EZGO Nut Sizes & Removal (Lug Nut / Castle Nut / Axle Nut) | Golf Storage Ideas (2023)

EZGO Nut Sizes & Removal (Lug Nut / Castle Nut / Axle Nut) | Golf Storage Ideas (1)

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The Size Of The EZGO Golf Cart Lug Nuts

The standard size of lug nuts used in a EZGO golf cart is1/2″ – 20 TPI. TPI wheels lug nut are better because they are cold forged to meet superior strength and durability.

The set of 16 high quality lug nuts are required as they are located on the wheel. They’re used to secure a wheel to threated wheel studs.

  • 16 units per package
  • Material – alloy steel
  • Weight – 2Pounds
  • Model – Golf cart ST (1999-present)

What size are EZGO castle nuts?

¾”-16 is the standard size of castle nuts on a 1996-Current E-Z-GO 4/6 Passenger Shuttle for both gas and electric both models. The castle nuts serve as a locking device.

The castle nut is on a golf cart is very important for the final assembly are used to tie rods and on Ball joints. Castle nuts should be oiled regularly to maintain better functionality of the golf cart.

  • 20 units per package
  • Material – alloy steel
  • Weight – 2 pounds
  • Model – Golf cart ST (1999-present)

What size are EZGO axle nuts?

3/4″ sized nuts are used in the axle of a EZGO golf cart.

Don’t over tighten the nut as it will result in slipping of the axle and can cause damage to the complete axle set.

Oiling is very important to prevent the axle from rusting and slipping.

I recommend using the specified tool to open the nuts on the axle which will not spoil the thread of your axle.

Use branded and high quality axle and nuts to safeguard your journey.

You should also use high quality oil which will not store dust and rust on the parts and provides maximum mobility.

Model – Golf cart ST (1999-present).

What size are EZGO steering wheel nuts?

The size of EZGO steering wheel nuts are 5/8-18.

These nuts are used to lock the steering wheel offering stability while driving the vehicle. The nuts are adjustable in nature, which are used for stability purpose to increase performance of the golf cart.

Weight – 0.05 pounds – Model – Golf cart ST (1999-present)

EZGO TXT bolt pattern

EZGO TXT bolt pattern is 4×4 (4 inches by 4 inches, or 100mm apart). When measured diagonally, the wheel has 4 holes spaced out. This is the standard bolt pattern which comes with all the carting vehicles.

Use the right size nut for better fitting and stability.

Oil the nuts regularly which will ensure the long life of the nuts, and it also prevents rusting. – Model – Golf cart ST (1999-present).

EZGO RXV bolt pattern

The Wheel Bolt Pattern’s size is 4X4 on a EZGO RXV Golf Cart.

This is the standard RXV bolt pattern that comes across all the vehicles of this category.

The nuts provide stability and are capable of handling the pressure given to them. You can prevent the nuts from loosening by regularly servicing the vehicle.

Do not over tighten the nuts as this may spoil the thread, and the whole hub will then require replacement. – Model – Golf cart ST (1999-present)

EZGO marathon wheel bolt pattern

The cart has the bolt pattern 0f 4X4 that is 4 inches by 4 inches which is 100mm apart. The 4×4 is the basic and standard size for every golf carting vehicle. Do not over tighten nut to prevent it from the breakdown and regular oiling in the parts is recommended to save it from rust.

Use the right tool to open the bolt. This will not spoil the thread and ensure the nuts and bolts’ long life.

EZGO workhorse bolt pattern

All the standard golf carts like EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha are equipped with 4X4 nuts that are 4 inches by 4 inches, set to be 100 mm apart.

Always use the alloy bolts which are very durable and safe to use.

Don’t use the old bolts as they might not be strong enough to hold the required portion.

Use the specified tool which will open the bolt and will not damage the other parts.

What torque should lug nuts be tightened to?

The average torque for lug nuts on a golf cart is 50 Ft/Lbs. Loose lug nuts will cause the frame to bend and cause the aluminum casing to crack.

Tightening should be done in a criss– cross pattern.

What is the EZGO TXT lug nut size?

The standard lug nut size on a EZGO TXT is 1/2″ – 20.

Why is my lug nut stuck?

The main reason for a Lug nut to get stuck on a golf cart is due to corrosion.

To avoid this problem, your nuts should be greased with oil regularly.

How do you remove the rear axle on a EZGO golf cart?

The steps to remove the rear axle on a EZGO golf cart are:-

  1. Remove the tires by giving support to the back of the cart with help of chocks.
  2. Pull out the brackets fastening from the frame of the engine, and also take out the muffler.
  3. Remove drive belt, drive clutch and disconnect accelerator cable and detach the push nut attached to the cable with the tool.
  4. Keep the shock absorber linkage rod off.
  5. With a 9/16” socket you can take of the “U” bolts and fit the springs.
  6. Remove the Clevis pin from the brake cables.
  7. Place the jack under the rear axle of the vehicle
  8. Remove the bolt and fittings from the springs and the axle is ready to take out.

EZGO rear axle nut torque

EZGO rear axle torque is around 26-31 ft/ lbs ranging from 35 to 42 Nm which is a good torque.

  • Don’t use an impact wrench for installing the axle nut. Always use a torque wrench for installation.
  • The nut threads are very vulnerable and can be damaged by the impact wrench. The impact wrench may spoil the threads of the axle.
  • The impact wrench puts shock on the CV joints which is not safe for the vehicle and the user.
  • Don’t reuse the nut as this can be very dangerous. Always use new and quality nuts.
  • Always clean the axle before installing the axle and nut.
  • Clean the hub before the installation, which will provide more grip to use assembly.

EZGO rear axle bearing replacement

  • The outer snap ring from the axle tube should be removed.
  • Use force to open the axle shaft.
  • Use pliers to take out the bearings..
  • Remove the axle bearing and shaft from the axle tube.

The nut size Of EZGO TXT castle

The standard size of the castle nut on a EZGO TXT golf cart is 1.2 inches X 1.05 inches X 0.65inches. It is usually made up of alloy steel designed specifically for EZGO brand.

Always install the pin in the shaft to prevent the nut from throwing away if it is loose.

Ensure it’s fitted on the cotter joints providing maximum stability.

To install the castle nut, fit the nut and screw the castle on the other side.

Drill into the bolt, and do the proper alignment. The drill should be perpendicular to the nut.

How to remove castle nut on EZGO golf cart

  • Using a wrench is a great option to remove the castle nut.
  • If the castle nut is jammed, use a cutting machine to cut the nut and free the part.
  • A pickle fork is equally useful, and with the ball joint it will remove the castle nut.

How to loosen castle nut on EZGO golf cart

  • In a 97 EZGO TXT model, the impact wrench is the best option to open the castle nut.
  • A pickle fork can be used to open the nut effectively.
  • The fork will put the force on the ball joint which will hold to remove the castle nut from the axle.

Reasons of EZGO golf cart castle nut keeps spinning

The reason the castle nut keeps spinning on a EZGO golf cart is because the nut is too tightened on the slip axle. This means the grip on the axle has worn and the axle needs replacing.

  • Spinning can occur due to too much pressure applied and overtightening of the nut.
  • Service the vehicle from time to time which includes replacing the old nuts with the fresh once.

How to remove lug nuts on golf cart

  1. Open the lug nuts with the wrench and hammer while the wheel stays on the ground.
  2. After loosening the nuts, use your hand to open the nuts and replace them or tighten them for the performance.

Steps to remove lug nuts

  • Park the vehicle in the level surface the wheel stays completely on the group evenly.
  • Remove the cap placed on hub and try locating the lug nut in your vehicle.
  • The hubcap needs to be removed for accessing the lug nut.
  • Check the lug nut before the removal process. Some wheels require special key to open such nuts therefore add that in your tool box for emergency use.
  • A hammer can be used to remove the lug nuts.
  • After removing the cap use the lug wrench to open the nut.

Why EZGO golf cart lug nuts keep coming loose?

The expansion and contraction happens because of varying temperature which loosens the nuts.

The under torqueing of the wheel is a common reason for loose lug nuts on a EZGO golf cart.

How to fix loose lug nuts?

A lug wrench can be an effective tool to fix loose lug nuts on a golf cart.

  • Open the lug nuts while the wheel is on a even surface and making full connection with the ground.
  • After opening the nuts change them with the new nuts.
  • Check the frame of the wheel – if it is out of shape then change the frame.

What is the steering wheel nut size for EZGO RXV golf cart?

  • The steering wheel nut size for EZGO RXV golf cart is of 15/16”.
  • Oil the nuts and undergo the proper service where new nuts will replace the old ones.
  • These nuts hold the spindle of the car and the steering wheel therefore do not put extra force or over tighten them.
  • Service the vehicle and oil up the nuts for long life and better stability.

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