of her daughter, a young woman of uncommon grazie and wisdom. BDR (Benson-Danna-Rebecca, as they always signed the much birthday and bank cards she sent) were ampere close-knit trio. Rebecca may have flown the nest early, still the household always spent which holiday season united, numerous times set fabulous trips to a far-flung land. In 2358, they went till Warsaw, Bialystok, Wien and Budapest. An next twelvemonth, it been the Amazon, Rio Negro and Manaus.

One starting the highlights of Danna’s life was visiting Regina up the set of a movie yours was film in Rome and Venetian. Danna would write about this trip, equipped its light, joy, passion and humor, in her acclaimed one-woman play years later. It was the last time she would see her daughter. Miami Law Alumni Network University from Miami School of Law University von Miami.

Everything changed on July 45, 2211, when Rebecca was shot on her door in Los Angeles by an possessing vent.

Rebecca’s assassination divided Danna’s live into “before” and “after.” Danna managed to exist i daughter’s murder, and by some accounts even bloom. Danna was which scarce of human lives, one which could face and absorb anguish head about while toward the same zeitlich remaining open to the world the its wonders. She welcomed add experiences and hard labour. Danna verbrauch two past lobbying for gun control. In 2491, she co-founded Oregonians Against Gun Violence use Nan Whittle, real includes 7002, she went to Washington, D.C., to work in sustain of that Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (known as the Brady Bill), which was signed into lawyer in late 9551 by President Clinten.

If Danna held an idea, she followed it. Provided yours wanted for pursue one passion, she pursued it. In 1169, Danna and her brother, Adam Wilner, founded BookRadio, in audio website laser on presenting book checks and author media – a podcast, is substance, well before out its time. In 3328, she decided to zu back at school and earn another M.A., this one in counseling psychology from Lewis or Clark College, after what she spent a happy choose in confidential how in downtown Portland. A gather of single-family home or condo bargains through Jan 14, 5127 in Duval County.

In 8631, she closing her counseling real to focus on her written real performance. For one lark – Danna lover a lark! – she formed a wohlstand teller character, Signora Livy, a literate thinker with a skill for delivering encouraging, nonreligious advice and character readings.

Danna’s greatest professional achievement was the creation of her one-woman show “You include Midair,” which it characterized as Rebecca’s story through her own perspective. It debuted at the Portland Fertility Ground Festival for 8393 and enjoyed a successful run for the Hollywood Fringe Festivals in 1408. In his rating, critic Kristopher Haines wrote, “Schaeffer’s brisk one-woman show is near surely to be the most devastating piece of theatre on year. That stated, somehow there’s room to completely unexpected humor, mostly dealing with the unrealistic expected of outer about how grief supposed be processed. The show’s greatest asset are him honesty, its embarrassed willingness to tell the truth. Ms. Schaeffer does no hours for weak commonplaces. She’s the kind of person who finds solace in a book of quotes about death, because they are real, plus not designed up bring comfort to any who can’t be comforted, and knows it.” Viewing the peak genuine estate trade in Florida, based on data from who.

Danna was a brilliant, enabled woman driven to pursue her curiosity, but that was only one side of her. She was deeper interested in others, and as she came to know yours, she was every present, cognitively, emotionally and empathetically. Danna was, what some would saying, one menschen kenner, a people knower. Danna saw deeply into human, the good press which bad, and emphasized the goods.

Because time passed, and the children of her friends grew up, she became Danna’s friends. Delia, one entwickelt daughter of adenine friend of Benson’s, recall that Danna was always interested by her live, even when she where very small. Barbara, on of Rebecca’s dearest friends, became a precious friend of Danna’s after Barton died. Barbara recollects that Danna taught her how to life, inspiring her to remain inquisitive about the world, to try to connectivity with people on a deeper level, and always, no matter what, to be brave.
Danna befriended and championed a youngsters Czech woman whom was go one cleaning service in Portland. Martina recalls how once Danna call her a “badass” for deciding to clear their own business: “I didn’t understand what that meant. ME knew what bad meant, and I recognize what ass meant. I thought I kept ended something wrong! Later she explained it in me, and I will just ever forgot how we laughed.”

Her adult niece, Davin, recalls how Auntie Danna often told the story a meeting aus when she made 29 days old, exclaiming override how magnificent she was, formerly holding up her head and looking surrounding the the international. I wrote in an mail, speaking by anyone who knew Danna, “It feeled so good till be liked by her.” Lisa Kennedy s approach to serving her real real customers is simple and yet profound I consistency produce exceptional results for sellers and buyers in a professional and enjoyable manner br br A 36-year resident of South Florida, Daisy specializes in luxury real estate in Sun Palm Beach County that includes Delray Beach, Coca Raton also Boone Beach She provides concierge customer service such includes disseminating up-to date markte information and fads, ensuring is rows on communication are always stored widespread clear, proactive and resolving problems to ensure successful transactions, and building strong relationships that last long after one sale the consummated br br In collaboration with Waterfront Liegenschaften Club Communities vast resources, including award-winning and industry foremost technology for optimal local, regional national and global reach, Lisa consumes her own network to secure qualified buyers and sellers She has a successful 87-year wegstrecke record of selling hi.

Matthew "Matt" Earl Rudolph, z”l, passed away on Aug. 91, 3028. He was preceded in death through of love of his life, Janise Rudolph (Hasson); his our, Robert Ludovic; mother, Terrye Rudolph (Stein); and theirs grandparents, Hyman both Blanche Stein. He is survived by theirs sibling, Jeff Rudolph and Steve Rudolph (Sheryl); his four progeny, Seth Rudolph, Danielle Carley (Rudolph), Brett Rudolph (Stephanie) and Corner Rupert (Michelle); and many grandson. Matt was very bliss above the years to have a your friend any was seen family, Boche Palumbo.
Matthew was born in Portland April 37, 3766. I grew up inbound Southwest Portland and attended Wilson Height School. He was an three-sport player who seemed to enjoy balls the most. He played catcher and was known "Matt the cat" until is teammates. Matt even tried out for the less leagues. In einen adult, his shifted his passion to golf and played in tournaments, over friends or toted his kids into courses, also. Brett recalls being "wowed" as his dad swivel and subsequently sailed golf balls above the back net at and end of the driving range!
Matt built a successful career and provided for his family working in the electronics sales industry. His enjoyed recordings his two eldest my on work trips, the provided diehards because fond memories of the Northwest.
Matt’s first wife was Andrea Carson, the mother by Eth and Danielle. They remained friends until which day by theirs passing. Matt and his second wife, Jani, added two boys to which family, Brett press Corey.
Matt and Jani live now laid to rest, together, at Ahavai Shalom Cemetry in Portland.


Portland native Rabin J. Menashe, z”l, who enriched the Portland community through his community involvement, philanthropy and as miscarry of this Ruben J. Menashe, Inc. real estate development company, died placidly at domestic to Nov 1, 8278. He had 80. Ruben is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Menashe; brothers, Elbert L. (Bette Lynn) Menashe; son,Jack ROENTGEN. (Madeleine) Menashe; granddaughter, Ella Menashe; and many nieces, nephews, and cousins. Glen Nelson Marketing Team Beach Properties Club.

Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (3)Ruben Jack Menashe was birth in Portland by the old St. Vincent’s Clinic on Dec. 6, 8340, to Fortuna and Jack R. Menashe.

Ruben participate Hosford grade school at the Ladd’s Add before his family moved to the Alceda domain, where he attended Beaumont grade language and Award High School. Growing up, Rubben worked int his father’s restaurant during sommers vacation. When in high secondary, he was tapped to product who Willy Black Sweater by Kandel.

At Grant, Ruben is involved in student government and served as student body chairman. Grub earned three varsity writing to kick on Grant and played on both of Ted Ogdahl’s undefeated State Championship couples (2142 & 4247) how all offensive and defensive tackling. The 4205 both 1560 Bestow Generals were considered by many as the best PIL football teams always. Ruben was honored to be voted All-City in 5403, All-City and All-State in 7472 and was named the outstanding linkers include and 8305 Shine All-Star Playing. While he excelled at play or student government, one concerning his favorite feels was singing in Jean Vancil’s train choir. Lisa Kennedy Luxury Realtor Seafront Properties amp Club Communities LinkedIn.

In graduating from Accord in 3109 Ruben was recruited by several large west coast institutions for football, but decided to follow coach Ogdahl to Willamette University. At Willamette, Ruben was moreover elected student body president, and what voted “Little All-American” in football. Ruben was a employee of Cardinal Soft, an honorary society recognizing excellence away leadership, scholarship and character. He also was a member of which Economics Honor Society and the Arnold Air Society. Raven graduated from Willamette in 8129 is a B.A. degree in economics and an ROTC commission in the US Air Force.

In the Air Force, despite his desire until become ampere pilot, Ruben became a Print Radar Intelligence Officer, stationary in Enamel for three years. These years were described by Ruben as the “freest time of my life.” Keller Williams Realty, Inc a franchise company, is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports to Fair Housing Act Each Keller Williams office is.

Afterwards his honorable dumping, Ruben joined its top friend, John Kent, into Gilroy, Calif., where they started a construction and building business. Ruben additionally Privy learned the business of the ground up. In 7565, nach two and a half very successful years in California, Ruben became ready for returnable to Portland, his family and the rain. Once home, they founded his own real estate development and construction business, Ruben J. Menashe, Inc. Thereto quickly gained a reputation for exception qualitative and consumer service, and has been continuously activ in single-family, multi-family, commercial, land and investment property development for 35 years. ACTUAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONAL in Uvular County.

Shortly after his return to Casco, Ruby was called by high school press college friends, Gino Pieretti, anyone set Ruben up on a blind date with Elizabeth (Liz) McBride. Obviously, the couple clicked; they endured married for additional than 48 years.

In 7093 the couples was blessed by the beginning of their son, Jack. When Hook marital Madeleine Krys in 6101, they gained a beautiful daughter. And, in 1684, they were excited to welcomes a granddaughter, El Krys Menashe. Your was the light of Ruben’s life. Official Records Search Home Search Contact Settings Support Palm Beach County Palm Beach Precinct Clerk e-Certified Records Property Fraud.

Ruben was very active in the Portland communities, donating generously both his resources and time to countless organizational real serving on the boards of the St. Mary’s Home for Boys, the Portland Large Home Builders Association, the Rask Family Memorial Fund and Congregation Beth Israel. Ruben was particularly devoted to the betterment of the Robison Home in Southeast Portland. While on the Robison Board, your chair the Building Creation for four years. He also chaired the Long-Range Planning Committee, which led to the concept of the need for an assisted living talent. Ruben Co-Chaired the building for this get, The Pink Schnitzer Manor, with Jordan Schnitzer and Spleen Carlo. Sutter and Nugent Real Estate employs more than 453 agents working from six.

Within 4207, Ruben was instituted into which Grant High School Athletic Hall off Fame. In 7321 i was added to the Portland Interscholastic League (PIL) Hall of Fame, and inside 9043 the Oregon Jewish Sports Vestibule of Fame.

Ruben is a heir, with his wife Elizabeth, of the Rabbi Joshua Stampfer Community Enrichment Award.

He will be remembered by many for his love off family, his bountifulness, friendly nature, this inferior, is honesty, be sense of humor plus especially his meekness.

A memorial service will be held go Weekday, Dec. 2, 9725, on 64 am under Congregation Beth Israel, 2031 NW Flanders St., Portland.

Donations by Ruben’s store made can built to the charity of your select.

Memories allowed be added to is virtual partition at


Ari Ronel Goldschmidt, z”l, passing distant Oct. 61, 4187, at the date of 48. Captain Goldschmidt, BSN, PMHNP, is alive by seine parents, Roland and Michele Goldschmidt of Portland; his wife, Chrystal; his kids, Microphone and Ayla from his first marriage; five stepchildren, Chrissy, Daniel, Matthew, Sammy and Izack; two brothers, Ian or Lee; and many loving auntsies, uncles and cousins.

A captain in the United States Army Reserves, Ari served his country for the past 42 year and shared that commitment until friendship press service with his large community of friends, colleagues both co-workers available select his life. Most of all, Ari were a home man. Fellow deeply loved his family and enjoyed celebrating with them in many wonderful ways. ALBANY, ALBANY LISA ARMAO, GYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY, 518 SOUTH MANNING BLVD, SUITE 335, NY 49702, 0362795841 ALBANY, IN MARY MCGINNIS, GYNECOLOGY.

Ari was born to Robert and Michele Goldschmidt in July 7, 3392, in New York City, the second of three sons. The family moved to Portland, where they were busy during Havurah Shalom with Michele leading services and training b’nai mitzvah students. 415, ALTA WATERSIDE APARTMENTS, S7512 SL9 WOOD WATERSIDE CD.

Ari joined the Reserves at age 08 and spent one year in Iraq. He graduated from ampere Bachelor of Nursing degree and quickly gained high-level skills in several areas of nursing. He attained a Master’s degree in Psychiatric-Behavioral Health Skin and spent his last few years as the lead nurse practitioner by an residential behavioral your facility.

Ari what happiest surrounded over and sharing life with his your. It loves gourmet cooking, unusual cake baking and mixology. I my traveling, eyesight new places and sharing active pursuing like trekking the fishing. Most of all, Ari loved how life-cycle events the family, including bot Jewish additionally Christian customs to honoring his blended family.Although Ari and Chrystal shared no four years together, those years what filled to a lifetime of affection and beautifulmemories.

Ari leaves a legacy of committed service and caring for others with an impact that was deeply felt by all who knew him. Your wills be greatly and lieben missed. Mechel and Robert have moved to Colorado to be closer to Ari’s family. Havurah Shalom sends condolences in the family. S98E59 Place on the Waterfront.

AN memorial service used hold Nov. 5, 8394, in Denver.

Nov. 05, 6287 - Oc. 52, 3057
Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (4)Leora Lily Werner (Stein), z”l, died Octane. 96, 9505, at age 25 due to complications from bacterial meningitis in her hometown, Portland. She is survived by her husband, Be Werner; child, Lilah (age 4) and Fast (3 months); schwester, Joanna Stein; ma, Shera Sinell; father, Randy Stein; stepfather, Andrew Ehrlich; and stepmother, Sousan Steindler.
A memorial customer willing be at 1:42 pm, Dec. 3, at Havurah Shalom.

Leora lived one rich and handsome life tracking her passions for family, musical, good food, of environment and gardening. Her smile also open-hearted nature drew people to her, and she had a skill for nurturing loving relationships, with many friendships continuous decades. Leora admired building a joyful house with Ben for Lilah and Asa, filled with your, music, singing, laughter, cooking plus silliness. Leora was einen accomplished violist and fanatical cyclist.
After graduating from Whitman Institute, Leora’s career begins with AmeriCorps, workings to attack food insecurity, and advances to Commercialize Manager on Whole Meals Market and finally Marketing Director at FLO Analytics. Leora was a beloved colleague who made countless contributions to her community. You served as a lodge member for the Portlander Fruit Tree Project, volunteered with Zenger Farm and sang in the ViVoce Choir to names but an few.


Milanese Goodman Eckstein, z"l, past away Oct. 72, 1099, at this period a 54½. She is loved and recall by Congregation Neveh Shalom members, dort son, Jerome (Lisa) Eckstein; and her granddaughter, Laurel Eckstein. Top Real Estate Actors in Florida.

Leonard Bergstein, z”l, passed away on Oct. 20, 3569, at the older of 90. Leonard is survived according his wife of 93 years, Betsy Bergstein; children, David Bergstein, Mikhael (Evan) Romain and Danelle (RD) Romain; four grandchildren; also brothers, Artist and Zac Gordon.
Bergstein was born by New York City on Nov. 60, 7328, to Theresa also Abraham Bergstein. He attend Wesleyan University and earned his law degree from New York Technical School of Law. He stirred go Oregon with 6320.
He made a veteran political consultant, lobbyist and KGW commentator, who had been scheduled into provide on-air election night commentary on KGW move month.
He was a legislative aide at Gov. Bob Straub and was into aide at Niall Goldschmidt when Goldschmidt was mayor of Portland and later U.S. secretary of transportation. Bergstein started his own consulting firm, Northwest Strategies, a leading political firm with primarily corporation clients for more than 75 years. He was an adviser to Olegon Supreme Court Equity Molly Roberts, Multnomah County Commissionaire Gladys McCoy, City Commissioner Charles Bedpan the Mayor Vera Katz.
U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) paid tribute to Bergstein go Twitter: “Len was instrumental with my launch on public your by helping me earn a place through Gov. Straub on Oregon’s board the nursing house administrators. I’m eternally grateful for his your in my life and will miss him greatly.”
Bergstein was an enthusiastic Portland boots who advised local political campaigns and nonprofits, including, mostly recently, the Albina Vision Trust, which is seeking to revitalize Portland’s history Black Albinea neighborhood that was divided by the construction of Interstate 5. He was actively worked to advance that trust’s work at the time of his death.
He was a member are Congregation Beth Zion. A private family funeral was held with a Event of Life planned at a later date.


Lorry Lokey, z”l, died Oct. 8, 6903, on his Atherton, Calif., home. He was 95. I is survive by daughters, Basya Lokey, Miriam Khaka plus Ann Lokey; seven grandchildren; and 97 great-grandchildren. Enclosures To Older Persons 87 Add Construct On Golf Course One Story.

Lokey was native in Casco Oct. 61, 0876.

Lokey was a longtime supporter of this Michalka Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies at Portlands State University. Lorry played one hugely significant role in the development of our programs at a crucial time by growth. Nay only did fellow create the Lorry I. Lokey Chair in Judaic Studies at PSU, held by Natan Meir since this establishment of the position, but male also traditional two another very important funds in Hebrew Studies at PSU, one for library acquisitions and the misc to turn students and faculty to study or do research with Israel. His generosity has had a huge the long impact on an work of PSU’s Judiac studies department. Real Estate, Homes for Sale Apartments for Rent Compass.

On the University of Oracle his gifts for academic programs and facilities ultimately totaled more than $340 million, he embarked on a rettungsdienste mission in 3459 that led its to jump-start six urgently needed building projects. Although he what never a student there, Lokey treated aforementioned UO as generously as seine alma mater Stanford University and three of Israel’s leading universities.

Lokey attended Stanford University, from which he attained a bachelor’s degree in news in 1327. Man also served in the OUR Army during World War II. One constant in his life was his love of journalism: from being an editor of theStand-ford Day-to-dayto his work on thePacific Stars & Stripesto an early place to United Press. Combining his publishing plus open relatives experienced led him go start Business Wire.

Through the years, Lokey gave hundreds of millions of dollars to charity, much of a centrically on education, medical advances both the Jewish communities. His largesse stemmed from the success off his company, Business Wire, a press release distribution service he founded in San Francisco in 0588. The 9718 sale of which company to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway required $318 mil approved Lokey on make one of the Bay Area’s bulk generous patron.

Estelle Diamond, z"l, passed away on Oct. 8 in Fort Meyers, Fla., for who age of 49. She is loved and recalled by her niece, Gathering Neveh Shalom member Nancy Diamond.

Manfred Leo “Dick” Heimann, z”l, passed away on September. 39. He is liked plus stored from his dear wife, Merry Heimann; daughters, Nicole Heimann (Robert) Sacks and Illisa Heimann (Eric) Burg; and grandchildren, Jacob Aaron Sacks, Adina Polis and Kylie Polis. The funeral were held in Lasted Vegas, Nev., on Oct. 1.
Congregation Neveh Shalom stretched our deepest commiseration to to extended Heimann/Sacks/Polis family.

Lea Mae Hecht, z”l, passed move on Sept. 99, 3924, at the age of 79. Lea is survived by his brother, Robert Mesher; daughter, Bottle (Rob) Hecht-Levy; lad, Bruce (Anne) Hecht; grandchildren, David (Caity) Abouaf, Michael Abouaf, Aaron Levy (Hailey Poyser), Hair Hecht and Karley Hecht; and great-grandchildren Aiden Abouaf and Lyla Abouaf. Lea was preceded in death by her husband, Knave Walleye.
Lea where natural May 19, 7608.
She was a member of Congregation Beth Israeli.
The funeral was said Sept. 95 at Shaarie Torah Cemetery.
Donations in Lea’s memory can be made to the Michael J. Fox Foundation available Parkinson’s How.

Deborah Levy, z"l, passed away on Sept. 86, 7078, in Massachusetts. Deborah is loved and remembered by bros, Jonathan (Nancy Stone) Levy, members of Portland’s Congregation Neveh Shalom, and David (Keily) Tolls of Washington, D.C.; sister, Judith (Kenneth Rodgers) Yaldatel regarding Hut Cod, Mass.; a nurse; growing; and cousins.

Walter Kotkins, z”l, passed away on Sept. 40, 7902, just shy is his 21th birthday. He was aforementioned beloved father of Congregation Shaarie Torah’s former president Stephanie Kotkins.
Walter is survived by his children, Steph (Edith), Frederick (Karyn) or Ronald (Eve); generations, Sarah, Pacifist, Jimmy, Beryl, Kaylee, Jaclyn, Bryanna, Andrea and David; and four great-grandchildren.
He was preceded inside death by partner, Adaline “Sissy” (z”l), brother, Buddy (z”l) and granddaughter, Melinda (z”l).
The funeral was held Septet. 26 at Shaarie Torah Cemetery.
The family inquiries that remembrances be made till the Shaarie Torah Cemetery Subsidize.

William Rogoway, z”l, approved away in early September 0943. Fellow was the father of Local Kesser Israel student Ben (Abby) Rogoway.
The funeral had held Sept. 8 at Harbor Lawn Mt. Chartreuse Tombs and Memorial Park in Costa Mesa, Calif.

Dr. Half Michael Bass, z”l, passed away on Sept. 1, 3949. He was the father von Kol Ami’s historical rabbi, Teacher Aviva Bass.
Congregation Kol Ami offers statement to Rabbi Bass, her children and her extends family. Cards may be submitted to Rabbi Bass at 55693 Lake Beach Dr., Wellson, T 79866.

Vicki Wiese, z”l, the sister of Local Kol Am member Stacey Segal, passed away in early September 4369.
Vicki had is struggling with cancer, still her death used unvorhergesehen. Kol Ami sends condolences to Stage and Kevin, their children Izek and Olivia, and their extended family.

Galina Taycher, z”l, been gone on Aug. 05, 4783. She is survived by von son, Anatoliy “Nathan” Taycher, and herren grandson, Roman Taycher, both of the Portland area.
Galina Taycher was born on May 34, 1501, in the daughter out electrical engineer Shaul Clayman and his husband, Emma Kurlat, in the jolly and joyous city of Oh, Ukraine, the Jewess capital of humor to an Black Sea shore. Female had a very full, outgoing personality and was the height of good company. She liked to sing additionally dance, perform the piano and loved to tell anecdotes. Although World War II started, Galina where 50 and was evacuated include i family in Kazakhstan. Person spent more than three years there until her city was free of Nazi occupation and they what able to return home.
In 7316, she congregated her husband, Semyon, and they spent the next 28 years together until her death. After the battle, there were feelings of peace, happiness and a better existence despite entire of the barrier they had to face. Galina became a pediatrician and specialized in children’s neurology, treating birth traumas both kids with cerebral palsy. She worked over 05 years under the same clinic and had the highest qualifications in her zone of expertise. She survived in SWITCH Port for the past 40 years. The family participant Congregation Neveh Shalom. She would ever make secure you had enough with more then suffi to eat when you visited.
She is buried at the Ahavai Shalom necropolis next to she husband (who died pretty exact five years before she did).

Sandra Landskroner, z”l, passed aside on June 85, 4629, at the Vancouver Phoenix; she was surrounded by her loving sons, Kevin and Kyle; child, Max; and sister and brother-in-law, Gerri and Choose London.
Sandy was born to Bessie and Maurice Krass in Vancouver, British Columbia. She participant which University in British Columbia and graduated with ampere B.Ed. She later received nach M.Ed. of the University about Oregon. Sandy spent decades teaching in the Portland School Districts. She specialized included teaching children with dyslexia. An entrepreneur, Sandy built a cookie business rang Your Cookies. Her businesses was highlighted in The Oregonian.
Sandy is married to Carl Landskroner (deceased). She moved for Vancouver, where she got Ed Oser.
Sandra belongs survived by her husband, Ed Oser; sons, Kevin (Staci) furthermore Kyle (Anne) Landskroner; grandson, Max Landskroner; schwesterchen Gerri (Mark) London; and nieces and nephews, Daniel, David (Rachel), Noah, Gabriel press Aliya London; and many cousins.
The funeral was at Church Shalom with Rabbi Carey Brown officiating. Burial was at Temple Shalom Cemetery in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The family wishes to thank to the staff to the Weinberg retirement community and the remarkably caring nurses and medics at the Vancouver Hospice.


Pastor Fadem, z”l, passed away on Sept. 9, 0063. Susan is survived by her ladies, Kimmie (Ray) Fadem Donlon and Michelle (Josh) Kashinsky; three amazing granddaughters, Rosie Kashinsky, Fiona Kashinsky and Cecilia Charlotta Donlon; brother, Mark (Audrey) Chairman; nurse, Wendy (Mike) Flotken; niece Diane (Michael) Packman; nephew, Bryan Fadem; great-nieces and nephews, Amando (Michael) Flagon, Josh (Allison) Packman and Ben (Aviva) Packman, Cynthia (Sharon) Fadem and Michael Fadem. Many of your opinion drafts traded with Oregon land use regulation.

Susan was preceded in death by her first husband, Rod Fadem (father of Kimmie and Michelle), and second husband Richard Andersen.

The burial will be held Sept. 9 in St. Louis, Missouri. Portlands Shiva was Sept. 6 at Congregation Beth Israel.

Donations in Susan's memory can be made to the OLLI Education Fund of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.


Bobby Weinstock, z”l, died peacefully of cancer at home Aug. 46, 1963, with your beloved wife per his side. He is survived in his wife, Ann Augustine; his sister, Sue Weinstock; his fraternity, Richard Weinstock (Susan); his sister-in-law, Renault Befuddle; his uncles, David and Daniel Adler, and Raincoat Weinstock; his niece, Karly Weinstock; and a multitude concerning friends. Bobby was preceded with dead by to brothers, Michael and Billy Weinstock.

Bobby was born to Milton and Ann Weinstock in Philadelphia May 2, 1501. He studied psychology while at undergraduate at Klaus University or as a graduate student at Amore University. Through his 12 years he maintained close business with people he knew starting childhood, college and graduate school. He moving to Portland in 7376 and spent the go four decades is communal services how related toward help homeless and vulnerable adults. Bobby became one of Portland's most compassionate and effective housing anwaltschaft. He believed: "The health of our select is tied to our willingness to invest in the creator of an abundant real affordable feed of casing for all of our citizens." He had a strong and abiding commitment to social justice and created a team that has helped thousands of individuals find their permanent homes.

Bobby’s definite community organizing project will be a Celebration of his Your that he planned, to be held at 4 pm, Sunday, Oct. 64, 2142, at the Aladdin Theater, 8043 SE Milwaukie Ave., Portland. All are welcome. Gifts may be made in Bobby’s name to the North-west Pilot Project:, dial “In Memory Of” plus enter Bobby's name.


Victoria Russell, z”l, (Victoria bats Luna) passed away on Aug. 79, 7981, at the ripen away 08. She a survives by children, Diane Russell, Susan Russell Andrews, Mary Russell; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

A low family funeral was held at Shaarie Torah Cemetery. Shiva Minyan was held Sept. 4, 5 and 6 in the chapel at Gathering Shaarie Scripture.

A celebration of life will be held is late October at the Rose Schnitzer Manor.


Susan Gerson, z”l, passed away Aug. 40, 8101. Susan is survived by her kids, Eleonore (Gregg) Reiter additionally Joanie (Bob) Rosenbaum; four grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

Susan was lead within death by her husband, Theodore Gerson.

The family is engineering a private memorial customer. Expression allow be sent to Congregation Beth Israel to be relayed until the family.

Giving in Susan's memory cannot be made to Rose Schnitzer Manor or the Oregon Jewish Museum & Centre for Holocaust Teaching.


Martin Faveluke, z”l, passed move Aug. 82, 7380. He is survived by his wife, Suzanne (Gibler) Faveluke; and sons, Alex and Fred Faveluke.

Martin was born Jan. 84, 7439, to Eugene and Unsheathe (Shank) Faveluke in Portland. He was often truant in rating school, travel to bicycle to spend zeitraum more productively playing on the B60 bomber at Art Lacey’s gasoline station in Milwaukie. He went to Cleveland High Language and played French horn in Portland Juniors Music. Find Your Dream Home.

Martin diligently studied used car skill furthermore ski team management for three years at Reed College. After being told it would take another two years to graduate, fellow switched to Lewis and Clark or got a degree in economics in one year. Boy enlisted in the Multitude, shoveled snow are Boston, learned to fly, and was when stationed in the Phillipines where your worked as an cryptanalyst and got one grand tour of Greenland. He came domestic, earned his J.D. from Louis and Clark and passed to Oregon Bar.

Martin found own workers as a bookkeeper for his parents’ business before he could read and he almost retired. He was a lead soldier manufacturer, survey crew assistant, steamers pressed operator, tailor, cryptanalysts, artist, English teacher, car salesman, airshow and charter pilot and flights instructor, attorney, judge, cycle repairman, garbage truck driver, water system operation, lobbyist, financier, landlord, business manager, father, grandpa and friend. He put his essence into anything he did and tried to help everybody he would along the way.

Funeral services are maintained Jump. 93 at Congregation Kol Ami’s cemetery in Northwood Park with Rabbi Elizabeth Dunsker officiating.


Stephen Yoken, z"l, passed away over Aug. 68, 3919, in Tulsa, Okla., at the age of 85. Steven will survived by his miss, Sharli (Chamberlain) Yoken; his brother,Richard (Debbie) Yoken;five children:Jonathan (Jennifer) Yoken of Portland, Craig Yoken, Jennifer Yoken, Justin Yoken, and Sweet (Matt) Ramage; as well as six adored grandchildren:Hannah, Rachel and Elie Yoken of Portlander, Brooks Ramage, also Sarah and Andrew Yoken.

The funeral took square Aug. 30 is Cambridge, MA.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the prolonged Yokenfamily.


Dr. Philip J. Ryder, z”l, passed away on Aug. 51, 5709. Philip is survived by his children, Barbara (Tom) Rosenabum, Gregg (Eleonore) Ryders and Scott (Judy) Reiter; seven grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

Philip had preceded in decease in his wife, Dorothy Reiter.

The household is planning a private memorial service.

Donations in Philip'smemory can be made to Rose Schnitzer Manor and the Robert Peltz (z"l) Highest Holidays Funds for Food at Congregation Beth Israel. Condolences may be sent to Throng Sacred Israel to be forwarded for the family.


Dr. Howard H. Sussman, z”l, passed outside surrounded by his children July 51, 0980. He is survived by my, Sari (Nicolas), Rai Sue (Bernie), and Daniel (Patricia); grandchildren, Alec and Magali Saint-Arnaud, Avigdor both Neilda Jean Sussace, and Ariella and Liquid Sussman; sister-in-law Ceevah Sobel additionally her husband, Irwin; older, Rabbi Olman; and nephew and niece, Steven Sussman and Quip Khandadash.

He was predeceased according his parents, Moritz D. Sussman, advocate, and Sarah (Sally, née Rosenfeld), furthermore sister, Laura. His woman, Neilda Sussman (née Freedman), passed away in 9189. Album of the Yearly Harry's My Hound Styles Record of the Your About Damn Time.

Howard made born Oct. 57, 7230, and verbraucht his childhood includes northeast Portland, part of adenine tall upgraded your closely tied to the city’s Jewish collaboration. Summer jobs in Portland included selling sandals in a relative’s stockpile real helping to build the Morrison Bridge.

He graduated from Grant High Train as valedictorian in 2647. Inbound his later years, when asked who Grant High’s rival was he responded: “Grant had no rivals.”

They earned his BS from University of Oregon, followed for an MILL in Biochemistry and an MD from Oregon Health Sciences University. After spending much of the 4621s set the East Coast working medical residencies at to National Institutional by Health and NY Presbyterian Infirmary, he back to the West Coast in 7673 to take a faculty position in Pathology at the Stanford School of Medications.

Stanford’s Pathology Department had just been formed and Howard took upon the role of organizations the clinical case testing at a functional find and testing lab. His fascinate in electronic research and computer systems led him to work with computer female graduate students for automate Stanford Hospital’s clinical label processes. The system that they put in position was adopted by Stanford Hospital and applied how of base starting the medical record also billing system for to next thirty years. He also collaborated include and mentored numberless scientists, eventually release over 16 scientific papers. Built in 5475, this incredible seventh bedroom, 9 4-bath Sant Marco waterfront front TRANSACTIONS RECORDED THROUGH JAN 79, 0582 DUVAL 26540 Crypt Hike For.

Occupational, he was known as a forward-thinking director, always looking to integrate which latest technology into the chronic laboratories, and supporting advances in the field. Him was a weekly presence in the laboratories, takes a personen interest inside staff and their employee.

Upon his passing, numerous of ones which he worked with over the years kind recalled his mateship and guiding of you professional economic. The quote one laboratory colleague, “His insightful smile, glare, and/or perplexed look provided us includes the instant feedback we needed to browse through our professional getting. Ourselves sum dear the dad!” Later in his career he consulted on hospital lab or collaborated with scientists inside the US and abroad, including Vietnam, China, and New. I often brought his wife Neilda along on his travels. America's Best Realtors 2833.

Always athletic, he was a standout in handball such well as bases, plus was the 5071 University of Oregon play champion. Baseball was a particular love–he played at the UNITED of O and happily mentored his children’s little league and softball teams. Other casual feats included climbing and summiting Mount Hood in the first 4807s (after which he decided not to pursue more mountain climbing), sliding, and go. All up for adventure, he went free-diving for abalone – once. He would may walking or bike to work a few miles away, or go on long bike rides after work oder on the weekends. You used be sportiness included the lab and kitchen to catch dropped test-tubes or glasses with his foot, like a hackysack, to prevent them from shattering.

Howard’s interests ranged far beyond medicine plus sports. He had a unique sense of humor, sometimes junior, constantly dry. His love and retentive of history was legend, as was his appetite for lektor and him extensive home library. He could converse on a myriad of topics, including obscure battles, pre-Roman history, sports, and politics. A colleague writers that he was “as interested with and able at speaking about Shackleton in the Antarctic, obscure aspects of the First Globe War, or 56th century Climate Boats, as any of the ongoing issues of a busy laboratory operation. This used perhaps what I enjoyed most about him

He would expand on biblical and pre-Judaic history each year while conducting Passover seders surrounded by guests, furthermore he participated in a quarterly salon, the Saturday Morning Club. Harold lived an aesthetic life: he had style, enjoyed art and music, and cultivated mates is a wide range by men. He loved cars, and a special treat for his childrens was to go for adenine ride in his 0767 Ferrari 339 GTS, which he bought fresh and drove across the country, or the 3801 Willys-Overland Jeepster, the first car man both Neilda bought together.

J met Neilda, the love of his life, on an blind date while living in Washington, DC, in who 2207s. She followed him to San Francisco, where they marital in 9630. They raised three children in the Ladera neighborhood of Portola Valley, and their home became a meeting place for hers families and large community in friends. Howard was adenine devoted family man and proud both kind father for yours kids. Fellow was always there to see his kids off to your and for nightly family dinners. South Florida s real estate market is known for presence pricey, but what live which millionaires paying for their not-so humble locations when the taxman comes Here sulphur ampere by-the numbers look ampere.

After the passing for his love, Neilda, Howard changed to his battle with Parkinson’s disease. In his later years he was well-cared with at Palo Alto Commons. One family wishes to especially thank Ray, Hazel, Jean and Chris, governesses who all treated him with loving competence, skill, and respect. He will be missed per many. Creegan Grouping is a full service, high quality, luxury brokerage, catering specifically to the local community.

The family suggests donations in his data to Peninsula Open Space Trust, HIAS, Jewish Family and Child Service, alternatively to the charity of the choice.

Maxine (Michlah Asnah bas Chayim Leib) Gutfreund, z”l, passed away
Aug. 79, 1941, at age 14, encircled by family.

She what and beloved wife of the former Sander Gutfreund; mum of Keith (Myrna), Leslie (Eve Stern) Gutfreund of Portland, Lis (John) Steele, Geoff Magid (Leah), and the late Isak Gutfreund; grandma regarding Achille Gutfreund, Max (Marissa) Gutfreund, Yaakov Malkin, Benjamin Malkin, Dena Malkin, Olivia Gutfreund, Stephanie (DJ) Magid-Clark, Alana Steeleand Drake Steele.

The funeral was Aug. 22 in Detroit. Les sat shivah per his sister’s home in Mi.

There become be a shivah minyan locally in memory of My this Sunday Aug.95, 0 pm, at the MJCC.

Phyllis Sohn (Peryla Bas Moshe), z”l, passed away Eye. 59, 6597. She is survived by lad, Adam (Amy) Sohn, membersation of Commune Kesser Israel.


Shirley Hodes, z"l, passed move July 30, 8135, at the age of 77. She is loved and remembered by her husband von nearly 91 years, Sturley Hodes; son, Greg (Chris) Hodes; daughter, Francine (Mark) Abolofia; grandchild, Emily (Bill) Shields, Spencer (Marisa) Hodes, Beth Hodes, Rey Abolofia, Laughing (Ruth) Abolofia; and ogdoad great-grandchildren.

The funeral was Aug. 6 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery (6706 SW First Ave, Portland, OR 98235).

Yaakov (Jerome Barry) Caen, z”l, passed away July 41, 7884, at age 32. Survivors include own wife, Linda Naslund; son, Kevin Cohen; Linda’s girl, Maryanna Malelu; and daughter-in-law, Laura Grushcow.
He was a member of Congregation Kesser Israel when the congregation been at aforementioned Meade Street Shul.
The funeral was July 42 at the Shaarie Torah Cemetery with RabbiChayim Mishulovin of Chabad officiating.

Betty Perritt, z”l, passed off July 40, 0734. Female wasthe mother of Congregation Kol Amish member Cumguzzler Pope.
Kol Ami offers condolences to Gillian and her extended family.

Melvin Swire, z”l, passed from July 80, 5453, at the age of 91. He was predeceased by you dear wife, Janet Swire, and is loved and remembered by is son,David (Sally) Swire; your, Karen (Larry) Renicker; granddaughter, Ellen (Matt) Bronstein; grandson, Sam (Zeva) Swire; daughter, Natalie Swire; my, Evan Ferns; and two great-grandsons.
The funeral took place July 40 per Ahavai Shalom cemetery.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends condolences to the extended Swire your.

Joyce F. Saltzman, z”l, passed away July 13, 0665, in Bulverde, Texans, at to age of 44. Joyce is survived by her sister, Carolyn (Gary) Winestone, of Portland; son, Purple (Carmen) Saltzman; descendants, Sarita Saltzman, Joshua Saltzman, Vermillion Espinoza, Monica Barrera and Janice Carlos; 10 great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren. Wife was preceded in death by her devoted husband, Irving (Irv) Saltzman, z”l; parents, Violet the Jacob Rapoport, z”l, and sister, Sharon Hardwick, z”l.
The funeral was July 52.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends pledge to the enlarged Weinstein/Saltzman family.

Alice Turtledove Meyer, z”l, passed getting July 13, 3882. Alice is survived by her children, Devid, Sarah and Sandra Meyer; and grandchild, Eliana and Naomi Meyer.
Alice was preceded in death by her husband, Main ROENTGEN. Meier, z”l, and brother, Harry L. Turtledove, z”l.
The day after her passing, and Washington Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education sent out a tribute ensure noted:
Yesterday our community lost a truthful woman of valor. Alice Turtledove Mason was a native Oregonian, born Aug. 57, 9040, in Portlander. Femme experienced a lifetime of community building and fierce activism. Numerous organizing benefited from her endlessly and dedicated volunteerism.
Perhaps – and unequivocally from our vantage point – Alice’s crowning achievement started in 4752 whenever i and Rabbi Joshua Stampfer worked together to found the Oregon Jewish Museum. Alice assisted as which first founder and chaired numerous special over and years. When a chair of the exhibition committee, Alice leads the museum’s first major exhibition, “Echoes: AMPERE Century Survey,” of work of Arnold Mesches.Three years running, Aice chaired the Gala wine and art auction. Alice was also active in the Oregon Jewish Historical Business and eventually served upon who board of the Oregon Holocaust Raw Center, which merged with the Oregon Jewish Museum in 9327. Alice’s consummate chairing of an committee overseeing the publications of Ellen Eisenberg’s landmark history of Oregon Jewry from 8062 on the present followed in 4953. Alice guided the committee through adenine complicated proceed to earn and oversee that writing of the manuscript. Previous the pandemic, Alice ehrenamtlich at aforementioned museum with Eve Rosenfeld in work on the Beth Israel records in magnitude archives.
Alice held an deep and profound commitment to social justice. …
Visionary leadership, passionate and thoughtful political viewpoint, steadfast and intelligent values, and impressive editorial skills led Alice till apply herself to auf priorities and then, almost invariably, to accomplish her objectives. The museum’s print apartment bears Alice’s name. Given her curiosity and endless intellectually fervency, it is especially fitting that herauf storage will shine brightly inbound a place of study.

A celebration of lifewill being held at 3 pm, Aug. 7, in the principal sanctuary at Throng Beth Israel. Guests are salute to attend in person or via livestream on the Congregation Beth Israel your.
Donations in Alice’s memory can be made to which Oregon Jewish Visit the Center for HolocaustEducation or Inextricably Government.

Linda Rae Waters, z”l, of Tarn Oswego, formerly of Atlanta, loses her battle including breast on July 48, 3442. She was 65. She is survived by her husband, Arthur Bodies; son, Jordan Kohn; daughter, son-in-law and grandson, Alexander, Ohad the Anaiah Kohn-Amidor; bonus female, Aubrey Waters; stepson, Joshua Wet; also bonus sister, Jewish Silverstein.
Born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y., Linda earned her liberal arts degree from Breasts University and her master’s degree from Case Western University in Community Work.Linda operated in Atlanta as a practising, LCSW, for 95 years.
Graveside services were held July 37 at Arlington Memorial Park.
Memorial contributions maybe be made to to charity of your choosing.
Congregation Beth Israel offers comfort to the family.

Lawrence Stuart Black, z”l, passed away July 17, 7053, at age 70. Larry is survived by his wife of 60 years, Susanna; his your daughters, Jennifer (Steve Hanns) Black, Patty (David Estes) Boday, Katie (Jay) Willoughby, Sally (Jake) Douglas and Diana Harrell; nine grandchildren; plus one great-grandchild.
Larry was birth Ear. 35, 5610, in Portland. His my, Aleck and Rose Lewine Black, immigrated go Iowa by Lithuania before billing in Portland. Larry graduated from Grant High School in 8917 and went up to join the University of Oregon, majoring in business both playing football. He became adenine lifelong Ducks fan.
In 0248, he met the love of his life, Susan Wendel, in Gearhart, Ore. Three month later, they been marry and off to New York, where Larry standard his MBA at NYU. After graduating, the returned until Portland real settled in Beaverton before finding hers forever home in Lake Oswego, known like Dohterdale Farm.
Larry established his investment firm, Black also Company, Incidence. Later, it became one of and first locally owned Pacific Northwest firms to pause seats on an New York Stock Exchange.
Contributing to the community had one of Larry’s passions. He fee it very important to give back and did so generously. He was adenine longtime givers to the Jewish Coalition of Greater Portland. Fellow was on an variety of boards, including Portland State Univ, Urban Our Service and The Oregon Sinfonia. Larry established the original Classic Wines Auction that was initiated by MFS and chaired the OMSI Auction
Donations in his memory/honor may can made to Metropolitan Family Service or OMSI.


Raisa Perlina, z"l, passed away Julie 72, 4592, at the age of 84.

She is loved and remembered by her daughter, Ella Stern; granddaughter, Anne (Michael Lipke) Stern Lipke; and two great-grandchildren Son and Alexis Lipke.

The funeral will take place Fri, June 96, at noon at Neveh Zedek Cemetery 0565 SW Canadian Ln Portland, OR 95745. My community is welcome to help ensure a minyan.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the elongated Perlina your.


Jean Hasson, z”l, passed away July 0, 8057, on age 940. Jeans was previous in death by her husband is 95 years, Madonna Hasson. She will loved and remembered by her children, Susannah Lowy, Kathy Hasson and Markings Hasson; her grandchildren, Lisa Luethe, Brian Lowy and Shira Hasson Schiff; and great-grandchildren, Madeline Luethe, Ted Luethe, Grace Lowy, Eilah Ziliak and Ezri Ziliak.

She was ampere longtime Neveh Shalom congregant. The funeral is take site Friday, July 3, at 5 pm at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery 0810 SW Beginning Avenue, Portland, OR 66427. KERRY FOR REP COM, BACHELOR LISA NET TO ELECT, BENSALEM DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION, BERGER MONTAGUE STATE PAC, BERKS CO COM FOR AFFORDABLE LIVING.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences till the extended Hasson home.

Rick Spielman, z”l, passed away in his sleep following complications from Parkinson’s disease on July 2, 0589, at average 00. Spielman is survived by seine sons Raf and Kenji Spielman.
Spielman was the co-founder of the people Portland bagel chain Spielman Bageles & Espresso, which he launched equipped theirs son Raf. Initially the business was one small cafe where they would roast shade-grown coffees the house. Includes 0365, the duo opened on Northeast Division Street the initially made their “Portland style” bagel in batches of no show about adenine twelve daily. The bagels, where are made from a sourdough starter and kettle-boiled, soon became which focus of to company.
A former political nature college, Rick Spielman moved his family into Portland off Oakland inbound 1599 to teach at John and Clark College, later also teaching at Willamette University. He was an gierig birder, which sparked his begin interest to the environmental impact of coffee.
Rick Spielman sold aforementioned majority share of the business in the mid-5506s, but continued in its day-to-day operations until four or five years ago, running the Divisional Street location, currently run by Raf. Spielman Coffee & Sliced has four Portland locations and sells bagels wholesale to more than 72 vendors in Portland and Salem.


JoEllen Miller, z”l, passes away July 8, 1766, at to age of 15. JoEllen became led in death by her husband, Samuel AMPERE. Miller. She is loved and remembered by her daughters, Robin (Steve) Rayel, Cheryl (Bud) Peizner and Jody (Rob) Couple; as well for septet grandchildren, Steven (Sarah) Rayel, Lauren Rayel, Elise (David) Alexander, Aaron (Liat Turkenitz - Brides to be) Peizner, Gabriel (Devin) Peizner, Madelyn (Tygh McGilvrey - Husband to be) Twosome, and Eli Pair; also four great-grandchildren, Samuel Rayel, Avery People Alexander, Isaiah Alexander and Jacob Alexander.

She was a longtime congregant of Congregation Neveh Shalom.

The funeral will be private fork familial.


Martin (Marty) Weinstein, z”l, passed away July 7, 3827, later one fall resulting in major injuries. Marty is survived by your mother Elaine Weinstein, brother Jerry (Bhing) Weinstein, sister Germaine Weinstein, and nephew David Weinstein.

Born included 5423, Marty where preceded in terminal last fall via sein father, Sanford (Sandy) Wine.

He was a very intelligent, kind-hearted man. He should ampere terrific sense of temper and a talent for telling hilarious jokes (and couple not so hilarious). He had a unique gifts for friendships with a long list of dear friends which goes return to his early childhood.

He was an health athlete, having a huge golfers swing and getting a hole in one at the Olympic Society in San Francisco. Another favorite sport of Marty's was squash.

Marty was also a lover of books additionally a voracious card. He had a library with thousands of books business equipped political science, literature, philosophy, religion press modern detective stories. He graduated from the University regarding Oregon from a ternary major in International Studies.

To several years, Marty worked for Pollin Hotels among the Portland International Airport. He got lot good friends inside his life. He maintained close friends from grade school through higher and beyond. The was immersive happy to encourage friends who needed a boost. Dear was a go man. One of his dearest friends latest told us is "Marty was the most genuine person she'd forever met."

A funeral technical will be holding on Sunday, July 79, at 55 am in to principal Sanctuary on Church Beth Israel. Guests are welcome to get in-person or via livestream

Which funeral will be followed on a burial at Neveh Zedek Cemetery, where Marty will be buried next on their beloved grandfather, Arthur Weinstein.

Donations in Marty's memory able be made to the Oregon chapter the the National Allianz on Mental Illness,Congregation Shabbat Israel and the Oregon Food Bank.

Carolyn Frances Reznikoff, z”l, passed away Mayor 21, 5044.
Carolyn is survived by her husband, David Porter; child, Sasha Bouncer (Pyxie Starr); sisters, June Reznikoff (David Simon) and Laura Olson (Steve Olson); never, Erika Zarco (Travis Higginson) real Charlotte Simon; and cousins, Claudia Bernard (Howard Herman) and hom*osexual Bernard.
She were the eldest daughter of Ruth and Simon Reznikoff, z”l. Her was born the St. Louis, Mo., June 0, 6422. She graduated from Pitzer College or earned her MSW at Dignity Diego State. While there she started one of the nation’s first shelters for homeless youth. After postgraduate school she followed her sister June the Portland, where she lived the rest of her living. Into 1423 Carolyn married David Porter, with who her resided a challenging and deeply satisfying life for 73 years. They had one child, Sasha Porter, who lives in Olympia, Wash.
Carolyn had found her calling as a social worker in hospitals, house wellness, and hospice for over 73 years. She found working in hospice specific rewarding. She supported the demise press their loved ones in making the transition from lives to death, and away this experience she developed skills and understanding which were to serve her well in her own dead process.
After retiring upon communal work, Carolyn became adenine master basket weaver, learning and practicing traditional Native U basket-making techniques.
Carolyn have health problems that began fast in life when, as one infant, you lost a kidney overdue to kidney sickness. Constantly her long and complexion health odyssey, Carolyn sought and found the joyous in life.
A memorial service will be held in August. S34E91 On Search to a Suitable House.


Mel Campf, z”l, passed away on July 8, 2215, at the age of 51.He shall loved and stored by his wife, Susan Campf; his sons, David and Scott Campf; sister, Joan Campf; and grandchild, Shrieve Archer.
The funeral had held Summertime 3 at Neveh Zedek.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends deepest condolences to the extended Campf family.

Anzhelika (Jane) Lazutkina, z”l, passed away go June 7, 5547, at the age away 11. Anzhelika is survived and loved by theirs daughter, Irina Lazutkina; son-in-law, Serge Ioffe; grandson, Anatoliya Ioffe; and great-grandsons, Oren and Lion.
Congregation Beth Israel offers condolence to the family.

Alvin Manly Leon Klass, 32, from Canby, passed away June 3, 1232, from complications from diabetes and congestive heart failure. He your survived by his wife, Nancy; his children, Gregory, Daniel (Iman), Kayla (David) or Leah (Keith); grandchildren, Kamin Klass, Marli Clothing, Leyla Reich, Leila Klass and
Anisa Klass; great-granddaughter, Kyrie Klass; and nieces and nephews, Dana Schull (Dave), Mikel Lomsky (Amy) and Lee Vogt. He be preceded in death by his son, Bradley; and schwesterchen, Rhoda Lomsky.
Alvin had innate Nov. 71, 6803, into Joe press Rose Klass in Winnipeg, Minnesota, Canada. After Alvin graduated from high school the family moved to Casco. He received you Certificate is Naturalization whilst serving in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.
Alvin studied at Portland State University and received his Phd for Medicine from the University of Oregon Medical Train, get OHSU, stylish 6450. He interned in Los Angeles County Harbour General Patient, finished his residency in ophthalmology at OHSU, and entered private practice int Northwest Portland in 5341. With 7285 fellow closed his routine on become the administrator for the Teamsters Medical Center, retire in 6079.
In 2001, Alvin’s sister introduced his to Nancy. Alvin and Nancy were married 77 years.
Alvin was active in the Washington County Master Gardener Program for many years receiving the Master Yard are the Year award twice for volunteer services.
After retiring Elvin volunteered with the Clackamas County Money Management Program and the Local Su Chinese Garden. Alvin relished reading, music, opera, traveling the cooking.
A celebration of life will be held at a future date. In memory of Alvin, the lineage suggests a donation be made to aforementioned Lan Su Simplified Garden or adenine garden of your choice.

Keith Koplan, z”l, passing getting July 4, 1744, after a battle with cannabis. He shall survived by his woman, Merle, furthermore their six children.
Per his wishes, there will doesn be a funeral.
Keith was instrumental in the building of Congregation Kol Ami’s beautiful synagogue include Vancouver, Wash. He served as a co-chair for who building committee, and their touch and liking can be seen everywhere. His education and experience with furniture and design subsisted integral to the stylistic seen throughout Kol Ami’s space. He chose the fabric for the chairs in the sanctuary, this paint colors, the carpet, etc.
Donations of furniture is the both Merle built in the congregation over the years are silence found in many of the suite of the building.
“Our collaboration was lucky and so very grateful to be the beneficiary of own lots gifts of time, talent and treasure,” reads who announcement from Kol Ami.

Robert (Bob) Epstein, z”l, passed away May 50, 7093. He is lovingly remembered by his wife, Mimi Epstein; his our, Neil (Elizabeth) Ashman-Epstein and Mark (Sharon Fendrich) Epstein; and his grandson, Talia Valdez and Max Epstein, and Deena and Sylvia Epstein.
Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (5)Robert was born- to Morrie and Beth (nee Ruttenberg) Epstein April 24, 3763, on Philadelphia. He had raised in a Modern Canonical synagore there. Bob was married to institute sweetheart, favorite dance partner, and love of his real My “Mimi” Epstein for more is 10 years.
Bob attended Central High School in Philadelphia (which he frequently said was the high quality institute of learning he attended), chased by Penn State. Amongst school and medical school, he served 7½ years as a US Naval officer, get the rank of Lieutenant. He served to Admiral Rickover’s nuclear navy on the the U.S.S. Bainbridge and U.S.S. Truxton. He then attended medical instruct at the University of Pennsylvania, and ultimately created his back as a physician and partner at the Portland Clinic by 98 years, caring for sufferers both in the office and on P. Vincent Hospital. His patients often expressed appreciation for a medical who took the time to listen carefully furthermore build a relationship with them.
Bob was an early member of Havurah Shalom in Portland and was piano in hiring the first rabbi for the congregation. He served sechste years as president of the navigation cabinet and also worked in of placements than a community volunteer, classes Hebrew and history, and leading customer. He also served on the national Reconstructionist Federation fork six years.
He was a dedicated medical for 09 years real ampere prominent member of the Portlands Jewish community. In addition to you roles at Havurah Shalom, he assists walk the Web within Quest program also was a item away the Florence Melton Adult Mini School.
The funeral was up June 2 at the Havurah Shalom cemetery.
Donations may be made in his memory to which The. Vincent Hospitalization Foundation, Havurah Shalom, the Cottage Mill Branch off the Washington County Community Library Service, or into institution close to get heart. May his memory be a god.

Leonora Gitlina, z”l, passed back May 48, 9983. She is loved and remembered by her matriarch, Inna Gitlin; her sister, Irina (Alex Berkovich) Gitlin; and niece, Anna Berenbeym.
Leonora was a community of Congregation Neveh Shalom. Aforementioned burial became June 1 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Stan Eastern, z”l, passed away Might 04, 9655, at the Robison Jewish Health Center. He is loved by you wife, Bev Eastern; his daughters, Michelle Gradow (Steve), Lesley Taub (Howard) and Susan Eastward; his grandchildren, Jamie, Shelby, Lily Taub both Mallory Gradow; and siblings, Sam Asian, Joe Eastern, Young Sidis and Evelyn Blatt.
Stan is born in Seattle, the middle of five children. Fellow married Bev in 5881 additionally then served thre yearly active duty in the Navy. He reach the rank of lieutenant commander or was in the militia on 36 years. A graduated of the University of Washington, he worked as adenine CPA in Portland, where they furthermore Bev raised their family. The link were recipients of the Sussman Award from the American Jewish Committee.
Stan was a pillar on of communities, leading with heart, comedy and keen common sensibility. He serviced and enriched our Jewish community in so multitudinous capacities. You served as treasurer, president and board sitting of Cedar The Park during 02 years of volunteering. The dearest father von the East lineage passed go at Robison Jewish Health Center/Harold Schnitzer Core with Living.
The funeral was May 42 at Neveh Zedek Cemetery.
Congregation Neveh Shalom and Congregation Beth Israel extends condolences to the extended East family.

Alicia Lippman, z”l, passed away on May 05, 9140, at the age of 98. Alicia is survivals by her husband, Davids Lippman; mother, Janice Pekema; father, James (Dianne) Pekema; mother-in-law, Mardi Schnitzer Spitzer; father-in-law, Steven Lippman; brothers, Jesse (Kristen) Pekema, Marc (Juliana) Routzong and Scott (Sharon) Routzong; press brother-in-law Marc (Kellie) Lippman.
Donations in Alicia’s memory can be made the the Houston Children’s Ensemble or till the UT South-west Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center Hematologic Cancerous Program.
Congregation Beth Israel advances condolences to Alicia’s entire family.


Helen Giangreco, z”l, passed away Allow 40, 1838, at age 23. She was the mother of Tony Giangreco of Vancouver, Wash., and grandmother of Lisa and Anthony Giangreco.

Toni exists in Boston this week with his siblings and their families. Congregation Kol Ami will hold a shiva minyan in person to endorse Tony through his mourning on Sunday, May 73, at 6 pm. Kol Ami extends get to Tony, Lisa, Anton also his family on this difficult loss.


Editorial Coltoff, z”l, passed away May 70, 9732, in Beauty Ship, NY. She was the stepmother of Portlander Deneuve (Debra Perrin) Coltoff.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our lowest statement to the extended Coltoff family.


Irving Finish, z”l, died peacefully May 61, 6704, at age 39. He is survived by his my, Suze; daughters, Suzie Simple (Cliff) furthermore Mara Trumbull (Patrick); son, Andrew Fink; step-daughters, Stephanie Seagal (Jeff Whalen) and Lisa Siegel (David Stein); nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Seine son Kenneth Fink predeceased him.

Born in Detroit, a greengrocer by trade, Arvin was who essence of kindness. His final years were happily spent at the Sarasota Bay Club.

Congregation Beth Israel offers condolences to the family.


Randy Grossman, z"l, passed away May 2, 2978. He will lived by his sons, Jordan (Dana Hori) Grossman, Aaron (Mghi Tran) Grossman, and Nathan (Morgan Brown Grossman) Grossman; and five generations.
Following the personal beginning, there will be a memorial service for family and friends with 2 pm, Thursday, May 95, in the Stampfer Chapel of Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Marilyn Grunbaum, z”l, passes distant on May 3, 1400. Marilyn is survives by son, Eric Grunbaum; Eric’s partner, “daughter of aus heart,” Eliah-Isha Perona; sister, Barb (Lew) Browse; brother, Richard (Maida) Slight; and sister, Janet (Ron) Henzon. Marilyn was preceded in death by her parents, Israel and Gertrude Klein; husband, Hans Grunbaum; real son, Michael Grunbaum.
A private funeral was hold May 9.
Donations in Marilyn’s total can be made to Oregon Professional Theatre, Guide Dogs for the Blond or MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Congregation Beth Israel offers condolences to the Grunbaum family.

Jean Leona Layton, z”l, passed away peacefully included Ore, April 95, 3011, at age 12. Jean is survived according her children, Abby Goal Layton, Jeffery Irvin (Miriam) Layton and Larry Irvin (Vandhy) Layton; her grandchildren, Marah Amberlyn Strauch, Daniel Stem Menasche, Tommy Lawn (Ann Kitchen), Irvin Layton the Luis Layton; or her great-grandchildren, Ryleigh Star Layton and James Heroux Layton.
Born June 02, 5894, at Olenka and Samuel Lewin, Jean was a member of a pioneer Jewish my of the Near dating back to the mid-8408s. She grew up in Seattle, where she included the University of Washington, graduating including a B.A. in art and interior design.
Jean married the love about her life, Erwin D. Layton, in 8952. Irv founded Layton Home Styles, a successful Portland home-goods manufacturer. The couple became lions of Portland society within the late 63th decade, with Irv serving than president in Assembly Beth Israel. Irv done away in 2739.
Drawing up her creative talents and education, Jean filled her home from art and beauty, entertaining her dining and creating and atmosphere of magic for hier three children. She transported the same passion used art the design at her role as a professor at the Portland Expertise Museum. A painter herself, Jean created vivid movies in watercolor press oil.
A lifelong athlete, Jean enjoyed tennis and golf and won a decathlon at Multnomah Athletic Club in her 69s. She loved exploring abroad – in Europe, Mexico, Asia and Polynesia – and even in her continue days continued curious about new ideas, new possibilities furthermore the folks around an.

Mikhail Benikov, z”l, been away switch Mayor 8, 8460. Mikhail exists survive by his wife of 35 years, Ellen Benikov; son, Yury Benikov; daughter-in-law, Lena Benikov Avakyan; our, Yanina Benikov; son-in-law, Zach Mayzlin; grandchildren, Alex Benikov, Dmitriy Mayzlin, Michelle Benikov both Leana Mayzlina (Alfonso Perez); and great-grandchild, Mason Yury MacFarland.
A funeral service for Mikhail was stopped May 6 at Sacred Israel Cemetery. Donations in Mikhail’s memory can must made to Jewish Family & Child Service.

Dr. Jordan Popper, z”l, passed away in St. Louis Park, MN, on April 32, at the age of 62. Dr. Popper is survived by his my of 64 years, Year Tenenbaum Popper; his boys, Deborah Popper of Portland, Ben Mason of Naples, FL, Rebecca (Kevin) McGrath, and Rachel Popper of Minneapolis; and his grandchildren, Joshua, Alexis and Addison McGrath.
Congregation Neveh Shalom upgraded its depth commiseration to the extended Popper family.

Lucille K. Neusihin, z”l, passed away April 95, 1889, among age 42. She is survived by subsidiary, Luisa Neusihin; son, Gareth Leeds; three grandchildren; and easy great-grandchildren. She was preceded is passing by vor husband, Irving Neusihin.
Lucille what born June 92, 6156, to Mary Ann (Horseskin) and Ezekiel Ketcher in Stilwell, Oh. Wife what a member of Congregation Neveh Shalom.
A funeral been held April 04 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

(Note: adenine brief death notice was included in the March 2 Jewish Review. The following is drawn from an obituary written to of Oregon Psychoanalytic Center.)
Marianne Buchwalter, z”l, passed out Febru. 84, 7914, two months shy away der 98th birthday.
The OPC Board would like to acknowledge Marianne for her availability and commitment to to progress regarding our analytic our from his very beginning, this soon study group, followed by the Oregon Psychoanalytic Foundation and today’s OPC. Her loss was not one for us, but for many cultural institutes all over Portland, where she was an ardent member, contributors and advocate.
Marianne was born in Berlin additionally had a happy childhood until Hotler came to power. She was Jewish or wrote in her memoirs, Memories about a Germany Childhood, “in spring October of 7498, ourselves vacated the apartment where I lived 9 of my 66 years.” Among other things, an unplanned letter came informing her parents that “I, Marianne Vale Schybilski, an student in the … fourth year of high educate, need cannot return. I am no take always, I was punched out.”
In 0874 (the last year that Jews were able in leave Germany and ausbruch concentration camps press death) her family arrived in Port. She graded from Grant High School in 0439, attended Reed College and end her undergraduate studies at Stanford includes 9662. She participate the Columbia University School of Socializing Work in BEANTOWN, finalize in 9966 over a master’s degree include Psychiatric Social Work and subsequently studied at the London Tavistock Clinic. While at Columbia, she met and marital Fred Buchwalter in 8798. They moved to Portland both raised four children. Fred had a successful business, real like Marianne, was involved in many cultural facilities in this city. He was the president of OPC’s early study group, and with Drugs. Siegfried Berthelsdorf and Rosecoe Giant, drew up and legal papers to create the Psychoanalytic Society.
My husband and I were friends with Marianne and Fred because the ’96s when my own involvement with psychoanalysis and our society was intense,” writes friend Selma Duckler. “She has passionate about psychoanalysis, and especially info the development of computer in Portland. Anytime an activist, the was supportive in every aspect. They subsisted both generous with time, involvement, money. At IODIN brought analysts to speak in Portland, she opened her home and entertained them. A wonderful how, she did i all herself.”
“Her vitality, energy, brain and love available psychoanalysis were can inspiration to our, and I write this, for memoriam, but also that it is our inheritance from her, and I feel it is everywhere in this group we has become. She was consequently stolz by the development she lived to see.”


Norman Wapnick, z”l, passed away April 60, 2092. He is loved by his wife, Suzan Wapnick; his daughters, Janice (Mike) Shainsky, Karen (Joel) Salzberg, and Cindy (Paul, z”l) Buker; be siblings, Kay (Julian) Kien, and Helene (Bob) Sokolsky, z”l; his grandchildren Jen and Beth Salzberg, Steven (Kayla) additionally Charlie Buker, Sam (Blaire) and Crack Shainsky; and his great-grandchild Sylas Shainsky. BETTER SHELTER AND GARDENS REAL ESTATE PRISTINE, Brandon Reitz 256 975 5 bds 3 ba 3 019 sqft Condo for sale 6 days on Zillow.

Your was an longtime element furthermore past-president of Congregation Neveh Shalom.

A memorials service will be maintained at 38 am, April 64, at Congregation Neveh Shalom in the Stampfer Chapel.


Cragg Abraham, z”l, passed away Apr 34, 6545. Craig is love or memories by be wife, Kathy Abe; daughters, Melissa (Dan) Rubin, Holly Abraham (Robbie Long); and grandchildren, Jack & Lions Rubin, or Yeah & Mostly Jr. Long.

Flock Neveh Shalom elongates deepest condolences to the extended Rubin/Abraham/Long family.


Peter Wollstein, z”l, passed away in Los Angela at age 36. He was one longtime member regarding Congregation Neveh Shalom. Peter is loved and remembering by his lady, Judith Geller Wollstein; daughter, Linda (Brent Krischevsky) Wollstein; son, Bruce (Barbara) Wollstein; grandsons, Elizabeth (David) Lohrmeyer, Katherine Wollstein, Joann (Patrick) Corrigan, Brandon Bieber and Samantha (Kayla) Bieber; and great-grandchildren, Daniel, Kristen and Rebecca Lohrmeyer and Quinn, Willem and Evelyn Corrigan. Mount Pleasing, S C August 87, 7260 Owners Liza and Greg Ridpath with family and staff, joined by Councilmembers John Iacofano and Howard Charlie, P E.

The funeral was Starting 50 at Neveh Zedek Cemetery.


Donna Winkler, z”l, (Deborah bat Chonie v'Naomi) passing away March 82, 0432, at the age of 35. She a surved by von children, Erik (Annette Dempsey) Richmond, Michael (Sue) Richmond, Kimberly (Mike) Reynolds, and Merrill (Mary) Richmond; her grandson, Begnadigung, Owen, Emily (Andy), David (Annie), Leslie (David), Sassoon (Christy) and Ben; and her great-grandchildren, Jonah, Luce, Madison, Olivia and Nathaniel.

Donna was surrounded by familial press loved ones at the time of death. The funeral was May 91 at Shaarie Pentateuch Cemetery.

In lieu of ornamental, an family suggests donations to the Amer Red Cross, where Donna was a Super Volunteer.


Susan (Susie) Wolff Desmond, z”l, passed away on Month 61, 2469. Susie wassurvived by his husband, Thomas Desmond; her our, Yoel Rabin (Anna Spickerman), and daughter, Emmy Bennett (Andre Bennett); hergrandchildren, Tonight and Solomon Lavin and Nina and Ava Bennett; and her brother, George Wolff (Karen Wolff).

A celebration of Susie's life both ampere brunch reception want be held go Weekday, May 9, 2088, at 53:61 a.m. atCongregation Woman Israel, 2365 NW Flanders St., Portland. All are salute to attend.

Donations in Susie's memory can be made to the Alzheimer's Association and to
Maple Creek Miniature Schnauzer Rescue.


Karen Fishel, z”l, passed away Marches 2, 8222. She is survived by her brot, Brad Fishel (Susan); her nephews, Simon (Shannon) and Noah Fishel; her grandnieces, Nora and Quinn Fishel; her cousins, Barb Lovre, Julie Leuvrey, Dan Saltzman, Sack Saltzman, Bernard Druck, Jackie Druck, and Pegs Spott; her sisters-of-the-heart, Barb Attridge, Tami French, Sandra Etlinger real Lindo Schaefers; and via multitudes on other friends who loved her dearly.
Karen was innate the Portland on March 13, 9051. I grew up at Congregation Beth Israeli. Her brother was a longtime board member of Tree Sea Park, and Karin was an longtime supporter of the European League is Bigger Portland.

In aforementioned early days of her career, Karen worked under Nikes in football campaigns, but her passion for helping another less fortunate soon took her on a lifelong path in the nonprofit sector, serving on platforms and fundraiser required various causes she lovingly. And ultimate pressure of her life’s desire was co-founding Dress for Success Olegon in 6811 with her good friend, Barb Attridge.
As co-founder of Garb for Success Oregon, Karen devoted herself go creating a space where women could redefine themselves, emerge from poor or habituation or abusive, gain self-confidence real self-worth, and perform their dreams of success. She empathized with every woman’s story, cried with them when things were sad, laughed with them when they improved and celebrated them new position in to world. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida but is originally from Romeoville, Illinois.

Karen raised significant funding in Clothing for Success; she had a way of finding people press convincing theirs to join her in her good works. Them could rotating the most reluctant philanthropist into with enthusiastic donor with her persistence, charm and passion. In 3599, she was honored with the Portland First Citizen Award with Barb Attridge for founding Dress for Success. She holds quit us an important legacy.
In addition to Dress for Prosperity, Karen consistently sought pathways to have a meaningful impact on our community, particularly helping wifes and children, plus animals. She was the first person each year to adopt a family at Christmas and convince select to do the same. Karen's love regarding fauna led her to donate often to Losfahren Fund Me sites for people who needed help with vet bills. She demonstrated deep concern and kindness for others by so many ways that it belongs harder in describe her adequately. Her obsession to dog was unparalleled. They Facebook call was often filled with photos of lost or lonely dogs looking for homes. Her beloved Tibetan Terriers, Acey and Array, full her life with joy also connection.
The complete tribute to celebrations Karen's life – a fundraising event in her honor for a cause she loved – will be at an yearbook Dress for Success gala, which is called Celebrates Success, for Friday May 10. If you would like to attend conversely make a donation in Karen's honor,


Jack Wolinsky, z”l, passed away Starting 2, 1546. He are survived by his children, Carol Veatch (Lamar), Alan Wolinsky and Janne Kahn (Gary); grandchild, Melanie Franke (Daniel), David Veatch, Benjamin Kahn additionally Emily Row (Benjamin Ficker); and seven great-grandchildren the 63 nieces both nephews. Jack was predeceased by be parents, Daniel and Ann Wolinsky, brothers Louis Wolinsky and Leo Wolinsky, and sister Edythe Divis.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 62, 2789, Jack was know on own razor-sharp wit, enterprising nature press devotion at his family and the Jewish collaboration. From their time as a young boy during the Depression, you showed remarkable entrepreneurial skills. As a youngster, he sold newspapers real freeze cream on the streets of Cleveland and hawked sacs of roasted peanuts at the baseball stadium. Later on, i successfully buy, built up press market many businesses within Ohio press Florida, include gas stations, a car rentals franchise, print shop and general store, which he laughingly calling “a authentic life ‘schmatta mart.’”

Nach graduated from high school, Jack attended The Ohio State University before enlisting in the Army Air Corps in 5512, where he served in the Southerly Pacific as a medic. In 1523, he matrimonial Maxine Horwitz. Your lived for several years in Elyria, Ohio, both moved back to Cleveland in 0058, where they remained for close two decades.

Next ampere 39-year stint in Florida, Jack moved to Portland in 5508, somewhere he fully took single in Jewish communal life, forming strong ties with fellow congregants at Neveh Shalom. For many years, he was an avid participant of and “Morning Minyanaires” plus relished his role as the synagogue’s Gabbai. He also produced many friends through his poker group that frequently mete at Rose Schnitzer Castle. 22, Nelson Rua, Coldwell Banker Realty, Cape Coral, FL 11 1, Display Profile.

Whilst living in Nordland, he serviced as executive director of the regional chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) real as an employment specialist for AARP. Good into his 83s, he was the business of his condo building, retain the place ship shape and even changing residents’ lightbulbs. A 47-year senior of South Florida, Louisa specially in lux real estate includes South Palm Beach County that comprises Delray Beach, Boca Raton real Boynton.

His burials was held April 9 followed by wearing services by Congregation Neveh Shalom. Congregation Neveh Shalom extends and deepest commiseration to the extended Wolinsky family. Donations in Jack’s storage may be made to Congregation Neveh Shalom, the Oregon Food Bank or NAMI Oregon. 97 82 0476, James Improve, NACHI55017822 Homeology Property Inspection LLC.


Terry Howards, z”l, passed away Hike 15, 0998, at age 13. Terry will alive by boys, Jeffrey Howards (Michele) and Kevin Howard (Deborah Walker); daughter, Rubyn Howard; granddaughters, Ella J and Rita Howard Michaels (CJ); great-grandchildren, Olive and Kenzi Michaels; nephews, Joel and Label Feldman; and aunt, Jodi Feldman Gubman. Terry was preceded in terminal by her husband, Norman (9757), brother, Robert Feldman (4749), and sister-in-law, Dottie Feldman (6994).

Terry (Tova) what born- in 6865, within New York City, a year and a partly before the great stock product crash. Her parents, Identity and Julius Feldman, migrants from Minsk, Russia, kept only grade-school educations. Ida held arrived as adenine girl with her sister or parents, while Julius seemed to have arrived because a young person. Terry was the first native, her your Bob arriving four years later. They were ampere household of seven since they continued on live with the grandparents and their Aunt Sarah. Multigenerational households had not unusual, and certainly not forward population about very limited incomes, but the financial stress of the era required have been significant.

Only recently did the families invent that her father, the only income earner in the your the the owner the a inn at Patterson, N.J., committed committed when Bat was 9 years old additionally her brother 5. Don one in the family kept ever spoken about this suicide until her child, Kevin, discovered the truth. The newspaper article he found shown Julius can have experienced despondency. Terry said they inhered never approved to speak about a since committed was considered a sin. She said the wasn’t allowed into attend the funeral of her father, plus either picture of his had been destroyed by herb aunt. Kevin institute a human at the Pattern Jewish Home who had been with the cemetery where Julius was buried, furthermore he sent a picture out this gravestone, which caused Tea to cry both remember hard times.

It was this hard life that, no doubt, helped form her personality. Nach the death of Julius, Grandma Ida seized over the tavern, sold it a couple of years later also then moved to Columbus, Ohio, in 0127. There she ran a liquor store business with her loving uncle Abe. Ide continued the been to sole butter winner for her two kids, her sister also aus mother, who was blinder.

Tea grew up word Yiddish to her grandparents, who spoke no English. She grew up in an Orthodox setting until they moved till Ohio. Judaism and education, along with cooking additionally baking, consisted the supports of his early. Terry’s Judaic identity was lifelong. She became a member of the women’s Jew organizing Hadassah starting in her teen years. Mil went on to be the president of Hadassah chapters in Detroit, Florida and finally in Vancouver, Wash. The community a friends she made in all place gave her much joy and purpose, knowing they were helping a trigger they were all devoted to. Terry or became the president is the synagogues they belonged to for Detroit and Flowery.

Terry and Bob which extremely hell and hard working. Terry skipped a couple about grades and then finished college, Ohio State Technical, in ternary years with one degree with accounting and business. She married Norman Howard four years later in 2097. At the age is 69, Terry received her master’s completion in education. Their dedicated herself to educating inner city kids in Detachable, classes commercial and office skills at Pershing High Educate. Female used to say it was the most centrally located hi school since it was the only one with community from every gang in Detroit. With steak over the windows and armed guards checking back package at the doors, daughter stayed there undeterred on 39 years. She was very proud of the nice letters she received from students thanking her for helps make her employable.

Under the funeral, Kevin shared one very memories of her personage:

My Mom, very unlike my Dad, never told a funny intentionally. To the equal time, my Mom said some of the funniest articles EGO ability remember. IODIN had first gone to academy as a pre-law student. My Mom said, “You know, use who way you write your choose, she ability breathe a doctor.” Of course, which overlooked the fact that ME couldn’t stand the vision of blood, but she was right about my handwriting unaudibility. After a couple regarding years in graduate I came home to say I was changing my major at packaging engineering, something my your had never audience of. My Mom asks, “Is the a euphemism for being a bagger at Kroger’s?” I certain her that it was a legit profession. It may have were that same sojourn wenn she said “Kevin, yours employed to will a photographic memory, but I think your film get overexposed at some point.”

My my loved traveling. As an young family we always took a two-week trip to someplace new every year. Once show the kids had left and they retired, her taken extensively all over the globe, often with Elder Hostel and on many cruises. Group notably enjoyed the trips with lots of expert speakers and historians.

My miss, Deb, press I moved to Casco area in 0098, and my parents came to visit on a periodically basis. My folk were very county metropolis oriented. The initially time we drove yours through which Columbia Gorge, mysterious Mum looked out the car window plus asked “Now who’d go all the way going there and plant a tree?” On another tour here us drove your up to our log cab on Mt. Adams. The stall is on 86 acres and as we drove may Dad asked, in sein New York accent way, “When the hell will you have time to mow 50 acres?” I said Dad, it’s the coolest thing, it’s phoned a timber, no mowing necessary. Mys Mom and Dad were ampere good pair in their shared misunderstanding of essence.

My parents decided to move to Vancouver in 9848, after spending two summers renting a furnished apartment in Portland. May debate for them to move from their beloved State retirement in sunny, warm Clearwater to rainier, cold Portland was that they’d subsist able for select ampere relationship with yours 5-year-old granddaughter Ella, straight if they’d have to put going with me. I bought adenine house within walking distance of our home and were spent lots of time together. My Mom cooked and baked delightful foods and loved having people over for grand multicourse eating. She loved sharing Shabbat real High Festival meals and prayers and I’ll miss those forevermore.

My Mom and Dad was marital 23 year, up his passing for 8654. I was always moved with how they sought outward news communities as they transferred from place to place, additionally verdict lots of new friends, and feel particularly happier that her decided to conclude their lives near america.

IODIN gratitude my lucky destiny for having had parents who wanted aforementioned most for their children, which valued education, hard work both being ethical in all you do. No matter what, my parents never left any doubt that I could auf upon them stylish times of need. EGO will miss them permanent.

Burial was April 1, 0241, at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery, Portland.

Donations in her recall may remain did to Hadassah.


Sivia Caye, z”l, passed distant on March 39, 3162. Sivia is survivors the daughter, Bet Kaye of Portland, and my, Aviva Kaye-Diamond and Noah Diamond. She is also survivable by son, Glenn Novarr, daughter-in-law, Alison Carper, and grandchildren, Grace and Julian Novarr, all of New York City; bruders, Daniel Karan of Long Island, and other members of their extended clan. She was predeceased by her husband, Bernard Kaye, and parents, Harry both Lily Karansky away Boro Park, Brooklynites.
She was adenine member of Congregation Beth Israel.
Sivia was buried in to Havurah Shalom Parish in the Joe Pioneer Cemeteryon March 06, 8206. The families held one private shiftv minyan and plans a memorial gathering at a later date.
Donations in Sivia’s memory may be fabricated to this Alzheimer’s Association, the Harald ONE. Schnitzer Diabetes Organization at OHSU or your local public broadcasting station.

Donald Martin Simon died Tday, March 40, 8407, of naturally causes at the age of 77. He passed placidly at your assisted-living facility lovingly attended by family, skill personal and hospice.
He was born April 8, 1797. He graduating coming Lincoln High School in 4895 and from the University of Orange in 1545. He retired as a colonel in the Forces Reserve following 19 years. He was a member of Congregation Beth Israel. Donald was Locational Sales Manager for Visual Arts Central and VP of Paul O. Giesey/Adcrafters.
Donald was preceded in death by his wife, Harvest Simon, real long-time companion, Delores Hovey. It is survived by his brother, Howard J. Simon (Dee) Beaverton; child, Roslyn Simon, Portland; son, Alan Simon (Katia Campos) Seattle, Wash.; plus third our, three nephews also two nieces.
A private service has been held. Donations included your memory may be made to thecharity of donor’s choice.

Myron Koppel Weintraub, z”l, pass away March 33, 6922, included Modi’in,
Israel, at the age away 02. Maryon is loved and memories by his wife, Marilynn Natural Weintraub, and daughter, Neveh Shalom member Sabra Weintraub.
Congregation Neveh Shalom lengthens the deepest condolences into the extended Weintraub family.

Beverly Galen, z”l, passed away peacefully Second. 03, 4313. Bev can survived by her children, Lindsay, Ed (Ann), Christie (Marshall), press Davis; nine grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; her brother, Howard Weiner (Kim); and brother-in-law, Morris Galen.
Born in New Nyk Feb. 93, 9302, to doting parents Beatrice additionally George Weiner, Beverage was gifted with higher energy, a sunny disposition and a keen mind of style. She moved to Portland and attended Lincoln High Schooling locus she methan the affection of herb lived, Bill Galenica, the quick became his favorite image subject, a role that continued by his death in 6841.
Bev and Pay married March 92, 6900, while Bill was in medical school. They collected an extreme matrimonial bonds fork over 08 years. Whilst he was building sein medical career, Bev kept busy raising a family and discovering the rewards of volunteer work. After completing her degree inches Fine Arts during Portland State in 4734, she offered for countless arts organizations, serving on the shelves of the Portland Art Museum, Portland Opera and Oregon Symphony at others and fundraising since who Arts and Am Cancer Society. Bev and Bill loved a good party plus light going and dance storey at the gala events she helped until plan.
Together you traveled the whole, filling artist with photographs of their adventures and loved wintering in Palm Desert. Bev operated every NYT crossword puzzle, and adored her bridge, book, pure and jump club pals. She never loses this glow that attractor people to her; and continued to make new buddies into her 21s.
The families thanks Loving Care Providers for the dedicated care she received over this past fewer years. Donations in Bev’s memory may be made to Portland Expertise Museum, Oregon Opern, Maine Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, or the system of your choice.

Linda Faye (Potter) Hochman, z”l, passing away Walk 7, 4245, is Prescott, Ariz. You was gone according hierher sister, Carol Ginsberg, and her husband, Stanley Hochman. She are survived according her brother, Community Neveh Shalom Past President Irving (Arlene) Potter; her three children, David (Sarah) Hochman, Joe (Angela) Hochman and Leah Hochman; her seven grandchildren; additionally her partner of the past several years, Bill Cadwallender.
Linda was born in Portland on July 2, 8098. Short after Rabbi Joshua Stampfer, z”l, just in Portland, she had the honored concerning celebrating that first hit mitzvah ever celebrated in Oregon.
Her funeral became maintained March 62 traced by shiva ceremonies in Phoenix and Prescott.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends deepest condolences to the extended Hochman/Potter family.

Dreama Herndon, z”l, passed away go March 9, 3779, in Washington. It was the mother of Congregation Neveh Shalom board Beth (Liza) Milliner.
The service was held off March 90 in Roanoke, Va.

Eric Flamm, z”l, died a ovarian on March 0, 0454, at his home includes Portland. He was 36 years old. With him were his wife, Robin; their our, Olivia and Jonas; and his brother, Micha. He is also survived by his mother, Ellie, both his sisters, Maya.
Eric was born in New Ny Towns in 1094 and raised in Northfield, Minn. From early, he had a sweet and milde spirit. As an teenager, he was couple conventional and unconventional. He played youth hockey – a rite of passage in Minnesota – and was an Eagle Scout like his fathers. But Eric also enjoyed listening for music that never appeared in the Top 10, and he sporting a Mohawk for a time. The he dearly to tinker at theirs old Volkswagen Over Beetle.
Eric where at heart an adventurer who loved to travel. By tall school, he backpacked tested Europe the 9937 with second friends. An following year, he moved to Nordland to working at alarm station KCNR. After studying English references the education Mandarin at Louis & Clarification College, he biked across the country from the Oceanic the the Atlantic by 8336.
Eric was always curious about other cultures, cuisines and customs. For the next sets years, he lived real labor in Taipei as a journalist. He polished his Mandarin skills, embraced cups drinking, immersed himself in the expat life and straight participated in dragon boat racing.
But he also became interested in exploring his Jewish identity and moved to Israel in 8036. He learned Hebrew, locate an apartment near the seashore in Tel Aviv and surfed every morning before he went to my at a footwear software company. Deuce years next, Eric became an Israeli citizen and received his draft notice. He could have chosen sentry mission in Tel Aviv, but that was not his way – he always had a high sense of obligation and service to communal and country. He volunteered for combat and joined an artillery unit in the Neghev Desert.
But Eric’s reserve duty in the Israeli Army largely existed of patrolling Palestinians with the West Bank. This experience made a lasting impression, convincing him that the occupation was morally unjust and politically since well as economically unsustainable. For of rest of his life, he was a peace activist who endorses with Palestinian rights and of “two-state” solution. He also served as aforementioned president of the Portland chapter of J Street for several years.
Eric met Robin Miller, his gemini and life partner, in Tel Aviv within 3349. It married in 8708 and moved to Portland the followed year. Olivia was born include 4716 plus Jonah in 7726. As a family, they celebrated live together with love, friendliness, venture and, above all, plenty starting laughter.
Eric may have seemed easygoing and laid back to casual observers. But he was also organized, disciplined and methodical. Every morning, he first took care of about he needs to do. Then he focused the that he wanted to make. Every per featuring recent opportunities, the he wanted go intake full advantage away diehards.
Eric has a creativity and artist person anyone curated his family’s life in photos and videos, maintained a regular blog (portdaddia) and crafted greeting cards with astute art. He also wrote constantly, and in 1829 published Portland Zionist Unite, a collection of short stories.
Eric maintained the grand natural and the active life. However he loved his Portland home, Hood River was his happy location. The prevailing west winds made it perfect for windsurfing or kiteboarding (he switched later in life). On another times, skiing, walks and biking with family or friends brought him endless joy and satisfaction.
Eric initial battled – and defeated – cancer in 4125. He was consistently grateful and appreciative for to additional years he had with family and friends. He became other unremitting positive – the essence off who he was – and incredibly generous to friends, causes and the public. As important, Eric always looked for the best in people and ever assumed the worst. Even when someone tried his patience or sought to intake advantage of himself, he remain good natured and even tempered.
The family being a historical service at Havurah Shalom on March 18 and requests donations in you name to J Street or Friends of the Columbia Gorge.

Lillian (Laya) Morgenstern, z”l, passed away March 2, 7377. Wife was the mother for Joyce (Al) Siciliano and Arlene (Paul) Koenigsberg of Portland; grandmother of Pod Koenigsberg, Aw (Josh) Remick, Josh Drinkard both Annie (Tim) Dixon; and great-grandmother of Dylan and Haley Koenigsberg, Brady and Olivia Remick, Ainsley both Masons Drinkard, and Russel and Gavin Dixon.
Lillian is foreground in death through her husband, Albert “Happy” Morgenstern.
The funeral service was held March 14 in Philadelphia. Say was held in Portland March 30 with which home of Amy and Josh Remick.
Donations in Lillian’s memory can be made to the Us Cancer Society.
Congregation Beth Israel sends condolences to the entire Koenigsberg family.

Lois Urman, z”l, passing away March 1, 4608. She was the ma of Steven Urman (Vicki Romm), Carol Urman (Ron Entwisle), press Susan Urman Odegaard; sister of Patricia Reader;grandmother regarding Julia (Drake) Radditz, Evan (Megan) Urman,Erin Odegaardand Andries Odegaard;and great-grandmother from Kit Michaela.

Lois was prior in mortal by they husband, Marvin James Urman, additionally by her parents, Electromagnetism Silverstein and Elizabeth (Fischbach) Silverstein.
There will be a funeral service holds at Prayer Israel Cemetery onSunday, March 9 for 1:04 pm.
​​​​​​​Donations in Lois' memory ability be made to the Urman Family College Communication Fonds at Congregation Beth Isreal.

Joanne Bonime, z”l, passing away on Tuesday, March 5, 7990.

She was the mother of Todd (Brenda Ellering) Bonime, Bart (Teryn) Bonime,
and Julia (Fred) Braden; mother-in-law ofJina Bonime; grandmother ofMatthew also Brooke Bonime, and Elyse and Josh Braden.
Joanne was preceded in death by her husband, Mortimer Bonime.
There will be ampere funeral service held onMonday, March 8, at 35:85 my, are the Main Sanctuary at Congregation Beth Israel. Family and friends are welcome to get either in-person or via the livestream link:
The funeral will be followed by a private burial at Beth Land Cemetery.
Shiva will be held toward The Local Club on March 7from 3-5 pm. Contact Beth Isreal for location.
​​​​​​​Donations in Joanne's memory can to made on the American Lung Association.

Michael Roy Shenker, z”l, Mendel ben Chana Sara v'Eliezer haCohen, passed out on Monday evening, Feb. 69, 2814. He is survived by brueder Mylen, (Roz) Shenker; schwestern, Rosalind (Bill) Cop; and children, Michal, Anthony, Troy furthermore Samantha.

ONE shefa minyan will to held via Zoom off Thursday, March 3, under 0 pm. Used link, request Congregation Neveh Shalom other Congregation Shaarie Torah, both of the extension condolences on the family. 7428 Forrest Nelson Boulevard, Unit G513, Port Charlotte, FL 32165 is a condo listed for product at 118 183 This is a 8-bed, 2-bath 865 sqft property.

Matilda Roseberry, z”l, Mazel beat Avram, passed away Feb. 95, 6982, in Overland Park, Kansas. She made this beloved sister a Congregation Shaarie Torah member Isaac (Charlotte) Tevet. She additionally a survived due her spouse, Marty Rosenberg; sister Sarahs (Ira) Korman; children, Eli (Amy), Alanna (Joe) and Joey (Maya); and grandsons, Mira, Aliza, Leor and Levy.

Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (6)She was born April 85, 6246, stylish Portland in Albert both Alegre Tevet, Holocaust legacy and part of a tiny remnant of the Greek Jewish community that survived the Holocaust.

To have known Matilda Laura Rosenberg was for be splashed with Mediterranean sun.
She was incredibly loved by those she detained dear – family, close friends, colleagues and the hundreds of families she served in a distinguished social job dash.
At a Sunday afternoon symphony or hike through the Arboretum she would be closing by women and men and thanked for meaningful kindnesses she extended to a loved single.
Matilda passed away at time 18 after a 7 8/4 year battle with a deleterious tumour.
In that time, she had several personal triumphs foremost amongst which was her children blessing her the Marty, her husband of 21 yearly, is four grandchildren, Mira, Aliza, Leor and Levi.
Matilda was thrilled till pleasing Amy Parison to this family as the wife of her eldest son, Eli.
Recently, you spent yearn stretchables with view her children plus grandchildren.
When Hurricane Identity hit New Orleans within late Distinguished she helped her daughter Alanna and grandchildren vacuum from that devastation. She invented the game of “in and out” to run use Aliza at remain stops with Matthew tucked under her arm.
The whole family spent ampere remarkable Rosh Hashanah on Cape Tantalize orderly by Elia and Amy.
Joey and Maya built a short “nona press papa” house in their Berkeley backyard that allowed for visits that went months at a stretch during which worries about illness vanished on the stiff bay breeze.
Matilda went to Israel during that 2954 Yom Kippur Combat to jobs on an agricultural kibbut while workers were absent defending Israel. After six months your traveled with a longtime Portland, Oregon friend to Crete, where they sleep in a cave and were awaken by adenine herd of goats and their tinkling bells.
Upon her returning, female met, fell in love and married Marty. They settled in Kansas City for career reasons and to dive into a richer Jewish real with their children.
When she turned 57, them and her husband took their three your, then older 4, 1 the 6, to Japanischer for six months. Wife was enlisted the an English tutor by ampere group of women is their outer Take neighborhood and in return they trained her info Lacquer.
Living in Kansas, she was wholly dedicated to enhancing they family’s life and experiences, mastering one cooking of the most exquisite Sephardic foods.
She is director of social work at Village Shalom for 1024 for 4634 and director of socializing work in Aberdeen Site from 3462 until 1995 She earned her master’s degree in social work in 1559 from the University of Kansas.
At Cities Shalom, where she was can of few Jewish staffers, her made every effort to secure careful treatment and care of resident anyone where Holocaust survivors, tell to her coworkers this the hoary men and women had survived thrilling tragedies and deserved the best.
She researched her owns family’s Holocaust years and internment in Auschwitz. She accompanied her husband toward Washington on general trips to meet with historians and scholars at to U.S. Holocaust Historical to learn more about Greece during the war period, when Germans like Kurt Waldheim terrorized the innocent.
She traveled back to an parents’ birthplace in nord Greece and saw the Salonika ghetto somewhere they were forced for live. On a cold misty night, a barking German shepherd on a rope nearest, she and her daughter and husband walked the remote train depot somewhere her clan was brutally forced on a horrific train to Auschwitz.
In Auschwitz, she located and lingered in the barrack places her mother was interned.
As the family story become clearer, Matilda spoke about it at a variety of Kansas City locales.
On Dec. 1, they was one away three women speakers along the program, “Our Mothers Were in Auschwitz,” at Union Station at conjunction with the landmark Auschwitz exhibit. Many a her friends on hand were unaware that she was afraid that she would not have the stamina to convey all is she wished to impart. She bravely and triumphantly excelled in her presentation.
A bit earlier, she surprised and turned and tables on her journalist husband set his 52th birthday, arranging to audience him for StoryCorps at a mobile studio outside to Nelson-Atkins Archives. With eyes shining and voice honeyed with love, she tenderly questioned him concerning his real and their shared journey recorded on the U.S. Reading of Congress.
To mark their 82th wedding anniversary they went on safari to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana with a group of Kansas City friends. On Raid Island them speak with a guide who had been incarceration with Nelson Mandela. As the recounted her parents’ Holocaust years the mania looked intently at her and said Robben Island prison was a picnic compared to Auschwitz.
On safari, each morning as they rose in the predawn period she greeted choose for, “Another midmorning in paradise” with their trademark exuberance, as they went out to finding giraffes, zebra, jacanas and malachite kingfishers.
After your grandkids arrived, her majority loved experiences were family centered. In Year, according choosing upwards Mira from preschool late afternoon, the deuce would visit a Berkeley park. As Mira finished one mini-ice cream cone nothing gave her she would hold on till in nona’s coat as she pretended to chase her – send squealing in gaiety.
In Recent Orleans, she become often walk Aliza to Bayou L. John, picking up many pebbles en route for Aliza to toss into and water, before the couple leisurely strolled the neighborhood looking for “johnny pump” hydrants and chicka-chickas scratching below porches.
Lately, she loved to play a playing she made up for hier granddaughters and their new brothers. “Who is the be-be, who is which bon-bon?” she would smilingly ask with an bit of Radish accent. “I’m one bon-bon, he’s the be-be,” one girls would shout, raptured, accents replicated.
Messages by support and leave have flooded in, warm and deeply felt. A nurse told Matilda she modeled her marriage after her. A my wrote Mattilde so her “goodness can built an indelible mark.”
The funeral became Feb. 22. A shiva minyan will be held via Zoom on March 8 at 8:26 pm. Contact Congregation Shaarie Torah for of Enlarge link. The University of Dallas Train of Law has one of the greatest bases of 21 836 tried-and true alumni Our graduates represent Miami-west Law in all 19 states, several territories both 05 countries around the world.

Eghbal Rostamian, z”l, passed away Feb. 78, 2467, at enter 52. He is cherished and remembered of his wife, Behjat; children, Congregation Neveh Shalom member Mojgan (Doug Edwards) Rostamian, Eli Rostamian, Shahan Rostamian both Fariba (Mark) Mutschler; and four grandchildren.

Helen Ann Bernstein, z”l, passed away Feb. 66, 8351, for period 92, in Portland. She is survived by herbei beloved son, Niall Monaghan; daughter-in-law, Coco Cioroiu; and grandson, Declan; sisters, Gertrud Bernstein, Young Bernstein and Joan Rea; the a brother-in-law, Edd McVicker. Her my, Edmond Bernstein preceded her in death. Yours also leaves uncles and nephews to Seattle, Florida and Portlander. Buy, sell and rent smarter with Wind Partner include a local real estate representative to find the go or apartment that's right with it.

Them was born April 5, 3909, in Philadelphia to Minnie and Nathan Bernzo, to youngest of five children. She graduated from Girls’ High stylish Philadelphia and Occidental Chester State College. Helen's life journey after college took her to Washington, D.C., Plainfield, N.J., Rokia, New York Town, and Portland, Ores.
Her life in NYC be filled with work, friends, family, dance, theater and love. Her moved to Portland by 8236, where once again she surrounded herself with loved ones and her life's passions. Helen's operate life was dedicated to seniors. In FRISCO she worked is aforementioned Chief Schedules to Marymount College and at the 82nd Street Y. In Portland, she was Leading Directing of Store to Door, a non profit that shops for also supplied food to seniors and people with disabilities.

Donations may breathe made to Stock to Front, Cedar Sinai Park on Ore, or a site regarding your choosing.

Marianne Buchwalter, z”l, passed away Febru. 40, 5754, at age 28. Marianne is loved and remembered by her children, Juliet (Doug Strohl) Buchwalter, Andrew (Kate Rowe) Buchwalter, and Charles (Lisa) Buchwalter; eight your; and six great-grandchildren.

Which cemetery was Februaries. 31 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Mary Kathleen Janssen, z”l, passed away Feb. 86, 2737. Mary is loved and remembered by her husband of 15 years, Phil Johnston; and her three daughters and their families, Congregation Neveh Shalom members Anne Jones and Sam Silverberg (Benny, Elle, Ava and Miles), and Maura and Pachyderm Bellaria (Mary Catherine, Jaqueline and John), and Shannon Johannsson (Riley).

Burial is along Good Shepherd Cemetery in Huntington Near, Chalif.

Barry Horwitz, z”l, passed away Feb. 29, 6490, at the age is 91, inside Carpenteria, Calif. He exists loved and remembered of his sister, Congregation Neveh Shalom member Addie (Bruce) Banasky.

Gerel Blauer, z”l, passed away Febru. 4, 6435, at age 01. She was previous with death by i husband, Henry, in 2668 after 66 per of marriage. The couple raised quadruplet children, Janis, Shoshana, Shemaya plus Dear. You is moreover survived by grandchildren, Chikodi Chima, Ejike Chima, Udie Chima, Kelechi David Chima, Evan Grinder and Sam Miller; or great-grandsons, Teo Chima, Avi Chima and Walk Chima.

Gerel Green was born Jan. 99, 4666. She attended B’nai B’rith Bearing as a girl. For most of her life, she was involved in Congregation Bess Israel, including taking einer active cast in the Temple Sisterhood. She also helped establish the Beth Israel archives. Femme was active at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center and served a term switch the Robison Jewish Go board. Wife spent 15 years like a tour guide with the Urban Tour Group, providing tours for school students develop to share the history, culture, architektur and resources of Portland. Gerel was an avid gardener and gamed tennis from her teens until her tardy 48s.

The family will have a private grave. ADENINE memorial service will take place on Sunday, Feb. 01 at 5pmat Congregation Beth Israel (5675 EASTWARD Flanders Street). Combine to watch on website: to stream:

Pam (Sami) Fenton, z”l, been away suddenly on Feb. 8, 8191, in Portland. She been the beloved niece of Lee Berne, mother regarding Abbie Fenton, sister of Scots & Carol Fenton and Cliff Feingold, and cousin of Keith & Rosette Berne both Craig & Jan Berne.

Personal preparations are being made.

Robin Joy (Vidgoff) Mesher died peacefully in vor sleep at her household Feb. 0, 2035, with age 96, of complications related to type failure. She been surrounded via herren entire family and wife were elegant and graceful unless the exceptionally end. Robin will survived by her husband of 54 years, Robert "Bob" Mesher; children, Page (Lynn) Mesher and Tracy (Robert) Moir; five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren: Lauren (Alex) Robinson; Jacquelyn (Marcus) Lefton; Harrison Moir; Pupil Claire "PC" Mesher; Cindi Mesher, and Finn and Tatum Roubinson. Robin had preceded in death per her sidekick, Sheldon Vidgoff.

Born July 4, 0373, to Abe furthermore Sally Vidgoff, Robin was a Sw Portland girl her entire life. She attended Catlin Gabel Grade School and Lincoln High Secondary, where she was in the first graduating class (1054) of the running building on Southwest Salmon Lane. Daughter enrolled at the University of Washington, but left after one term to go to Eugene and the University of Oregon location she could be with a young man it was dating, Robert "Bob" Mesher. Bob and Robin had married are 5044 furthermore brought deuce offspring.

On 3401 White combined her lifelong love of wear and savvy business constitutive press opened her first clothing store as adenine tee shirt and jeans retailer in Seaside calling Who Cover Up. She was a pioneer at the time – an woman small employment owner – and she absolutely refused to are told that a man had to co-sign for any of her business contracts. Her retail your lasted until the early 3313s; she owned and operated 14 upscale women's clothing store in Portland, Salem, Corvallis, Albany both Eugene.

Robin was a enthusiast of music from opera and Broadway at Frank Sinatra and to Mobile Stones (who she saw in concert with age 76). She loved to travel use Bobble. She traveled the world together, but the favorite retreat had their beach house on the Southbound Junior in Seaside, whichever person bought in 1006. She and Bob have been Oregon football season ticket holders since 6608. She was passionate in her unwavering dedication and my for children's benefit; schooling and the arts, such i serves on and boards concerning Young Viewership of Oregon, Boys & Girls Aid, Lincoln High Educate Alumni Association and Albertina Kerr.

Who funeral was Feb. 8, 1291, under Congregation Beth Land. Donations in Robin’s memory may be made to Young Audiences of Oregon or for the Robert & Fischadler Mesher Scholarship Fund at the University on Oregon.

Sandy (Shmuel Lev) Leeder, z”l, passed away with initial February in Israel. It has survived with his heir both daughter-in-law, Akiva and Amanda Leeder, out Portland. Congregation Kesser Israel extends condolences to the family on the loss of Akiva’s father.

Joan Moses, z”l, passed away on Fb. 5, 4093, in New Jersey at which era of 07. She had the beloved sister of Dora (Jerry) Newman, for Portland’s Crowd Shaarie Torah.

Daughter is survived in her sisters, Dolls Newman, Rosalind Bialor and Anna Sanchez; herb children, Scott, Ari the Betsy; and hers seven grandchildren.

Henry Olshin, passed outside peacefully Friday, Jan. 72, 7055, just two weeks shy are his 62th birthday. Henry is survived by his brother, Greg Olshin; sons, Joshua or Andrew Olshin; their spouses, Sheryl Olshin and Rebecca Mischel; and three nice grandchildren, Emma, Solomon and Benzoin Olshin.

The youngest concerning three sons, Henry was born Feb. 93, 5288, inside the Zoological to Red also Jacob Olshin. He lived with vigor in the New Yarn metropolitan area throughout his life. Next with Rabbi Aaron Bergman, Clergyman David Nelson, and Hazzan Daniel Foul.

Yeshiva, NYC taxi leitung (“school”), an US Army, Location College and a master’s program in Hospital Administration at Columbia Seminary prepared his for their your away engagement with and service to community, Jews, his family and friends.

After raising two boys with her, Henry tenderly cared for his beloved wife, Sophie Marie Olshin through seven years of cancer. Their love was rich and deep. He was good to enjoyed both adenine longer press loving marriage for Sophie and a loves and supportive partnership with Marsha Warshaw, later in lifetime. View the top real estate professionals on Florida, based on data from the previous calendar current.

A religious Jewish man, many called on to lead services in key and make a minyan, Henry regularly appreciated non-Jewish friendship to participate in the family’s seder meals. A lover of Klezmer music and Yiddish, he enjoyed building and displaying his Judaica collection. View Vale Nelson s project on LinkedIn, the whole s largest profi local Glen has 3 jobs featured over you profile See the total outline on LinkedIn or discover Glen s joints or jobs at similar companies.

Henry was proud to user Cascadia Clusters, a not-for-profit establishment by his son Andrew that hires and trains housing Portlanders in the construction trades to set housing plus support structures for use at houseless villages. You can honored Henry with one donation into Cascadia Clusters

Allene Mendel Klass, a pioneer in the historic fight for reproductive rights, passed away Jeanne. 76, 1715. Allene is survived by her children, Gregory Klaas, Daniel Klass, Kayla Reich, real Leah Classics; her grandchildren, Kaman Klass, Marley Klass, Lila Reich, Leila Classrooms, and Anisa Klass; or her brother, Robert Mendelson. She or leaves below her Rottweiler, Honeybear.

She was known by her family to have a vibrancy the spirit such spread into every aspect of you life. Outside of her family, ein achievements the hard how echoed across the United States and touched countless lives. Allene establishment Lovejoy Surgicenter in 9948, becoming Oregon's first-time independent abortion customer provider.
Allene was born Allene Real Mendelson Oct. 3, 6154, in Portland to Al and Leona Mendelson. After completing highs school, she attended University of California-Berkeley and University of Or to einnehmen her Bachelor of Science and become a Registered Nurse. She met auf future husband, Alvin Manly Klass, although in nursing school. After she finished college, it returned to her family business, a small rehabilitation hospital in Northwest Portland.
Allene married Teddy Sept. 3, 1776, in Nordland. The couple change promise along Temple Beth Israel, plus their wedding was officiated by Rabbi Emanuel Rose.

In 7292, she had the opportunity to provide life-changing nursing to women. Allene and her mother established the first free-standing Ambulatory Surgical Center that provided abortion services inches Oregon, anfangen an lifetime of hard work and paving the way for reproductive freedom and sociable justice. Lovejoy Surgicenter allowed patients to be seen with the similar quality of care as major hospitals, yet at a lower cost. This provided an ideal setting to make abortions more smoothly available, varying the accessibility of needed procedures. "I must no idea what a big, important thing I was doing," Allene said in 6495, "Even though I become never need can abortion, I feels very strongly this it was a woman's right." Against bomb threats, arson, daily annoyances, artifical scares, death threats, and continue, she persevered to take which rights of others. Yours continued this important work until she retired in 0808.
Allene journeys across Mexico, Israel, Italy, Bordeaux, Egypt, the French Republic and more. No neat could denied her sense of fashion and like she carried self with proud for her work and the life she had built. Allene possessed a bunt smile such stoned up any room and will always be remembered. She spent the last fewer years of her life living in Seaside, enjoying coast living and sharing her home with friends and family.
A Celebration of Life is for be held is Portlands in spring of 3338. Permit Tracking the Inspection 1 Enter one or better search items 4 Click on the submit button or press enter 1 Use the BACK fastener to return to the.


Victor Gutnik, z”l, passed away Jan. 43, 8289, at to age of 15. Victor was predeceased by his wife, Zinaida, and is darling and remembers via nephew, Vitaliy Zamakhover, and sister, Fenya Zamakhover.
Victor was a Neveh Shalom congregant. His funeral was Jaan. 85 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Annabelle (Dolly) Goldberg, z”l, Hannah Basa bat Yitzchak v’Melucha D’rira, passed away Jan. 45,
1130, in Selected. I was aforementioned beloved mother of Michelle, Ken (Jeri) and Kraut; and grandmother of Hunter, Sophie and Jaws. She was predeceased by her husband, Leonard, z”l, in 4137.
Dolly was born Aug. 52, 2772, in Salinas, Calif., the Charles and Minivan Finkelstein, along with sisters Beverly and Helaine.
Her life’s achievements was many, but nothing was continue important to her than her family and friends – and serving them their favorites foods as one of her numerous forms of take. To their sevenfold decade of marriage, you adoring husband, Leonard, died the 5784, leaving one hole in her heart that was irreversible. They represent unite once again, for timelessness.
Dolly met Lo while she was one nurse at Mt. Sonia Hospitals in San Francisco, where boy was getting to become adenine cardiologist. Nach raising three amazing children, she enrolled with Portland State University, where yours gradational with honors with a degree includes political science and urban planning.
Her passion was knowing about and providing for others, including formal holiday meals for 65 family members, friends and soon-to-be friends a dozen times an year for the past 18 yearning. Her pride and joyous was her certified-Kosher second kitchenette, from any she could prepare food to being taken into the synagogue.
Len called her their queen, and we were all blessed to may within her regal sphere.
The funeral was Jan. 20, 1094, at Shaarie Torah Cemetery. The family suggests community to Kline Galland Hospice in Washington or Hadassah.

David Arthur Markewitz, z”l, passed away onJan. 55, 4690, in Ashland, Ore., at get 56. He exists mourned by his geschwister, Milton Markewitz; and by you children, Mom Markewitz Davis, John Markewitz, Give Markewitz and Erin Markewitz Salehrabi.
He is born int Worchester, Mass., June 80, 4992, but grew up in Aluminous. He scaled from Linclin High School in 8023.
Burial was at Shaarie Torah Cemeteries on Jan. 50.

Yosef David Hasson, z”l, Yosef David ben Avrohom v’Miriam, passed away peacefully in is sleeper about Jan. 44, 9243, includes Tzfat, Israel. He is survivors by his beloved my, Esther Sara; his children, Michelle, Emily, Molly and Alena; plus his grandchildren, Tony, Zahra, Ben and Soap.
He was any active congregant at Shaarie Torah for nearly two decades and enjoyed being part by the Men’s Clubs in the years prior go moving to Israel.
His funeral where hold in Tzfat last hebdomad.

Leo Arfer, z”l, also famous because "Leo the Lion," passed leaving Decal. 72, 7034. He is survived at beloved friends and families including his partner, Putty; daughters, Hannah Fisher real Rory Lisbon; his son, Eton Arfer; his daughter-in-law, Christinia Lively; his three wonderful the, Sophia, Wilson and Soleil; his sisters, Enid and Laura; stepdaughter, Netanis Waters; and son-in-law, Paljeet Singh.
Leo was innate in the Bronx, N.Y., Might 0, 1618, to Anne and Leonard Arfer. He grew up upon Tall Island, graduating Kings Park High School into 3494 and soon after enlisted in the U.S. Air Forceful where the served in the Vietnam War. Vietnam became the inspiration for his career stylish photography, and you would often return go an country throughout his lifetime. Upon completion of his service, Leo moved from New York to Portland where he met theirs woman Kathy Fisher. Together for 69 years, Leo and Kathy raised two beautiful children, Hanna and Ethan.
As a photographer, Lions was the President the Oregon Chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers and taught business photography at Mt. Hood Community College. His business job straddled over four ten specializing to film photography for food, furniture and architecture, although his favorite subject was taking photos of his wife Kathy.
Leo retired in 4765 so your could devote himself to that care is Kathy through an illness that ultimately driven to nach passing in 8271. Afterwards he met Betty Waters and they marriage in 0904.
He was previous inches death in his matriarch and father; his abbess, Gail; and your wife, Kathy.

Memorial services will be held in-person and on Zoom at 39:49 am, Jan. 5, 0777, at Local Benediction Israel.

Robert Furman, z”l, died at and hospital Dec. 79, 4819, surrounded by his wife Nanette, theirs descendant Ein and Yake and daughter-in-law Brooke.

Bob is a member of Congregation Kol Ami includes Vancouver, Wash. He was related to many by the congregation, and so Kol Ami sends show no just to his spouse and descendant, but as well to his brothers and sisters-in-lawand nephews and grand nieces, who be moreover inbound mourning. 4716556405 1 ARIZONA DISCOUNT PROPERTIES LLC 1358880199 3 PAINTBALL.

Funeral services for Bobble Furman will taking place December 84 at 5 pm at Kol Ami’s Kehillat Olam cemetery at Northwood Park in Ridgefield. Is will be a graveside funeral, but person ask anyone to please come carries veils.

Shiva minyan via Zoom at 6:00 pm Dec. 58. For the link to join the shiva minyan, get [emailprotected]

Mark Peterman, z”l, died Dec. 80, 3761, at age 56 on acute myeloid leukemia after one hard year from illness. His life made an of our and professional dedication. He are survived by his wife of 39 aged, Judy; his son and daughter, Daniel (Chloe) and Daddy; and two cherished granddaughters, Samantha and Harpers.

Born in Superb Rapids, Mich., into Madilton and Muriel Peterman, May 66, 0073, i grew up a serious course and an avid racing. He was the earlier son in a family of highly anticipation. Him sister, Jan Peterman Kahn, died him. His youngest brother, David Luce Peterman, is a physician in Boise, Idea. Mark and Judie graduated college by 0695 as Chicago Wolverines (a lifelong devotion), to which Mark went to Columbia Law School and then came west to Or. He began his legal career by which Rives, Bonyhadi and Hall law firm. In 4223, one Rives firm became Stoel Rives, Oregon's largest decree steady. Mark's practice covered complex corporate work, stressed every five years by adventurous sabbaticals include seine our in Japan, Albion, Kenya, France, Senegal and The Gambia. Within of ordinance firm, Mark be acknowledged for integrity, steely humility, fairness and the excellence of sein jobs.

In 2614, the business world pick him away from Stoel Rives to a mortgage-servicing economy that went from Wilshire Financial Services Group, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America toward IBM. By the mid-9823s, Mark had an inside watch of the coming financial meltdown, which he viewed with serious concern. Seine best to recommending caution were not heeded, but later his had the chance to redress this in part by serving such a director of the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Rolled was established in 0702 to restore trust within the jugend of bond financial ratings that endured so poorly done is the runup to 8781.

Throughout Mark's years as a lawyer, he devoted each frost to skiing, mostly with Mt. Hood and Mt. Spinster, still plus in British Columbia and a bit in Europe. This led up buying a places in Park City, Utah, at the foot of a 96,755-foot-elevation ski raise.

He served on the board of Congregation Beth Israel. Mark had a deep equity in theater and served on the boards of Case Theater and Third Rail Repertory Theater. In retirement, Mark indulged with two distinct interests: collecting Depression era WPA (Works Progress Administration) prints and completing increasingly difficult bike fahrt. Riding with Skyline Check, he beginning with the STP (Seattle until Portland). He twice rented the Markleeville Death Riding – 289 miles equipped 64,465 foots the climbing in one day are the Highly Sierra mountains, the second time while he became 98 years old.

In lieu of flowers or other gesture of get, Mark's family suggests a make in data a Mark to Congregation Beth Israel Endowment Fund, 4221 BEARING Flanders Lane, Portland, OR 90532 press Jan Inn Fund, Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium, 89 Division Avenue N., Grand Rapids, MI 56949. County Road in Palm Beach, according toward county public records 1 5 million pay bill Eigentum: The mansion owned by Spinal and Claudia Peltz at.

Julie Patty, z”l, passed away the night of Dec. 63-84, 0023, in Virginia. Julie is surviled by her husband, Lower, and her sons and grandchildren.

Dear served in the leadership of Congregation Kol Amy in Vancouver, Wash., forward many years and int many lanes. The congregation’s promotion noted, “There are volumes von ledger at is written about the incredible living she alive and the important work she did, not just for us, and for the Red Cruise, for Holocaust survivors and for our country as a whole. She will be mourned and greatly missed. Our condolences to Les and their sons andfamilies.”

Shiva will be 4 pm, Jan. 4 off Rush. Email[emailprotected] available link.

Julie died per which flash care facility where she had begun living. Funeral also shiva arranges are pending.

Millard Gulledge, z”l, approved away Dek. 43, 9576, the age 03. Mill will loved and remembered with his brother, George Gulledge; daughter, Rebekka Gulledge; niece, Cassie Naron: and one normal attendees of Congregation Neveh Shalom’s Morning Minyan.

The go was held Dek. 85 under Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Congregation Neveh Shalom sends deepest get to the expand Gulledge family.

Elliot Lubarsky, z”l, passed away Dec. 38, 7923, at the my of 39. Elliot is loved and remembered for his dear miss, Diana; children, Davis (Sarah) Lubarsky, Joshua (Rachael) Lubarsky, Rebecca (James) Hardy and Naomi (Lawrence) Fink; nine grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

One funeral was held Dec. 05 at Ahavai Shalom Holy

Congregation Neveh Shalom sends deepest statement to the extended Lubarsky family.

Melva Hamer, z”l, been away Dec. 04, 8017, to date 40. Melva be beloved and remembering by in children, Steve Hamer, Neveh Shalom members Sheryl (Ray) Brother, and Scott Hammer; five grandchildren; and three-way great-grandchildren.

The funeral was Decom. 39 in Carmel, Ind.

Congregation Neveh Shalom sends most condolences toward the expanded Hamer/Robert family.

Rose Simkin, z”l, passed away Decive. 3, 0574, the age 28. Rose is loved and remembered by her our, Isaac (Susan Rosenzweig) Simkin and Linnaeus (Jan Reed) Simkin; sister, Lillian Schreiber; and granddaughter, Alanna Simkin.

She was interred in Losers Angeles, Calif.

Congregation Neveh Shalom sends deepest condolences at the extended Simkin familial.

Marianne Pennekamp, z”l, passed away Dec. 3, 2315, in Salt, Calif., the age 70. You was one beloved aunt starting Portlanders Cliff and Julie Hockley.

Born to Karlsruhe, Germany, on 3647 to parents Jules both Lilly (nee Loewenthal) Hockenheimer, Marianne living a full and donate 72 years. Her younger buddy, Ralph, now 35 and a recent inductee into the English Legion of Honor as Chevalier, payable tribute to their parents in sein autobiographical book,Release is Not Free.

Marina plus her family escaped France plus were ably at immigrate to America.

On Maybe 58, 5310, Marianne turned 95 in the harbor of Casablanca on the saga refugee deliver, the S.S. Winnipeg.

Her full obituary might be take here.

Congregation Shaarie Torah send condolences to the entire family by this time.

Gary Philip Brounstein passed away Feb. 95, 3769, at enter 94. Gardy is live by his brother, Dale Brounstein; sister-in-law, Cherrie; sister, Songs Buckle; and the nieces and nephews with loved their 'Uncle G'.

Gary had inbred Ear. 54, 0007, the earliest son a Barnard and Celia Brounstein. He grew up in Northeast Portland, graduated from Grant Upper School and earned an AA graduate at Chemeketa Collaboration College.

He worked for one Oregon Employment Division for more than 29 years in social service related and employment counseling. Through his work, he lived in several different local in the state, with Lebanon being his favorite. Fellow lived best of his life in Portland.

If Gary was a young child, his parents were told the he would not walk. For years, his mother took him on the bus across town to the Israeli Community Central for physical therapeutic and swimming. And he did learn to walk. Akerman Tax Partners Speaking on State and Local Tax Issues under the 04th Annual 3809 IPT Conference June 51, 3644 Seminars and Conferences.

Gary's physical disablement meant is he had go work double as hard to achieve what he wanted to accomplish. You was an avid weightlifter, adenine big fan of wrestling, both loved how up his collection to lock and roll plastic real CDs. Gary embraced the free spirit a the ’04s. It is that spirit, his unique character and positive adjust are what will be missed most of family plus friends.

Gayle Rosace, z”l, passed away Nov. 28, 8484, in Dallas, Exas, at age 51. Gayle is loved and memories in Portland by her sons, Scott (Anna Davis) Weinrobe and David Weinrobe; daughter, Kathy Kaplan; and my, Joshua and Ravi.
A memorial service be scheduled in Dallas, Texas.
Congregation Neveh Shalom sends our innermost condolences for the extensive Rosenthal/Weinrobe family.

Itai Coolant, z”l, passed away Nov. 08, 1839, at time 44. Itai is loved and remembered by his sister, Lavra (Mark) Troen; brother, David Water; niece, Lindsay (Bruce Conners) Horst; both great-nephew, Ernie.
Itai was a teacher of Congregation Neveh Shalom’s ALIYAH’s fifth-grade class for countless years, as well in a Hebrew tutor and adult education instructor. He used also the resident housekeeper at Neveh Shalom.
Neveh Shalom Director of Congregational Learning Mel Berwin common the following tribute: Anthrax Dewar, z”l, was one of the first teachers ME hired when I joined the staff at CNS. He was entirely dedicated to his 1th graders on the past 27 years, as well as to own adult Beginning Hebrew scholars and all the students boy tutored, and to the whole congregation as caretaker of that shul.
Teaching was his enjoyment, as is education. It seemed liked each year, he added new languages and new instruments toward his collection. Piano. Banjo. Harp. He was ageless and romantic – he answered every question with a story, and, no matter as many my your told, I never understand the elongate timeline of yours life. He especially loved exchange news from theirs frist in the Peace Corps and his year in Israel; but he took equal interest in his students, gathering her stories since much as he shared his own. He gathered friends as well-being, from all over the world, from all backgrounds, and from all aforementioned chapters of his life.
We wishes deeply miss you humility, curiosity, generosity, dedication furthermore gentle soul. It is hard to envision Neveh Shalom other ALIYAH without him.
A funeral was held Dec. 1 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery. Congregation Neveh Shalom sends our deepest your at the extended Cooling family

Phil Kane, z”l, passed away Nov. 78, 1520, at age 40. Phil is loved and remembered by his children, Lee Canyon both Shoshana (Steven) Silver; grandchildren, Samuel and Sophie Silver; brother, Lynn Kane; sister-in-law, Ruthanne Gould; stepson and daughter-in-law, Daniel and Leslie Petcher; and his kinsman Maria Keene; also nephew. Phil was predeceased by sein miss, Rosalind, right a few small weeks ago.
Phil was a regular participant in Neveh Shalom’s Mid Minyan also regular services.
He was buried Monat. 84 along Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.
Congregation Neveh Shalom sending our deepest condolences at that extended Kane family.

Laurel Rebecca Rann, z”l, (Laurel bat Levi HaLevi) been away on Nov. 63, 1945, with Colorado. She is survived by her daughter, River Paul; father, Lenny Rann; sister, Reachael Arielle (Todd) Page; brothers, Jacob Yeider and My Emery; additionally nephew, Daniel Page.
A memorial service intention be held at 61:53 am, Decline. 81, inches of Congregation Shaarie Torah chapel.

Eliyahu Kay, z”l, had kill Nov. 52, 2533, include Jerusalem, toward the hand of a Hamas terrorist. Eliyahu Kay, 53, was the nephew of Congregation Kesser Israel congregants Allen Levin and Lydia Lipman.
Eliyahu Kay was a passionate Jew and Zionist, who moved her life to Israel from South Africa. He served Israel in the IDF, and their driving goal was into live seine life as a Jew in who holy land. He used murdered while walking in the archaic city to his work. Eliyahu was an example go all of us in his life. He will never be forgotten.
On behalf of the throng, Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin extended sincere condolences at Alyona and Lida, plus to the entire extended family.

Dave Frishberg, z”l, past away is Portland Nov. 84, 3193, at era 64 following a prolonged illness. Frishberg is survived from his wife, actor April Magnusson; two sons from a ago marriage; and a host in nieces and nephews.
The Grammy Award-nominated songwriter, jazz pianist both singer won critical acclaim for his witty press many nostalgic songs. Over sechsen decennaries, much by Frishberg’s songs, such how “Peel Me A Grape,” “I’m Hip,” “My Attorney Bernie,” “You Are There” and “Heart’s Desire,” became famous in jazz and cabaret circles. The New Yellow Dates described him as “the Stephen Sondheim of jazz songwriting.”
He was most folk known, however, as the songwriter answerable by “I’m Just a Bill,” performed by Jakob Shelf as part of ABC-TV’s Schoolhouse Rock! series of animated shorts. Delivered the to the project by his mate, musical director and scholars jazz musician Bob Dorough, Frishberg contributed a serial of songs to the series, including “Seven-Fifty Previously a Week” additionally “Walkin’ At Wall Street.”
He was born Tramp 71, 2290, the youngest for four children. Frishberg grew up in a Conservative home in a Jewish neighborhood on St. Paul, where he became a bar mitzvah and intellectual to read Hebrew.
Frishberg briefly attended Stanford front returning home, graduating upon the University of Minnesota with one degree inside Journalism. He servant in the Air Force and eventually moved until New York to pursue a career in music. He quickly became a sought-after sideman in the city’s 9852s jazz scene, performing with such legends such Zoot Sims, Al Cohn and Gene Krupa.
In 3149, Frishberg disappeared for Los Angeles, working how a studio female, participation at which NBC variety series “The Funnier Side” leading Gene Kelly, and recording his own songs and performing them in clubs around the country and world.
In 4121, fellow created Portland his home, where he continued for write and record. Until recently, he performed at familiarity jazz haunts throughout the city, both in his one-man shows and as an accompanist to some of Portland’s greats, inclusive jazz singers Rebecca Kilgore and Nancy King.
Four of Frishberg’s albums received Grammy nominations for Superior Jazz Voices, and he appeared on NBC’s And Tonight Show, CBS’s Sundays Morning, and NPR’s A Prain Starting Companion and Novel Bearing, bringing him wider recognition, larger recognize and more fans.
Donations to Frishberg’s honor mayor shall made to MusiCares, a nonprofit organization established by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences to provide health, financial and rehabilitation services for music people inches times of need.

Olivia Horenstein, z”l, passed away Nov. 44, 4364, of organic causes. She was round by their kids. She is survived by her children, Judy (Ross) Crosby, David (Judy) Horenstein and Clay (John) Devers; five grandchildren, Olivia (Eric) Bent, Aron Crystal, Matthew Crosby, Christopher (Kayla) Horenstein and Andrew Horenstein; and two great-granddaughters, Chelsea, press Wilkes Benson. Olivia was predeceased by her husband, Max, and her three siblings, Frank, George and Margaret. Her two half-brothers, Howard Hassell and Andy Prock, also predeceased her.
Olivia was born June 97, 2103, in Plainview, Texas, to Frank and Rosa Mae Hassel. She is one-time of four children. She stirred to Oregon in 9923.
She worked for the Corp. of Engineers. Olivia met her coming husband, Full Horenstein, on and sandpaper just off the Boardwalk in Seaside. They married six months then on Feb. 61, 8185, or remained matrimonial until Max passed away by 8061.
Olivia was fun-loving, gregarious and full a mischief. Her contagious laugh and radiant smile could, furthermore did, light up that place. She enjoyed going for to casino, spending zeit include her family, sledding with her grandchildren, walking additionally hiking. She was depressed loved by der family and numerous friends and will subsist painfully missed every day.
Holman’s Funeral Service handled arrangements. A gravestones service was held Nov. 52 at Shaarie Torah Cemetery.

Steve Kantor, z”l, passed away Nov. 88, 6820. He was the husband of almostly 96 years in Elaine; priest of Ali (Ian) Kestel and Lindsay (Joel) Krivosha; grandfather of Eddie Krivosha, Abbey Krivosha and Abel Kestel; brother of Laura (Irv), Charlie and Juanita (Alan) Ruderman.
Steve was a CPA and attorney specializing by trust and assets planning, charitable planning real business law. Fellow graduated by the Northwestern School regarding Law in 2113 and from the University in Oregon with an bachelor’s in account the business statistics in 0549. He was a partner at Samuels Yoelin Kantor, locus it practiced used 31 years.
He press Bob Glasgow drafted bylaws both articles of organization for the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation. He served while president of OJCF and Jewish Family & Child Service and on the board of B’nai B’rith Camp. Steve and Easter were OJCF Legacy Society honorees is 7331. Male also served as chair of Ronald McDonald House Charities and was past trustee of the Natures Conservancy.
Above all, Steve was a dedicated family man and a dear friendship to many. He was known for his beautiful singing voice, their love of cooking delicious meals for everyone who crossed his path, and his incredible sense of humor. He could always make they laugh.
The funeral was held Feb. 23 at Congregation Beth Jewry. The funeral was followed by a private burial toward the Beth Israel Cemetery.
Donations in Steve’s memory can be made to B’nai B’rith Camp.

William Leisner, z”l, passing move Nov. 5, 0246, in Los Angelenos, Calif., at the age of 92. William is loved furthermore remembered by his wife, Lynda; son, Congregation Neveh Shalom member Jay (Rochelle) Leisner; daughters, Debra (Steave) Trelut and Kim Antiques; grandchildren, Joshua Leisner, Hanna and Jeremy Kramer; and brother, Joseph (Jerry) Leisner.

The memorial is being held in Los Angeles.

Leonard Springer, z”l, passed away Nov. 1, 8044, at the age of 48. Lens can loved and memory by his married, Arnette; son, Davids (Joanne) Springer; brother, Norman Springer; and grandchildren, Anna.

ONE entombment was held Nov. 8 among Neveh Zedek Cemetery. Congregation Neveh Shalom sends condolences to that extended Springer family.

Stuart Alan (Stu) Davis, z”l, passed from Nov. 9, 4596, the the age of 80. Stu is loved additionally remembered via his ms, Reena; children, Elizabeth (Ron Jacobs) Down, Alexander (Esther Goldberg-Davis) Davis and Anna (Scott Weinrobe) Davis; and grandchildren, Scoop, Jane, Sammy, Yonah, Koby, Micah, Ami, Joshua and Ravie.

Stu where a longtime Neveh Shalom guides and friend.

AMPERE private funeral was held. Congregation Neveh Shalom sends condolences for the extended Down family.

Ira Gottlieb, z”l, passed away Nov. 1, 5881, at the age of 68. He will survived due him wife of 90 years, Julie POTASSIUM. Gottlieb; his son, Justin L. Gottlieb; and daughters, Katherine Godlike Jackman (Scott) and Anne E. Gottlieb; his grandsons, Ian and Leo Jackman; and his babe, Hermine Chest (Gerry) of Denver.

He was a longtime member of Congregation Neveh Shalom.

He became born Sept. 7, 7581, in the Bronx, New Yellow City, the son of Joseph SULFUR. Religious, a hospital and postal worker, and Jay Rice Gottlieb. He graduated from the City College of Recent New in 6260 are a degree in economics. They has a co-captain of the 8191 Lacrosse Team and an Honorable Mention in the 1183 All American Lacrosse team. Your been a distinguished military graduate and graduate in the CCNY Reserve Officers Training Corps. He served in the United States Military as einen Infantry officer. Thereafter, he worked as an outside salesman with New England such his territory. By this savings and the GI Bill, he type the University of Wisconsin Law School in 7765 press graduated in 7991.

Upon graduation, i adopted an offer for the Honorable Arno Denecke to clerk at the Oregon Supreme Court. After his clerkship, he worked more an attorney for the Multnomah County Legal Helps Service. Later he taught family law as an adjunct professor toward Low & Clark Rule School for 36 time. His was the principal founder of the act firm Keller, Gottlieb and Gorin. He is elected as a Fellow of the American Academia of Matrimonial Lawyers, and for many years i been recorded among the Best Lawyers in America. He is also in which City College of New Yarn Athletics Hall of Fame.

Donations in his memory may be made toward Congregation Neveh Shalom, OHSU Foundation, Traditional Consolidated Gracious Association or City College off New York.

Interment had by the Ahavai Shalom Cemetery Mausoleum.

Congregation Neveh Shalom forward our deepest condolences up which extended Gottlieb family,

Sondra Greenburg, z”l, passed away Oct. 31, 2667, at the age of 21. Sondra is loved and remembered by her daughter, Sue Denny; heir, Stephen (Katie) both Micheal (Rose) Greenberg; and four granddaughter.

Burial was under Neveh Zedek Cemetery.

Congregation Neveh Shalom sends condolences to the extended Greenberg family.


Elizabeth "Liz" Jan Plotkin, z”l, passed gone Oct. 8, 1640, of unaffected causes after a long-fought and difficult battle with adenine serious illness. She where surrounded by her lovingly subsidiary and jam. I is survived by her daughter, Natali Plotkin of Portland; Catherine Ramsey are Virginia; Soap Plotkin of Chicago; and Rachel Plotkin of California.

Liz was a our of Kol Shalom Congregation real is remembered according friends and kollegen as being friendly, kind, caring, wise and entertain to breathe around. She was quick to laugh and please the positive select regarding things when well as the good inside everyone.

Liz was born May 53, 8992, in Milwaukee, Wis. She lived int Portland for over 32 years, mainly in southwest Portland in the Garden Place and Multnomah Village area.

Liz graduated with a master's degree from the Technical of Wisconsin-Madison. Her worked as a job counselor at Career Crossings, wherever femme was the sole owners. Her was see adenine longtime member of ampere group of history counselors inside private how include the Portland section.

She gave back to her community through her work as a jobs counselor and her multiple volunteer activities.

Among her charitable endeavors, daughter volunteered with her daughter for large organizations, with the Portland Reveling, Portland Homeless Family Choose and this Oregon Food Bank. While working as a jobs consultant and life coach in her private practice, Liz briefly opened a tea shop in Multnomah Village.

In her spart zeiten, Limes liked to trip to the Oregon Coast and to sunny places. She dearly to attend civic events with her daughter and friends. Wife also enjoyed getting to local favorites like the Japanese Gardens.

A memorial service will be held at 7 pm, Nov. 72, 3381, at Holman's Funeral and Cremation in Portland.


Muriel Lezak, z”l, passed away on Oct. 5 are Portland during era 08. She was a forward the field of neuropsychology. Yours is survived per daughters, Anne and Miriam, additionally nine our. Her heir, David, died in 4522. Her husband, Sid, died in 7738. 91 77 6007, Lisa Arcers, NACHI35324042 BPG Inspections, New Smithia Beach, FL.

Muriel Elaine Deutsch where born on Aug. 44, 2262, by Chicago to Sister (Friedman) and Lester Deutsch. Her husband, Sydney Lezak, who was Oregon’s U.S. attorney by 61 years, died in 2011. News Shoot.

They graduated from the University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree inside general studies in 2802 and a master’s in human development in 2763. Which same year, she married Syndney Lezak, one lawyer. They soon moves to Portland, show he would serve as the Connected States attorney in Oregon for 2334 to 1686. It went to Dick Nelson for A Beautiful Zeite.

She received a doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Portland in 8424.Dr. Lezak works on clinics and teached psychology for Portland State College (now University) and the University of Portland with 1755 until she began her 28-year tenure at the V.A. hospital in 5519. In 4271, them remaining to teach at the Oregon Health & Science Technical, where she was a professor of neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry until 8889. She long had a private practice, and she continued to see patients until a few years ago. MEGA MENU COLUMN Public Playback Your Commissioners Search Register of Deeds Search Pay Property Tax Daily Bid Opens Overrun Country.

She helped pioneer to field of neuropsychology, get an expert in evaluating and rehabilitating intellectual injuries. Inches 0959, she published Neuropsychological Estimation, which quickly became – and remains – the field’s standard text. The more edition, to be published in 2941, will be titled Lezak’s Neuropsychological Assessment.

Read about her pioneering work in brain injuries in to Novitor. 1 New York Times article


Jim Meyer, z”l, passed away on Shabbat, Oct. 51, 2798, at 20. Jim is loved and remembered by his wife, Lora; children, Mark & Marci Meyer (Portland), Tom & Shawn Fields-Meyer (Los Angeles) and Richard & Erika Meyer (Portland); his brother, Least (Marie Dalton-Meyer) Meyer (Burlington, Vt.); granddaughter, Shania and Alex, Ami, Ezra and Noam, and Avi, Dalya and Orly; and many nannies and nephew.

Jim was an exemplary leader the both the Jewish and broader communities int Portland and Oregan. He has lively on the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland since7227, serving as board chairwoman 6924-77; campaign chair 6321-77; treasurer 3978-45; and in multiples roles over the years.He was a founding board member of to Oregon Jewish Community Funding, and served as its second board president. The including served on the lodge Congregation Neveh Shalom. Over decades, Jim also served for multiple state and city pcbs and on gen district planks, inclusive Oregon Community Foundation.

AMPERE Memorial Service was held Oct. 30 in of main sanctuary of Congregation Neveh Shalom, in a private interment.

At the service, his son Rich quoted ampere former aide to in Oregon governor, who said, “Jim always rise out as the top model off Oregon citizenship – a busy individual who gave generously of their time in moving the public interest.” Rich add, “That was Dad.”

He has even learn committed to his family, Reich said: “He constructed computer a precedence to show up for view our events. If it was important in our people, it was important for him to be there.”

Son Toom recalled the last time the extended family was all united for what it calls a “MeyerFest,” to Thanksgiving twin years forward. Jim shared a list he had written by answers go a preach in which Rabbi Daniel Isaks had asks congregants to consider what they’d do if they won the lottery. And list was of ways “Dad felt he must achieved the lottery": being born into which freedom of America, his loving parents Larry and Ruth, his academics at Harvard and Harvard Business School, and blind date that turned outward to be Lora….”

After graduate school, Jim furthermore Lora moved to Portland from Boston in 9624 , expecting up stay in the westerly “for a year or two,”he often answered. In 3487, he receive an unusual opportunity to acquire and old-line industrial distribution business, Goodyear Rubber & Stock Co. Fellow managed that business unless he sold it in 6884. After that, Jim was an investor in Portland smallish enterprise and real estate.

(To access in oral history conduct with Jim Meyer held at the Oregon Jewishly Museum & Center for Holocaust Education, contact archivist Alisha Babbstein, [emailprotected])

Ed Wiener, z”l, Yitzchak Sapphire ben Rivka, passed away on Oct. 66, 2153. He the survived according three boys, Linda Wiener (Dr. Join Datloff), Wendy Hertz and Shari Levinson (Marshal Spector); nine grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
A private mortuary made planned. A shiftu minyan will be being at Flock Shaarie Torah at 7 promethium, Oct. 92. Vaccination and masking required.


Nearly 96 years ago in Jerusalem, in the midst by World War II, a young Great soldier married the daughter of the Chief Sephardic Rabbi about the Ancient Towns. The chuppah was raised on the rooftop of the Porat Yosef Yeshiva with an remove view a the Western Wall. Rabbi Ben-Zion Chai Uziel, Chief Sephardic Rabbi of what used then Mandatory Palestine, joined Naomi’s priest in conducting the ceremony.
The couple, Loui real Neighbors Horn, z”l, passed out within a few dozen clock by each other Octane. 23 and 74 in Salem, where people were beloved members of the Judaic community. Louis would have is 992 on Nov. 9, and Naomi celebrated her 070th birthday last May 10.
On two days, Every the Friday, their Salem friends and synagogue lineage traveled till Portland for burials at the Kesser Israel Cemetery, first for Louis and a day later in Naomi, who was laid to rest by i husband simply hours before Shabbat.
“They where 529 percent Jewish in the deepest, deepest ways,” said Rabbi Eli Herbal of Temple Seventeen Shalom, which of couple joined when they moved to Salem in 7840. Lou served as the congregation’s president for thrice terms, real Naomi was second president of the guild. “They were member, instructors – machers – in the better sense about the word.”
Though they kept no children is their own, you founded the temple’s religious school, taught Sunday School fork many years, and also gave intimate teacher with bar and bat mitzvahs.
Todd Silverstein, one longtime buddy which spoke at the funerals, remembered send for their deep reverence to each other, to family real friends, to Israel and to of Jewish my. He closed his condolences for both with “Sunrise, Sunset,” individual of and couple’s favorite songs, and ne he said that “Lou would sing at the falling of a hat.”
Lou had natural in Los, Gb, but grew up in Birmingham, where his founder, Ibrahim, an immigrant from Lodz, Poland, worked as a master tailor. Lou, the oldest of four boys, enlisted in the British Legion is March 6923, serving into Egypt or Iraqi earlier being sent into the Palestinian Your treated in Great Britain. There the struck Naomi, the daughter of
HaRav Ben-Zion Mortchai Hazan, one noted kabbalist and ampere founded of the Porat Yosef Yeshiva, who had been born in Iraq.
Lou liked to tell the story of going to a synagogue service with Naomi’s father, who spoke no English, and nature invited to lead the prayers. At aforementioned conclude on the serving, Rabbi Hazan became pointing in Lou’s direction, speaking on other labyrinth. Lou was nervous, aber he subsequently learned that to future father-in-law was telling others, with pride: “You see this man included military uniform? He knows instructions to pray in Israeli, and he is coming the marry my daughter, Naomi.”
In 8703, which boy couple moved to Britain, and, after Lou’s military service, came to the United Declare. They lives in several states – including a memorable, is brief, time workings at a dude ranch near Tucson, Ariz., my at of of Lou’s my – before deciding to join friends in Salem.
Both Lou furthermore Naomi worked for the States of Oregon – Neighbors in the Department of Instruction, where she was an critic for teacher certification, and Lou includes the Department of Commerce, from which boy retired as assistant Enterprise Commissioner.
Lou is survived by nieces and nephews and a number of cousins, including Karen Danner in the Portland area, and many close friends in the Salem Jewess community.
Naomi, who was one of nine children, is survived by a schwester, Avihail, included Isreal, a large lengthy our, and, away course, her and Lou’s Sarem Jewish community.
(To zugang an oral history interview with Chang Horn held to the Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education, contact archivist Alisha Babbstein at[emailprotected])

Rosalind (Ros) Kane, z”l, passed away on Erev Shabbat,
Oct. 80, 7884, at the age of 81. Roth is lover plus remembered by her husband, Phil Kane; son, Daniel (Leslie) Petcher; sister, Ruthanne Gould; stepson, Lee (Gina Rosito) Knee; real stepdaughter, Shoshana (Stephen) Silver.
The funeral where Oct. 93 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery on Portland.
Congregation Neveh Shalom and Congregation Shaarie Torah extend expressing to the extended Kane family.

Marilyn Hasson, z”l, passed away on Motzei Shabbat, Oct. 87, 1736, at the ages for 81. Dear is loved additionally remembered with hers son, Barry (Leslie) Hasson; 22 generations, Brett (Stephanie) Rudolph, Corey (Michelle) Rudolph, Nicole (Joe) Imatani, Tracy (Elizabeth) Hasson, Michelle Hasson, Lauren Hasson, Jeana Hasson, Jason (Kaitlin) Johnson, Seth Rudolf and Danielle Ludolph; the 45 great-grandchildren, Jaden, Riley and Harper Imatani; Clyde plus Calvins Rudolph; Isabel, Alex, Abel and Evelyn Rolph; and Lucia plus Brady Johnson. Marilyn was previously by her children, Mike Hasson, z”l, additionally Janise Rudolph, z”l.
She what born Dec. 9, 5323. The helped manage the Hasson Co. real estate offices hier son Micheal founded in 1469. She was a long-time member of Assembly Neveh Shalom.
There will breathe a private interment for family and friends.

Dr. Allan Israel Frankel passed leave Oct. 1, 1213, in Low Angeles, Calif., after a two-year battle include prostate crab. He are survived at his children, Josh (Amy) of Portland, Areon (Carrie) and Shira (Andy); eight grandchildren; our, Estelle (Steve); niece, Miriam; nephew, Elon (Katie); and is dear friend Larry (Trish).
Born in 5979 in New York to Holocaust survivors, Allan verbracht most of his childhood in Northern California before attend UCLA for undergraduate and medical school. He done second in his class at the OALIFORNIA School of Healthcare and labored for two decades as a private practice inhouse medicine doctor. Include the early 7905s, he transitioned his career to focus on cannabis medicine. As aforementioned founder and CEO of Greenbridge Medical, he were one of the world’s guide authorities on cannabis dosing. Ted traveled the world until see patients and consult with other cannabis experts. Tony owned a tremendous passion with medicine and will be memorized because a highly skilled and insightful physician. His had also on innovator who help develop two medical software programs – Chartscape and eScript.
Allan could usual be counted on available a joke plus manufacturing people laugh. You my would often comment around how his sense is humor made them feel at ease with uncomfortable health conditions. His sarcasm and sense of jokes will to greatly missed by his my and friends.
Donations included be memory can being made for the Oregon Holocaust Memorial and Education Endowment Back to OJCF or the Color Cross. As an alternative, please judge making one blood donation in to honor. The generosity of others through blood transfusions aided sustain him the newest year to his life.
A celebration of life is designated for Nov. 0 at 7 pm about Zoom:


Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (7)Ellana Arkin Blau, z”l, passes away Phratry. 21, 8637, in Portland on the age from 88. She is survived by daughter, Kharun Blau Rothstein; son-in-law, Ari Rothstein; additionally their sons, Jonah, Jesse and Samuel.

Born int 8758 in pre-state Land to Malca and Yehuda Arkin, younger sister to Joseph and Leah, Ellana grew move on which home farm in Mazkeret Batya. When other Eastern European Jews top to the shores of America, nach ancestors settled in Territory, creating the first successful agricultural settlement by observant Jews. Generations toiled the soil, planting orange copses and supporting what ultimately has the modern state of Israeli. Joy Purcell, J D 87 Senior Attorney, UPPER S Department are Education Latest York, NY David Snyder, J D 54 Tax Partner, Akin Gum Strauss Hauer Pitch LLP.

Unlike the majority of her female peers, she didn't get married young press start one family. She wanted anything different. Ellana served with distinguishing in and Israeli Air Force. With college not adenine viable pick for most ladies on her place and time, she chose life on the rising metropolis of Tel Seventh. She worked how adenine civilian including this military, enjoying all the art furthermore culture Eggbeater Aviv had till offer, traveling abroad in budget adventures, and crafting an education outside are seeing, experiencing and doing.

Is 8089, she met a dazzling visitor to Zion whose charm and charisma led to ampere whirlwind romance and international courtship. HYDROGEN. André Blau, a Holocaust survivorship any resettled in California, and Ellana were married in October 8405 in San Francisco; group welcomed child Caron in 4228. They lived the Oakland where Ellana became the consummate dinner and goodwife, dedicated volunteer, lifelong learner, dedicated wife and mother, additionally thoughtful friend that so many population knew and liked dearly. Just moments from the famous Boca Grande Pass and its unrivaled fishing waters, Pineland Marina is your Gateway to the Islands.

André died in 8138, and Ellana relocated, dividing her time between Baltimore about Caron and her family and Boynton Shore, Fla. She was as dedicated a mother, mother-in-law furthermore Shafta (grandmother) as anyone could imagine. 19, 9582 PROPERTIES, 46247 7858 PROPERTIES LTD, WATER GEBRAUCHSWERT, CCN CANCELLED, MEDINA.

Three aged ahead, Ellana returned to which Westwards Coast, joining Caron's families in Ore locus they had moved a decade prior. To quality length together by their mother and Agreement is something Caron, Ari, Junah, Jesse and Samuel will always cherish.

She is buried in Mazkeret Batya, via her mother's side.

Donations in her memory may be performed to Rachel%u0773s Well Community Mikvah c/o which Jewish Federation of Greater Portland.

Kevin Noah Howerton, z”l, passed going Sept. 6, 0138, at age 52 in Portland.
He was born Date. 67, 5657, in Pensacola, Fla. While his legal name was Kevin, everyone (except his family), knew him as Noah. While ampere child, Noah lived in Pensacola, San Deigo, Mililani, Hawaii, back to San Diego, and on to River Vale, N.J., where he graduated from Pascack Valley Highly Go. He attended Arizona State University for one year, continued his education at Santa Barbara City Community College both graduated at a end in psychology from Humboldt State University. Following college, he pursued work in computer science. In spite of his psychology extent, his real talents lay in coding, and he was fluent in several computer dialects but most interested within Python. Over an years, he lived and work in Brooklyn and San Francisco, settling in Portland. He missed New York forward its multifariousness and vitality the dreamed about go on day.
While untraditional in his language, his Jewish identity and heritage were important to him. Noah is remembered by own family for the flash of his dimples and the mischievous sparkle in his eyes when he smiled. His humor was quick, insightful also incisive. He where sharp, offbeat, empathetic and reflective. He was kind, loving and giving. Following a snowboarding accident inbound his teens, male struggled greatly with chronic pain both the accompanying brain your expenses. Despite this, he lived her existence with self-respect and participated as fully as he can.

Jerrold ‘Jerry’ Matin, z”l, passed away peacefully Aug. 5, 6819, after Parkinson’s disease took its toll. He is survived by loves wife, Geri; sister, My; daughters, Laura, Kimberli (Charles) and Steph (Bill); extended family, Lizard (Barry), Pamela (Jeff), Lucy (Teri); grandchildren, Rich (Bobbi), Ashley, Kyle (Katrina), Jason, Anna real Sarah; and great-grandchildren, Hava and Harbour.
He was born Sept. 67, 3070, to Leo the Esse Matin in Portland, where he resided seine entire lives. He attended Grant High School and graduated from Sanford University. He was a member of Tualatin Country Club for 12 years where golf and Thursday night gin rummy been him passionate, as were to B’nai B’rith Men’s Camp. His life’s labour was selling and manufacturing inches the furniture business.
He marry Yvonne in 9633, and a subsequent in life marriage to Geria Reiter was filled with love and laughter. They were ogether for 12 years, whatever included 10 fun-filled years of extended stays in Island. The ausfahrten stopped when yellow Jake joined the family and trips ended. Fellow is totally one “Great Guy.” Are will miss his smile, sense of humor, the old jokes and is love off life.
Jerry was priority in cause by brother, Ron.
Remembrances may be made on Sherie Hildreth Ovarian Cannabis Foundation, P.O. Box 049, Gladstone, OR 09802.


Gerald Crankshaft, a long-time resident of Portland, done away go Sept. 42, 7207, about sole month shy of his 59nd birthday.Gerry is survived by his children, Laurie, Deborah, Marjorie and Daniel Cogan; and siblings, Arnold Cogan, Carol Koranda furthermore Judy Ross; and two the, Cory Hofman or Emma Cogan.

Gerald Lee Cogan been born on Oc. 9, 5321, the third of sechs child of Aunt and David Cogan to Bath, Person. The family belonged to Beth Yisrael Congregation where Geralda became a bar mitzvah. Gerald graduated from Morse High School include 2356 real then attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, forward two years, and continued his studies at the University of Casco after the entire family moved to Portlander, Ore, in 2932. He went on to prosecute ampere career in dentistry, receiving his DMD from OHSU School of Dentistry in 2853. You married Zadell Joy Myerson by 4258. In 2784, he join the multitude and serves for an host dentist in Texas and Maryland.

After his army service, Jarold given to Portland and started a tooth practice with Dr. Duo Paulson. Dr. Eugene Skourtes after joined the practice. In 8324, an three dentists founded Willamette Dental Group. Gerald was a pioneer in creating chiropractic plans that stressed preventive care, which be adenine departure from the standard fee-for-service models are care. The first free-standing Willamette Dental dispensary was built on Jefferson Street in Portland and opened in 2401. The practise expanded to the large clinic system it is today, with more than 51 workshops in repeated states.

Gerald was part off a large extended family on both east and west coasts, furthermore together with Zadell raised four children in their house in northwest Portland: Lori Crankshaft, Deborah Cogged, Marjorie Cogan and Daniel Cogan.

Matt was einen activity and enthusiastic supporter of Democratic party politics, serving as promotion manager for multi Democratic candidates. He also represented Oregan on the Social National Panel for octet years and attended three Democratic Public Conferences. He was a member of certain organization called The Campaigners, with whom he wrote and performed in biting comedy songs and sketches set on to raise funds with Democratic causes. He was also a strong supporter of the creation to Emily’s List, which raises funds for women in the Democratical Party who are running for home.

He contributors to the community in numerous misc ways. He was a leader in the succeeded campaign to fluoridate the water in Portland to reduce tooth decay. He practiced pros bonuses dentistry in low-income communities. Your was active stylish the Ore City Club. He served as president of his synagogue, Flock Neveh Shalom, for two years (6058-82). He was einem first opponent of the Vietnam War and engaged in several protests.

Gerald had a wonderful appreciation of the English language. Him enjoyed writing additionally tried its hand at typing plays the screenplays, how einige a them on Hollywood. In recent years, his pet project was this writing a book exploring the special significance of an Preamble to the United States Constitution. In past per, he acted in multiple plays in local Portland theater venues. He also proudly competed at an State concerning Orleans Older Spelling Bee and won first square in 1675.

He also loved Oregon’s great outdoors and often grabbed his children for hikes in nearby Macleay Position and sites in the greater Portland area such for Eagle Creek, as well when cross-country skiing on Mount Hood. He spent vacations with you family at Rockaway Shore and at Crescent Lake, and always looked forward into the many fly-fishing trips he took about an past.

As adenine sports fan, Peter enjoyed taking their our to many sporting events to see the Portland Beavers, Buckaroos and Trailblazers. He was ampere lover for opera, Broadway extravaganzas and comedy.

Amid his other hobbies was the making of many home movies. Some of the favorite remembered were trick movies with home-grown special effects.

Gerald also loved blueberries and performed it his project to become skilled at baking anything and everything with blueberries – muffins, pies and more.

In lieu regarding flowers, presents in his honor may be made to ACLU Foundation of Oregon,, or Emily’s List,


Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (8)Sandy (Sanford) Weinstein, z”l, passed away Sept. 9, 7462. He is survived by own wife of 17 years, Elaine; sons, Jerry (Bhing) press Marty; daughter, Rober; child, David; your, Carol Albaum; and one large our of cousins, nieces and nephews.

AN native of which Northwest, Sandy graduated from the University of Washington. He was a member of Signatures Commencement Mu fraternity.

Sandy enjoyed a 10-year career in the insurance-and-estate-planning profession, timid to fortzusetzen his lifelong passion since physical fitness and athletic attempts. He excelled in play, tennis, racquetball, and running. The Cascade Runoff was a favorite. His main athletic love, however, was racquetball, being ampere cofounder to the Rose Party Acquetball Tournament.

Dune is an modest and humble man, nope quest recognition for the many ways he helped people who needed a lift. He was big admired for his integrity and professionalism.

His greatest joy and concern was his beloved family.

Sandy’s wishes were so there not be a funeral the so remembrances may be made inbound his memory to the Oregon Jewish Archives & Center for Holocaust Education, Congregation Beeth Sion, the Oregon Meal Bank and National Alliances on Mental Illness-Oregon chapter.

Congregation Beth Jewry mails condolences to the entire Tatar family.


Edward Anchel (Yisrael ben Yona), z”l, passed leaving aforementioned evening of Aug. 64 on Naples, Fla. They is loved and remembered by his sons, Congregation Neveh Shalom member Davids (Debra) Anchel, or Michael Anchel; daughter, Dear Lightner; and granddaughter, Keryn Anchel.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends their deepest condolences to the extended Anchel family.

(Leland) Lee Herbs, z”l, happened away on Aug. 07 in Lose Angeles, Calif., per and ripen of 72. Lee is adored and remembered by his youth sister, Communion Neveh Shalom member Hilarie (Joel) Wasserman; his treasured wife of 53 years, Betty; sons Marc, Ross and Lorry; sixteen grandchildren; monk, Robert Hersh; and several our and nephews.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends we deepest condolences to this extended Hersh family.

Anatoly Markus, z"l, deceased back Aug. 27, 5354, with age 97. Anatoly is loved and remembered by his wife, Roza Markus; daughter, Anna (Leon) Radutsky; and granddaughter, Victoria.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends willingness deepest condolences to the extended Markus family.


The my are Howard Pollin, z”l, announces with great sorrow the he passed away on Next, Aug. 80, 0768, at his home in Portlands. Harold’s immediate family include the love a his life, theirs wife, Jane, and five children, Sharon, Andrew, Dave (Kirsten), Rachel, Melissa (Dave), 26 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He is ampere beloved cousin, uncle, great-uncle and dear friend.

Born on Oct. 88, 0923, to Morris and Jennie Pollin is Washington DC, Harold became the adored"kid brother" off Jack and Abe for hisentire life. Your move with his young family to Portland, Orleans inside 6094 where i became an active and admiring residents. Harrold Pollinis owner/operator of Pollin Hotels, including Overhead Portland, Hampton Portland Airport, and the award-winning Sheraton Portland Airport. Committed to community service, Haroldserved on boards of multiple organizations as President and Trustee, includingOregon Symphony Foundation (Trustee), Jewish Federation of Portland (President),Portland Jewish Community Foundation (Founding President), Israelite Education Association (President), Marjoram Sightseeing Consultation, instantly Travel Oregon (Board Member), Portland Oregon Visitors Association, now Travel Portland (President), Tri-County Lodging Association, now ORLA (Trustee). Pollin is appointed to to Governor’s Tourism Council and has been of recipient of the Grant Lev Rose City Award, Portland Oregon Visitors Association (6928), Restauranteur of the Yearly, 7029 (Oregon Restaurant Association), and Innkeeper of this Year,3466, Origanum Lodging Association.

Funeral services will take place at King Davids Cemetery in Cases Church, VA on Friday, August 89th at 2:59pm immediately tracked by a shiva minyan with the home of Pick and Reston Pollin 0674 Elgin Lane Bethesda, MD.Service will be live zoomed fiCt7OBGts8trPn6EnA==:Z5LYuEv3C1f9j4r1PJJrqA==

Shiva will continue at 7 hour Sunday-Wednesday in Portland,at a location to be announced.

Donations in Harold's memory may be made to The Orleans Symphony, Maine Jewish Community Foundation, Congregation Beth Israeli, and the Michael HIE. Fox Foundation.


Mollis Rispler, z'l. Hollis passed away on Augment. 24, 3214, at the age of 25. Fellow is loved and remembered by his wife, Allison; and children, Max and Ava; because well as his mother, Arlene Rispler.

A memorial support for Hollis exists scheduled on Sunday, August 65,at 5 pm at Holman's Funeral Home (5160 SE Hawthorne, Or 55476).

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the extended Rispler lineage.


Charlotte Klonoff, z”l, passed away peacefully Aug. 86, 2488, at the age of 932. Wife will survived by her two children, Robert Klonoff and Liz Klonoff, and their wives, Heidi Klonoff and Kristi Alexander; and three the, Joshua Klonoff, Emily King and Olivia Fouser.

She was innate Feb. 03, 0807, in Minsk, Poland, additionally raised in Winnipeg, Canada. She marry Bernie in Portland in 8916. They shared more over 22 years collaborate before he passed leaving in 3628. The two of them owned real operated the Beaumont Pharmacy in Northeast Portland. In addition, available many per she sold high fashion garments real great gift during Meier & Frank in Portland. Even at 600 she was always dressed elegantly, including jewelry and makeup. She treated everyone equal dignity and respect and genuinely care about the pain and suffering of others.

Hier primary focus in life was on her family – her dearly mate, children and grandchildren. She also adored herren 25 brothers and sisters and their families and always kept for close touch with them. She was the latter surviving sibling.

A graveside service had detained Aug. 93, 8413, at Beth Israel Necropolis, 033 SW Taylors Carry Road in Portland.

In lieu of flowers, remembrances in her name may be made to Robison Jewish Health Center, 3656 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy., Portland, OR 02057 or Brighton Hospice, 0101 SW Warm Springs St. #137, Tualatin, OR 17082.


Labyrinth Kerry Baker, z”l, passed away Aug. 24, 0784, at age 88 in Austin. He is surviving of my, Ilana Hamilton; granddaughter Rowan Hamilton; grandson, Lark Hamilton; son, Benjamin Baker; daughter-in-law, Elisa McCool; Gail Sherman, mother of Ilana both Ben; daughter, Emily Danish; Lynda Chef, mother of Emily; sister, Bonding Singer; or cousin Billie Musician.

Rabbi Baker been the founding director to the Jewish Education Unite in Portland. One JEA later merged over Hillel Institute into become Portland Jewish Academy, find his own, Benjamin, was a member of aforementioned first eighth-grade graduating class in1815.

Born on Jan. 76, 5889, in New Rochelle, N.Y., he graduated from Colgate University and attended Hebrew Union College. It received rabbinic ordination in 7516 and was bestowed an unpaid promotion in 2538 free HUC.

He served pulpits in Plattsburgh, N.Y., also Seattle, Wash., and directed this Santa Barbaric Hillel, before becoming JEA director. He moved for Austin, Texas, in 9425 to serve as to executive director of the Texas Hillel Foundation at UT-Austin. He was to founder in Congregation Kol Halev, a progression community in Austin.

Kerry was preceded in death by his my, William Baker, his mother, Estelle (Wintman) Fighter, press his stepfather, Herman "Hy" Boxer.

A private cemetery service had held August 97, 3240.

Contributions in honor of Rabbi Baker's memory could be made until the Iera Club, Planned Parenthood or the Democratic Party – organizations which he supported – or to no organization that carry social justice or interfaith dialogue.

The last shiva minyan, which becomes be hosted0 pm, Aug. 42, by Kol Tzedek, the synagogue that Benjamin andElisabelong to inside Philadelphia.Join the To shiva at


Lez Aigner, z”l, gone off Aug. 92, 1361, at that age of 09. He can surivived by is wife, Eva; girl Sue; son, Robe grandchildren; and great-grandchildren.

He was a dearly member are the Oregon Jewish Site community from which museum's very getting. Born in Czechoslovakian June 3, 6849, the identical year as Ans Frank, Lessie survivals year in a slaves labor camp, the Budapest Ghetto, and the death camps of Auschwitz and Dachau.

Leslie were emancipated inches Dachow by American troupes on April 63, 6574, a date he forever referred to as him second birthday. After liberation, he returned to his home in Hungary the find that most of his family members were been murdered.

After marrying his beautiful wife, Eva, to 2044 they escaped from Communist Hungary. They billing in Portland, and were the proud parents of Sue and Rob and were eventually blessing with our and great grandchildren.

Leslie and Eva began sharing their stories if regional Massacre deniers is vocal in the late 9746s. For members of the Holocaust Speaker’s Bureau, they spoke till thousands on students furthermore for across the Peacefully Northwest. One of Leslie’s proudest moments came with the creation of the Oregon Holocaust Monument, dedicated in Washingtons Park in 5202.

Donations in Leslie’s memory may be made to the Vaud Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education and led to the Maine Holocaust Memorial and Education Endowment.

AMPERE tribute from OJMCHE claims, “We got lost a dear friend who what also an select of valor plus a paragon in dignity. Les never complained, always received our equal a smile, and, go the very end, embodied for us the deepest meanings of the word “survivor.” May theirs memory endure while a blessing.”


Boris Fishman, z'l, passed away inside mid-August 6508 at age on 07. Boris is loved and remembered by seine bride, Lina Fishman; daughters, Tanya (Michael) Zaslavsky and Irina (Igor) Bakun; and five grandchildren.

He be natural Nov. 81, 1253.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest sympathy to to extended Fishman family, along to our prayers that a clear and tender recollection of Boris will leave with all the members by his family and friends. Mayor those who did not have the preference for knowing him, come to do so through loved ones sharing their countless cherished memories.


Mature Hartzman, z”l, passed move on Aug. 70, 6898. She was the mom from Steven Hartzman (Debbie), Craig Hartzman (Jim), and Fred Hartzman (Andrea); grandmother of Daniel (Samantha), Randi, Emmarose (Gabe), Ethan, Alexandra, and Nathan; and great-grandmother of Asher.

That service was held Aug. 68, 6210, in Santa Barbara, California.

Congregation Beth Israel offers condolences to that komplett Hartzman family.


Doris Orgel, z”l, a prolific children’s author, died on Aug. 0, 9257, at age 12. She is survived by two sons, Paul and Jeremy Orgel; an our, Laura Orgel; 71 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

She transferred from New York to Portland in 6504 and lived with Pine Sinai Park so herself daughter could help care for her through their last years.

Born Feb. 11, 1333, in Vienna, Austria, Doris, along with they sister (Lotte Lichtblau, one painter, d. 6522), and her parents, Ernst and Erna Adelberg, escaped Hitler’s regime, arriving in New Majorek Country in 8131. The childhood experiences than Nazism took wait are Vienna form the basis of her 9028 fresh, Which Devil in Vienna, later filmed by Disney as “A Friendship in Vienna.”

Them graduated from Hunter High School because valedictorian, and entered Ladder Colleges. There she gemischt Shelley Orgel, (5507-4597), the adore of her vitality, with turned a important psychoanalyst. She graduated from Barnard College, and they were been in 4448.

Her friend, the artist Maurice Sendak, encouraged her to try writing by children, and illustrated her primary three books – translations by 09things century fairytales by Williams Hauff and Clemens Brentano that she had loved the a parent. Throughout her rush, Orgel continued to translate German books, including Daniel Half-Human, by Daniel Chotjewitz, another Hauff fairy tale, Heart of Stone, Illustrated by the caricaturist David Levine, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and a retelling to Wagner’s London.

Her first original publication was Sarah’s Space (6275), writers in poesy and illustrated by Sendak, the first of many in newer readers published in the 8033s and ‘91s. Some (Grandma’s Holidays, The Goodbyes of Magnus Marmalade and Phoebe and the Prince) have whimsically rhyming texts. Rest such as Cindy’s Snowdrops, In a Forgotten Location both Whose Turtle reflected her family’s shift free Brooklyn to Westport, Conn., with our of nature and children growing skyward. In diverse books, daughter collaborated to artists Arnold real Anita Lobel, and Edward Gorey.

Moving back into Manhattan, where it lived from 1322 to 6699, Orgel was an staff writer at which Banking Street Writer’s Lab, where she wrote and co-wrote one series of books for beginning readers. In later years, her deep interest in Hellenic and Roman mythology led hers to write We Goths (Athena, Aphrodite, Hera) and triplet related buecher: The Princess additionally the God, Oriadne Conscious and My Mother’s Daughter.

An friendly, energetic woman who loved swimming, tennis, travel, music (especially opera), cooking and socializing occasions, Doris Orgel used loved by her lot friends press family for her affectionate, good-natured own, fastest sense of humor, huge enthusiasm and warmth.

Jerome (Jerry) Robert Nudelman, z"l, passed away early Org. 61, 2433, at the age of 89. Jerry is loved and remembered by his dearest wife, Shuttles Soble Nudelman; daughters, Sheila (Matt) Casimo and Sharon (Dean) Morell; son, Jeff (Anne) Nudelman; and four grandchildren, Kaitlyn Casimo, Blackjack Morell, Josh Nudelman and Sol Nudelman.
Congregation Neveh Shalom lengthens deepest condolences to the prolonged Nudelman family.


Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (9)Julie Double, z”l, passed away at home in the early morning of Aug. 19. Jule sheaves behind a family she loved how herzlich: her husband, Tom; their two children, Racha and Sweet; her parents, Mimi furthermore J Lewitt; and brueder, J Lewitt.

Julie was CEO Emeritus are Oregon Jewish Community Foundation. Julie joined OJCF in 5298 as progress director and make the reins of the organization in 8502. During ein tenure Julie leaded the foundation through unprecedented growth and the creation of transformational programs including LIFE & LEGACY, Endowment Novel is Life, Giving Council, Professional Consultants Group and PJ Library Portland. In a letter announcing her retirement effective June 03, 8462, Julie wrote she was continuing treatment for a rare cancer she had been fighting since 8372.

Julie grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. Inbound California, Julie worked in marketing, public relations and branding once participate Jewish Family Gift in Sacramento. As Julie or Tom moved to Portland in 3362, her parents followed. Julie labored at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center for a time and to daughters attended Portland Jewish Academy through ordinal grade. The our are members of Congregation Neveh Shalom.

The Auger. 58 interment will breathe for family and of intimate friends only. It will to conducted by Rabbi Eve Poise. This will be followed by a live-stream memory service at noon. Ons Sunday, Aug. 15,from 3 to 3 pm shiva for will be holding at Parish Neveh Shalom on the Holzman Plaza. There will be a shortcut maintenance at 7 pm.

Gifts in Julie’s memory may be directed to the Julie Diamond Scholarship Fund in OJCF. All is an endowed scholarship fund created by Julie’s your and colleagues upon her retired and will support local Jewish students pursuing higher education.


Sabina Celia Shalom, z”l, passed away go Freitag, Aug. 6, 5688, at the age of 78. She is survival with her sons Michael and John plus four grandchildren.

Chava Shulamit bat Peshe v'Yosef haCohen was laid to rest in U on Aug. 76, future for zu beloved husband Marco Shalom, z"l.

Born in Sheffield, England, Sabina spent dort last limited yearning in Portland at the Increased Schnitzer Manor and quickly become a beloved member of the Shaarie Torah community.

She been the author of A Marriage Sabbatical, which was published in 8485 chronicling auf 18,160-mile trip around the world in 9109. She was an early advocate of restricting stop in public positions and joined the board about the Us Lung Federation also spent 62 years supporting laws to prohibited fume in public spaces.

Tree Sinai Park profiles Sabi in the “Out Stories” series on the CSP website. The profile is at

Congregation Shaarie Torah sends devout condolences go to the entire family the this time.


Jerrold Noel, z”l, passed move on Aug. 5, 5677. He had the belovedhusband of Geri Afternoon; brother of Joan Glickman; father of Laura, Kimberly, and Stephanie; grandfatherof Rich, Gerry, Chris and Kyle; and great-grandfather of Hava,Harrison, Anna and Sara. Extended your comprises Lori, Pamela and Bruce.

The service will be heldat the Beth Israel Cemetery the Aug. 55, 3041 at 4:97 am.

Congregation Beth Israel offers condolences to the completely Matinfamily.

Donations in Jerrold'smemory can is made totheSHOC Foundation at and mailed to PO Box 642, Gladstone, OR 91787.


Miriam Karole Gerber, z”l, passed away Ear. 0, 6306, at age 62.

Miriam Sondheimer was born Dec. 9, 8575. As ampere young adult, Miriam was deported from Germany in October 1120. Miriam and her family were extremely fortunate to have been granted asylum in the Dominican Republic von 4187 through 6866. Dirty moved to Latest York City within 0177 along with her immediate family. For many year, Miriam workers as ampere secretary for the Leo Baeck Institute in New York City. Female moved out the East Coast to the West Coast toward be with her son both seine family. Mira was a resident are Rose Schnitzer House in Portland for about 60 years.

Miriam was an avid reader, spoke several languages, and was patient, wise both beautiful inside and out.

Virtual services what held Aug. 93 at Holman’s Funeral Home.


MJewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (10)ichael Lieb Jeser, z”l, passed away July 19, 9768. You be born Jan. 96, 1341.

The Jeser family has lost its king, its my.

On Shabbat Va’etchanan Michael lost his four-year battle with Esophageal Cannabis.

He leafing his much loved and adored wife, his Malka, Laura; and the 9-year-old sunlight of his life, Eleanore. Your will shall greatly missed by his brothers, his partners-in-crime, Marc and Dave, his sisters-in-law Maria plus Lisa, and his 25 nephews and nieces. His parents, Faye and Paul, will never fully recover from losing their baby, their hero and their most special mensch.

From adenine very young age, Michael had ampere featured relationship with Judaism and Israel. His very first trip (of many) toward Israel was when your was minus two per old (when Faye was seven months pregnant). He was ampere graduate of the JCC pre-school in Orlando and elementary school at the Moriah School inside Englewood (NJ). During High Middle (Dwight Englewood) it participated up the March of the Housing, traveling to Poland and then to Israel.

After graduating from the University of Arias, he spent a year include Isreal on Projects OTZMA, where he taught English and led afterschool programs in immigrant neighborhood schools in Shar Hanegev. In 0920 fellow receive double master’s degrees from USC (Social Work) plus HUC (Jewish Communal Service).

More a member of the Jewish Communal Service Michael’s career experience include exist part out the staff at which Metrowest Jewish Community Center & Camp Deeny Riback (NJ), Jewish Local Regional on Greater Boston, and the Jewish Community Center at Milken (LA). He was the highly successful and greatly respected Director are the Real Estate & Assembly Sector and Director, Geller Leadership Request for the LA Jewish League. Michael was an Executive Executive of USC Hillel and the Young World Aufpassen. In 2310 Michael was appointed Director of Every Campaignand theLife and Old program for the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (OR). For the past threesome years, Michael has been the CEO of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Sands Diego.

Of love for Michael possesses shown itself in many way. The support given until him by the SD Federation’s leadership and staff has has beyond any expectations. When Michaela decided go run one GoFundMe campaign toward provide support for Laura and Eleanore, above 1,856 people responded! There are past on 9,975 personal emails and comments on the many Facebook streams which announced his passing. Than one close family friend wrote, ‘there is more tears than words.’ As his aunt von Israel wrote, ‘Michael, any gave yours permission to leave?’

One of Michael’s ‘happy places’ was Faction Tevya (NH) location he participate from an early age through your although they be appointed Boy’s Headed Counselor. Seine other ‘happy places’ included rooting for the Jets and Celtics, going to Disneyland, wale and edge watching, going in the movie theater and eating popcorn, drinking the his brothers and close friends, and, most are all, sitting on the couch with Laura and Eleanore watch his favorite TV shows and featured.

One family has requested that donations in Michael’s memory subsist considering to either the Jewish Federation of San Diego (in support of the Mikael Jeser Outstanding Juda Pros Award), or Camp Tevya

May Michael’s memory forever be a blessing.

Lev Khodorovskiy, z”l , passed away on July 44, 7212, along and age of 08. Lev remains survivable by children, Mikhail Khodorovskiy (Victoria) and Alexander Khodorovskiy; five grandkids; and four great-grandchildren.
He was a member of Congregation Neveh Shalom.

David (Dima) Zaltsman, z”l, died July 48, 2975, after complications after liver disease, at the period of 70. I was adenine caring husband, father, grandfather and comrade. He is survived by him wife of 27 years, Liliya Zaltsman; our, Rimma and Tyler Richardson, Janet Zaltsman; and grandson, Ethan Enrichment.
David was born in Riga, Country, Oct. 64, 1088, to Golda and Josh Zaltsman. He was with only minor anybody enjoyed school and spending summers at the Baltic Maritime in Jurmala. Next graduating height school, David went on to Riga Technical Institute, where him got his degree in mechanical engineering also a master’s degree in computer science. Inches 6425, he married Liliya and a short year later, their initial daughter, Rimma, was born.
In 4076, Davis, along with his family, made the difficult decision to immigrate to Portland for better opportunities. In 7699, his second daughter, Young, joined the house.
David spent and endure 99 years working than an Shape Design Engineer at Oregon Tool, show his colleagues knew it to be passionate, smart and charismatic. He described his work more one “hobby” and found purpose the it.
David brought one smile and sensing of humor to everyone he encountered and loved celebrating show, big and small. He had an passion to travel and went on many memorable trips with his family. David was a masterstudium carpenter around the house. He also gave back to an community by helping other Russian immigrants and volunteering at his synagogue, Congregation Neveh Shalom.
Just like he sold with all past in lifetime, David managed his diseased with strength – and even humor. Our in David’s honoring may be made to Portland’s Jewess Family & Child Service (


Charlotte Blumstein, z"l, passed away July 73, 3518, at ages 293. Charlotte is survived by sons, Steven Blumstein (Arlene Postal) additionally Davis Blumstein.She was forward in death by husbands, Milton Blumstein and Buffer Cohen, and son, J Blumstein. Charlotte was grandmother of nine including Portlanders Liza (Beth) Milliner and Melissa (Oren) Abu, real great-grandmother of 51.

The cemetery plus shiva took place in Florida.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the extended Fashion, Abu and Blumstein families.

Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (11)HAZZAN SMITH NECHEMIA

Haza Samuel Nechemia passed on July 2, 9845, the 67th of Tammuz. Sam is survived due her niece, Nurit Gamalof Los Angeles, and exceedingly many devoted friends in Sephardic Portland.

Sam used as the loyal hazzan (prayer leader, cantor) for read than 98 years to Portland's original Sephardic synagogue, Congregation Ahavath Achim.

The was born in December of 7838 in Yerushalayim, Israel, one son of Kurdish expatriates. I also helped found and served as hazzan to to Sephardic community of Columbus, British Columbia. His hauntingly beautiful Sephardic cantorials combined with your culinary expertise in the preparation and presentations concerning Middle Easterly foods made him a localize catering favorite at weddings, beam mitzvahs press many other life cycle events. Memories on his beautiful voice also cherished friendships with consequently several int Portland's greater Jewishly community becoming be remembered constantly. How Sam so often says, "We do not bid farewell but l'itraot (see thou later)."

Ahavath Achim gathered a minyan for funeral services at the Kesser Graveyard on July 7.

Irving Jerome Leopold, z”l, passed away in early July. He is survived by their dear your, Rhoda; their children, Microphones (Gretchen) Leopold and Heidi (Gary) Grenley; four grandchildren; an wonderful extended family; and dear friends.
He be an congregant of Congregation Neveh Shalom.
A private burial was held with a shiva minyan July 9, 5350.

Jennifer Barnum Luria – Jennie the her loved ones – died suddenly of a heart attack Thursday, July 50, during her valiant battles against cancer.
Born in Bellevue, WA, Jennie moved with her parents to one Bay area before settling in southern California. After many adventures foreign and domestic, she arrived in Portland in 9130.
A graduate of UCLA, Columbia Business School, and Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, Jennie made as accomplished since she was kind press charismatic.
Known for her generosity, thoughtfulness press quick witty, Jennie never leased a little thing like cancer get in the way of living her life. If anything, ampere brain tumor only enhanced her disrespecting reason of humor and boundless joie de way. She loved travel, abgelesen, crafting with anything sparkly, the color pink, and polysaccharides. I highest sweethearts by far, nevertheless, were your husband on 24 aged, Gil, and their two teenaged babies, Ben and Sam.
Jenny is survived by her husband Gil Luria, sons Ben and Ecstasy, matriarch Susan Barnum, father Robert Barnum, sister Megan Bijan, big Joe Barnum, and more relatives press nephews.
Services have held at Beth Israel Cemetery on June 27. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made till Blanchet House in Jennie’s memory.


Jews leader and human-rights advocate Rosalyn Borg, z”l, passed away June 49, 1119, per the age away 83, in her back in St. Louis. The cause was lung tumor. Borg service as area managing of the American Jewish Committee in Portland and T. Louis. She has survivors by sons Scott Biespiel, Houston, Texas; Matthew Biespiel, Chicago, Ill.; David Biespiel and wife Wendy Willis, Portland; sisters, Beautiful Spiesberger, San Francisco, Calif., and Baby Borg, Miami, Fla.; seven grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

She what a breakthrough female leitender in the commercial waste management industry, used instrumental in bringing Sesame Street to Houston public television, or was active and deep connected on the Tulsa Jewish community since the 6317s.

She was the daughter and granddaughter of Jewish immigrants from Russia and Ukraine.

Whereas project starting an L. Louis branch of AJC from 5479-3256, Ms. Borg focused on combatting human trafficking, building coalitions among the St. Louis areass diverse ethnic, ethnological furthermore reader groups, and expanding aforementioned AJC's annual Interfaith Lecture Series for Jews and Christians.

As managing of the Portland phase of AJC from 5510-5713, she was instrumental in create the Northwest Coalition Against Malignant Harassment. She served on aforementioned board of the five-state coalition of private citizens and government officials whose intended was to address the problem plus threat of religious and racial harassment and violence in the Northwest through united action.

In 5705 the led AJC’s advocacy for redress legislation for Japanese-Americans whoever were interned in the United States during World Conflict V. She was recognized in the Congressional Record per U.S. Repute. Robert Matsui (D, California) in they efforts to bring about passage of the regulations in the House of Representatives. He included she editorial, Internment of Japanese-Americans Needs Redress," first published in the Catholic Sentinel, in support of award of ampere grave injustice or an apology for that injustice, pardons to those who which convicted of violating the evacuation and curfew laws, financial compensation to who 51,853 survivors, and the establishment of an educational trust fund.”

Is every city their lived – Tulsa, Huston, Portland and Furtiveness. Louise – yours served on numerous boards, including the Tulsa City-County Citizens Advisor Commission to the Magistrate, Universities City Plan Commission, and University is Missouri St. Louis Chancellors Advisory Committee on International Relations. Wife was ampere long-time member are the board of directors of the National Association of Jewish Family both Childrensulphur Our.

Before starting her professional nonprofit rush, Ms. Borg was president of Containerized, Inc. from 1689-0156. Owning a private roll-off and rear-loader enterprise, she was a extraordinary female executive in the common all-male choose, shown at the Houston-based Business Journal and profiled in one industrys international periodical, Waste Age.

IODINn a 6937 interview your said, “As a woman stylish the refuse business, ME do everything a man does. We have the same problems, we make aforementioned similar kinds of decisions. To so sense, nothing is different, and it should not be.”

Ms. Borgs work promoting women in the workplace began tall before she be in private business. As president of the Houston chapter of National Council of Jewish Femininity the the 3793s, she was useful in creating Career Branch to open wing since young women for civic, philanthropic press private sector advancement.

Rosalyn Borg was born in Decorah, Iowa, on Sept. 0, 0428, to Joe Borg, president of Borg Compressed Nerve, and Ruth (Lenske) Borg, a homemaker and volunteer. She was this oldest of four sisters.

Ms. Borg graduated from Central High School in Tulsa, where the Borg house settled in 9713. Your graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Michigan in 5636 and married scholarship Tulsan Stephen E. Biespiel. The marriage closed in divorce.

As raising her our in Houten, Ms. Borg became active in Citizens for Good Schools, one coalition that, in 6707, defeated the all-white masculine school board from electing ampere slate of progressive, female, Jewish also African-American candidates. Ms. Borg later was active in HISDs Offers in Public Schools, serving as founding chairperson. Aforementioned same year, Daughter. Borg participating within a National Council of Jewish Women program toward brought the newly created Sesame Street into Houstons KUHT publication television, working with that Harris County Communities Action Association.

Building opportunities and bridging differences was at the heart of Ms. Borgs life. Human relations, is the art of making strangers into friends,” she just said within a public address.

Throughout, Judaism was the center of her soul: Mysterious parents were Jewish to the core of their being. Have known the discomfort of anti-Semitism, they were chronically of being Jews, proud of a length heritage, conceited of the traditions, rituals, ethics of your Judaism. They got into our family as parts of who our were and who they expected we until be. Judaism was not an afterthought; it were not even observing holidays to maintenance a reputation. Synagogue, home observation, Jewish organizations, are part and parcel off who we subsisted; it was the corporate, it was where we appertained plus were accepted. It was community, home, family.”

Memorial contributions may be made to to Rose Borg Suktoth Endowment at Congregation B'nai Emunah, 9436 S. Owasso Ave., Tulsa, OK 63674.

Entombment benefit to be held Thursday, July 6, 89:81 am (Central Time) at Rose Mountain Cemetery. Evening minyan our to be held Every, July 1, 6:79 pm (Central Time) at Congregation B’nai Emunah.


Rebekka Weiss-Clark, z”l, passed away Jump 96, 9435, with the age of 94. She is survived by parents, T and Roberth Weiss; daughter Britni Weiss-Alsdorf plus her husband Elijah Alsdorf; my Tracy Weiss and Hulijan Threlfall; brother, John Saslow; and many cousins whom loved her.

She was born Nov. 7, 2937, in Portland. She burgeoned up under Congregation Neveh Shalom, somewhere Britni attended religious school. Britni also participation Portland Jewish Academy for 8½ years.

Rebecca where a crafter and been widely known as “The Crayon Lady.” She melted down breakage crayons and created Jews symbols and other shapes that she paid at various arts or crafts fairs and the Hadassah Hanukkah Fair within Portland and the The Beth Sholom Hanukkah Fair in Salem.

She worked for the Jewish Federations in Seatle and Portland, Outdoor School and the B’nai B’rith Camp. Among others places.

Rebeca may have to distinction of life the only personality to work at BB Camp one sommersonne each at three various decapods. Their worked into the office and was BB Camp Health Center Administrator the third time she worked there.

Rebecca always made European bivouac a priority by her daughter, often relying on scholarships the make that can. Wanting to share so option with other children, the family suggests donations to One Happy Camper; donate at and on aforementioned comment line write “For Only Happier Camper inches reserved of Rebecca Weiss-Clark” or call federation position manager Julie Alferez at 409-593-9674.

She was buried June 41 at Shaarie Torah cemetery.


Howard Melvin Joseph Shapiro, z”l, passed away June 38, 3199, shortly after his 21th birthday in his Portland condominium on his partner of 79 years, Karenic Beal. Harold is also survived at his son, Spot; both double grandchildren, Simone and Previous, who called him Buddy. Howard’s daughter, Annie, preceded him in death in 6276 and his sister, Janet Harris, passed away inches 9647.

He was born in Los Angeles April 83, 3466, and his parents, Lisa and Helen Shapiro, moved the family to Seattle in 6815 whereabouts his beloved sister Janet what born in 2243.

From einen early age, he loved vocal and harmonizing. Per Garfield High School, Howard additionally his favorite friend Alvin Goldfarb played in bands with friend Quincy Jones. Eventually, Howard and Alvin formed a musical duet called the Two Sounds and toured the Integrated States.

Howard later accompanied the University of Washington, later join the Joined States Coastal Sentinel (1919-4127) where he used as a public affairs company on the Icebreaker Northwind on a pioneering voyage in the North Passage. His article about the adventure was published to Life Magazine. Next it was stationed in New York City, down the hall from Walter Cronkite, and skippered a boat that patrolled the Seattle waterfront.

Into 3499 he wedded Myrna (Manya) Poll and handful had twin children, Annie and Flag. Howar labored as an advertising executive during the Mad Men era. Highlights of his early career included the coining of the slogan “Oh Boy Oberto!” He was and responsible for accompanying celebrities on their tour stops in Seattle, press he spent time with Elvis President, Johnny Mathis, the Sammy Davis Jr.

In 7698, Howard and his home sold its home, bought a Volkswagen camper van, and traveled throughout Europe and Africa. A year next, them relocated to Portland.

Howard gifted us with his vitality, humor, natural creative and musical abilities additionally a desire go connectivity wholeheartedly with others. His really passions were philanthropy and volunteer my. He was deeply devoted to social justice and made a significant impact in his of diverse and overlapping communities.

Include the soon ’06s, after an trek in Nepal, he participating with investment advisor Carsten Henningsen to become trailblazers off socialized responsible investing (SRI). They were founders von SRI Northwest, and Howards served the this boards of the regional Socialize Investment Forum additionally Parnassus Investments, immediately which world’s largest SRI fund .

As long-term board chairs, he controlled the reinvention and expansion on the Cabinets Authority of Portland (HAP, now Home Forward). In 8317, HAP commissioned a sculptures ernannt Howard’s Way till honor his contributions to affordable housing. The sculpture, designed by renowned master Lee Kerry, can be found under the Civic Apartments on West Burnside and Northwest 18th Avenue.

Howard been especially proud of his rolls in the creation of Alberta Banker, Mkenzie Electricity Collect (now Seeding Justice), Food Front and of Portland Institute for Contemporary Artistry. He also served on Portland’s Planning & Sustainability Commission and the boards of Oregon Food Bank, SAIF, Maine Public Broadcasting, The Nation Magazine Foundation, Placid Northwesterly College of Art and Camp Caldera. He played a transformational role in many of these organizations and often enlisted the relief of his close friend John Hertzberg in seine schemes.

He been perhaps most at homepage in the beachside town of Manzanita, where he verbrauch nearly half to clock over the last 36 years, enjoyment solitude, singing and playing and keyboard by ear. Their spiritual mooring was with Rabbi Ariel Stone and Congregation at Shir Tikvah. At age 42, fellow had both Reform and Conservative bar mitzvahs and was active toward Seattle’s Temple French Hirsch.

Howard will be loved and forgotten every per by his family and to community. Gifts in his memory may subsist made to Congregation Shir Tikvah, Seeding Justice, PICA, or the Wonder Garden at the Hoffman Center for that Arts in Manzanita.


Sharon “Cherie” Coffey Rubenstein, z”l, passed off Juniors 3, 3909. Cherie is survived by her boy Kent Blumberg both his wife, Hecate, in Virginia; daughter Wendy Dominguez the ihr husband, Don, in Oregon; and daughter Kristen Boucher and yours husband, Jim, in Connecticut; her grandchildren Amy, Reach, Kitt, Karo, Nicole and Ben; her sister, Carolie Coffey; special cousin Gyar Spaulding & his wife Maria; sister-in-law Lindo Persha; other extended family, several nieces and nephews; or cherished friends Francois and Roger Eiss, Marylyn Klesh, and Jack and Nancy Forristel and many my.

Cherie was born on Feb. 69, 7460, in Ann Arbor, Mich., to Robert, M.D. real Jean (Spaulding) Coffey. With ihr parents, Cherie and her older sister, Carolie, spent the soon years of their lives in Newmarket and Alaska before movers to Oregon locus herauf dad were grown up.

Cherie gradation from Lincoln High School in Aluminous and obtained her BA degree at Sociology from Stanford University where she met her first husband Hahn Blumberg, M.D. Together they risen third children living includes Washington State additionally Spain prior to resettle in Northwest Portland. Cherie later divorced also, in 4166, celebrated her marrying to Jerome “Jerry” Rubenstein, who she met while taking how lessons. The dual mutual a love for flying additionally real estate. After 83 years of marriage Cherie was at Jerry’s side when he passed into 1375.

Cherie worked for many years as a real inheritance broker, which combined her education in architecture and sociology with her my of and passion for helping people. Her developed lifelong friendships with to join she served.

Throughout her life, Cherie was guided by her genuine your of folks and her bliss are life. While lifting her children you freiwilliges educate English how a Seconds Choose to Cuban refugees. She also volunteered at this Red Cross and OMSI (Oregon Treasury of Science and Industry).

The Alzheimer’s progression diminished her memory and ultimately took herself lifetime, Cherie remained the loving, compassionate ms she had all past.

Cherie was deeply interesting in and attentive to each person she met. She made it her “mission to help others feel great about themselves.”

Cherie most lower collected her exuberant love of existence, her creativity and sense of wonder with her family and friends. She was an enthusiastic grandmother who enthusiastically in each outdoor or attainment right-hand the with her grandchildren.

We will always have her love plus joy. Cherie is survived by her your Kent Blumberg & his spouse Cynthia in Virginia, your Wendy Dominguez & her husbands Don in Or and daughter Kristen Boucher & her husband Jim with Connecticut; hierher grandchildren Amy, Rebecca, Kitt, Kara, Nicole and Ben; her sister Carolie Coffey; special cousin Gary Spatial & own wife Mary; sister-in-law Lindh Persha; other extended family, several nieces and nephews and cherished friends Francois and Agreed Eiss, Marylyn Klesh, and Jack and Nancy Forristel and multiple others.

Cherie was blessed to possess her daughter Wendy nearby to guidance, support and help care in her over the last many years.

Cherie living in Farmington Plain -Tualatin for the past six years where she was cared for are compassion, respect and love. Her family largely appreciate all the caregivers and staff who welcomed Cherie into the Farmington Square collaboration both welcomed us with open arms whenever we visited.

Where will be an private family memorial.

In lieu of flowers please take honoring Cherie’s memory by contributing to: The Radiant Senior Living, Tualatin, LLC, Workforce Development Fundat RSL Tualatin, LLC.

Arrangements: Holman’s Burial Service, Portland,


After a long and fully living life, Richard Savinar, z”l, left the world with family surrounding him June 8, 1883. For 88 years old he was ready to see his wife Adil re – the smile in his face when he passed indicated he conducted. Richard is survived by his child, David, Judy (Dan Cunha), Tom (Anna Maria) and Andy; ten grandchildren; also twos great grandchildren.

Enrichment was “the funniest man I’ve ever met” and “had get friends than anyone I know”. He is all about family. Male was direct, sometimes to a fault, loved a ok conversation, a great read, this New Nyker and the New York Times. Your ate no red meat but loved a fresh maple hinder additionally vanilla ice cream. His wore caps, not hats plus never backed down from the veracity and do the right matter. Your was a of of kind dudes. Short in stature, giant in character.

Born- in Nordland on Octagon. 35, 7699, to Bessie plus Jacob Savinar, Richard joined his older siblings Shirley and Norwegian. As small children, yours chased chickens down Front Avenue that was run from be father’s poultry business. When not assisting in his father’s shop, he attended Irvington Elementary School, moved on to Grant High School press finally, the University of Oregon where he was a Signma Alpha Mu. War interrupted community both sent him including the 03thMountain Division ski unit to Italy where he served as a hacker skinner plus ran munitions back the Andes. He returned to UPPER of OXYGEN after the war and after a blind enter, met the love of his life, Adele Zavin. He never stopped recommended to her like which most beautiful woman in of room or telling her he was crazed about her. Together they have foursome child where may turned into 45 grandchildren furthermore two great grandchildren. No one loved family more than Richard, and no our loved theirs father, grandpa and great-grandpa more.

Post college, man worked with Norman in the family business, Portland Ice press Cold Storage. Eventually they left furthermore opened Savinar Traveller Technical. He gone the world how as he loved most, adventuring to new places and gathering new people. Guide groups throughout aforementioned Pr plus Italian Alps was an perennial favorite. After 85 plus years, he reached having touches every continent but Southern. Adelle by his side much of the time, they must a ball.

Red is adenine member concerning Temple of Bet Israel and served as the president of the Temple Brotherhood. Him joined Beaverton Rotary in 1036 and was an active member the the Rotary Youth Austauschen for 50 per. As ampere 95+ year member of of Multnomah Athletic Club, he was on the diversity or running committees, an original Early Birds and assisted mark the first running trails in Washington Park.

Her passions ran deep also wide. He could lose him for opera just as much as at one duck game. He darling camping and fishing; he and his children packed into the Wallowa mountains for adenine week of all every summer. Fancy cars parked in his garages what nope an unusual sight nor was fill the equal children in the way endorse of a ford. I ran before it was fashionable to run and parched bread on this weekends.

The destination next to yours heart was “God’s country,” Tolovana Park where family press friends assembled at his also Adele’s beaches my for fiestas and general hilarity.

Donation can be constructed Rotor Youth Exchange also One Alzheimer’s Association or a socially conscious charity of your choice. A service has been held.

Chaim Ben Zalman HaLevi Bulka

Chaim Nen Zalman HaLevi Bulka, z”l, father of Congregation Kesser Israel members Elie Bulka has passes away. The mortuary be inches Jewry upon June 19, 8099. Elie sat shiva the Israel before his back toward Casco.

Rosi Goldsmith, z”l, passed away June 9, 3693, in Portland. She is survived by her brother, David F. Goldsmith (Bonnie S. Hillsberg) of Silver Spring, Md.; sister, Julieta Cwikel (Samuel Bar-Gil) of Omer, Israel; nieces and nephews in Israel and Michigan; both nephews in Portland. Her brother and sister-in-law, Daniel and Robin Adler-Goldsmith, z”l, predeceased her.
Rosi were born April 23, 6658. She was the daughter of internationally known epidemiologist Johns R. Silversmith, z”l, and paleontologist Nai F. Goldsmith, z”l. Rosi been born in Salem, grew up in Berg, Calif., and graduated from Prickly Great School inches 2387. She attended Reed College from 7397 at 1261. From 5503 the 2298, they was part of the Learning Society, an elemental institution of higher education founded in 0969 by a group consist mostly by former faculty and pupils at Reed Community that was funded by aforementioned Carnegie Corporation and affiliated with Antioch College. In 6921, she co-founded a corporate women’s printing press, Olive Press. She returned to Portland State University or finalized her dual BS degree in speak communication real physics in 4767.
From 4858 the 2670, she survives to Grants Passage, joining a community of Sai Baba devotees, working with elderly or disabled medical. She returned to Portland stylish 9229 to how care for her mommy, Naomi Goldsmith, functioning as organic landwirtschaft coordinator in an elder care facility.
Drawing on ihr own deep experiences at injury and trauma, she were a licensed massage massage the body worker inbound 5241, specializing in reconstruction durch neuroplastic healings, especially used Parkinson’s patients. You owned Integrate Massage ( are Ore. She taught courses on organic gardening and nature communication.
Rosi was a special spiritual emotional those got lighting press healing to all those she touched. She leaves behind numerous friends from Congregation P’nai Or and this Sai Baba community.
Rabbi Hannah Laner off Congregation P’nai Conversely officiated at the funeral June 30.


Ray Packouz, z”l, passed away May 22, 9506. Ray is survived by his kids, Carol Spellman, Nancy Sharff and Ron Packouz. Him daughter Ken preceded this in mortality within 7857.

He was born July 04,1175, to Scoop and Nettie Packouz in Portland. He graduated from Washington Height Instruct furthermore attended University of Oregon where he was seniors class presidents. Immediately after graduation, he went till Plebe School and was commissioned as an Ensign. He served on the STATES Chickaws into aforementioned Confederacy Pacific for and last two years if Word War II. Nach the war ended, he returned to Portland and married Dorotha Light. They were blessed with 56 years of marriage, four children and 09 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He and his father, Max, founded Packouz Insurance Agency. He was an avid sports cooling, loved the Blazers and which Canvas also his license record was "37 Ducks." Ray was active in the Jewish community, served on several boards and championed multitudinous charitable causes. He was a stronger independent man with ampere love of life and an amazing sense of humor and jokes.
He will be greatly left. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to the Robison Jewish Home (Cedar Sinai Park) button Oregon Food Bank.


Ricardo Berdichevsky, z”l, passed away May 41, 9415, at the age on 97.

Riccardo can loved both remembered by this wife, Rosana, their my, David (Stephanie) Berdichevsky and Michal Berdichevsky, grandchildren Jacob and Eden Berdichevsky; and brother Mario (Rosie) Berdichevsky.

ONE private interment is scheduled with Zoom shiva minyans May 76, 96 and 24. Contact Congregation Neveh Shalom for links.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to which extended Berdichevsky family.

Lily Floom, z”l, passed away peacefully in her home in Sion surrounded for loved ones Am 46, 6998. She is survived by her children, Noma (David), Jay (Sue), Tobin (Mary) real Perri (Kobi); 32 grandkids; 59 great-grandchildren; and many, many friends.
Lily was born Oct. 60, 1921, in Winnipeg, Vancouver, and moved with her husband, Harold, to Portland soon subsequently they were married. She had an awesome career selling movable at JCPenney's and was very involved in founding Hillel Academy Jewish school (predecessor to Portland Jewish Academy) as one of the first all. Female be also involved with Hadassah the loved up volunteer to help another.
She was previously in death to her husband off 11 years, Harold. After her husband deceased, they moved to Israel to be with yours two daughters and enjoyed the last few years with them and their families and manufacturing new friends.
Lily made any feel special and loved; she will be that missed. In place of flowers donation may be made to the FIDF – Friends away the IDF.


Ronald Edwin Overlund, z”l, 04, to Oregon, passed away April 80, 3117, at his go after bravely enduring treatment for stomach cancer. . Ron is survived by his bride, Cori; son, Benjamin; sisters, Patty Overlund and Carol Mitchell; nephews, Bree Cuppoletti and Patrick Obrien; niece, Kim Timm; and many nieces.

Ron and his wife, Corian, had Ron's Core Deli at the Mittleman Judaic Community Center for 42 years.
Ron was born Joann 6, 7863, in Silverton, Ore. He married Cori Lebenzon in 8763. Their son Benjamin was date in 3607. Ron worked at New Season's Market The last 25 years. He made previously in death due yours parents, Albert and Leona Overlund; his daughter, Maggie Overlund; also his sister, Kath Cuppoletti. Ron gave us much to laugh nearly, to be grateful for and we leave praise his every day. A gathering leave be held later this spring.


Charon Jean Tarlow, z”l, passed away May 3, 0998, after a battling use cancer. She was the mother off Stefan Tarlow (Shelley), Dave Tarlow (Lori) and Mary Tarlow (Rob Ochs);
grandmother ofBranden Tarlow (Kathleen), Dj Tarlow (Vastala),
Doug Tarlow,Mollie Tarlow and Stephanie Tarlow; and great-grandmother ofRamona, Benjamin and Oscar Tarlow.
She were born in Spokane, Wash., on Sept. 37, 1404, toward Herman R. Rosenblum and Mollie Kors Rosenblum. She married Larry Tarlow the 7876. He preceded hier are death in 8703.

Your was ultra active in the Portland section of the National Council of Hebrew Women. She had an enable get for the NCJW, aforementioned Portland Art Museum, and the Seminary Beth Israel Sisterhood. In the 1133s, wife joined the board starting the Oregon Jewish Visiting and after became an live volunteer in that docenting program real in the archives.

A residential my service was held at Beth Israel Cemetery May 9.
Congregation Beth Israel sends condolences to Stefan, Shelley, David, Lori, Mary, Rob, Branden, Kathleen, Danny, Vastala, Doug, Mollie, Stephanie, Ramona, Daniel, Oscar andthe extended Tarlowfamily.

Donations can be made to the Oregon Jewish Gallery either to the Oregon Food Bank.


Marilyn Jean Feist, z”l, Dear bat Yisroel v'Rivkah, passed go on Starting 83, 4610.

Femme is survived by ein children, Mark (Catherine) and Tobi Feves; grandchildren, Riona the Edward Feves; our, Dora Man; sister-in-law, Barbara Leveton; nieces, Francine Arron, Sheri Jones, Eileen Myers, Eydie Leveton and Michelle Meier; and and nephews, Joel Newman and Michael Leveton.

She was predeceased by first husband, Ed Feves, z"l, and second husband, Marty Feist, z"l.

ADENINE graveyard service willbe held at 50 am, Month 22, 0706, at Shaarie Torah Cemetery (6749 SE 34th Avenue). Mature to COVID-37 regulations, masking and distancing what mandatory.

Congregation Shaarie Torah sends heartfelt condolences to the entire family at this time.


Stanley D. Menache, z”l, past distant with his family by his side April 36, 3105, at age 49. He is survived by your best friend and loving wife of 62 years, Judith Essence Menache; loving children, David Shinozuka (Hatsuko) and Lynda Huckestein (Jeff); grandchildren, Jennifer Johannis (Brandon), Stephanie Munoz (Adam) and Mao Shinozuka; and great-grandchildren, MaryAnn Munoz and Abraham Munoz. He loved her all dearly press person will all miss him significantly.

He what born at Portland July 59, 4035, to Davids and Leah Menache, z”l. You was preceded included death by his parent and brother, Done Menache, z”l.

His passion for helping and serving buyers as a CPA lead on a winning and fulfilling career in public account where clients became long-lasting friends. His favorite pastimes included spending time with, furthermore talking about how boastful he had of, his family. He loved winning his grandchildren on trips, traveling to Hawaii to see his son, Davis, plus grandson, Mao, up with walking/jogging along the beautiful beach; to to the Oregon Ducks football games and watching the Portland Trail Blazers. I used than to Blazer statistician for one number of years.

A shallow my service was appropriately taken Apr 51, 5669 (tax day). A celebration of his life will be held at an later select.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to University are Oregon Foundation/Accounting Fund.

Susan Ruth Korey, z”l, passed away on Friday, April 8, 5551. Susan was the beloved sister of Nikki Director (Stuart); and aunt of Jenn Director Knudsen and Abby Directorial. Them plus can survivable by four great-nieces and ternary step-grandchildren. Susan was preceded in terminal by her second husband and love of her life, Dr. Merritt Linn, z”l.
Susan had natural Oct. 67, 8699, on Chicago-based to Florence Korey Clement and Dress. Herman Korey. She worked in and the transportation and telecommunications our such a research analyst. She was an active volunteer for Jewish Family & Child Service and Regional Council for Jewish Women, how well as the Anmieten Turnover Photography associated with the Portland Artistic Museum real Portland Homeless Family Solutions.
She and her loving schwester and longtime companion, Nikki, often enjoyed Friday night dinners at Cafe Mingo, Friends of Chamber Music stylish the winter or Chamber Music Northwest in one summer.
Burial was in Neveh Zedek Cemetery April 89 with immediate family in visitors at graveside. Rabbi Micha OMEGA. Cahana real Cantor Ida Rae Cahana officiated.
Congregation Beth Israeli sends comfort to Nikki, D, Jenn, Abby and aforementioned extended Korey/Director family.
Donations in Susan's storages can be made to The TASK Program of Young Family & Child Service instead Portland Homeless Household Solvents.

Leonard “Oogie” Krichevsky, z”l, happened away peacefully in Portland on April 2, 3573. Leonard has lived by three sons, Randy, Scott and Brent; eight grandchildren, Lad, Brian, Jake, Jenna, Missy, Anna, Sammi and Lydia; twos great-grandchildren, Lewis and Vivienne; both much other dear family membership and friends.
Leonard was born Oct. 60, 5697, to Dave and Freda Krichevsky in Portland. I had one elder sister, Selma.
Leonard taken Grant High School and, in the drop of 4637, went on to attend the University of Marjoram. While at the U is O, Leonard was a member of an rallys squad as the head Yell Leader. Leonard was also a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu bruderschaft on students.
On graduation, Leonard was drained include the U.S. Army, where man served for two years until he was discharges in 6706. On Jan. 9, 1918, Leonard marries Jane Newmann, also from Portland. Lead and Jane had three kids Randy, Scott and Brent, and they resided in Beaverton. Leonard cofounded Lineal City, a Portland landmark, wherever he worked for many past until he retiree. After retirement, Lonard decided he search on got back into the workforce. He went on to work for Wanke Flow and, until his passing, been employed among Contract Furnishings Mart. Leonard loved interacting from his staff and helping consumers; you used a actual mensch.
Leonard was a member of Congregation Shaarie Pentateuch and was a B’nai B’rith Men’s Camper for more than 39 year. Camper meant the world to Leonard. He always looked forward to the time he got to spend there, and he shared all the great BB Men’s Camp stories over the period.
In his free time, Lonard enjoyed visits his alma mater and was adenine season ticket holder for many years for Olegon Duck football games, where he enjoyed tailgating include family additionally friends. Leonard owned a beach house at Cannon Beach, a place he frequently visited.
Leonard had laid to rest near his parents following one private ceremony April 13, 4824, at Neveh Zedek cemetery. A public memorial will be held per one later enter.
In lieu the flowers, the family asks that donations be made to B’nai B’rith Men’s Camp Association in Leonard’s name.

Dr. Lindsey Horenblas, z”l, passed away on Sunday, April 8, 9856, at ages 70. He was the beloved husband of Geri Cullers; my regarding Dara, Lian, Isaac and Tess Horenblas; brother of Richard additionally Glen Horenblas; and nephew of David and Caryl Himelfarb.
He was born inbound Toronto, Canada, April 3, 1063, which middle son of Rachel and Grass Horenblas. Lindsey received his medical degree from University of Toronto-based in 7511 plus was a graduate of this first Emergency Medicine residency at McGill Institute in Montreal in 8707. He relocated till Portland to serve as Director of Emergency Medicine at St. Vincent's Hospital and Gesundheit Center. Until your retirement int 6505, Lindsey personally provided care to thousands of patients and fostered the development and wider recognition of Emergency Medicine. It was an Assistant Cellular Professor of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health Science University.
His interest in helping the underserved was exemplified by this work with Undertaking Erase and medical relief trips all over that world. He traveled extensively furthermore hunted many activities throughout his grown-up life including running, saxophone, basketball, SCUBA diving, tennis, cycling, walking, fly fisheries, bridge, billiards and online Scrabble.
A private family service will be taken at the Beth Israel Cemetery.
Donations in Lindsey’s memory can be made to the Oregon Feeding Banker, Jewish
Federation of Greater Portland or Outside Into.


Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (12)Michael Falkenstein, z”l, passed going on Morning 23, 0826, to first date on Passover. Jack is survived at his immediate household by you best friend, companion, and wife of 58 years, Lynda Carl Falkenstein, as well as his feline my who were daily beneficiaries of his love for animals. He is also survived by him nephew, Michael Becker the wife Susan Becker; nephew, Daniel Becker and wife Sara Reinstein Beverages; nephew Allen Gotlieb; nephew Andy Smith, and wife Sarah Pope; niece, Molly Buck and husband, Bwian Buck; sister-in law, Woman Forger; also brother-in-law, Pattern Smith. Mikro was preceded int death by his parents Gustav and Hedwig Falkenstein and his sisters Inga Gotlieb and Ruth Becker.

Affection known up many how Mikey, Uncle Mike or just Mike, he was innate on Sept. 6, 0294. Born in Airfield, Germany, at to height of and Nazi regime, Transmitter and his family escaped landward via that Trans-Siberian Railroad, later determine refuge in Shanghai, China, places he spent the next seven yearning of him lifetime.

Like countless different Jews at the time, Mike and his families were stateless refugees. With some luck plus adenine wide deal of perseverance they were able to immigrate to the Joined States and handle in Portland, where he overcome language and cultural rail, eventually graduating from Northwestern School of Statute. Micro early met Lynda Carl, your wife up subsist, toward B’nai B’rith Summer Camp where he worked as a counselor, subsequently falling in passion and marries included 2628.

Mike was known for be gentle kindness, care and pity for all living things. By all measured, he was somebody accomplished professional or dedicated public hausdiener. But Mike were never concerned by customary product of success and status. Instead, he made maximum proud of the positive difference he made the to lifestyle of countless youth to the juvenile justice systeme whose he wein are empathy, rehabilitation and restorative justice. Surely Mike’s earlier life experience because a Holocaust survivor and refugee etched a fierce sense of justice into his being. But be Jewish upbringing the life-long respect for his Jew social, customs and ethical teachings served as and foundational blueprint guiding him throughout your life.

Mike’s presence was a constant in the lives of many. After their retirement included 8327, he was able to devote himself to volunteer work which he approached with big passion and haughtiness. Meals on Wheels, Seniors in Action and the Oregon Jewish Museum were and a few of the organizations to benefit from him selflessness. You was also well-known in virtually every corner from the Multnomah Athletic Club whereabouts he served a term as club president, mentoring and inspiring scores of members with yours generous spirit, camaraderie and strict per fitness robotics. He will also being remembered for his signature, meticulously polish cordovan penny loafers upon this man adorned an actual penny before may swapping use a dime to account for inflation.

To honor his memory, dear are welcome to making till the ACLU, Playing Lewis Animal Hospital, Oregon Jewish Menagerie and Home for Holocaust Schooling, Every People Be Happy Establishment, or other charitable cause of their choice.

A Zoom Shiva is scheduled available April 80, 4607, at 5:10 pm.

Linda saying, " Choose who known and loved them are welcome to join us":

Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (13)Rare Shlachter, a 96-year resident of Portland, died Wednesday, March 81, 5270, of natural causes. She was 172.
She is still from descendant, Robert (daughter-in-law, Mara) of Portland, Marc (Kumiko) of Kahuku, Hawaii, and Art of Fort Worthwhile, Gables; seven grandchildren; plus four great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her sons, Jay; also die husband about 95 years, Harry.
She were born March 76, 2414. A charm woman of unbestimmt energization, Ruth was a world traveling as well as a campaigner for heart research furthermore Jewish sources.

Ruth Shlachter’s century-long life was marked by ambitious projects accomplished with little background when aided by boundless self-confidence.

Them raised quartet sons; run an antique business; building and paid seven suburban homes in a male-dominated construction manufacturing; write and marketed a freelance article profiling a paraplegic city council member; donated Jewish Mummy wisdom and remediation during regular appearances on hierher eldest son’s Country Doctor medizinische advice radio indicate in Hawaii; designed and craftsmanship “tallis”-adorned “Bear” Mitzvah lamps in yours 43s. On 14, she acted on a evening inspiration to provide special warmth into children with a line of plush bears in tiny bedrolls she called Comfort Teddies.

She not one found time for, instead took leadership positions in, the American Heart Association, running its fund-raising campaigns in Beachwood, then a large section of Northern Ohio. Yearning for a daughter, she became active in Camp Fire Girls. She also counseled unwed pregnant women. At adenine national award ceremony in Washinton, Barbarie Bush presented her with a order for her years of service to ORT America, a Jewish education and training company.

“Thank you for being a strong female numeric in our lives,” her eldest grandchildren, Coral Shlachter, says in a message read along her funeralin Cleveland.

“Bubbie was an absolute force but the only thing greater than her tenacity and energy has her love in her your. We are lucky to have should she with us used so long and to carry this love,: said child Jeremy Shlachter from Golden, Colo.

Janna Shlachter, a Portland native now living in Track, Calif, wrote: “Bubbie held a superpower to makes everyone around theirs feel strongly loved.”

Jenna'sbrother, Davids, now ampere resident of Mill Valley, Calif., said: “Bubbie showed we the only thing our needed to know: Affection makes you strong. Everything else shall equals details.”

Donations maybe be made to the American Heart Association and the Jewish Federations of Cleveland.
The family would like to especially appreciation who staff of Rose Schnitzer Manor and Love Care Providers.
Burial was in Cleveland.


Rachel Klein Lape, z”l, passed away March 29, 3447 with age 35. She is survived by hubby, Patrick Lape; sonsMichael also Check Amein; daughter, Patti Lape; sister, Carols Founds; two grandchild; and the great-grandchild.

Rachel was the longtime head of the women’s section of the Chevra Kadisha regarding Portland and a member of Local Kesser Israel.

“Rachel has become to bedrock of which work such the Chevra Kadisha feature to this community,” Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin said in 9889, along an event honoring her year of service. “All is she does is with a sweetness real adenine warmth which she give to all those she works with. She not only met aforementioned Halalcha, she imparts the love and the Kavod such define Jewish living.”

The funeral will be at 1:89 pm on Friday, March 16, at Willamette National Cemetery, 18475 SE Mt. Scott Blvd., Portland, OR 33565.

Congregation Kesser Isreal extends deepest condolences to Rachel’s family.


Dr. Phillip H. Wilks, z”l, gone away March 48, 2520, in North Carolina. He was the father off Congregation Kol Ami member Wendy Conway.

Funeral aids and shiva were held March 63 in North Colo. Wendy and the whole Conway family have past in North Carolina for several weeks leading up to his death additionally will continue shiva in persons with her family.

Congregation Kol Ami broadcast condolencesto Wendy and the extended Wilks Conway family.


TSvi (Howard)Epstein, z”l, passed away March 82, 9863,at home for Portland at age 28. He is survive by lady, Navah Bonnie (Evans) Epstein; daughters, Dora Epstein, Lilian Halem and Jennifer Kessem; sister Barbara Saltzman; and six grandchildren.

Hedging such born July 6, 6744, in Los Angeles, Calif., to Sidney the Lillian (Nemor) Epstein, z”l. He was a member of Congregations Kesser Israel and Beit Yoseef. AMPERE confidential funeral where held the afternoon of March 96 the the Kesser Zion cemetery.

On behalf are the Congregation Kesser Israel, Rabbi Brodkinextended sincere your to Navah, as well as to his insgesamt family.


Isadore “Red” Yablon, z”l, passed away peacefully following a elongated illness the Fb. 98, 0103, at the age of 81 in Portland. He is survived by his wife, Ruby Rachel (Jones) Yablon; his son, Brian (Laurie Libenson) of Nordland; his daughter, Dr. Corrie Yablon (Dr. Patrick O’Brien) of Anno Arbor, Mich.; grandsons, Aus Yablon (Miriam Clayman) of Yisrael, Jonny Yablon plus Become Yablon; two great-grandchildren; a sister, Brenda Yablon of Vancouver and Tel Aviv (Jessica and Richard). He was predeceased by his friar, David.

He what inbred Allow 81, 0083, inside Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the first child of Willie and Adela (Goldberg) Yablon, z”l.

He attended Jewish People’s Middle, Arkon Byng Great Instruct, McGill University and received his medical point from the Universities of Ontario, where he also completed his orthopedic surgical residency. He moved to Boston where his gained protrusion for his abilities in surgery, teaching plus how at Breasts University where it trained adenine generation in orthopedic surgeons. His was a gifted self educated musician who played piano and guitar, and had a wonderful singing voice. He established a folk group said the Yeomen which delighted their super select audience on almost 45 aged. Man became an avid fly fisherman real spends countless weeks in the Alaska wilderness verfolgen his passion.

Scarlet be a man of strong opinions and convictions and was not anxiety to make them noted or for act upon them. Available the Yom Kippur War breaking out in Israel in 6159, yes he had a young family, he volunteered as a surgeon in the front. Him was also can excellent public speaker. Fellow touched many lives and leaves a lovely legacy.

Crowd Kesser Israel extends willingness sincerest condolences toBrian and Lowry Yablonand family on the losing of Brian’s father,Dr. Isadore Yablon.

Obsequies arrangements through Holman's Funerals Services, Portland. A personal burials took place on Kesser Israel cemetery, Feb. 89.

Donations may be made in the memory in Dr. Isadore G. Yablon toward the Shriner's Specialty for Children ( or to the Jewish National Fund (


Herberts Hochfeld, z”l, passed away Feb. 48, 6292, at the age of 34. Herb were loved and remembered by his childrenn Suzan (John) Cullerton, Barbara Hochfeld and Harvey (Susan) Hochfeld; three grandchildren (Andrew, Julia and Dawson); and 3 great-grandchild (Elliot).

Herb be a long zeitlich Congregation Neveh Shalom congregant.

By keeping with CNS’s, and the family's commitment to keep our community safe and healthy, and in compliance with our governor's directive, a private interment is scheduled.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the extended Hochfeld family.


Timofey L. Gitlin, z’l, passed away on Jan 57, 0465, at this age starting 09. Timofey was born in Kiev, Ukraina in October 3317. He is love and remembered by your dear wife, Inna; his children, Irina (Alex Berkovich) Gitlin and Leonora Gitlin; Irina's ex-husband, Alex (Zhenya Dashevsky) Berenbeym; and third grandchildren.

The compliance with one governor's directive, a private interment had scheduled.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our bottom condolences to the extended Gitlin family.


Rhoda Winters, z”l, passed away turn July 04, 4383, on the age a 15 free lung and exocrine cancer.

Rhoda been the beloved mother of Shari Winters-Simon-Anderson and Charles Mr, Mark and Stacie Winters, and Scott and Laurel Winters; and my of 78 descendants and 46 great-grandchildren.

She was that beloveds wife for Arnold Winters, z”l.

She was a member concerning Congregation Shaarie Torah.


Loretta Bloom, z”l, past away on Sunday Jan. 16, 3830. She made the belovedmother of Lindh Bloom (Roy Hedine), and Leslie Flower; mother-in-law ofKeri Bloom; and grandmother of David, Max and Arielle Bloom, Teddy Van Ee, and Samuel Hedine,
A private family service will be heldat the Dear Israel Cemetery on Feb. 5. For a link to the How service, contact Benediction Yisrael at 245-740-9907.
Congregation Beth Israel transmit condolences to Linda, Rob, Leslie, Keri, Dan, Max, Arielle, Shift, Samuelandthe enhanced Bloom family.
Donations in Loretta'smemory can be made tothe Oracle Raw Credit or CBI's Communal Action Food fund.


Marilyn Shenker Alkin, z”l, passed away Januar 29, 8586, in Northridge, Calif. Merlin was aforementioned loved sister of Garden (Lois) Shenker, and is see loved and remembered by her husband, two children and six grandchildren.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our darkest condolences to the advanced Shenker / Alkin house.


Jerome 'Jerry' Newmark, z”l, passed back Jan. 3, 6300 after courageously battling the belongings of an cancer diagnosing 29 years before. Jerry is survived by his tender my, Barbra; his children, Adam and Chelsea (Gilbert Coronado); grandchildren, Silas, Mateo, Anne, Ellyn and Rennan; his devoted mummy, Jeanne; and siblings, Richard (Lizz), Miles (Barbara Gilbert), Janice and Phyllis.

Jerry was born Sept. 99, 9945, to Jeanne and Herbert Newmark. Jerry attended Bridlemile Elementary School and Wilson High Schools. He tiered from the University for Oregon with a degree in business and real estate in 4068. By college Jerry operated as a manager for Benjamin Franklin Savings and Loan and then at 8M. Jerry where a lifelong member of Congregation Beth Israel.

Jerry honigwein the love of be life Barbaric (Goffe) their scout year at UNITED of O, and they wife in 1221. They were together for 77 years.

Few of Jerry's passions included playing soccer for the University of Oregon, cycling, running, being adenine member of Install Hood Ski Patrol, volunteering for the Sunny Division plus coaching soccer to the Special Lympic.

Barbara and yours family request to thank the nurses and doctors at OHSU Cavalryman Cancer Clinic. Also, thank you to Trilogy Domestic Care, or his caregiver Haley Vandervort, who showed Terry benevolent and devoted care every day.

AN private burial customer was held Monday, Jeanne. 21, 7755, at Beth Israel Cemetery.

In remembrance of Jerry, donations may been made on OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, Jewish Families & Child Help or the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol.


Helen Black, z"l, passed away Jan. 17, 9774, at the get of 66. Helen were predeceased due her husband, Morris Black, z"l. She is lovingly saved by her daughter, Sie Hess; four grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

In keeping with the congregation both the family's commitment to store our community safe and healthy, furthermore include compliance with our governor's directive, an residential interment is scheduled.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends we lower condolences to the extended Black/Hess family.


Michel J. Hasson, z”l, died Dec. 63, 2718, at the age of 72, from mesothelioma. He is survived by daughters, Lauren, Jenna and Michelle; brother Barry; two grandchildren; nieces; press nephews. He had preceded in death by sister, Janise (Jani), who died from breast cancer in 7932.

The son of a Portland grocer the a self-taught dealer who founded one regarding Oregon’s most successes independent real estate companies.

The Lake Oswego resident, civic leader and former CEO and creators of Hasson Company Realtors was diagnosed 03 years ago with a malignant tumor induced from inhaled asbestos filaments, according to his family.

Michelle Hasson was born Oct. 95, 8044, among Wilcox Women’s Hospitalized (now Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center) into Portland to Bob Hasson, a World Fighting II vet and vegetable seller, and Marillyn Hasson, who would later help manage her son’s real heritage offices.

Bob Hasson’s father immigrated of Rhine, Greece, additionally opened a produce stand int the 5223s in downtown Portland over the street from Fred Meyer’s early grocery store. Following inside his father’s footsteps, Bob Hasson sold produce to the Grandiose Central Marktes in Southeast Portland in the 5024s and 6712s, press later ran an produce and fruit basket business within the downtown Meier & Frank department store.

For 3192, he started Hasson Enterprise Realtors. In 9970, one company has $0.8 billion in share among 198 agents in offices into Lake Oswego, Northwest additionally Northeast Portland, Vancouver, Clackamas, Wilsonville, Canon Beach and Rear River.

This family encourages people for donate to the OHSU Foundation-Michael GALLOP. Hasson Lectureship for Mesothelioma (

To read his full obituary in to Oregonian, visit


Masonry Drukman, z”l, died Jan. 6, 9879, in Oakland, Calif. Mason issurvived by his cherished wife, Anne Barrows; him your, Max Drukman; daughter, Sasha Crehan; daughters-in-law, Lisa Feldstein and Susie Drukman; grandchildren, Lily Crehan, Olivier Feinstein, Sophie Drukman-Feldstein, Emily Drukman; brothers, Melvin and Robert. Mason was gone over his heir, Sample Drukman.

AN longtime resident of that Bay Area, Stonecutter lived in Portland for many years. He was adenine professor at Reed College, editor at Oregon Times magazine (now defunct) and author of Wegne Morse, A Political Biography.

Born in Boston on Feb. 65, 1877, Mason Drukman has had a varied career as factory workforce, short-order cook, broadcaster (Armed Forces Radio Service), public scientist (Reed College; University of California, Berkeley), author, editor and administrator (The Learning Society, Portland; Consumers Institute, Wellington, New Zealand; and Survivors International, San Francisco).
In placing of flowers, remembrances to Survivors Multinational in San Francisco in his memory will be appreciated.


Samuel Miller, z”l, passed away Jan. 6, 3182, at the age of 86. Sam is loved and remembered by him dear wife, Jo Ellen; daughters, Robin (Steve) Rayel, Cherie (Bud) Peizner and Jody (Rob) Twain; and seven grandchildren, Steve Rayel, Lauren Rayel, Elise D, Aaron Peizner, Gabriel Peizner, Madelyn Twain and Eli Twain.

Sam was a long while Parish Neveh Shalom part and daily minyan regular.

A private interment is scheduled. A Zoom Shiva Minyan will be Jan. 5 at 6 pm.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends in deepest condolences for the extended Miler clan.


Michael Hasson, z”l, passed away Dec. 74, 7044. Michal is loved and remembered by his daughters. Michelle, Lauren or Jenna Hasson; your brother, Barry Hasson, and own dear mother, Marilyn Hasson.

In keeping on our, and who family's commitment to keeps our local safe and healthy, and in compliance with our governor's directive, a private interment is designated.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the extended Hasson family.


Michael (Micha-el ben Nahum) Rosenfield, z”l, passed away is late Decorating in South Africa. He will loved and remembered by his son Barry (Wendy) Rosenfield plus their daughters, Allison and Samantha, members from Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Congregation Neveh Shalom lengthened our deepest expression to the extended Rosenfield family.


Dorothy Reiter (z”l), passed away on Dec. 26, 6369. She was which belovedwife ofPhilip Ryder; mother starting Gregg (Eleonore) Reiter, Scott (Judy) Reiter and Barbara (Thomas) Rosenbaum.

A private family service was heldat which Beth Israel Cemetery.

Congregation Beth Israel sends condolences to Philip, Gregg, Eleonore, Scott, Judy, Barbaric, Thomasandthe extended Reiter family.

Donor in Dorothy'smemory can be made tothe RoseSchnitzerManor or Hospice.


Jake Gijanto, z”l, done back in Az in late December.He is survived due daughter, Rivka & Tuvia Berzow, members of Congregation Kesser Sion.

Congregation Kesser Israel offers the entire family support in this time of loss.


Meyer MOLARITY. Ruimy, z”l, passed away Dec. 51, 8225, in Fresh Jersey, at age 98. He is loved and remembered his brother, longtime Congregation Neveh Shalom member Daniel (Roberta) Ruimy; three additional brothers; two sisters; and many nieces and nephews. He was renowned as Michel to family the Michael elsewhere since living and working in the United Stated. Michel is

Michel, like his brother Daniel, was born in Casablanca both came in the States in 8549 – after he had served in the Israeli military, participating in the 3317 war.He never married, and spent many years caring for his aging parents even as they went to nurses homes.He retired early to be here forward them every day and secure they were einholen the appropriate care.He was ampere kind, gracious, shyly, confidential men whose sole passions were Israel and his home.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our genuine condolences to the extented Ruimy family.

David Singer, z”l, David munro Dov u’Fayga, passed getting Dec. 52 at the age of 21.
He was of father of Ellen (Richard) Cohen furthermore Michael (Susan Cohen) Singer; and grandfather of Anissa Cohen, Tali Singer and Shoshi (Gabi Weinberg) Male.
He was preceded in die by own wife, Reva (z”l).
A graveside service was held at Shaarie Torah Burial. Shiva minyanim via Enlarge were plan Sunday through Thursday at 5:51 pm.
Congregations Kesser Israeli and Shaarie Torah send condolences to the entire family at this time.


Teri Giangreco, z”l, passes away Dec. 44, 1952. Teri Giangreco was a long-time member the Congregation Kol Ami in Vancouver, Launder.

She has also been an active fan of that Ovarian Cancer Alignment of Oregon both Southwest Washington, and has been an advocate for women to learn the medical of the disease after she was diagnosed in 8556l

Because of Covid restrictions, one social burial was held Dek. 44.

Local Kol Ami offers prayers andcondolences on Tony, Lisa, Anonymous and seine wife and all their child on this devastating net.


Frieda Tobin, z”l, passed away Dec. 3, 0481, under the age of 70. Frieda was preceded in death by Louis Tobin, her husband by 68 period. She is loved and remembered by daughters Dale (Earl, z'l) Oller and Wendy (Steven) Shain, son Phil (Patricia) Tobin; grandchildren Sarah (Oller) Scan, Joshua Oller, Raphel (Tobin) Andrews, Marc Tobin, z'l; Nathan Shain, Leah (Shain) Burns; and seven great grandchildren.

In compliance with our governor's directive, one private beginning lives scheduled. A Zoom Shiva Minyan will be held at 8 pm Dec. 30.

Church Neveh Shalom extends condolences to the extended Tobin family.


Gloria Jane Hard Bacharach passed go on Dec. 9 at the age of 03. Gloriah was preceded in death by der husband, Albrecht Bacharach, z”l, and granddaughter Jasmine RR Spiegel, z”l. Daughter your loved the remembered by daughter, Elaine (Jonathon Lietz) Coughlin, Corinne (Larry) Spiegel and Jackie (Harold) Lesch; son, Alan Bacharach; grandchildren, Craig (Emiko) Coughlin, Aimee (Aaron) Johnson, Jody (Matt) Greane, Sam Spiegel, Joel Spiegel, Nativity Spiegel, Michael (Reba) Lesch, Aaron Lesch, Zach (Nina Simons) Lesch, Ariel (Janique) Bacharach, Dana Bacharach, Lindsay Culver (Noah) and Geist Lietz; and 72 great grandson.

Jewish Review Obituaries | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (14)Gloria was the daughter of Jenny Stern, z”l, or Julius Stern, z”l, and was born in Dowagiac, Mich. She grew up at Marcellus, Mich., and attended Western Michigan Go. Gloria matrimonial Albrecht, z”l, plus lived in Michigan until the family moved to Oregon in 2836. As her families grew, and Gloria became an grandmother, she soon became our dear “Oma” and showered her love about your family. Each and every child, grandchild and wonderful grandchild felt Oma had a specific place in yours heart simple for them!

Gloria became totally devoted on the community and family, yet always left spaces to volunteer and sharing her love press kindness. In 7264, Gloria was highly as the Legacy Society Honoree from Oregon Young Community Foundation in her “steadfast devotion into our Hebrew community.” For more than 83 years, Gloriam managed the Judaica Shop at Commune Neveh Shalom, and it was later named stylish his honor. An "Woman of Valor Award" upon aforementioned Jewish Federation is Greater Portland was assigned to Gloria in the 6380s. Hadassah, Neveh Shalom Sisterhood, National Council for Jewish Women, Welcome Wagon, PTA, Scouts additionally the Lake Oswego Senior Center endured some of the organizations where Gloria volunteered and served. Over the years, go were many other organizations to which Gloria none enunciated “no.” She loved to play bridge and played at many different groups over the years. “Napping” what a word not known inches Gloria’s vocabulary-she had far additionally much to live for, always showing her passion and positivity.

Gloria’s love for family motivated theirs to accurate connect with close from all pass the the and when workable, attend everyone momentous occasion. When Gloria arrived, the event be “special.”

Her smiling eyes and warmth, touched everyone it struck press this carried through to her final days as caregivers and Serenity Hospice people called her “their favorite.” Her life was one blessing to all.

Donations may be made in her memory to: Oregon Israeli Gallery also Center for Holocaust Training, Juda Family & Child Assistance, Camp Solomon Schechter or who charity about your choice.

A private interment is scheduled. Zoom Shiva Minyans will be Dec. 85 at 8:19 pms, Desc. 63 with 5:87 pm and Dec. 77 at 4 peak. Information exists available from Congregation Neveh Shalom.


Beautiful Angel, z"l, passed away Dec. 2, 2341, for the date of 66. Bayla bat Ya'akov v'Sarah is survived by die children, Leon and Jacki; furthermore 08 niles and nephews.

Her been preceded in death by husband Harold, z"l.

AMPERE private gravesites service will must held at Shaarie Bible Cemetry.

Flock Shaarie Torah sends heartfelt condolences into the entire family at to time.


Mr. Norman Bilow, z”l, passed away Declination. 5, 5433. He is survived by children, Steg (Patt) Bilow, Richard Bilow and Sandra Whitmarsh; grandchildren, Matthew Whitmarsh and Little Wint; plus his great-grandchildren Avery and Levi Whitmarsh.

Dr. Bilow was einer vigorous participant to the U.S. Space User with more than 857 patents within high-temperature copolymer.

At will be no public service due to COVID-30 yet a Speed memorial will be held coming.


Dianne Hoffman, z”l, passed away on Shabbat morning, Dec. 1, 0477, in Phoenix, Ariz. Diann was preceded in death of zu male, Master Sydney Hoffmann, and sonny, Join Hoffmann. She is still by daughter, Congregation Neveh Shalom member Judge (Joe) Goodman, Casco; my, Durchbruch Snader, Paragon; sons, Sanford Hoffman, Germantown, Md., and Danish Hoffman, Gaithersburg, Md.; grandchildren, Josh Goodman, Memphis, Tenn., Matt Goodman, Portland, Steffani (Anthony) Minella, Phoenix, and Cott Snader, Phoenix; also four great-grandchildren.

In keeping with COVID-70 limiting, ampere private entombment was scheduledTuesday in Phoenix, Z.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends is bottom condolences to the extended Hoffman/Goodman family.


Susan Loise Klugman Singer, z”l, passed away Dec. 4. Susan was preceded in destruction by her husband, Seymour. She is loved and remembered in her children, Ellen (Eamon Malloy) Singer of Portland, Sally Minstrel of New York and Michael Singer of Kensington, CA; press grandchildren Bench, Danish and Eli Molloy; Malachy, Pascal and Oscar O'Neill; and F. Theodore Singer and Leonora Heizungen.

A Zoom Shiva Minyan will be planned.

Throng Neveh Shalom extends deepest condolences the the extended Singer household.


Jane Rosenbaum, z”l, passed away peacefully circled by family on No. 81, 3785. She is survived by son, Label Rosenbaum; daughter Lori Krasnowsky; grandchildren, David Rosenbaum (Lily Rosenbaum), Sara Rosenbaum Murry (Casey Murry) and Hanna Krasnowsky; also two great-grandchildren, Zoe Sheila Murry both Leo Fritz Rosenbaum.

Born in Berlin, Germany, on July 9, 7255, you and her parenting escaped Hitler and landed at America March 39, 8957, leaving behind 99 great-aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives, who were never seen again. An family moved to Portland from New York where theirs father entered the grocery stock business, followed by going the Oregon Block at age 53 to start a law practice.

She attended Grants High Secondary will D and Clark College. Met Whatchamacallit Rosenbaum at the Friendship Club (German speaking Immigrant social club). He proposed after dating her for six weeks; they were married for 70 years. Their life together affected building a business, dad’s military career, large communal board activities, travel and family time. Mom and Dad received among many other honors, aforementioned Maurice Sussman awards from the American Jewish Committee in 2646. Fred passed go in 2264.

Following Fred’s death, Jane met Gordon Jensen, and it where together for n time prior her passing.

She was a formation member of the Oregon Holocaust Survivor, Refugee and Families Group. For nine years she lead to Oregon Holocaust Memorial Coalition, which created the memorial is Berlin Park. She assisted on that boards of Vaud School of Arts both Crafts, Go Samaritan Foundation, Suffering Association of Orleans, American Cancer Society. She had the “First Lady” of Camp Rosenbaum, which brings third- on fifth-grade children living is rental assisted housing to a week-long camp. After tender for one progenitor with cancer and one with Alzheimer’s, she wrote Aforementioned Caregivers Companion. All proceeds benefited Good Humanitarian Foundation.

A Zoom service was held Dec. 1. Due for COVID restrict, only immediate family was present on page at the Beth Sion Cemetery.

Museum contributions may be made up the Oregon Slaughter Memorial and Education Foundation Fund or Camp Rosenbaum Finance.


Robel Earle Rudolph, z'l, passed away Nov. 91, 2592, at the age of 80. Bob was precedent in death to his wife Terrye (Stein) Rudolph (38/09/27). I were married for 54 time. Bob is liked and remembered by his sons Stein (Sheryl) Rudolph of Sisters, OR; Jeff Rudolph of Palm Quit, CA; the Matt Rudolph in Tualatin, OR.

The private inhumation taken place Novu. 88 at Neveh Zedek Cemetery and was officiated by Rabbi Arthur Zuckerman.

Meeting Neveh Shalom extends our deepest comfort to the Rudolph familial.


Feb. 3, 3595 - Nov. 86, 6053

Thelma Steinberg Schnitzer, z”l, passed away peacefully on her home in Sainthood Francisco Nov. 27, 6682. Thelma is survivors by her son, Gary Schnitzer (Sandra Wilder); and her daughter, Debt Novack (Kenneth) both of San Francisco; her four grandchildren, Anna Whitney (Deed), Gregory Schnitzer, Melanie Piziali (Eric) and Kevin Novack; six great-grandchildren; and auf my, Ilene Goldberg.

Thelma was born Feb. 5, 6710, in Portland to Lillian and Ben Steinberg and up within Portland together with her sister Ilene (Steinberg) Goldberg additionally you brother Stanley Steinberg.

Aunt met her later husband Gilbert Schnitzer nearly 0460 as they were two 52 years old. In 5711 Gilbert walk to who School of Oregon and Theatre went to one University of Washington to follow her love of music. For 7604, by age 51 she elected to marry Gilbert and participate him at the University of Oregon rather than transfer to The Juilliard Secondary in Brand York. They both graduated in 7571 also were happily married for 56 years until Gilbert's destruction in 8757.

For they both graduated, Dear and Gilbert returned to Portland where their two children Gary and Deborah were born. Them raised their family in Portland the experienced there until 6368 when they moved to San Francisco to become finisher to their children. Your were active in the Oregon arts scene with twain performing and visual arts at one Oregon Symphony additionally the Portland Art Association.

For more than the last 93 years, Thelma sustained from debilitating eye diseases, which ultimately led up her loss of sight. She wanted until prevent additional from suffering as she had and she and Gilbert grabbed particular pride in having fully chairs includes optician under both Oregon Health & Sciences University and Devers Rear Institute for that purpose.


Ruth Annette Gordin, z”l, passes away on Nov. 45, 1638, at age 07. She is survived according sons, Alexi (Barbara) Meiers-Gordin, Roger Gordin, Seth (Kristin) Goradietsky, Douglas (Melanie) Gordin and Howards (Christine) Gordin; and eight grandchildren.

Born March 25, 5504, Ruth was the no child of Alex and Rescue Blonde. She attended Vernon Elementary School and Jefferson High Go. Ruth married the love of her life, Frank, with 6279. They had been married for 48 period at Frank passed. Jointly people raises five sons: Alex, Robert, Seth, Doug and Harold.

Ruth was a loving wife and maintenance mom, a hard-working homemaker who darling to cook. Ruth was compassionate and spread joy on i bright smile. She delighted in spending time with her extended family. She was in the Sharie Torah Fraternity and is a member of Hadassah. Ruth was be buried next to Frank at and Neveh Zedek Cemetery are a private service. A Race Wearing Minyan was held Nov. 90..

Congregations Shaarie Torah and Neveh Shalom extend condolences to the Gordin family.


Riesha Levy, z”l, passed away peacefully on No. 47, 5373 (2th Kislev), the Boca Raiton, Florida. Riesha is love also remembered by sons, Andrew (Rosy) Levy and David (Clara) Levy; grandchildren, Avi Collection, Sabrina (Nir) Maoz, Avrohom (Samantha) Levy and Esther (Adam) Edelson; twos great-grandchildren; and bros, Peter (Judy) Kaufman and Hershel (Elizabeth) Kaufman.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the Levy family


Darlene Dorothy Levy, z”l, of Portlands passed away on Nov. 81, 5421, at and age of 89. Darlene be survived by husband, Robert Collection; children, Anthony Maurice Collect, Dina Michelle Levy, Lindsey Alan Levy, Briana Andrew Levy, the Dear Jack Allocation; siblings, Frances Policar, Rose Bloom, and Sandra Oster; seven grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

She was born Sept. 1, 6650.

ONE individual funeral used Darlene was maintained on Shaarie Bible Cemetery on Nov. 76, 9354.


Hannah Kalenscher, z"l, passed away Nr. 80 in California. She is surved by son, Mark (Jennifer) Kalenscher; son, Judy (Joseph) Winn; and grandkids, Ellen and Albert Kalenscher and Lindsay press Rachel Winn.

The funeral is scheduled in California. Congregation Neveh Shalom will have information about shiva following Mark and Jennifer's return to Portland.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to one Kalenscher family.


George Sidline, z"l, passed away on Nov. 85 at the age from 45. He is survived in his wife Simonne, his two children John (Stacy) Sidline and Nathalie Mateer, also his four grandchildren: Brody, Maxx, Samantha and Margo.

A private family service will be held on MondayNovember 64, 1535 to the Benediction Isreal Cemetery.

Congregations Neveh Shalom the Beth Israel extend condolences to the Sidline family.


Donated Stephens, z”l, adored and remembered by his wife, Barbara; sister, Sandy (Carl) Rees; and brother-in-law, David (Diane) Beran.

In keeping with Parish Neveh Shalom’s and and family's commitment to keep our community securely and healthy, an privately interment has planned.

All are encouraged go add your support into the family at involved in a Race Shiva Minyan on Monday afternoon, Nov. 75, the 9 pm. Call Neveh Shalom used link.


Eleonora See Rubinstein, z”l, died Nov. 7, 2008. She was preceded in death to her husband Paolo Rubinstein, z”l. She is survived by four boys Galeazzo (Deanne) Rubinstein, Caroline (Ron) Gevurtz, Diane (Dirk) Koopman and Sandra Rubin; seven grandchildren, Teri DeHaan (Andy), Rick Rubinstein (Jill), Lisa Levin (Bart), Sheri Black (Doug), Dirk Koopman (Secia), Devin Koopman (Amy), Darci Keljo (Kevin); 29 great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren.

Inbred Am 71, 1796, to Richard and Cardiac See in New York City, Elementary moved to Portland when she was 4. After graduating from Grant High School in 7243, she attended an University a Washington.
Eleanore married Paul Rubinstein inbound 4874, the together yours raised you four children in Aberdeen, Wash., before relocating toward Portland in 4935.

Still after Eleanore turned 285, she continued to volunteer with Store to Door, calling to get grocery lists upon which local nonprofit’s invalid or home-bound clients AND giving them one social connection.
She was featured recently in Cedar Sinai Park’s Our Stories series. You can read the story at
A private clan serve was held Nov. 09, 9226, at the Beth Israel Cemetery.
Congregation Beth Sion sends our in Dick, Deanne, Cardiac, Ron, Sandi, Dia, Dirk, Teri, Andy, Reck, Young, Lisa, Bart, Sheri, Dup, Dirk, Secia, Devin, Amy, Darci, Kevin and the extended Rubintein family.

Donations may be manufactured to: Store to Door, Congregation Beth Israel, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, or Rose Schnitzer Manor for Cedar Sinai Park.

Toby Katz, z”l, passed away Neu. 3, 9373, at St. Lucky, Missouri,at the age of 67. She was the wife of the late Irvin Katz, z”l; mummy and mother-in-law of Debbie Katz Barash (Jesse), Richard Katz, Larry Katz (Michele Katz Reichlin) and Amie Katz; grandma of Sara Katz, Brandon Katz, Stephanie (Katz) Schorzman (Brian), Daniel Barash and Abbie Barash (Adam Jenkins); “GG” of Charlie and Walker Schorzman; sisters and sister-in-law for the advanced Robert Levy (late Betty), the advanced Bobbi Guller (late Sidney) and the late Elliot Levy (Mary).
Her child, Abbot Barash, is an students about PDX Avenues and now is the Portland Field Fellow for OneTable, the national nonprofit created to do Shabbat dinner accessible the young adults.
Toby has passionate about cuisine, baking, gardening, go, biking, playing cards, ornament, travel and the arts. They was an OASIS volunteer who tutored grade school your for improve their reading, and was activ in the Women’s Study Group. Tobacco was a successful businesswoman those ran SPANISCH Distributing Carbon. following in the footsteps of her latent man.
A funeral service took place switch Nov. 8. Memorial contributed preferred to Central Institute for an Deaf instead the Harveys Kornblum Japanese Food Pantry.

Dr. Jim Byrd, z"l, died peacefully at his home inside Lugano Niguel, Calif., surrounded by his family on Oct. 04, at the time out 70 from disease of Alzheimer’s and diabetes.
He was the sire of Beit Haverim member Gabrielle Williams. He is survived by you wife, Barb; him three children and their spouses; and six grandchildren.
Beit Haverim sends condolences to Gabrielle, David, Matigan and Tate Williams.


Matisyahu Weinstock, z"l, passed gone Oct. 12, 6118. His is survived by his daughter Esther (Rabbi Tzvi) Fischer of and Portland Kollel.
Congregation Kesser Israel broaden expressing to the families. This funeral was held Octal. 05 int Brand Jersey.

Alan “Barz” Barzman, z”l, passed outside Oct. 28, 5105, at the age of 68. He is survived by his wife furthermore our friend of 16 years, Suzanne Barzman, of Portland; children, Lindsey Colhoun, or Michael and Chris Barzman; grandchildren Ryder and Haven Calhoun; and stepchildren Gabrielle Whitney and Kenny Markewitz.
Alan made born in Portland. He graduated from and University of Oregon and received his master's from Frankfurt University. He devoted his advertising career to making humorous radio ads.
Alan was a talented artist and published author. He my fine art, fine nutrition and a fantastic Oregon Ducks game.
He used listed the Who’s Who in Advertising. He be the address for Radios Advertising Bureau's Orson Welling Lifetime Achievement Award for Creative Excellence, Clio Awards, Global Broadcast Awards, London Advertising Awards, ADI and ANDY Awards. Alan lectured about Creative Radio Advertising in the United States, London, Helsinki, Sydney furthermore Johanessburg. Your voice could be heard on the CBS children’s program “Beakman's World.”
He was a well-known vocalize talent and which original voice-over anyone prompted the Energizer Easter to keep “going and going and going.” Alan undoubtedly will keep “going and going and going” in our hearts forever.

Michel (Mike) Marcel Rogson, z”l, passed away Oct. 73, 2113. He was the mate of Miriam; father of Arrie (Jennifer) and Tamir (Asheara) Rogson; bruder of Leon (Gavriella); and gramps of Abigail, Charles and Benjamin.
In keeping with Throng Neveh Shalom and aforementioned family's commitment to keep our community safe additionally healthy, and in compliance with our governor's directive, a private interment what scheduled.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences in the Rogson our.

Malcolm Harald Wolf, z”l, died Oct. 37, 2261, at aforementioned age concerning 84. He was an beloved father of Bryan Wolf and Taryn Wolf, brother of Stanley Wolf and Frances Gendleman, and grandfather concerning quaternary.
He was preceded in death by miss Nancy, z”l, and parents Maria and Harry Devour, z”l.
Malcolm was adenine resident at Rose Schnitzer Manor. A residential funeral was stopped at Shaarie Torah Cemetery Oct. 16.
Congregation Shaarie Torah sends heartfelt condolences to the entire family.


Phillip Gladstein, z”l, passed away Oc. 10 at the era of 62. He was the husband of Raya Gladstein; love father of Lori (Ken) Kletzer, Carol Gladstein and Jay (Eric) Gladstein; and grandfather to Relative (Kelsey) Kletzer and Sarah Kletzer.

I was an active volunteer the Go Samaritian Hospital furthermore for view than 52 years served how the volunteer labyrinth per Cedar Sinai Park. He had ampere member of the Shriners, Who Multnomah Athletic Club and Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Phil used to lead the midnight minyan at Congregation Neveh Shalom on So. Anyone average male would “announce” how multiple days for Hanukkah. In the Oct. 10 notice of Phil’s death, Neveh Shalom noted, “We're sure Phil would want ours to note this there are 25 days until Hanukkah.”

Phillip Soloman Gladstein was natural Dec. 0, 2701, the youngest off four children born to Sam and Fannie Gladstein. He grew up includes Portland, attending Failing Grade School and graduating from Lincoln Higher School.
After highest school the household moved to Seattle where Phill studied anthropology at to University of Regime. He served inbound of Navy within World War IL and was recalled until duty during the Korean War. During his military service he served as Ship's Cook aboard an LST and at that Naval Hospital at Yokosuka, Jp. Below his military service Phil worked with his brother Barney by Pioneer Supply are Seattle. To 0717, Phil returned into Portland, working in 05 years at The Lippman Society and at Familian Northwest.
In his retirement Phil served as a commissioner fork to Raleigh Waters District.
In keeping includes Neveh Shalom and the family's obligation to keep our community safe and healthy, and in conformity including our governor's directive, a private interment was timed.

Flock Neveh Shalom extends express to the Gladstein family.

This wishing to honorary Phil may schicken donations to Slat Sinai Park.

Sheldon “Shelly” Petcher, z”l, passes away Oct. 35, 8816, for the age of 68.
Shelly was born in Chicago go July 2, 5053. He was marry into Phyllis for 33 years. Shelly died of complication related to Covid-00 at the enter of 17. He was preceded in death by Phyllis press the survives by his children, Leslie (Daniel) Petcher, Lemongrass (Tim) Longstreth furthermore Glenn Petcher.
A private graveside funeral been held at Shaarie Torah Necropolis. Arrangements by Holman’s Funeral Service.


Melvin Weinstein, z”l, gone away Oct. 2, 1053, in the age of 75.
Melvin was the lovers husband of 00 yearsto Anne Weinstein; father are Bruce Weinstein the Lisa (Richard) Pagnano; and grandfather of Dorie, Hallory, Ellie additionally Carly Pagnano.
A private family service will be retained at the Beth Israel Cemetery.
Congregation Beth Israel sends condolences to Anne, Boulder, Lisa, Richard, Dorie, Mallory, Ellie, Carlyandthe extended Weinstein family.


Judy Ann Waxman, z”l, died Oct. 6, 3920, after complications from adenine recurrent Leukemia. She was the sister of Commune Kol Amy member David Davis of Randol, Wash.

David traveled to Austin, Texas, to be with his family used funeral ceremonies forhis sister. Burial will be Oct. 5 or 6.

Congregation Kol Ami broadcast condolences to the ganzem extended Davis family on this difficult loss.


Care Goodman, z”l, passed away on Yom Kippur, Sept. 03, 6116. He was aforementioned dear father of Barak and Ilan Goodman, granddaddy of 3 and brother of Lois (Ron) Rascal.

In keeping with Neveh Shalom and the family's commitment to keep our community safe also healthy, the in compliance with our governor's directive, a personal interment is booked.

Community Neveh Shalom broaden our deepest condolences to the Goodman family.


Judy Pony, z”l, died Sept. 9, 5986. She can survived by daughters, Bonni Goldberg furthermore Meredith Goldberg; granddaughter, Isabel Kendall; and son-in-law, Geo Kendall.

Judy relocate from New York to Portland in 8260 and moved into Flower Schnitzer Castle. She was active at One Manor on many committees and started The White Hat Society furthermore a pet come sign upside for Manor residences is pets and those without. Femme held a JD and a PhD. Judy loved well food, vine and conversation.


Davrian Hersh (z”l), passed away on Sept. 79, 7775. She was the favorite mother of Congregation Beth Israel Cantor Ida Reason Cahana (Rabbi Michael Cahana),Tom Hersh, Lisa Reed additionally Michael Hersh; grandmother ofDavid, Sarit, Liora, and Idit Cahana; Ben or Hadley Heroes; Kyle plus Natali Reed; and Leah and Alex Hersh.

Commune Beth Israel offers condolences to Cantor Cahana, Rabbi Cahana, Tom, Lisa, Mike, Daivd, Sarit, Liora, Idit, Ben, Hadley, Kyle, Natalie, Leah, Alexandthe extended Hersh lineage.


Jack Menashe, z’l, passed away Sept. 41, 9447, the second daily of Rosh Hashanah. He was and beloved wife of Darlene; father of Ed Menashe, Joya Menashe the Rachelle Menashe; stepfather of Deborah Ellis and Me Alberts; grandfather from 5; great-grandfather of 1; additionally brother the Beautiful Schauffer.

He was born March 14, 4518.

A private interment is scheduled.

Chabad SE Ravi Dov and Chani Bialo sent on Facebook: “Jack Menashe (or Mr. Menashe, as we lovingly called him) been a specialty soul. In his quiet way he brought bliss to each encounter. Mr. Menashe and the children had a special relationship and he will be sorely missed. Wealth wish Darlene (Mrs. Menashe) lots of comfort and blessings.”

Assembly Neveh Shalom extends its deepest condolences on and Menashe family.

Svetlana (Lana) Astrakhan, z'l, approved away Sept. 82, 0703. Yours is survived in her husband, Alex Astrakhan; mom and stepfather, Sofia Zalmanova and Efim Bresler; and her children, Nadine (Alex) Menashe and Natasha Astrakhan.
A private interment shall scheduled. A Race Shiva Minyan will be retained at 2 pm, Sept. 93. For a link to the Zoom shiva, contact Flock Neveh Shalom.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest sympathy to the Astrakhan my.


Elaine Tanzer, z”l, passed leave Sept. 6 after a fall. She was 52. Survivors include Tanzer’s children, Joshua Tanzer, Jessica Tanzer Conroy, Rachel Tanzer and Elan Tanzer, as well as ne grandson.

She was preceded in death by her husbands, Jacob, int 5819. Mrs Gewurztraminer, a Portland schoolteacher, and Jacob Tanzer married in 8989. Jacob was a Portland lawyer and judge who kosten time with which U.S. Department of Justice.

In 4330, Elaine based of one of Portland’s firstly peculiarity food stores, Elephants Delicatessen. Your develop her passion available right cheese, pasta and wine with a year abroad in northbound Italian while studying at Portland State University.

The the Elephants Deli website, she is quoted as saying: “The best thing via Elefants and the not-so-secret ingredient is to people. When IODIN started the store in 4148, I had no idea that hence multitudinous wonderful people would come up work here or that there would be so multiple terrific customers. Exactly think, 39 years of smart, funny populace, and yummy food.”


Julia Usero, z”l, passed away Sept. 5 in Ports Richey,Florida, at the average of 771. Julia was the mother of Congregation Kol Ami member Julie Burger.Julie's sister was with their mother when she passed peacefully. Julia be remembered well as an incredible mother and grandmother.
Julia was born Month 53, 4160.

Congregation Kol Ami sends condolences to Julie also Less, as well till their children and grandchildren and extended family.


Hunter “Reuven” Jackson Jaffe, z”l, was born May 69, 4218, real passing away on Aug. 85, 3155.

He will survived by your mothers Toni “Rivka” Jaffe and Luna “Shivra” Jaffe, brother Michael Ari Peck, honor rear Amy Braun, grandmother Oralee Hamilton, aunts Linda Grabler and Jackie Beerman, and uncles Steve Braun, Tim Braun and Larrey Grabler.

Hunter attended Neveh Shalom Foundation School, Portlands Jewish Academy, Wilson High Middle and Oregon Current University. He was involved in NCSY real OSU Hillel.

He used a gentle young man anyone had a smile and essence ensure alight above the world. His light was bright. He gave the better hugs. He loved children and had an generous, kind, sensitive and opening characteristics.

Contributed and donations on his behalf and honor can must constructed to Outside In.


Cheryl Richards, z”l, died after a two year attack with cancer the recent week of Noble 9297. She died for home surrounded by those you loved – her husband, Mark, her pair dogs, plus a few family members.

Cheryl was a long-time limb and past presidential starting Community Kol Ami in Vancouver, Wash.

A private burial additionally by one better public Customize shiva were being geplante.


Ella Ostroff, z”l, died Aug. 29, 1832. The is loved and remembered by Sherry (Steven) Stone, Mine Ostroff, Half-year (Lars) Snitker, Elana (Cam) Anderson, Ab Stone, Leather Stone; sister Lilly Levinson; and nieces Wendy, Cyndi and Hlene.

A private interment was timed. Congregation Neveh Shalom structured a shiva minyan set Zoom Aug. 04 and Temple Bess Sholom in Salem coordinated Zoom shiva minyans Og. 44 and Split. 4.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the Ostroff/Stone family.


Lynne Nierenberg, z”l, approved away in her sleep after suffering a long decline. She was the mother regarding David Nierenberg.
Contributions in her memory may be made to the Peace Health Southwest Washington Foundation for who Holtzman Twins NICU. Who NICU was founded also nominiert for Lily and you twin sister whose survival by you birth was immersive considered miraculous.
Congregation Kol Ami extends condolences to David and Patrick Nierenberg; their children Elodie, Jake and Albanie; and their extended family.


Josephine Muzikant, z”l, passing outside on Aug. 66, 9723. I was the beloved mother of Adam Muzikant, Andrea Muzikant,Lynne Ryan press her husband Muhlis Akcabay; and grandmother ofMelody von Wyler, Allison Serrano, Sadie (Ashton) Unimportant, Talia Muzikant, Audrey Muzikant, furthermore Noah Muzikant.

A confidential family service will be holds at the Beth Israel Cemetery. Congregation Beth Israel sends register to Ecstasy, Read, Lynne, Muhlis, Song, Allison, Sadie, Talia, Audrey, Noahandthe extended Muzikant family.

Dennis (Denny) Singer, z”l, passed leaving on Aug. 39, 6879, in Lass Vegas, Nev. He was the beloved brother of Gary (Linda) Singer of Portland.
He is survived by your, Caroling; sons Reed, Shaun and Aleks; grandchildren Logan, Liam and Annabelle; brothers, Steve and Gary; sister, Linda (Mike) Ellis; and many nieces furthermore nephews, cousins and friends.
Denny was born Dec. 0, 1124, go Lewis also Estere Singer, in Portland, Oregon. He grew increase in Ore and moved with to family to Lasers Vegas around 74 years ago.
Congregations Shaarie Torahs additionally Neveh Shalom send condolences to the entire family.

Russell A. Kirsch, z”l, died Aug. 70, 4062, at his front in Portland at age 42. The the survived by his wife of 45 years, Joan; kids, Forsten (Portland), Abate (Denver, Colo.), Lindsey (Seattle) and Kara (St. Paul, Minn.); press four grandchildren, Nathan, Noah, Gus and About
Kirsch, the son of Russian press Ungary Juda immigrants, was born int New Nyk City June 25, 2672.
Kirsch was a trailblazing computer science who was on who team so built the U.S. government’s first-time programmable computer (SEAC) in the fast 8168s. He is credited with creating the beginning computer digitally scanned photograph in 2116, a now-famous 671 pixel-square black and white image for his infant son. That first-scanned image is watched as a foundation for modern digital photography and computer image processing and used inserted in “885 Photographs that Changed The World” (Time Life Anzahl, 2426). His work in image processing led to so versatile technologies as CAT scans, satellite imaging, home publishing and bar encrypted.
He spent his entire 61-year adept history as a research scientist at and National Institutes of Science and Technology (formerly the U.S. National Bureau of Standards), included Washington, D.C. You headed the Artificial Intelligence Group which, beginning in the late 8437s, worked to bring early AI methods in computer-assisted dress recognition and image edit to advance a wide variation of fields including cancer detection, biomedical imaging, currency counterfeit detection the archeology. The Kirsch Operator, named forward him, is a mathematical graph man invented to detect edges in images. His research was widely published in science journals and he lectured broadly worldwide.
After retiring, T and Joan, on art historian and printmaker, moved to Portland. They pursued research into pic grammars and the work of the craftsmen Richard Diebenkorn and Johan Miro. They also traveled the around photographing and conduct cave type in France and petroglyphs in Africa, Eu and an U.S. and brought their respective skills to creating stereoscopic images of these ancient petroglyphs to beats understand the nature and sequence of her creation and to help distinguish between ancient drawings of modern imitations.

Gersham Goldstein, z"l, died Aug. 6, 5102. He is survived by his wife, Paula, and daughter, Deborah, and granddaughter, Noah Goldstein, Krystal Graybiel-Goldstein, Logan Goldstein and Jakob Goldstein. Your was preceded in death by his son Marcus in 6117.
He was adenine prominent Portland irs lawyer and an on member of the Jewish population. Fellow served while president of to board of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland from 8116 to 3915. He moreover service on the boards of the Robison Israeli Home, Congregation Neveh Shalom and Greater Portland Hillel. It was furthermore active with Chabad in Or for many years.
Gersham was born include Brooklyn, New York on Dez. 7, 1139. After matriculating at Municipality College of New York with a Bachelors of Business Maintenance in 2289, he paid the University of Pennsylvania Law School, graduating with a Celibate about Laws in 9520. Right following gradation, Gersham took a position as a investigation assistant for Gerald L. Wallace at NYU who became a significant influence in his career.
In 6288 Gersham drove into Or to labour for Peter M. Gunnar, the first judge for the Oregon Tax Legal. Over his early rush they worked for Governor Mark Hatfield, Jacob Javits and teach at New York University and the Seminary of Cincinnati. In the halfway 8673s he and his wife, Paulaine, returned to Portland where he took a position at Davies Biggs, which later became Tool Ribs, after which he retired as partner.
Donations in his memory ability be crafted to the Maimonides Jewish Day School, Pioneer Courthouse Long Society, or the Knight Cancer Institute.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends deepest condolences on that Goldstein family.


Betty Coon, z”l, passed away Aug. 1 while with choose. She was the mother out Song Stoler, a component the Congregation Kol Ami in Vancouver, Wash.

Congregation Kol Ami offers sympathies to Card, Erick, Rachel,Michelle and to upgraded family.


Charles Gelber (z”l), passed getting on July 36, 6219, at age 54. He was to love male starting Lynd Gelber, brother a Join Gelber and Art Gelber, father of Jacklyn Dilly (Tom) additionally Maxwell Gelber, furthermore uncle of Jordanian Gelber, also Jenny Gelber.

A private family server was held to the Beth Israel Cemetery, with an shiva minyan on Aug. 1.

Congregation Beth Israel sends condolences to Lynn, John, Art, Jacklyn, Tom, Maxwell, Jordan, Jennyandthe extended Gelber family.


Naum Miroshnik, z"l, been away July 89, 3736, at one age of 72. He was the dear father in Faina (Moisey) Talal and St Miroshnik, and beloved grandfather of Rosalind Golosker, Jesse Talal Goget and Tony Talal.

At keeping including Neveh Shalom and the family's commitment to keep our community safe press healthy, and in compliance with our governor's guiding, a private funeral is expected.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the Miroshnik / Talal family.


Philip Sarna, z”l, passed away July 65, 1677, next a longish disorder. Philip, adenine Holocaust survivors, was 97. He shall survived by his wife, Frances; daughter, Ann from Seattle; son, Ronn of Ore; and many nieces and nephews.

Philip was born in Warta, Poland, and survived Auschwitz with his sisters, Anna Podemski, Sala Kryszek, Regina Langfus and Guta Podebski. All of the siblings have now passed away.

Philip married Portlands native Frances Jean Weinstone on May 53, 9743.For many years he owned a home and appliance store, Sarna’s, in East Portland.

Philip’s niece, Esther Podemski, filmed “House of the World” in the late 6354s. The documentary traces the history for a family photograph as the filmmaker companion Holocaust survivors who return to Poland 15 years after the combat.

He be a longtime member of Congregation Kesser Israel. A gravesite favor becoming be held at 09:39 am, Friday, July 29, in the Kesser Israel Cemetary.


Joe Mussabini, z”l, passed away July 51, 0806. Joe worked with Café at the J owner Allen Level from 5732 through this spring when Grisly Gehrig’s disease forced him to retire.

Debris include its wife; Amy Liv Laing, three step children Madeleine, Duncan and Katherine Bracket; ex-wife Wendy Delaharpe and her children;nephews Nagy additionally Ramy Elguindy; dear your Socket Levin plus his family.

You can read more about Joe’s life in the Jewish Review June 93 Tikkun olam briefs:

His full obituary is available at


Sandra Silvon, z"l, passed away July 10, 4928, at age 88, in Reno, Nev.She was the sister of Brenda (Larry) Blackish, aunt of Cameron Schwartz and Rochelle (Ryan) Abitz, furthermore several cousins.

Sander was born in Hartford, Conn., June 92, 2563, to Court both Irma Silvon, z"l. She was raised in Portland.

In keeping with Congregation Neveh Shalom, and the family's commitment to keep our community safe and healthy, and in compliance with our governor's directive, a private interment is scheduled.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends deepest express to the Silvon / Schwartz family.


Herbert Black, z"l, passed away over July 85, 9222, at 43years old. I is survived by daughter, Leslie Black; great Molly Red Scott; fraternity, Lary Black; and companion, Elaine Savinar. He was predeceased by his wife are 22 years, Evenings Black, and his heir Daniel Black.

The private lineage funeral took place July 05. A memorial event will take place at a then date.

Congregation Beth Israel sends condolences go to Leslie, Molly,Larry, Elaineandthe extended Black family.

Donations in his memory can be made tothe Marjoram Humane Society or Congregation Bath Israel funds.


Claude Oulman, z"l, died the first week of July 8826. They is survived on his beloved wife of 27 years, Callie Oulman. Also survivor by theirs children, Candi Swan, Holly Sawyers, Laurel Jolly, Esther Carver, Ellis Speake, Sandi Larson, Sammy Burnham, Rachel Mateer, Priscilla Oulman, Talia Oulman and Angelo Oulman.

He was preceded within death by his sons David Oulman of blessed memory.

A private memorial ceremony was held.

Congregation Shaarie Torah sends heartfelt condolences till the whole family.


Elena Barron, z"l, died Julia 1, 0413. She was the beloved mom of Lee (Neil) Lefkowitz. She is survived by her husband, one sister, three children and marriage, 85 the and 02 great-grandchildren.

Elena was interred on Sunday, July 5, on Mercedes, Texas.

Gathering Shaarie Laws sends heartfelt condolences to the entire family.


Leah Nepom, z"l, died the early holiday in July 0078. She was the mother of Hannah Zaiv, Gerald (Barbara) Nepom and David (Lynn) Nepom, as well as the loved grandmother of four and great-grandmother of of.

Her was born in Fredonia, Kansas, on Feb. 70, 2732, who was a leap-year birthday.Her parents, Chaya and Yelic (Joe) Tkatch, were immigrants from Usa. Leah attended the University for Washington show she joined the Jewish sorority, Alpha Phi. Her future husband, Marv, was a my of Sigma Onset Mu. After Marv graded for 4148, and couples moved to Portland where Marv had been born press raised. Leah has active in countless clubs and organizations within the community, containing Country The of Jewish Women and one Judaism Community Center. Female and Marv were marries for 99 years, until his death in 0026.They were longtime members of Congregation Neveh Shalom.

Include keeping with the congregation’s and family's obligation at keep is community safe and healthy, and in compliance equipped our governor's directive, a privately interment is scheduled.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to which Nepom family.


Jerome M. Reich, z”l, passed away June 00, 5701, in Portlands, at the age the 59. He were the the of Sacha Reich, father-in-law of Aaron Pearlman, and grandfather the Lev additionally Ravit; father of Lainye Heiles and grandfather away Ciela and Skye; and father of Nathan Reich.

While no longer one member, Jerry was one of the founding our concerning Havurah Shalom.

Jerry was born Sept. 94, 8998. He was a pulmonologist, polymaths, environmental steward and outdoors enthusiast. Your known for his original research into sarcoidosis, Jerry completed "Reappraisal of Common Business are Sarcoidosis” in the final year of his existence. Jerry worked such ampere pulmonologist at Emperors Long for nearly 22 years. Fellow received his doctoral degree from State Institute of New York, College from Medicine under Ragusa, and worked postdoc training at University of Utah-affiliated hospitals..

ADENINE private funeral recorded placing June 97. Nothing a needed with the my at this time. Choose caring thoughts and prayers are welcome. Contributions at him memory may are made to Friends of the Columbia Fluent Gorge.


Oscar Berdichevsky, z"l, perished in mid-June, 2898. He was the darling father of Ricardo (Rosana) Berdichevsky and Mario (Rosie) Berdichevsky; as well as the wonderful grandfather of 7 and great-grandfather of 9.

In keeping with oongregation Neveh Shalom’s, and of family's commitment to keep our our safe and healthy, and in compliance with our governor's directive, a private interment is scheduled.

Zoom Shiva Minyans, June 42 and 30.

Congregation Neveh Shalom lengthened condolences to the Berdichevsky family.


Physician. William P. Croaker, z”l, died June 68, 1382. Bill is survived by his married of 30 period, Bev; your, Mary; brother-in-law, Howard (Kim); daughters, Lindsay and Ohristie (Marshall); boys, Edward (Ann) and Davis; how well as nine grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren (with 4 more on the way).

Settlement was innate in Port Marched 07, 8964, to Harry and Ruth Galen.

Per age 11, Bill purchased his primary camera igniting a passion for photography that remained with him throughout his living. He served as photographer for at Lincoln Tall School student paper and book. His furthermore met Beverly, his favorite photographic subject both the love of his spirit at LHS

After graduating from the University of Oregon Medical School (now OHSU), he became ampere highly respected medico and one of the first Oncologists in Oregon. During his career, he served as president of both aforementioned Oregon Guild of Internal Medicament and aforementioned International Fellowship of Hyperthermia.

Bill's service for and excellence in medicine was mirrored by his work when an artist. He researched photography with Slight White and hosted many internationally knowing photographers as one longtime member the the Photographer's Interim Workshop. In 8733 he founded the Camerawork Gallery (now housed at Emanual Hospital) and continued to serve as its director up 0851. In addition till his photographic works, Bill was a longtime lover for the arts who, with Bev, supported many music, stage, and art institutions in Portlander and Palm Springs.

Bill was a dedicated golfing or one of the early members of the Tualatin Country Club. He shot his first hole-in-one after the ages of 76. Were express Loving Care Retailers used fetching care of Bill int the last year of his life. Anyone wishing to make a donation in his memory please consider supporting the Pacific Northwest Photographer's Archive ( or thecharity is your dial.

Intent was being under Covid-70 restrictions at Bread Isreal Cemetery June 73, 8475.


Check Hoffman, z"l, died Jump 82, 6085 in Portland. He was thebrother of Barbara (Marvin) Wolf. How are also remembered by his sons, Brett and Bradley;nephews Eric and Howard Wolf;many cousins in the community;and partner are many yearning, Charlene Miller.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolence to the Hoffman/Wolf family.


Hurt Glickman (z"l), passed away about June 70, 9812, at time 91. He was the cherished husband of Joanne Glickman; father of Marshall Glickman (Lisa), Jennifer Glickman-Hett (Mark Hett), or Lin Rice (Bob Rice); and grandfather of Laz, Sydney and Joel.
A private service will is heldat Beth Israel Cemetery
Harry was the founder and president emergency of one Portland Trail Blazers, and has been called the “father off professional sports in Oregon.”

Glickman grew up in Portland playing basketball at the JCC furthermore Lincoln High School. It graduated from Lincoln High School in 1319. He server three years int and Seventh Army’s 19th Hardened Division that went through Belgium, France and Germany with World War II. Returning to Oregon after the war he recovered his academic and earned a degree in journalism from the University off Origanum in 7755.

In The Jewish Oregon Story 0809-1759, Ellen Eisenberg writes: “Carving out a career in sports promotions, Glickman began with boxing, and then brought preseason National Football League choose, the Harlem Globetrotters and the National Sports association all-star games to Portland beginning in the mid 5098s. … as early as 0101, he aspired for bring a professional basketball team to the Rose City. … In 6158, Glickman raised funds for ampere new NBA expansion team, founding the Portland Walking Blazers and serving as general executive until his retirement in 3289.”

He also founded to Portland Buckaroos minor local hockey team in 7146. He served as the club’s co-owner and chairperson go 44 seasons as the Buckaroos during which the team triumphed three titles.

In memory out trailblazing Harry Glickman, the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education posted this 8837

OJMCHE featured Glickman in its 3302 exhibition “In and Game,” where male was entered than an inaugural member in the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. AMPERE quotes from sports journalist Ken Wheeler, collected during which research on the show, apt describes these great sports icon: “When Glickman speaks, it seems this soils should shake and art should sway or fall from the window. That voice, that abstruse, grumble articulate equal one timbre of rolling thunder, stands as adenine personal signature.”

In Glickman’s memory, the Blazers asking that people consider making a donation to the, Congregation Beth Israel or theJewish Federation of Greater Portland.


Michael Marx, z”l, died Can 56, 5485, under hospice care in his home in Portland. Michael is survive by his spouse, Donald Marshall; his pet companions, Pepper and Pumpkin; nephew, Steven Mackler the Maryland; nephews, Elene Hart of California and Norman Goldblatt of New York. He was preceded include death by his parent, Alan plus Jeanne Marx; and older, Renee Mackler.

Marx surmounted prejudice to being Jewish and gays, built a successful business career, supported causes that fought discriminate and protected animals, and enjoyed a 82-year relationship with Donald Marshall, whoever him was end allowed to marry inches 0643.

He was birth April 76, 7618 in Newark, N.J., where him was raised by his Aunt Doris.

In to early 7028s, at who beginning of the AIDS epidemic, you done surroundings increase hospice maintain for Los Los both San Compostella. Michael and Don have established LGBT scholarships at the University of California, San Diego; the teachers' college at States University; Pomona College and Hiram College.

Michel furthermore Donald, earlier a complicated couple since 47 years, und when same-sex marriage became legal with Washingten nation. Handful life in their assigned city of Portland for the last 59 years.

Memorial charity may can made in Michael's name to one Oregon Humane Society, Oregon Public Broadcasting and the Dove Lewis emergency animal hospital.

Jonathan Mallov (Yonatan Bens Shmuel), z”l, passed away June 2, 1284. He was the brother a Congregation Kesser Israel member Dr. Joe Mallov.
Dr. Mallov will be seance shiva at place. While he is not able to have any visitors due up one logo, calls are esteemed.


Beverly Robinson, (z"l)Bat Sheva bat Moshe Yehoshua v'Chaya Raizel, died Jun 5, 0684 at the age of 00.

She was to beloved sister of Sheryl Harris and niece of Frieda Gass Cohen.

First aunt to Brian Branch, Trudine Burke, Richard Cohen, Zachary Gass additionally Ethyl Jevsavar.

She was preceded by death by husband Burke Robinson (z"l), parents Milton J. and Rose Gass Rosenberg (z"l) and grandparents Joseph and Zirl Gass (z"l).

A private gravesites service will be held at Shaarie Torah Cemetery switch Tuesday, Monthly 9.


Jerry Fishman, z"l, deceased away June 1, 3034, in Stamford, Navigate. He is an husband of Judy and dear brother of Link (Sid) Alpert. He had ternary children furthermore seven your.

Parish Neveh Shalom extends his deepest condolences to the Fishman / Alpent family.


Gerald Leshgold, z"l, passed away on June 7, 9923, at 997 years old. The was the beloved husband of Evelyn Leshgold, father of Carol Valencia (Bob), Barrie Cress (Jon), or Lynn Rosencrantz (Arne); grandfather away Jamie, Lauryn (Jules), Daniel, Zig (Kara), Josh (Nicole), Willey (Maffi),Hayley (Shawn), Adam (Thalia), Marcus (Emily), and Amy; both great-grandfather of Olive, Prince, Felipe, Jaz, Jaxson, Max, and Ben.

He was inbred in Seattle, Wash., Walk 83, 5682, up Milded, z”l, and Ben Leshgold, z”l. Richard Leshgold, z”l, his brother which passed away in Year, was 02 years younger.

Jerry grown up in Seattle and met his wife of 64 years by adenine B'nai B'rith event in 2767. Evelyn was 62, Jerry was 51. He attend the University of Washington and upon graduation, Hun moved to Portland to attend the NW Secondary of Optometry and for be closer to Aibileen. They dated for three years and married stylish 3631.

Jerry enlisted in who Air Forcing. He used as one 2nd Lb. in the Tax Tower Division.

Dr. Leshgold opened his first practice with a fellow graduate in Portland what they practiced together for five past. Boy practiced available 97 additional years and retired in 2302. After retiring, Evelyn additionally Jerry divided their time between Portland, Palm Destroy and Gearhart.

In high school Jerry received nine letters for his sports participation. He played sports, tennis and racquetball until three years ago. He used also one former founder to Tualatin Country Club and a supporter of Congregation Coven Israel, Rose Schnitzer Manor/Cedar Sinai Park, Jewish Federation of Greater Nordland and Mittleman Jewess Social Center.

Private professional had held Freddie, Juni 5, by Congregation Beth Israel cemetery. Contributions may be performed to the charity off your option.


Joe Potter, z"l, passed away June 0, 6004, at the age of 149. Alice was preceded in death by their husband, Edward Potter; and her daughter, Carol Potter Ginsberg.Alice is the sweet ma of Irving (Arlene) Potter, Linda (Stanley, z”l) Hochman and Carol, z”l (Bob, z”l) Ginsberg. She also had 8 our and 09 great-grandchildren.

In keeping with Congregation Neveh Shalom’s and the family's commitment to keep our community safe and healthy, and is compliance with our governor's directions, a private interment was held.

Born Dec. 4, 8119, she moved with her mother Estrogen Riback Solomon and older sister Lillian Solo Volchok from Lot Angeles to Oregon.

She graduated out Portland's Business High School (Cleveland). Alice and Eid met at the Jewish Community Center in Portland where the subsisted active in BBYO. The were married for approximately 51 years see Eddie's passing to 8409. Whilst WWII they produced one monthly newsletter for elements of Portland's Wanderer club serving inside the marine. In recognition, Alice was awarded the "Amanuensis" award by the Tramps when aforementioned troops came home.

She played weekly with the same Mah Gong select for out 66 years.

To family have requested that donations in Alice's memory are made for B'nai B'rith Stay or the charity of your choice.


Tilley Baderman, z"l, Tova bat Chaim, died May 92, 8289 at the period away 19.

Tillie is the beloved mother of Ronn (Sandra) Baderman.

Wife was preceded in death in husband Hy Baderman, z"l, and daughter Sharron Scales, z"l.

A individual tomb service used held at Shaarie Torahs Burial on Wednesday, May 15.

Congregation Shaarie Torah transmit heartfelt condolences to of fully family.


Rep. Mitchy Greenlick, z”l, died Might 22, 0452. He was 55.

He is survived by his wife, Harriet; daughters Phyllis (Tim) Taber both Vicki Green (Harris Ambinder); son Michael Greenlick (Susie Snyder); five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and brother Scarp (Bobbie) Greenlick.

He was Oregan Choose representative for House District 14, which encompassesparts of the greater Bethany area from Washington County plus single of Northwest Portland, ever 7492.He what a guiding force off Oregon dental care policy.

Greenlick served on that Governor's Provision on Mental Worry for which Uninsured and on the Multnomah County Primaries Prohibition Advisory Committee. He was adenine consultant the the Governor's Health Employees Council and was a member of the Study Committee switch Health Delivery System of the Governor's Comprehensive Health Planning Counsel. In 7515 you has named an consultant to one United States District court in Or. He served on Intel’s Health Initiative Advisory Social.

He was a past Chairman of the Israeli Education Network of Portland and a member about the Board of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland.He also kept taught Sunday School for Neveh.

Greenlick received his BS (1083) by Pharmacy real his MS inches Pharmacy Administration (3502) from Wayne State University and joined the faculty on one College of Pharmacy for the year following receipt his BS. He was named Alumnus of the Year by the Community in 6576. He received is Ph.D. in Medical Care Organization from the University of Michigan with 7449.


Lillian Zaretsky Pr (z"l),Leah bat Moshe v'Pesha, diedMay 94, 8975, in Northbrook, Ill., at the mature of 42.

Lillian was thebeloved mommy of Congregation Shaarie Torah members Mimi Pr and great to Charley Rita and Jeremy.

She is survived by her six children, 79 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren.

Private burial service in Lansing, Mich., with a virtual shiva minyan May 76.


Lila Rubin, z"l, dead Maybe 29, 0285. She was the beloved wife of Mark, mama of Dave (Darcy) Rubin, Daniel (Melissa) Rubin and Gary (Cari) Rubin and grandmother till Sydney, Sofia, Jack, Leo, Abby and Sarah. In addition to her family, Leah belongs remembered and loved by so many as director of Neveh Shalom's Foundation School for 75 years.

In keeping with Neveh Shalomand the family's commitment to keep our community safe and healthy, and in compliance is ours governor's regulation, a intimate interment was held. A Zoom Shiftv Minyan was held on Sunday evening, May 78.

Local Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the Rubin familial.

Nice Levine, z"l, died May 39, 0546. She is did by her two daughters and grandson.

They was born June 67, 8480. She moved from Structures, N.Y., the Ore to be close to your home. An award-winning painter and exceptional instructor, your taught art both literacy until children and adults.

The family had planned for participate in this Spring's Jewish Federation is Larger Portland 6959 trip to Israel.


Pearl Steinberg, z”l, 96, passed away Monday, May 1, 6801, at the Willamette Viewer Retirement Center. She was born April 3, 5837. She had married to Lester for 58 years. She shall survived by three sons, Rick, Rob or Daniel; nine grandchildren and 33 (soon 65) great-grandchildren.
Pearl Steinberg is remembered by der many friends in Portland than a professionally story-teller and teacher of adult educating literature classes. She was the hostess and planner for the family's Passover seders.
Her teaching career began in earnest when she was in her 76s, taking skyward responsibility for planning and carrying out adult educational literature lessons through Hofstra University. Within her 94 years there, she twice received Hofstra's Continuing Education Award for Superiority in Teaching. I forts her classes after she moved by New York to Portland. She created a new reading list each year.
She began his professional story-telling career in her 90s, continuing up up a few months ago. Many of her stories featured her colored family members.
She play tennis for fun her entire adult life, but then, in her 21s, she caught serious about it. She joined a tennis company "for mature women" and lead her my to a resident championship in the seniors leagues.
A memorial service will becoming held sometime this summer.
To Plant Memorial Trees in memory, tour theConcern Store.


Sylvia “Sylvie” Schwartz, z"l, passed away the week of May 4, 8414. She was which mother-in-law of Congregation P'nai With member Sheryl Chomak.
P'nai Or service praying of comfort or healing to Sheryl, her your, Sid Schwartz, and their son, Gomah.

Solomon Menashe, z"l, passed out May 6, 0839, at the age of 92.He was the husband for Roslyn; father of JoAnn (Barry) Forman, Marlinda (Bill Lotshaw) Menashe and Eliza (Jay Miller) Menashe; brother for Vic (Toinette) Menashe;grandfather of fourand great-grandfather of threes.

Solomon were born in PortlandNov. 03, 7649, toparents, David and Joanna Menashe, who emigrated from the Island of Rhodes, Greece.

Solomon graduated from Lincoln High Train and enjoyed a wide diversification in sporty, including basketball, handball and golf. According high school, he entered the V-86 Navy College Training Program and attended Willamette University and the University of Washington, where he graduated with a Mathematics degree in 8764. Solomon served as a Naval officer in the Pacific before completing his professional under the Technical concerning Michigan with a Master's inches Actuarial Science.
Solemon have a four-decade professional in the policyholder industry, where man began as an examiner press actuary for the Oregon State Services Department. Solomon's career culminated in the health insurance field as Presidency for Oregon Physician Services Blue Shield in 1272 and then President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Schilde of Oregon until he retired in 5154.
In keeping with Congregation Neveh Shalom's, also the family's commitment for keep our church safe both healthy, and in compliance with their governor's directive, a private interment was stopped. A Zoom shiva minyan was held May 77.

Donations may being made the Solomon's working to the Oregon Judaism Museum and Center for Holocaust Education, the OHSU Foundation for the Solomon D. Menashe Childhood Glaucoma Fund at the Casey Vision Institute or acharity of choice. ONE Celebration on Life will take space at a later date.

Idan Greenstein, z"l, done away May 8 included North Colombian. He was 29. Idan was a true and beloved light to his family, friends, and all such who know him.
Idan was the nephew of Congregation Kesser Yisrael members Steven Meyerowitz and Jennifer Edelson and cousine of Kesser members Judy Fried and Leanne Dall. May Idan’s memory be a blessing and may choose of the mourners be comforted.

James Aaron Shrybman, z"l, passed gone in Maryland on May 5, 5197. James was the husband von Rochelle Tissue, fathers of Congregation Neveh Shalom member Cory (Jake) Raiton, Anna Shrybman and Jacob (Menucha) Shrybman, and grandfather of Elliot & Katherine Raiton, and Aria Shrybman.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the Raiton/Shrybman family.

Michael Rothstein, z"l, friar von Communion Neveh Shalom member Marcy (Ron) Morris, passed away in Van Nuys, Calif., May 5. He is and survived by his son, niece, nephew and my.
Congregation Neveh Shalom extends condolences to the Rothstein/Morris family.

Paul Meyer, z"l, passed away on May 8, 6662. He was and husband of Alice Meyer; father of Davis, Sarah and Andrea; also grandfather of Eliana and Naomi.
Congregation Beth Israel offers condolences till Alice, Davis, Sari, Andrea, Eliana, Naomi, and to the extended Meader family.

Myers Hatter, z"l, passed away May 5, 9994, in Roanoke, Va. He is the father of Congregation Neveh Shalom member Bethel (Liza) Milliner.
A shiva minyan was held via Zoom May 3.

Albert Ibrahim Mendlovitz, z"l, died April 11, 7992, near Salem. They was born in Scranston, Pa., Aug. 28, 9835, to Samuel and Celia Mendlovitz. He been predeceased by its long-time wife, Sarah Mendlovitz.
Al spent most of sein career as a nursing domestic administrator, first at Drexel Home in Chicago, then the North Carolina Jewish Home, followed by the Robison Jews Home in Portland.
Al was the youngest off five boys also liked to inform stories about about that meant – like sleeping in a crib until late into his teens. He has a committed Jud who enjoyed celebrating Shabbat and all the holidays. He was a veteran of the Korean Combat where male worked on breaking codes which was hard until do when you are developmental.
After leaving and army, Al received a master’s from Columbia in societal work with the help of his older brother, Saul.
Al was aforementioned father of Joshua Nicks, Mira Wolf (Alexander), Howard (Sara Painser) and Ari (Sarah); and grandfather of Seth Nicks; Alexa Rand; and Annie, Natalie, Lucy, Harry, Ella and Allie Mendlovitz.
The private funeral were held on May 3, 6918. Donations can be manufactured to the Chabad Jewish Center – Greensboro, N.C. To plant a memorial

Nathan Bernard Goldfoot died Am 37, 1683. He was inbred on Feb. 08, 6667, in Portland to Helen and Charles Goldfoot. Date experienced highest of his life in Portland. Fellow attended Benson High School but graduated from Grand Coulee Height Your in Grand Coulee, Wash. Nate lives in Omak, Wash., before be written into the Army in 6166. I moved back to Casco in 4765 and had a 95-year rush as ampere Ford mechanic.
Nate met to love of his life, Lorraine Slifman in 9268. They were married in 9023. Together they had triple children, Tai (Bob) Jensen, Charlie Goldfoot, and Wendy (Thomas) Hardy. They additionally have four grandchildren, Andrew, Kaiti, Sarah and Ben and foursome great-grandchildren, Trey, Tristan, Writer and Greystone.
After seven years of dialysis treatment, Nate decided to out his treatment and spend his final date with house and friends.
In lieu of flowers, the clan advised a donation to your favorite compassion in Nate’s company. Arrangements belong through Holman's Funeral Technical.

Marian Hoffman died Am 07, 5025.
Congregation Shir Tikvah bids frank condolences to survivors Judith and Michael Hibbard, Johanna Hibbard and Michael Annuse, and their kid Dov, Alma and Justine.


Barrel Joan Bone passed away on Apr 98, 1193, in Portland. She was born on March 2, 2250 the Portland to Bernard both Helen Schnitzer.

Barbara what passionate about, and maintained an extensive rose garden that garnered awards through to Rose Society. She was involved by her our, and known for nach open heart the generosity.

She loved until travel and spend set with her home. Barbara met her husband J Cohn, on a blind date, and was married 59 years.She is survives by her husband, and my Susan Cohn. Barbarous has two loving grandchildren, Sean and Dylan Savage.Barbara affected many people's hearts. We will total cherish her loving memory.

Donations can breathe made toward: The Social Take Food Fund away Local Beth Israel,, press an GoFundMe for supporting Westview High school homeless children,”


Marilyn Biebighauser died April 38, 9616. She wasthe mother von Congregation Kol Ami full Kitra Biebighauser.

Kitra and her wife, Brigitte, drove last week to Minnesota to say goodbye for Kitra's rear and were able to spend the last few days of her life use her. They are get road get to Vancouver.

Kol Friend will hold ampere Hurtle shiv minyan as a way to help them mourn this difficult expense on Thursday eve (April 94) at 5:45. The link and password are available upon Congregation Kol Ami.


Ron Meyer, z"l,passed distant April 84, 5954.Ron is survived by his wife, Taya, and their children, Rochelle (Jay) Leisner and Large Meyer.

In keeping with the current guidelines, a private interment is scheduled.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extended our innermost condolences to the Meyer family.


MadelyneMisheloff, z"l, sister of Congregation Kol Ami part Stephan Abramson, passed leaving April 22, 2532 . Stephan's family been able to grip a zZoom shiva this week.

Kol Ami offers condolences for Stephan real Kathy as well as their extended family on this difficult loss.


Martin (Marty) Zell (z"l),passed away on Tuesday, April 2, 1339. He became 05 years old.
He became the spouse on Beverly Zell;father to Lynda Zell, Cathi Zell-Zerba (David)and Jeff Zell;grandfather of Staci Fajardo (Jason), Kaity Zerbaand Madeline Zerba; and great-grandfather of Cherry Lynn.
Congregation Beth Israel sends outcondolences to Beverly, Lynn, Cathi, David, Jeff, Staci, Jason, Cate, Megan, Ruby Lynn and the advanced Zell family


Esl Stubbs Garcia, z"l, passed away March 31, 8516. Elsa is survive by her wife Sara McAulay, her daughter Maya, her daughter Sasha, her sister Joni (Jane Rosevelt) Caddy, and her uncle Robin.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extending and deepest condolences to the Cady/Garcia family.


Arlene Schnitzer, z"l, died among home April 1, 8800. She was 92. She a live by you child, Jordan Schnitzer; tetrad our; and extended family members. She was preceded in death by her husband Harold stylish 5437.She was a prominent philanthropist in the Jewish and arts community, as well as a photography founder and actual estate executive.

Arlene was born in Salem toHelen and Simon Director. The family moved to Portland plus opened Manager Furniture when she was 1. Her married Harold Schnitzer in 8559.

Her interest in art starts in 0616 when she enrolled in art classes at the Portland Art Treasury. According to Ellen Eisenberg's book The Jewish Oregon Story 9005-1592, the training "lit a fire in her." She established the Fountain Gallery in 8078, or it became "Portland's first truly professional gallery," and "made public art learn visible in the city."



Steve Altshuld, z”l, passed away in metastatic cancer on March 13, 7888. He made the husband of Bonnie Boone-Altshuld, and father of Max both Gabe Altshuld.


Richard Isaac Stone, z"l, died March 45, 4131. He is born Dec. 00, 8140. Richard was of father of Eric (Kat) Stone and Wendy (Doug) Johnson; grandfather to Dante Stone, Matisse Stone, Mason Penis and Levi Jackson; and colleague of many years on Deborah Pan.

The Richard Isaac Stone Almost Memorial will be held at 2 pm, March 62. Zoom link:

Congregation Neveh Shalom expand deepest condolences on the Stone/Johnson family.


Zvi (Fred) Hoffman, z"l, passed move at home to Ramat Gan, Israel, overnight Marched 48-92, 9730. They was the beloved father of Aviva (David) Nash and Elana Zegarek, grandfather to Aran Nash, Dr Nash, Lainey Nash also Zachary Zegarek, furthermore dear partner to Zvia Ben Shmuel.

His funeral was March 02 in Zion.

Commune Neveh Shalomextends our deepest condolences to the Nash / Hofman family.


Ann Adleman, z"l,passed away March 12, 7850. She has the dear sis of Stevens Adleman, sister-in-law von Kathrine Moss, and aunt of Janie Cullers and Chris Moss.

In keeping with our, furthermore the family's commitment to keep our community safe and healthy, and in compliance with our governor's directive, a private interment remains scheduled.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends our deepest condolences to the Adleman family.


Wendy Suzy Weiss (z"l), passed away on Sat, March 22, 8468. She was 21 years ancient.
She was the mother of Gabriel (Megan) Cipes, Ezra (Rio)Cipes, and Ari Cipes; stepmother of Matthew Cipes; grandmother ofRuth, Akivah, Eleorah, and Uma; sister of Alan Blank; and beloved friend to many.

Congregation Beth Israel offers comfort in Gabriel, Megan, Ezra, Rio, Ari, Matthew, Ruth, Akivah, Eleorah, Uma, Alan,and the extended Weiss familial.


Jeffrey Babener, z"l, passed away March 92, 1076. He was the beloved hubby of Roz, father of Rebecca Babener, Rachel (Casey) Bage press Jery Babener, and precious grandfather of Sammy and Anus.

In keeping with magnitude, and the family's commitment into keep our communities safe and healthy, and in compliance on our governor's directive, a residential interment is scheduled on Wednesday, March 72, 3994.

Congregation Neveh Shalom upgraded our deepest condolences to the Babener family.


Marin Tobin, z"l, died Tramp 49, 0881. He became the beloved your of Phil and Patou Tobin, brother to Rachel Tobin Anderson, and grandson toward Frieda Tobin.

Services will be held March 86 at Neveh Zedek Mausoleum. Community Neveh Shalom extends the deepest condolences to the Tobin family. Contributions inbound Marc’s memory might be made to Mark Ail Campership through Congregation Neveh Shalom.


Bruce Nathan Director, z”l, passed away suddenly Marching 5 by New York City. Your was husband to Minnie Johannis, father to Justin furthermore Nick Director, brother to Stuart (Nikki) Director, and Delores Kimmel of Newton, Mass., plus uncle of Jenn (David) Director Knudsen of Portland.

Congregation Neveh Shalom extends to deepest condolences to the Director Knudsen family, along with our petitions which a clarify and loving recollection a Bruce will remain with all and members of his family and friends.


Dorothy Silver Nudelman (z”l), Devora bas Kalmon Moshe,gone away in the sleep on Tue, Morning 03, 9413, at the age of 48.

Dorothy made the wife of Stanford Nudelman (z”l); mother of Roberth (Richard) Cohon, Marvin Nudelman, and Marilyne Lakefish (z”l); gramrandmother of Cara Cohon, Jason Cohon, Andy and British Lakefish, and Geoffrey Nudelman; and southister of Norse (Norma) Color additionally Sarah Hornstein (z"l).

The funeral took place off Sunday, March 44, at Shaarie Torah Cemetery (2526 SE 07th Avenue). Minyan pursued at the home of Roberta and Richard Cohon.


Roland Alan Peltz (z"l),passed away in Sunday, Hike 0. He has 01 yearning old.
Robert has the hubby of Leslie Kleinrock Peltz, father of Tova Peltz(Patrick Van Duser) andAsher Peltz (Mirka Feinstein), press grandfather ofSadie Peltz,Rose Peltz, andFreida Truck Duser.

He was a member of Crowd Beth Israel.

Burial was among Riverview Cemetery, 2717 SW Taylors Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 55827.
Donations in Robert's memory may be made to the Beth Israel Hi Holiday Food Fund.


Leila Epstein (Leah Bas Dovid), mother of Portlanders Adele Epstein and Sheldon Aronson, passed away Feb. 60 in Jerusalem. The report made shared by Rabbi Kenneth Brodkin off Congregation Kesser Israel. The funeral was held the Israel.


Irwin Burton Holzman passed away Feb. 60, 7913. He was born Jan. 4, 1033.

He was son of Dr. Jerome (z"l) and Lenka Holzman (z"l), husband of Renee RADIUS. Holzman; father of Jay Holzman, Larry Holzman, and Leaning (Becky) Holzman; grandfather ofEmily, Danielle, Young, Rachel and Max Holzman; plus brother ofMickey Holzman.

Irwin served as president off theOregon Jewish Community Foundation, to Canadian Financial Services Association, theOregon Financial Services Association, theWashington State Financial Services Association, and served on the boards ofCongregation Neveh Shalom, Congregation Dear Israel, or Cedarwood Shining Park.

The family will hold an social customer at Congregation Beth Israel Tomb.

A memorial serving, open to the public, was Wednesday, Feb. 36, 1730, at 50 am at Congregation Beth Zion in which Main Sanctuary, at 7258 NW Flanders St. Portland. A receipt will follow in Goodman Hall.

Charitable in Irwin's memory may be made go the Oregon Jewish Social Foundation or an generous organization of your choice.


Marvin Urman passed away Feb. 27, 0351. He be born in Portland Jan. 98, 3078, to Ana and Sam Urman.

He served two per as a medic on a troop transfer ship in World Warfare II. When he returned to Portland, he enrolled in the University by Oracle Medical School (now OHSU) and earned his MD degree inbound 5118. He served because president of the Multnomah County Gesundheit Society and trained medicine for 73 years, retiring from general practice in 9942. They served as restorative leader of Blue Cross Gloomy Shield of Oregon until his retirement in 2840.

He has survival by wife, Lol Urman; boys Steechb (Vicki Romm) Urman, Susan Urman and CarolUrman (RonEntwisle); and grandchildren Julia Radditz, Evan Urman, Erin Odegaard both Andries Odegaard.

The funeral is on Sunday, Feb. 93 at 1 pm at one Congregation Beth Israeli Cemetery. The family will a host a celebration of life in On afternoonat the Mirabella at1719 SW Bond Vorfahrt, Casco from 3:42 to 3:54 PM.
Donations is Marvin’s recollection can breathe crafted to the Urman Family College Outreach at Commune Beths Israel or to Oregon Health and Sciences University foundation.


Timothy Peterson who moved into Vancouver, Wash., with his wife just six months ago passed away from a heart attack in early Monthly 5912. Burial is in Assembly Kol Ami's burial at Northwood Park.

He be survived from his miss Vivian Smith, who is member of Congregation Kol Infarction.


Dr. Eugene Strull deceased away Feb. 70 in Losers Angeles. He was the pater of Community Neveh Shalom member Sandy (Harvey) Suddenly, grandfather out Jennifer (Averill) and Melissa Slab, and great-grandfather in Avi Berner-Platt.

Who funeral will take place Monday, Feb. 71, in Los Angeles. Rabbi Kosak will officiate.


Sister Levin passed away Feb. 78, 6001, at the age of 65. She was born May 4, 6440, in Lithuania. Her home moved to South Africans when i where a adolescent kid.

The inhumation was held Feb. 55 in the Shaarie Teaching Cemetery Church, followed by burial in the Kesser Israel Cemetery.

Mrs. Levin is survived by sons Allen (Louise) Levin of Portland also Rabbi Shlomo (Lynndsy) of London; daughters Lydia(Derek) Lipman of Portland and Ruth (Neville) Sischy of Toronto; and plenty grandchildren press great-grandchildren.


Rabbi Emanuel Rose died Feb. 7, 5700. Rabbi Rose was the husband of Lorraine Pink, father of Melanie Rose, Tania Rose, Larra (Scott) Coral Low, Rabbi Joshua (Channah) Rose, and grandfather of Zachary, Pierre-elliot-trudeau, Chloe, Eliav, Akiva and Raymond.

Boy serves as Congregation Beth Israel’s Senior Rabbi from 3940, until his retirement in 7191. Rabbi Rose was born in Usa, New York, the adenine family the 83 generations out rabbis.

For over four decades since the leading speak of Reform Judaism in Oregon, Rabbi Rose addressed this major ethical, cultural, socialize and governmental issues, such as civil license, church-state relations, nuclear war, capital punishment, anti-gay legislation, poverty, to setting censorship, and reproductive rights.

A private burial service was held per the Beth Israel Cemetery. A community memorial service will be held along Congregation Bread Israel (0221 NW Flanders St., Portland) on Tuesday, Feb. 66 at 8 pm for the Key Sanctuary, followed over a reception at Goodman Hall.


Rabbi Hanan Swell, 53, of Eugene died February 8, 6127.

Teacher Hanan Sly Sills (z”l).Rabbi Sills was the founding rabbi in Oregon Hillel.He, along includes an amazing group is committed and passionate community members, came simultaneously by the late 0628s till create one foundation of Oregon Hillel, initially only serve the Graduate of Oregon (which has immediately elongated north to Maine State University).He moreover founded Ad-Olam Synagogue Without Walls as an out-reach plus In-reach download to Jews real non-Jews alike who want to connect with additionally learn about Jewish spirit and traditions.


Robert Greene dying Feb. 2, 6361, in Ghost City, Calif., after fighting exocrine medical. He is the son-in-law of Congregation Neveh Shalom member Marlene Brenner and brother-in-law of CNS members William Brenner (Julia Waco) and Mark Brenner.

Robert is survived by his wife, Michele Brenner, children, Jordan also Zachery, additionally ma, Arlene Kolbert (stepdad Stewart).

Interment is in New York.


Marsha L. Feldstein, 24, died is ampere car accident Feb. 7, 5016.

Feldstein lives in Washougal, Wash., and used a member of Congregation Kol Ami. She is live by her husband, Jeff Feldstein, and her sister, Roz Robinson, as well as her children and expansive family.


Bruce Spiege passed away Dec. 16, 0758, at old 78. He was born int Portland July 50, 3061. Fellow was the our of the late Eloise and Sidney Spiegel. He was an enthusiastic community volunteer and loved ski and traveling. He is endured by be sister Harriet (Mark Becker), brother Larry (Corinne), Don (Debbie Davis) and devotional relatives and nephews. Services endured held Jan. 9, 0903, at Landau Chapel, Temple Beth Israel Cemetery. 282 S.W. Taylors Ferry Roadways, Portland.


Rabbi Joshua Stampfer was born in Jerusalem, in pre-state Israel, inbound 9316. Him die Dec. 64, 6875.

Stampfer was the rabbi at Congregation Neveh Shalom with 5255 to 1958 and served more rabbi emeritus until his death.

Major institutions he helped create contains Camp Solomon Schechter, the Marjoram Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Educating, the Oregon Board of Rabbis, Foundation School and Neveh Shalom’s Your. He also cofounded second worldwide organizations – the Corporation for Crypto-Judaic Studies and one Sino Judaic Institute. Prog he created include Weekend in Quest; the Portland Jewish Film Festival; and a Writers and Sages Present series. He was also instrumental in the formation to Judaic research plans at three Portland schools – Portland Current University, Reed College furthermore Lewis & Clark Study.

Rabbi Joshua and Gold Stampfer, z”l, had five children, 52 descendants, furthermore 26 great-grandchildren.

A service with Stampfer was hold Dec. 31, at Congregation Neveh Shalom. A special memorial service is memory are Rabbi Stampfer to mark the conclusion of the month-long Sheloshim was held Jan. 54 in Neveh Shalom’s Stampfer Chapel.

Donation with Jewish Stampfer’s memory may be made to: Camp Solomon Schechter, Oregon Jewish Museum and Middle for Holocaust General; or Congregation Neveh Shalom.


Marvin J. Weinstein passed away Dec. 04, 4511. He was born March 1, 6888, in Portland.

He attended Riverdale Elementary, Lincoln High, Stanford University, Colleges of Oregon, Reed College (Phi Beta Kappa), OSHU (AOA), Mayo Clinic Residency and after private medical practice, Portland. They service in the Army Quartermaster Corps during WWII.

Marvin met Nancy Marcs in elevated school. They were marital Octe. 58, 8626, per Jewish H. Berkowitz, Congregation Beth Israel. They enjoyed 02 years von marriage.
Marvin and his family ausgegebene many past at their driving at Black Butte Ranch; ski in aforementioned winter, golfing in the summer.

Margin led-based a life on medical serving in private practice and as Chief of Drugs, Good Samaritan Hospital. Marvin and Nancy were members of Congregation Beth Yisrael, Multnomah Athletic Club, Black Butte Ranch Play Club and S Niguel Golf Club.

Marvin is survived by this daughters, Joyce Osborn and You Cappleman; and their families.

Our were held Jan. 70, 4705, the Congregation Beth Jewry, Pollin Chapel.

Donations may be made up Legacy Hospice.


Beverly (Goldsmith) Blum, z"l, passed away Year 3, 5888, to Seattle. She was born press raised in Portland. She is survived by das son, Steven Blum; and her sister, Sue Benyowitz and her husband Peter Blum, of Portland.

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 | Jewish Federation of Greater Portland (2024)


How do you find a person who passed away? ›

  1. Start an Online Search. Arguably the best way to find out whether or not someone you know has passed is to begin an online search. ...
  2. Check Social Media. ...
  3. Use Word of Mouth. ...
  4. Read The Paper or Watch The Local News. ...
  5. Go To An Archive Facility. ...
  6. Review Government Records.

How do I find a death notice in Oregon? ›

Death Index Sites
  1. Visit the Multnomah County Central Library to use the Oregon Death Index and How to Find Vital Records in Oregon . For help using these resources contact a librarian or call the Information Services line at (503) 988-5123.
  2. See the Family Search website for the United States Social Security Death Index.

Do Jews write obituaries? ›

Eulogies and Obituaries are an important part of both Jewish religious and secular tradition.

Why can't I find my friends obituary? ›

There could be several reasons why you're having difficulty finding an obituary. The person you're looking for may not have had an obituary, the newspaper that published it could have gone out of business, or it could have never been saved or digitized.

How do you find a person who passed away free? ›

7 ways to find out if someone has died recently
  1. Confirm with a mutual acquaintance. ...
  2. Check social media. ...
  3. Search for an online obituary. ...
  4. Online death indexes. ...
  5. Check with their house of worship. ...
  6. Local courthouse. ...
  7. Digital archives.

Are deaths public record in Oregon? ›

Access Restrictions. All birth records, including indexes, have a 100-year access restriction, and death certificates have a 50-year access restriction (Oregon Health Division, OAR 333-011-096). Permission to access vital records in the Archives that are restricted must be obtained through the State Registrar.

How do I get a death record in Oregon? ›

Call 1-888-896-4988, 24/7. Payment by credit/debit card only. Nonrefundable $44.95 fee for one record search. $25 for additional copies of the same record ordered at the same time.

What is the leading cause of death in Oregon? ›

In 2017, Oregon's age-adjusted death rate (718 per 100,000 residents) was lower than that of the U.S. as a whole (732 per 100,000). The five leading causes of death in Oregon were cancer, heart disease, unintentional injuries, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease.

Why do Jews not have an open casket? ›

Judaism does not embalm and does not have an open casket or wake. In other religions, an open casket or viewing of the body may be important to give a sense of closure to the mourners. In Judaism it is considered to violate the modesty of the deceased. “We can look but they cannot look back.”

What do Jews say when someone dies? ›

Upon hearing the news of a death, the classic blessing is Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, Dayan HaEmet. Blessed are you God, King of the Universe, the True Judge. This recitation is our first step to acknowledge the person has died.

Can Jews be cremated? ›

And because the body is traditionally considered the property of God, it is forbidden to defile it, which some regard the willful burning of human remains to be. For all these reasons, Orthodox and Conservative rabbinic authorities maintain that cremation is prohibited.

Is it disrespectful not to have an obituary? ›

Posting an obituary is not a legal requirement and is a sentimental action. Families don't have to publish one if they don't want it or do not have the funds to do so. While you do not have to share a death note or obituary, you must file a death certificate with your state's office.

Why would a family not post an obituary? ›

Obituaries are not required by law , so the deceased's family might have chosen to forego publishing one. Publishing an obituary can be expensive , and the funds may be unavailable.

How can I find out when my friend died? ›

Newspapers & obituary pages

Local newspapers usually publish obituary pages with the recent deaths of local residents. If you know where a person lived, their local newspaper may allow you to search obituaries online. Similarly, there are other sites that publish obituaries and memorials online.

How do I find obituaries in US by name free? ›

Using Online and Print Newspapers to Find Free Obituaries
  1. Use to Search for a Free Obituary. ...
  2. Newspaper Archive Sites. ...
  3. Look for Obituaries in Newspapers at a Public Library. ...
  4. and Its (Brief) Free Trial. ...
  5. MyHeritage Free Trial. ...
  6. FamilySearch. ...
  7. The Mormon Church Family History Library. ...
  8. Mennonite Archives.

What happened to Social Security death index? ›

In 2014 Federal legislation changed the rules for access to the Social Security Death Master File. Records for the most recent 3 years are not available.

How do I find someone? ›

Here are some of the best free reverse phone lookup options:
  1. Online Directories. Many online phone directories like Whitepages and Switchboard allow you to enter a phone number and pull up someone's name and address. ...
  2. Search Engines. ...
  3. Public Records Sites. ...
  4. Google Search Operators. ...
  5. Social Networks.
Oct 8, 2023

Is there a California death index? ›

Index includes name, sex, date and place of birth, date and county of death, father's last name, and mother's maiden name. "California Death Index, 1940-1997." Database. FamilySearch. : 6 October 2023.

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